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Vignette (1-3)
By Sparx

Vignette 1

Seven heard the beep of her console and tried to ignore it.

It only beeped once but just knowing that the sound signaled a waiting message had her nerves on edge.

She knew who it would be from. "B'Elanna!" she grated under her breath. She had known that marrying the Klingon would mean dealing with a hot temper. She had not realized that hot tempered also meant hot blooded.

The console did not beep again. Seven knew it would not. B'Elanna would not send another message until her own console confirmed Seven had accessed the message. The last one had been, 'You in handcuffs and me with a feather'.

B'Elanna had been using her day off to torment her wife. Seven was getting hotter with each message.

Trying to ignore this most recent in the series of messages B'Elanna had been sending her all day, Seven returned to her calculations.

Two minutes later, she was reading the words, 'Me in handcuffs, you holding a feather.'

"Ensign Aryl, I am returning to my quarters. You are more than able to complete this assignment without my assistance." Seven called shortly, as she left astrometrics and headed home.

Vignette 2

When Seven returned from the shower she found her wife still laying, bonelessly sated, on the bed. With a small smile, she picked up the feather that lay forgotten on the floor and drew it slowly from collarbone to belly. B'Elanna arched weakly into the light touch and when the feather circled her navel, she moaned. "If you keep doing that, you'll kill me." she complained through a huge grin.

Seven returned the grin with one of her own, but said nothing.

Lifting the feather, Seven brought it back to B'Elanna's collarbone before moving upward this time to drift it across the smaller woman's throat. Just as B'Elanna arched her neck to give Seven better contact, she abruptly moved back down to circle a taut caramel breast. B'Elanna immediately began growling low in her chest.

Seven circled both breasts in a figure eight pattern, with an occasional dip down to a sensitive navel. B'Elanna arched as high as she could and growled constantly, as she reveled in her wife's attentions.

Seven slowed the movement and leaned forward to whisper to her wife. "I should really go back to astrometrics for a few hours."

"Ya. Sure sweetheart, later." B'Elanna murmured as her body arched impossibly higher, searching for more contact.

"Do you know how difficult it was to accomplish anything with all those messages you sent me on my mind?" Seven asked casually.

"Considering how you practically attacked me the second you came in the door, I'd guess pretty difficult." B'Elanna answered with a low growl.

"It will take me approximately one point four hours to 'catch up'." Seven replied just before moving to take B'Elanna's lips in a searing kiss.

When she heard B'Elanna make the sound that made Seven think she was trying to moan, growl and purr all at once, she pulled back and stood up. "We will continue this when I return in approximately one point four hours."

"You're kidding, right? Please tell me your kidding." B'Elanna practically whined as Seven headed for the door.

"Your messages caused me one point four hours of torment. I believe this is what is called payback." Seven answered as she raised an implanted brow. "When I return, we will finish what I started but until then, you may enjoy some torment of your own."

B'Elanna let her head drop back onto the mattress in defeat. She knew she wouldn't be able to change Seven's mind. "Could you at least take these handcuffs off first?" she asked the ceiling.

The whoosh of the door closing behind Seven was her only answer.

Vignette 3

Seven watched her console. She had caught up on her work. The one point four hours were up and it was time to go home. Seven was perfectly aware that B'Elanna had managed to escape the handcuffs within minutes of her leaving, as she knew she would. Though she was quite willing to leave her wife to suffer, she was not about to compromise B'Elanna's safety. She had begun monitoring the Klingon the instant she had left their quarters. She had expected a message or the arrival of the woman herself at some point during the last hour. She knew B'Elanna would be planning revenge of some kind and the fact that it had not come already was making her nervous.

As she slowly walked back to their quarters she began to wonder if perhaps she had gone too far. Maybe B'Elanna was planning revenge of a different kind, out of anger, instead of the arousal Seven had been trying to kindle? Hoping that she was wrong and that her wife would understand if she was not, Seven approached the door.

When she entered the door she found B'Elanna, wearing black pants and tank top, sitting on the couch. She was leaning forward with elbows on knees, staring intently at Seven as she moved into the room. Her face was a neutral mask but her eyes were wild. Passion or anger? Seven could not tell.

When eyes locked, Seven felt her nerves leave her. Dropping her eyes to stare at the carpet she stood in the center of the room and waited for whatever would come next.

When B'Elanna suddenly stood, Seven flinched. In a heartbeat B'Elanna was at her side. With two fingers on Seven's chin she lift her face to see now concerned eyes staring worriedly at her. "Bang'wI?" she questioned softly. "Why are you upset?"

"I am sorry. I did not mean to make you so angry." Seven answered quietly.

"Angry? I don't understand." B'Elanna said confused.

"I know that I went too far. I'm sorry." she said quietly.

"You think I've been waiting here to argue with you?" B'Elanna questioned softly and was not surprised when Seven nodded. B'Elanna had become used to dealing with her wife's insecurities as she dealt with the complexities of being in a relationship, with a volatile half-Klingon no less. So it was with an acquired insight that she then asked "Do you think I'm going to hit you?"

Seven did not respond, but the way her eyes dropped once again to the carpet told her all she needed to know.

Cupping her cheek gently, B'Elanna again lifted Sevens face until their eyes could meet. "Understand this sweetheart. There will be times when I will get angry at you. I will yell and scream. I will behave like ten different kinds of idiot, but I will never, ever, hit you. I would give my last drop of blood to keep anyone from ever touching you in anger." As the worry abruptly faded from blue eyes, she continued clearly. "I am not angry. You left me so hot I could barely stand it. I was waiting here for you, so I could ravish you the second you came in that door." B'Elanna stated clearly.

"I am sorry that I have so badly misundersto......." a finger across her lips stopped her.

"Enough of sorry's. You can be sorry later. Right now I have some ravishing to do." B'Elanna said with a smile. "Reach into my back right pocket."

Seven found herself dangling a pair of handcuffs off her fingers.

"If you would just slip these on, we can get started.

The End

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