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Missing Pieces
By Demeter


They run into each other at the station after Lindsay has met there with Brenda. Echo... Omega... Caroline. Lindsay isn't even sure which one she is talking to, but she has a hard time looking her in the eye. How much does she know? Remember?

"Thanks for helping Cindy with her story," she finally says.

"Well, in some way, it's my story, too."


Silence falls again, and Lindsay considers fleeing before she is going to be confronted with a truth she can't handle. She knew that playing Cindy was one of Echo's engagements. She certainly fulfilled her part. Lindsay doesn't run, though. Maybe part of her is still craving an absolution she doesn't deserve.

"You remember." It's not a question. "I'm sorry." She doesn't know how often she's said it lately but that doesn't make it any less true. How did this happen? All she wanted was to have Cindy back in her life, the only remaining goal but all of a sudden, she has a lot of making up to do.

Before the Dollhouse people got their hands on her, Caroline had a boyfriend. Lindsay sure hadn't given that possibility any thought when she'd been given what seemed that one last chance to be with Cindy. In her voice, there'd been the same longing and affection, the same...

Caroline follows her as she leaves the bullpen, and they are walking together. "If it's of any consolation for you, you're forgiven."


"You treated me the same way you would have treated her. With respect. Well, except for that one time you were going badass on me and cuffed me to your bed."

Lindsay winces at her choice of words. "I guess I was pretty much out of my mind."

"We were a good match that way," Caroline deadpans, and Lindsay has to laugh unwittingly.

"So what are you going to do?"

"You mean after I've answered every of those thousand questions your very inquisitive girlfriend has for me?"

"Yeah, after that."

Caroline shrugs. "I've been offered a consultant's position with the FBI," she reveals casually. "Get the training and all... It seems like something to consider."

"The FBI?" Lindsay repeats, susrprised. "Ashe?" She still hasn't figured out his role completey, and it leaves her with an uncanny feeling.

"No, Agent Ballard. Why are you asking?"

"It's nothing." Just one more of the unsolved mysteries, filed away for further notice. Just like the thought that is swirling around her mind every now and then. Every active in the Dollhouse had signed a contract. Some of them had carried so much despair with them that there wasn't a lot of pressure needed to convince them.

Lindsay doesn't know yet what they threatened Cindy with; she either doesn't know, or doesn't tell.

"Give her some time," Caroline advises. "Cindy loves you. I happen to know firsthand."

Lindsay gives her a grateful smile. Her mind is not on another apology though but those questions left unsolved. A future FBI consultant might be able to help.

"Thank you," she says. "I think I'll have to ask you a favor."

The End

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