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Storm Front
By Demeter


"So here's another savior coming to the poor helpless girl's rescue."

Lindsay doesn't like the woman's tone. In fact, it makes her want to slap her. "I'm sorry, Ms. DeWitt, but I don't really care what you think."

"Your girlfriend here was breaking into commercial property."

"You tried reporting it to the police?"

Adelle DeWitt acknowledges her retort with a wry smile as she gets up out of her chair. Lindsay watches her closely, but it doesn't seem like she's carrying. The woman is just too damn sure of herself. Still, with people like her, you don't let down your guard. Ever.

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing," DeWitt says, a hint of steel creeping into her voice. "You can't possibly understand the importance of the work we do here."

"I understand about human trafficking. Forcing people into prostitution. Rape."

While on the outside, she's managing well to keep the persona she slips into every time she faces a killer in the interrogation room, on the inside, Lindsay feels like walking on broken glass with bare feet, as she realizes: All of it could be true for Cindy. "One way or another, it's gonna be over tonight. Did you think I'd just come in here with no back up plan?"

Adelle's gaze is becomes guarded, but without hesitation she returns, "Security is on the way. My Head of Security used to be a cop. I am not worried."

"I am tired," Cindy interjects somewhat sadly. "Can I go to sleep now?"

"In a few, baby." Lindsay caresses her cheek, and then looks up to find Adelle smiling at her. It makes her feel violated. And angry. "You should be worried. It's just you, me and a woman who won't remember anything. You should be scared, Ms. DeWitt."

She puts her hand on her weapon, reining the impulse to draw it. It's a great satisfaction to see the other woman pale.

"You won't do that." There's just a hint of doubt in Adelle's voice.

"I won't have to. You call security now and tell them Ms. Thomas and I are walking out of here."

"Oh, really?"

"Really." Lindsay has one more ace up her sleeve, and she times it carefully. "I know about your daughter, Adelle."

The words hit home just like she knew they would, Adelle turning even whiter but then the door is being opened and Lindsay spins around, now drawing her gun.

"Is that how you greet an old acquaintance, Inspector?" Ashe asks smugly.

"The sun is rising over the ocean," Adelle says with an eerie calm.

Before Lindsay can wonder if the woman has lost her mind, Cindy tears her hand out of Lindsay's and runs over to the agent, breaking into violent sobs while he hugs her close.

The nightmare continues.

The End

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