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By Demeter


He is watching her closely, her guarded posture. Celeste Gautier is a woman who has learned to always look over her shoulder. She's smart, observant and fearless. She's exactly what he needs, or so he's been told.

He isn't so sure about it, wondering if he has well invested. He has long suspected that a member of his team is harassing the women on staff, but there's no evidence, and no one's talking. He wants that person found but no luck so far. Celeste is supposed to be the secret weapon. She used to be a private investigator, specializing in computer-related crimes. She'll fit in well, that's for sure but as he observes the petite red-headed woman fidgeting in her chair, he isn't fooled by the leather jacket, jeans and boots she's wearing. She might favor a tough look, but it doesn't exactly hide the impact of a traumatic experience not all too long ago.

He sighs. There is no other choice. Other P.I.'s have given up before. Celeste has been designed to handle this case, and the trick is that she doesn't even know that she'll be doing more than designing software.

"Ms. Gautier? You can start on Monday."

"Thank you, that's great," she says with a smile that doesn't reach her brown eyes. He watches her walk out of the office, the heels of her boots clicking on the floor. First thing she does outside is reaching for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

No, he is definitely not convinced yet; then again, Adelle has never disappointed him before.

The End

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