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An Unexpected Visitor
By Ann


Ever had one of those days? You know the one when you realize you may have made a grave mistake when you finally stood up for your beliefs and were proud of yourself for what you have become and what you truly are.

Well, today was one of those days. I have placed my application in so many district attorneys' offices from here to New York that I have lost count, and I have yet to get a job or even a call back interview. Damn Branch, I know he's behind all of this. Why did I feel the urge to tell him that I'm a lesbian?

My brief moment of satisfaction has more than likely cost me my career. I've had an opportunity to speak to Alex about my problems, and she promised she would see what she could do, but I can't expect too much. She has to be careful too, and I don't want her to jeopardize her career for my sake.

So here I am, stuck in North Carolina of all places. I thought I could outrun Branch's long arm, but it appears there must be some sort of chain reaction where I'm concerned. It's as if all the district attorneys across the US have some sort of brotherhood that allows the blackballing to spread from sea to shining sea.

I've even considered taking a teaching position at the university level, but I more than likely will need a letter of recommendation from my last employer, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Hm, I wonder if the local WalMart needs a greeter.

It's my second night in this do-drop-in hotel, and I think it is once again time for me to move on. Maybe I can find something in Florida. I wonder if they are looking for a new Goofy at Disney World.

As I begin to pack my things so that I can make a quick getaway in the morning, a knock sounds on my door.

Oh my God, I'm going to be killed in a sleazy motel in backwoods North Carolina. What a lovely epitaph to leave on my headstone, 'former ADA and lesbian Serena Southerlyn hits rock bottom.'

I move to the door and call out to the visitor to identify himself.

The only words I hear are, "Serena, open the door."

With no peephole in sight and no window either for that matter, I decide to see who is on the other side. After all, it's a female, and more importantly, she knows my name.

Unlocking the deadbolt and sliding the chain back, I slowly turn the knob and peek through the small crack as I barely pull the door open.

Holy shit, it's Abbie Charmichael; tall, dark, gorgeous Abbie Charmichael. What on earth is she doing here?

"Um, Serena? Are you going to let me in?" A gravelly, sexy voice asks through the tiny opening.

Slowly, I open the door fully to admit the US attorney who strides in with her usual grace and confidence. I close the door and turn to my unexpected visitor.

"Abbie, it's good to see you, and don't take this wrong, but why are you here?" I ask in my utterly confused tone.

She smiles and replies, "Alex sent me. Now, let's get you packed up and moved over to my hotel. This place is a dump, and you don't belong in it."

I obediently resume my packing while Abbie sits in the chair by the small table watching me complete my task. Suddenly, I realize I'm taking orders from someone I hardly know so I stop what I'm doing and once again turn to face the dark headed goddess.

"Abbie, tell me what's going on," I state in my best authoritative voice.

Crossing her long legs, Abbie replies, "You're going to work in the US attorney's office with me, but first, you're going to finish packing and stay in my room over at the Hilton. Tomorrow, we'll fly back to Washington so that you can complete your paperwork for you new job. You can stay with me in my apartment until you can find some accommodations for yourself."

With hands on my hips, I start to open my mouth to refute all of her orders, but I remember how my evening started with me questioning my urges to stand up for myself.

Quickly, I run the last few minutes of my life through my head. A beautiful woman has come to my door to take me back to her hotel room. She's going to fly me to Washington and help me get a very good job, and she's offered her home to me until I find my own.

Smiling, I turn back to my suitcase to finish my packing.

Today, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

The End

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