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Vignette (7-9)
By Sparx

Vignette 7

In a graceless heap Seven threw herself onto the couch. Long legs stretched out, the heels of her shoes acting as pivot points on the carpet. At the moment there was nothing Borg about the tall blond. All there was, was a very tired woman glad to be home after a shift that seemed much too long.

"My feet are sore." She announced waving the feet in question.

B'Elanna looked over from the other end of the couch. "Then take your shoes off." She commented casually as she returned to entering data into the Padd she held.

"You do it." Seven order evenly.

A long look. A timeless pause. A challenge offered… and accepted.

B'Elanna sat on the floor at Seven's feet and gently removed first one shoe then the other. Wordlessly she began to massage. Using strong hands to stroke and knead, sore feet were soon almost forgotten.

"Not yet." Seven ordered when her hands began to stroke higher.

"Yes Ma'am." B'Elanna answered with a smirk as her hands moved back down the long leg. When Seven's other foot nudged her crotch, she swallowed hard. "Yes Ma'am." She repeated softly and continued massaging the one in her hands.

As B'Elanna massaged one foot, Seven used the other to tease. Slowly, deliberately, she began kneading her toes into B'Elanna's crotch. Careful to keep the pressure light, using first one foot then the other, she continued the sweet torment for long minutes. The Klingons breath was coming heavy and her eyes burned into Seven offering a silent promise, but still B'Elanna silently massaged.

Suddenly, Seven pulled both feet away. "Massage my legs." She ordered. Immediately hands began to glide up her calves. "Not that high." Seven chastised with a knowing grin.

From knee to ankle B'Elanna kneaded a new set of tense muscles. Eventually Seven relaxed and let her legs spread a bit. With a sharp intake of breath B'Elanna groaned. Now that she had picked up Seven's scent her senses reeled. For a moment her grip became almost painful as she controlled the urge to simply … take…

After a moment to calm herself, she resumed. Almost immediately Seven let her legs spread just a little wider. Seven's own breath was coming faster now too. "Higher." she ordered.

Instantly B'Elanna's hands began to move along Seven's thighs and her lips pressed the top of her knee. Leaning forward and taking a handful of hair Seven pulled the dark head back. "Not until I say so." She said slowly, deliberately.

B'Elanna's hands obediently began the soothing motions again, but her eyes told a different story. Tightening her grip Seven pulled her Klingon closer. Leaning forward she let her tongue flick the smaller woman's lip.

"Yes Ma'am." B'Elanna whispered, so close her lips brushed Seven's when she said it.

"Back to work." The blond ordered, knowing if she gave in to the urge to kiss B'Elanna the game would end. Pushing her head away she leaned back to enjoy those strong hands on her body.

Sooner than either thought Seven was again holding a handful of raven hair. With B'Elanna's hands still running up and down long legs Seven kissed her long and deep.

"Now." She demanded once they parted for air. It was only the work of a few seconds for Seven to stand and her biosuit to puddle at her feet. A quick kick and the garment was across the room and Seven sat naked and waiting for B'Elanna's touch.

Instantly B'Elanna parted Seven's legs and buried her face in open thighs. Quicker than an instant and a warm tongue flicked Seven's clit while B'Elanna tightened her grip to hold the drone still and open for her mouth.

Again a mesh covered hand found its way to raven hair. Pulling B'Elanna's head back Seven roughly ordered, "Slowly."

Muscles tensed as B'Elanna hovered over her prize. Eyes wild, breath ragged. Yet she obeyed. Seven's fingers stayed wound in her hair and she lowered herself once again. With pressure one moment gentle and the next rough, Seven guided B'Elanna to where she want her. When her other hand roughly dug into B'Elanna's shoulders, she shuddered hard.

As Seven moaned, B'Elanna growled steadily. Both were enjoy this new torment until finally, tightening her grip, Seven pull the Klingons face tight against her. With a deep growl of approval B'Elanna's took the hint and her tongue moved faster and harder, while her hands stroked and kneaded the thighs parted so willingly for her. In only seconds Seven was shuddering in orgasm.

When Seven finally pull her away B'Elanna moved onto the couch and taking Seven in strong arms held her close until both were breathing normally again.

Vignette 8

"I am engaged in plotting Voyagers course through this sector." Seven murmured, while rapidly entering information into the console. She ignored the soft lips caressing her neck and concentrated on the screen.

A low chuckle was the answer as hands begin to caress her shoulders.

"B'Elanna I must finish this task." Seven replied as her fingers noticeably slowed over the console.

"If it was that important you'd be doing it in Astrometrics, not here." B'Elanna answered as she glanced briefly at the data on the screen. Again a small laugh as B'Elanna kissed that smooth neck.

"Simply because I have chosen to continue my work sitting in the comfort of our quarters and not standing in Astrometrics, does not negate the value of that work. If my feet had not been sore," And here both paused to grin remembering the delicious way in which that problem had been dealt with, "I would have remained at my post to complete the assignment." Seven finished.

