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Vignette (4-6)
By Sparx

Vignette 4

Seven relaxed under the pressure of the water hitting her skin. This was one of the things that Seven still found truly appealing since her and B'Elanna had changed their relationship from merely dating to living together. Of course, the one thing she found most appealing was her fiery lover.

Acute senses announced the fact that B'Elanna had entered the small bathroom. A quick glance confirmed it. The intense stare the hybrid was giving her made her break out in goose bumps in spite of the warm water. Even with droplets of water running down the glass door and marring the view there was no mistaking that look.

Seven was surprised when B'Elanna asked her about her day. Usually when the small woman had that look in her eye the talk came later. B'Elanna merely continued to ask her about the details of her shift. Wondering why B'Elanna was being so calm when everything from her stance to the look in her eyes spoke of a different interest, Seven decided to entice the Klingon into the shower with her. It wouldn't be the first time they'd ended up making love under the warm stream of water.

With deliberate slowness, Seven used her bare hands to smooth the soap across her body. By the time she'd applied the slick suds to her body she was fully aroused. With a hopeful glance she looked at her lover. B'Elanna continued to talk about small things as if Seven weren't a few feet away trying to entice her into the shower. She still hadn't moved from her spot by the door. With a small sigh, Seven quickly rinsed away the slick foam and stepped out of the shower.

With no barrier of glass and water, Seven could almost feel the fire of her lovers look. Yet B'Elanna made no move. Seven began to feel slightly nervous. She was sure that B'Elanna was going to grab her and simply take her. She wanted B'Elanna to just pull her close and do whatever she wanted. The look on the smaller woman's face and her own self-arousal in the shower had left her highly excited. She was tempted to reach for the hybrid and simply help herself. Something in B'Elanna's look stopped her.

Another small sigh left her as she reached for the towel. Even naked and exposed B'Elanna was not going to touch her just yet. In another try, Seven slowly dried herself. Standing naked and exposed she slowly ran the soft fabric across her breasts and down to dry her mound. Being very careful to give B'Elanna a full view she took her time, returning again and again to those most sensitive places. To her mounting frustration, B'Elanna continued to chat casually. Her voice had dropped and Seven could hear the growl trying to escape but B'Elanna would still not take the invitation. Again another sigh escaped as Seven gave up this particular tactic and quickly finished drying off.

Even when she wrapped the large towel around herself, she expected B'Elanna to pull it off and toss it away. When she moved to exit the small room, B'Elanna moved to block the door. Seven found her breathing coming faster as the smaller woman stood close and blatantly ran her eyes over Seven's body from head to toe.

When she reached out and let her finger trail across the exposed tops of Seven's breasts the taller woman shivered. For a timeless moment that single touch was the center of Seven's world. There was no mistaking her groan of disappointment when B'Elanna stepped back.

"You need to finish getting ready." B'Elanna said with a small grin. She was already dressed in black pants with a matching black silk shirt. They were expected on the holodeck for one of Neelix's endless stream of moral building events. This time, a barbecue. Normally B'Elanna could care less if they arrived on time or not, or even if they arrived at all. Tonight she was insisting that Seven get ready instead of taking her to the bed as she knew they both wanted. Seven was not amused.

Seven merely glared at the smaller woman as she walked past and into the bedroom to dress. B'Elanna followed into the bedroom and laid across the foot of the bed to wait for her lover.

Seven decided to try one last time to entice her lover. B'Elanna's eyes still burned into her and yet she refused to act on her own obvious arousal. Sevens frustration grew. She wanted B'Elanna hovering over her naked body in the middle of their bed, not casually chatting fully clothed at its foot.

Each time she moved within reach she half expected to be pulled down onto the firm mattress. She could imagine the smooth sheets cooling her back and a half wild Klingon bringing the rest of her to a raging heat.

With each moment that passed Seven's arousal grew. B'Elanna, despite the fire in her eyes and the growl in her voice, seemed oblivious to Seven's growing excitement and frustration.

When Seven was almost ready, B'Elanna went to wait by the door for her. Seven suppressed the urge to sigh once again as she adjusted a strap of her dress. As she moved to the door, B'Elanna blocked her. Again, Seven was burned by a fiery gaze as B'Elanna simply looked at her. When a dark hand moved up to cup her cheek, Seven leaned into the touch. As she brought her thumb to softly stroke Seven's full lips, B'Elanna wrapped her other arm around the slim waist and drew the taller woman close.

