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Bridge Over Troubled Water
By Demeter


Lindsay's life has long spiraled out of her control, she can't help thinking as she hears Echo's footsteps nearing hesitantly. Echo lifts the cover and lays down beside her, as if it's natural for her to be here. To her, it is.

However, all Lindsay can think of is Claire's shocked reaction and it – how ironic – echoes something in Lindsay she has so far successfully pushed away. She flinches at the touch to her shoulder and then, a half-embrace. Echo places a soft kiss on her shoulder, the back of her neck.

"No." She draws back from the caress abruptly, unable to bear it.

"What?" the other woman with her brain altered to match Cindy's asks. She's just as desperate. "Lindsay, I don't know what's going on anymore. First you pull some kinky interrogation scene on me, then you don't want me to touch you anymore? Linds..." Her voice becomes small and fearful and if Lindsay closed her eyes right now, she probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. "Do you want to call it quits? Is that it?"

She can't. Not while she's still clinging to the hope that one day not far from now, she'll have Cindy back. There might be a chance that somewhere in her memory, this scene will occur. She is not going to take a risk.

"I don't," she says firmly, meaning it, while inside the insecurities are rising high. She doesn't know how to deal with Echo anymore and how will she deal with Cindy when no one can tell what she will be like? What she has told Claire is the truth, but that doesn't ease her fears.

"Do you still love me?" Echo-Cindy asks. Lindsay can no longer turn away.

"I love you," she confirms, kissing her softly. The hallucination is, just for a brief moment, perfect.

Lindsay thinks that the Dollhouse people better know a way to reverse everything they've done, because if they can't...

That's a bridge she hopes she'll never has to cross.

The End

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