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The Unwanted Kiss?
By timidgemini


I could not think properly after I felt your lips on mine.

How could I have been so stupid after that moment?

I should not have left that way. I wanted it as much as you did. Then why did I try to escape?

I should have told you how much I loved you, wanted you, desired you.

You thought you were at fault; no, it was me.

I was the one who sent you all the wrong signals, or were they the right ones?

That does not matter now; the only thing that matters is how I felt when you kissed me.

It was cold that morning when I got to work, the traffic was murder, I had to go above the speed limit to get to the office on time. In short there was nothing out of the ordinary that morning to show me the passion that awaited me in your lips.

I was upset nothing was going right that day, the only thing good was getting to see you, getting to talk to you. Telling you my troubles and pain was the only thing that helped me to feel whole again.

The many times you have listened to me talk about the crisis of my job, trying to make life bearable for you and the rest of the women on the wing. It was impossible to hide my sadness, my troubled feelings. You told me I could do anything I wanted to. But I was stubborn, you knew that; you felt I should know it somehow.

I was shocked at first, one second I was talking the next I was looking at your lips get closer and closer to mine. I noticed because I always look at your mouth when you talk to me. I wondered if a kiss from you would be different, it was.

Our lips only touched at first, lightly, no pressure, no rush. You hesitated, but accepted me. But I wanted more, I leaned closer and opened my mouth to yours. Just a little kiss at first, then I felt the tip of your tongue brush against my upper lip. A lightning went through my body, something hot and new, I did not know what to do. Then you leaned against me harder, wanting more of my warmth; I gave in with lust, angry at you for making me feel this way.

I wanted to punish you by trying to make you feel the same way I did. You opened your mouth and I kissed you harder and my tongue played with yours. I was punishing myself instead, I wanted more, more of your sweet taste. Why was I scared of letting go?

You knew the answer then and now I know it too.

It was my need of your body close to me.

I still remember your face, your eyes closed and your erratic breathing. Your trust in me was mutual.

I could not think properly after I felt your lips on mine, I could only feel.

The End

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