Before Seven could question, B'Elanna moved in a softly ghosted her lips across her lovers.

Again and again the feather soft touch of B'Elanna's lips gliding across hers made Seven's senses reel. When the hand on her cheek moved to tangle in loose hair, Seven moaned. As the kiss deepened, Seven found herself being pulled impossibly closer. Her whole body was on fire. With the feel of B'Elanna's hands and mouth on her, Seven quickly lost herself to sensation. She wrapped her arms around the strong back while she gently sucked on the tongue exploring her mouth.

Just as she was convinced that B'Elanna was going to finally make love to her B'Elanna pull back. When she tried to pull the smaller woman close, her hands were taken in a gentle but firm grip. Slowly B'Elanna turned each hand up and after kissing each palm, turned and began to walk away.

Seven's protest was loud and immediate.

With a quick glance over her shoulder B'Elanna said, "We'll finish this later. It'll be worth the wait. I promise." Then she turned and continued walking away.

It took a few minutes to compose herself but Seven managed it. With a knowing grin she followed B'Elanna out of the room.

She always keeps her promises.

Vignette 5

The evening had gone about as expected. Neelix had put together a good party and everyone had enjoyed themselves. Everyone that is, except Seven. The party had been enjoyable and it had been refreshing to deal with the crew outside of work. But for Seven, all she could think of was B'Elanna.

Every time she'd looked at her smaller lover she couldn't help thinking about the looks she'd received earlier.

If they hadn't promised to attend this party, Seven knew she would have begged. When B'Elanna had touched her and kissed her like that just before leaving she almost had.

Through the whole party B'Elanna had continued to give Seven those looks that set her blood on fire. There had also been a few quick touches when no one was looking. Most of the touches had been little more than small reminders of B'Elanna's promise to make the wait worth it. Holding hands, a small peck on the cheek and other little things that lovers do.

There had however been some that were blatant in their intent. When they had been standing at the buffet table, B'Elanna had managed to seemingly by accident brush her fingers across Seven's groin in the guise of turning just a little too fast. When they had danced, B'Elanna steered them to the side of the room and using her body as a shield had taken Seven's breast in a firm grip and not let go until the song ended. B'Elanna seemed especially attuned to Seven that night. Several times she cornered the flustered woman and kissed her senseless. Each time, just as Seven was about to demand or beg, to be taken home and ravished, B'Elanna would walk away and suddenly become busy talking to someone else. The crew, in a combination of respect and low-grade voyeurism, had pointedly not noticed even though the gossip would flow for the next two weeks.

When, at last, the evening was over, Seven found that she was too tense to do more than walk down the corridor beside her lover.

B'Elanna took the ex-drones hand causing Seven to jump a little. When she looked at B'Elanna the look was still there and had impossibly, become more intense. Seven couldn't help but shudder as sensation coursed through her.

The look she returned was just as intense.

They were on their way home. Home where, for the rest of the night, neither would get much rest. From the look in the engineers eyes, she was about to keep her promise of earlier.

Neither exchanged a word as Seven unconsciously quickened her pace. When B'Elanna tugged on their joined hands and indicated she should slow down, Seven did so reluctantly.

Soon enough the two reached the door of their quarters. B'Elanna let go of Seven's hand and keyed in the code. Seemingly indifferent, she then simply walked into their quarters.

Seven followed but two paces into the room, B'Elanna had stopped and turned.

Seven swallowed nervously and made to move around the smaller woman. She was not surprised when a strong hand shot out to stop her.

With her fingers splayed across Seven's flat stomach, B'Elanna pushed until the taller woman began backing up.

One step, then another and Seven found herself backed up against the wall beside the door.

Before she could form a question she found her lips being devoured. The growl that had been barely hidden all night finally surfaced as, with lips, teeth and tongue, B'Elanna feasted on Seven's mouth.

Seven buried her hands in the dark hair of her lover as she kissed B'Elanna back with abandon.

When B'Elanna pulled back, it was to growl. "I've been wanting to do that all day."

"Then why didn't you?" Seven questioned roughly. She'd been waiting for this ever since she'd seen that flaming desire hours earlier.

"This is why." B'Elanna answered as she nipped the smooth column of Seven's throat.

