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In The Shadows
By Demeter


When the lights go out all of a sudden, Lindsay uses the moment, pulling Cindy along with her and fortunately she isn't panicking like the man did when they woke him. She has memorized the layout of the building best she could, and isn't it ironic that she really could use Cindy's stellar memory now when her girlfriend's mind, in fact, is wiped.

It doesn't matter at the moment. Lindsay has vowed to bring her home and tonight, she will. No matter what.

"Where are we going?" Cindy asks, and Lindsay supresses a hysterical laugh. If only she knew.

"You'll see," she just says, listening for the sound of the security guards' boots. They are easy to separate from the barefeet active's footsteps. Well, except for Echo who has created this diversion in the first place.

The guards' voices are closer now; they are speaking rapidly. Lindsay tries the next door and ushers Cindy inside, the two of them huddling in the corner. Again, she wants to wrap her arms around the other woman and not let go. The look on Cindy's face, wide-eyed curiosity but no recognition, is what stops her.


Again, Lindsay pushes aside the impulse and when the guards have hurried past, they move on as well. She really needs to get them out of this place; somewhere she can acknowledge the overwhelming relief, the joy and the fear that nothing will ever be the same. Until that is achieved, she has to keep her mind calm and clear.

Lindsay senses the guard's presence a split second before he attacks just like she knew he would, because they won't risk shooting their high-priced dolls in the dark. When he does, she's ready for him and the cold steel in her hand has never felt this reassuring.

Minutes later, when she pulls Cindy into an empy office, she can feel blood trail warmly down the side of her face but she doesn't mind. If tonight works out according to their plan, her's and Echo's, this is going to be more than just a desperate rescue attempt.

It' going to be a revolution.

"I was wondering when we'd see you here," the woman who's been sitting in the dark, says, swiveling her chair around. Linday can feel Cindy flinch under her hands, and she tightens her grip, a feeling of defeat teasing her mind. She won't have any of it.

"Welcome to the Dollhouse, Inspector Boxer," Adelle DeWitt says.

The End

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