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NOTES: If you're one of the few who will recognise this as a re-working of another very short story, shut up! I would like to have written something longer, but RL is as demanding as a new born babe...

Valentine's Impulse
By alastria7

"Seven," said B'Elanna sarcastically, "what a nice surprise, I didn't expect you." She stared up at the Astrometrics Officer from her desk in the Engineering office.

"Are they not the best kind of surprises, Lieutenant? The ones you don't expect?"

"Well, I guess they are." B'Elanna was wary, "OK, I'll buy it, why are you here?" There was something about Seven's face that had the half-Klingon mesmerised; she would have sworn the young woman's blue eyes were shining more than they usually did and her cheeks were slightly flushed. It excited the Engineer more than she cared to admit.

"There's something I wish to do, Lieutenant, something I have been avoiding for quite some time. I have dreamed of this moment, and I now wish to make it a reality." The ex-Borg moved close to B'Elanna's desk and paused in front of it, stretching out her hand to the woman she smiled down upon.

B'Elanna frowned back, with a slight smile in amongst the confusion. "What?" she asked as she looked at the hand offered to her.

"Please. I need your assistance in my `research'."

"And for this you need my hand?"

"It is not imperative, but it will help."

B'Elanna looked up at Seven and allowed her fight to fade away, a fight that had somehow been harder to maintain lately. `Where does she get off being so damned beautiful,' she thought as she suddenly turned uncharacteristically shy and, taking Seven hand, she allowed the young woman to lead her slowly around the desk. "Seven...?"

"Please, Lieutenant, say nothing. If you wish to speak at all, you may shout at me afterwards; I know you are well versed in this behaviour!" The Lieutenant was intrigued by the look in Seven's eyes - it had the same effect on her as a bird caught in the headlights of a car.

Seven's eyes twinkled as she slid her left arm around the Engineer's trim waist and pulled the woman towards her, awaiting a protest that seemed slow in materialising as she looked from one dark brown eye to the other and down to the mouth, slightly open in surprise.

Slowly, so slowly, the ex-Borg's lips found those of her captive's and moved against them tentatively, trying to gauge the woman's reaction and modify her next move accordingly. At first the woman in her arms did not react, seemingly overcome by the unexpected event, then she set up the smallest of struggles but finally she returned the kiss passionately, leaving Seven in no doubt that this had been a good idea.

"You might have noticed," breathed B'Elanna, breaking away slightly, "that I'm not calling for Security."

"A wise choice, Lieutenant."

"God, Seven" growled B'Elanna, taking hold of Seven's blonde head between her hands, "What the hell kind of `research' are we doing here?"

"I noted an Earth custom called Valentine's Day," Seven replied, "and my research indicated the giving of a red rose for love." She watched as the Klingon became an interesting shade of red and then continued with a smile, "I considered a rose would be dead within the week, whereas a first kiss would live in the memory forever. I decided to put that theory to the test."

"Since when have you been such an incurable romantic?" asked B'Elanna, looking at Seven for the first time.

"Since I decided some time ago that I had a great deal of passion within me, and I considered that I would one day give it to you. Now, I would appreciate your silence once again, Lieutenant, as I wish to kiss you further."

"Oh, don't mind me. Quiet as a mou.. mo.. mmmmmm!" Seven pushed the Lieutenant back around the desk and against the wall, stretching B'Elanna's hands above her head and kissing her with all the passion she had declared she would give. The Klingon's senses were out of control and she quickly wrestled the woman round and now held Seven's hands above her head. "You want it rough, lady?" asked B'Elanna, smiling widely.

"What I want I am looking at. The holodecks were full as I acted on impulse, but perhaps you are free in your quarters, tonight? I wish, " Seven paused to kiss the Klingon again, "to celebrate Valentine's Day with you, if that is agreeable."

"Mmmm, I may just have got my breath back by then. Now, get out of here! I'm on duty and I wish to shake in peace!"

"As you wish." Seven let go of the Lieutenant and headed for the door.

"Hey, Borg." B'Elanna watched as Seven turned and raised a quizzical brow. "The rose. I want that too. And, hey. if you're going to be all nice to me, who am I going to yell at now?"

"We'll think of something."

The End

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