The hypersensitivity caused by hours of unrequited arousal had the desired effect. Seven's knees began to buckle and if B'Elanna had not had her arms wrapped firmly around the taller woman, both would have ended up on the floor.

In only a moment B'Elanna wedged a firm thigh between Seven's legs. She did not move but merely let Seven feel the pressure as she continued to lick and nip a trail down the ex-drones throat. When she began to move of her own accord, B'Elanna took Sevens hips in a firm grip and held her still.

B'Elanna growled louder when the fingers in her hair tensed into fists as Seven held on for dear life. This was the part she loved best, when she could totally break through every ounce of Borg reserve. Seven was always an exciting lover, but when she was this worked up she was wild. B'Elanna's Klingon side loved this wild side and sought it out as often as possible.

Soon it took all of B'Elanna's strength to hold the taller woman still. Yet she did. Ignoring the frantic attempts to thrust into her, B'Elanna continued to devour her lover. From mouth to throat and back again B'Elanna feasted. Seven became more vocal until finally B'Elanna moved back up to swallow Seven's constant moans.

When she let go of Seven's hips the taller woman immediately began a frantic thrusting against the strong thigh. B'Elanna roughly yanked Seven's skirt up out of the way and added her own thrusts to the mix. The feel of the rough denim against her now exposed sex had Seven on the edge of release. B'Elanna was careful not to give Seven too much pressure just yet. She wanted this to last a little longer.

Soon she snaked her hand between their bodies. Seven seemed unaware of it, until two fingers entered her slick wetness. It only took a few quick hard thrusts for Seven to climax.

Pulsing and wet, her body clenched, holding B'Elanna's fingers. B'Elanna held her hand still. Using her strength to support them both, she leaned into Seven and laid quick soft kisses across her cheek to her mouth as she rode out the waves of pleasure. When Seven's breathing finally began to slow, B'Elanna carefully eased out and lifted Seven into strong arms and carried her into the bedroom.

Seven was still shaky from the intense orgasm but she managed to stand when B'Elanna set her on her feet.

No words were spoken as B'Elanna stripped to her black boxers and tank top and then slowly removed Seven's clothing. Seven pouted a little when she realized that B'Elanna did not intend to undress completely.

"Not yet." B'Elanna said with a grin. "I'm still keeping my promise."

"You have fulfilled your promise." Seven answered as she reached out to stroke the waistband of B'Elanna's shorts.

B'Elanna took Seven's hand and like earlier, turned it and kissed the palm. "Not yet." She ordered gently. "Now, lay down on your stomach."

Wanting to touch her lover but also wanting whatever B'Elanna was planning next, Seven lay down.

When she felt the mattress dip she knew that B'Elanna had joined her. When the small, strong hands began to stroke her back she smiled. She loved B'Elanna's massages.

She relaxed completely into the touch, as fingers alternately smoothed tense muscles and slid sensuously over her skin.

From scalp to ankles and back again B'Elanna stroked her hands over Seven's body. Seven stretched lightly under the touch, reveling in the feel of her lovers hands caressing her whole body. Many times, she'd fallen asleep while B'Elanna stroked her like this, it was so relaxing. When lips followed fingers, relaxation was replaced by a different sensation.

What had started as soft, sated sighs soon became moans of need.

She did not see B'Elanna's wicked grin as she became aroused all over again.

B'Elanna continued to softly stroke Seven's body. As she ran her fingers over the smooth skin, she followed each touch with a kiss and sometimes a small nip of teeth to that spot. By the time she reached the firm backside Seven was almost on her knees trying to bring her sensitive behind up for B'Elanna's touch.

Seven gasped as she felt sharp teeth nip her backside just before a rough tongue trailed across both cheeks. Kneading and nipping, B'Elanna used fingers and mouth on Seven's ass. While dipping her tongue into the sensitive dimple at the small of her back, B'Elanna stroked the backs and sides of Seven's thighs. When she moved back to nip a rounded cheek she let her fingertips graze between Seven's thighs and felt her moisture.

That faint touch had Seven thrusting backwards seeking more contact.

With a chuckle, B'Elanna moved her hand away while she continued to tease the ex-borg. When she finally began to move her attention up the long back Seven collapsed onto the mattress. Her senses were in overdrive and she wanted more. The pressure was intense and almost without realizing it she began to press herself against the hard mattress.

"Oh no you don't." B'Elanna growled as she pressed her hand into the middle of Seven's back. "Not until I say so." She followed up her demand with a quick light slap to Sevens squirming behind.

"Please." Seven whispered as she concentrated on staying still.

Hearing the begging in that single word made up B'Elanna's mind. B'Elanna was long past the point of patience. She'd curbed her own instincts for several hours. Now she wanted to hear and feel and taste Sevens climax.

"Turn over." B'Elanna demanded gruffly. When Seven did, she took a moment to simply look at the beautiful body laid out before her.

Stomach taut, breasts aching, thighs trembling, Seven waited for B'Elanna to finish what she'd started.

"If you move, I'll stop." B'Elanna warned as she took Seven's lips in a searing kiss.

They both knew that was a lie. They were both too excited to stop. In the end Seven did move but B'Elanna was beyond stopping as she held Seven open under her and with her face buried between the taller womans thighs brought her to shuddering orgasm again and again.

Finally Seven begged B'Elanna to stop and after one last climax, B'Elanna moved up just enough to lay her head on the toned stomach. B'Elanna who had climaxed several times herself just from the sight of her lovers pleasure, gently kissed Seven's mound and fell fast asleep. Seven moved a meshed hand down to lightly twine in the dark hair splayed across her belly and fell into a peaceful sated slumber.

Vignette 6

There wasn't a sound. It was beyond quiet and yet B'Elanna felt the stirrings of wakefulness. In that half awake state, B'Elanna wondered if she were really awake at all.

The last thing she remembered was waking just enough to crawl up the long body beside her to pull Seven into her arms. After making love to Seven one last slow time she'd fallen back to sleep with long blond hair spread across her chest.

When she felt the touch again, B'Elanna fuzzily wondered what it could be. The sensation ended and B'Elanna began to drift back into a more sound sleep. A small jolt as the touch returned kept B'Elanna from going back to a normal sleep. The touch continued and she found herself enjoying it as she slowly became aroused. In the total silence of the room her growl/purr was loud. As her excitement built she again wondered if she was awake of asleep. Not really awake enough to care or asleep enough to ignore it, she simply relaxed and enjoyed the soft sure touch.

Feather soft strokes circled her breasts. Time and again the touch dipped lower to circle her navel. B'Elanna found herself arching, waiting for the next touch. When the invisible softness stroked across the peaks of hardening nipples she gasped and arched higher.

Now positive that Seven had decided to wake her for a little seductive payback, B'Elanna relaxed and enjoyed the sensations trailing across her breasts and down her belly.

When she opened her eyes to total darkness she again wondered if she were really awake. There was always a slight amount of light in the room. Even with the lights at their lowest the stars provided some illumination.

It felt too good to ignore and dream or not, B'Elanna couldn't help but enjoy it. Her breathing came faster and she began to arch even higher as she lost herself in pleasure.

It was when she blinked and her lashes brushed against something that she again questioned her own wakefulness. She'd blindfolded Seven in the past but Seven had never done that to her. She realized with a jolt that the sensation she was feeling was across her bare breasts and stomach. When they'd fallen asleep she'd still been wearing her boxers and tank top. She'd been so intent on Seven's pleasure that she'd worn the younger woman out before Seven could enjoy her body. She'd been the aggressor all night. She vaguely wondered if this dream was more intense because of that.

She thought no more for a while as the slow deliberate stroking continued. Then seemingly by accident the touch veered just a little to far to the side and B'Elanna flinched form the ticklish sensation of that touch on her sensitive ribs.

Caught between laughing at the ticklish sensation or gasping at the deeper sensation that went with it, B'Elanna simply growled. When that invisible feather touch drifted across her ribs again, she reflexively moved her hands to cover herself.

Her hands did not move. With a tug and a sudden jolt of wakefulness, B'Elanna realized her hands were bound. When she instinctively fought the bonds she found her feet were similarly tied. She was bound spread eagled on her own bed and still had no idea if she were awake or in the throes of a particularly intense dream.

The instant she began to struggle in earnest the soft touch left her skin. It was quickly replaced by a familiar touch of metal encased fingers gently stroking her face.

"Seven?" she questioned.

"Shh. Trust me." Was the whispered reply.

Her senses were already on overload. She was aroused as only a person who had spent hours touching her lover and not being touched in return could be. Though her earlier climaxes from making love to Seven had been very satisfying it was still not the same as having the tall blond touch her in return. This slow sensuous torture only served to make her arousal acute. She had been in a sound sleep when this had begun. Was she being slowly awakened and seduced by the very real Seven? Or was this an intense fantasy.

Again, she called Seven's name. Again, she was gently shushed. Whatever this was, it was going to be a silent thing. Her disorientation was complete. She was awake. She was asleep. She did not know. What she did know was that she trusted Seven. If she were awake, Seven would take care of her. If she were asleep, this dream Seven had no power to hurt her anyway. She abruptly stopped struggling.

Her arousal was high and she made a decision. When the meshed hand again brushed her cheek she nuzzled into the touch. That was all the assent her lover needed.

This time she could easily identify the touch. Meshed fingers slowly traced her body. Every inch of her became open to the slow relentless touch. She tugged at her bonds as she arched for more contact. The bonds held her tight as steel and she could do no more than feel. Time lost meaning as she tried to anticipate the next touch. Tried to figure out when and where it would come. No action, only reaction. She was completely in the power of this lover and she found herself enjoying it. Her growl was low and constant as her arousal built to a fever pitch. A timeless eternity as time itself lost meaning and she reveled in the sweet torture.

The touch continued and B'Elanna arched higher in silent plea to hurry. Instead of a faster pace the fingers slowed and removed themselves. B'Elanna growled her protest as she fought her bonds once again.

When a soft mouth closed over the swell of her breast she howled and arched impossibly higher. Ignoring her new struggles the soft mouth began it's own exploration. Starting at the swell of a caramel breast, lips trailed down and across B'Elanna's squirming belly. Ignoring straining nipples and mound those soft lips moved down one leg to a bound ankle then on to the other ankle and back up again.

B'Elanna was arched so high her only her shoulders and rear were touching the bed. Yet when she felt teeth hotly graze across her nipple she managed to lift just a little higher. When a hand moved up to pinch the other nipple she called Seven's name. Her nipple was kissed quickly in farewell and then those lips and teeth were grazing along her sensitive neck. When the hand on her breast began a slow purposeful descent B'Elanna growled deep in her chest. When she felt her mound cupped in a smooth meshed hand she almost came on the spot.

Deliberately, carefully, that hand moved down and B'Elanna felt the coolness of meshed fingers entering her. At the same time her mouth was taken in a searing kiss that seemed to last forever. B'Elanna kissed back with abandon and tried to raise her hips to meet the invading fingers.

She hissed her displeasure as those fingers moved carefully with her. She would get no satisfaction until this unseen lover deemed it so. The fingers simply rested within their hot wet tunnel as the kiss continued. When the talented mouth moved down to again tease a taut breast, B'Elanna was finally rewarded with the feeling of fingers beginning to move within her.

She found that if she moved just a little she could nuzzle into the shoulder of her lover. And so she did. The stroking slowly increased in tempo and yet her lover was careful to leave her clit untouched. As the tensions slowly built, B'Elanna realized that her climax would be completely at the mercy of an unseen lover that may or may not be an elaborate dream. With a groan, B'Elanna nipped the shoulder before her in frustration as the pressure built within her.

When she did, those frustrating fingers took the hint and suddenly increased their speed. Hips tilted and thrusting, B'Elanna rose up to meet each stroke of strong fingers. Her lips were taken and her mouth entered by a demanding tongue. As her mouth was thoroughly explored she was ready to explode.

When the pad of a thumb suddenly covered her clit it took only seconds before she was overcome by a shuddering climax. Still arching into the first, it took only a few quick strokes and she peaked again.

Slick with sweat and still shuddering with aftershocks B'Elanna felt those fingers again begin to move within her. Her third climax was slow and gentle and by the time those fingers finally withdrew B'Elanna was thoroughly spent.

She couldn't be bothered to move as the bonds at her wrists and ankles were removed. When the blindfold was taken off she didn't even open her eyes. As the weight beside her shifted, B'Elanna moved closer and quickly found herself held in strong arms resting her head on a familiar breast.

As she drifted off she realized she hadn't quite figured out if she had been awake or asleep. She realized she didn't care.

With a yawn B'Elanna fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

With a slight smile, Seven pulled her lover closer and she too slept.

The End

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