In spite of the assertion, Seven found herself tilting her head to give B'Elanna better access. Once she realized, she glanced back at the Klingon and with a glare her fingers gained speed. B'Elanna's giggle was soft but clear to enhanced hearing. Her fingers traced a path from shoulders to collar bone and back. Seven concentrated on ignoring her. Long minutes passed as her body began to respond.

"Do you not require rest?" Seven tried again. "After all, my thanks for the foot massage you offered was quite ... extensive and thorough."

"I got all the rest I need. Besides, I can never get enough of you and you know it." B'Elanna purred into Seven's ear as she continued to stroke her hands over Seven's bare shoulders. For a moment Seven was not sure if she regretted or was glad she had chosen to wear shorts and a tank top, rather than changing back into one of her biosuits.

Wavering between the beginnings of arousal and annoyance, Seven tried again. "Will you sto…" the protest turned to a moan when sharp Klingon teeth skillfully nipped that sensitive spot near the nape of her neck. The hands on her bare shoulders suddenly shifted. One grabbed a fist full of blond hair and held her steady while B'Elanna began to nip and lick. The Klingons other hand was suddenly lightly pinching and rolling a hardened nipple.

Instantly Seven forgot about plotting courses and sank into the touch. Hands busily entering data a moment ago, reached behind to pull her love closer. Almost instantly B'Elanna stopped. "I thought you had to get this done?" she asked with deceptive mildness as she grabbed Seven's hands to stop her search for more contact.

"It can wait." Seven whispered seductively.

"So can this." B'Elanna answered with a light kiss to a bare shoulder.

Now Seven was indignant. "Excuse me?! If it can wait then why did you start it?" she challenged with ice in her voice.

B'Elanna's grin was so wide the ex-drone could feel it where lips still touched her shoulder.

"I do not…" Seven got out before teeth were again clamped on that spot that always made her squirm. In an instant every nerve seemed to lead straight to her groin.

A few nudges and a little shifting and B'Elanna was suddenly sitting behind Seven in the large chair. Her legs were spread wide and Seven felt herself pulled back to nestle between strong thighs. While Seven dug her nails into the denim-clad legs surrounding her, B'Elanna resumed her feasting at the blonds throat while her hands began to explore.

After a moment B'Elanna guided Seven's hands back to the input console. "You should get back to work on those course modifications." She whispered in an enhanced ear. Again Seven felt that grin against her skin as B'Elanna's hands shifted to rest gently at her waist.

"And if I do not?" Seven whispered back, though she already knew the answer.

B'Elanna waited until Seven idly entered a small data string. "If you stop, I stop." She answered as fingers cupped a full heavy breast.

While B'Elanna's thumb drifted smoothly over a straining nipple, Seven began to input data. Her tongue flicked an earlobe and Seven kept working. When B'Elanna's other hand stroked down a bare thigh, Seven's hands faltered over the terminal.

With the Ex-drones knees pressed primly together, B'Elanna contented herself with running her hands along the tops of tense thighs. B'Elanna's hands moved almost hypnotically stroking up and over breasts and down to slide along smooth thighs then back again. And Seven tried to work, barely able to focus on the screen, each entry being rewarded by an increase in intensity.

Silently Seven congratulated herself when she noticed she'd gotten a few more parsecs of space successfully mapped out. B'Elanna's lips had fastened on her neck. When Seven felt the scrape of teeth her hands froze… B'Elanna stopped too.

Seven could feel B'Elanna's smaller breasts against her back, nipples hard, as the hand currently on her stomach tensed. Her breath was hot on Seven's shoulder. "Don't stop." Seven demanded

Her hands slid along long arms to cover Seven's on the console. "Then don't stop." B'Elanna answered with a low rumble. Immediately random characters appeared on the screen. "You might want to fix that." B'Elanna whispered, amused. Caught in the act, Seven sighed in frustration. When the next entry appeared, correctly, Seven's reward was a light pinch to taut nipples. When the segment was finished, blunt nails raked along the tops of sensitive thighs creating a shuddering path of goose bumps.

Seven could barely concentrate. Each entry on the console an effort. She wanted to turn and dig her nails into her lover and demand she do… something… and stop teasing her like this. With long fingers flexing and clenching a little, she slowly entered the next data string.

B'Elanna's hands were restless on her body. Stroking faster, harder. Seven knew there would be marks on her neck later.

Seven's breath was ragged and she realized, so was B'Elanna's. Suddenly betrayed by her own body, Seven's legs, so tightly clamped together, part slightly. In an instant B'Elanna's hand was between them and she gasped in surprise, realizing Seven was bare under the loose shorts. A split second later the surprise was again Seven's as B'Elanna's hands pulled and Seven was suddenly open for her lovers touch. When fingers softly stroked across her clit, Seven's legs opened wider still.

Fingers dipping lower, B'Elanna could feel Seven's wetness.

A deep growl and a sudden shift and the chair was away from the desk. Seven's only handhold was the thick fabric of B'Elanna's jeans into which she dug her nails without mercy as a finger entered her. B'Elanna's other hand snaked around to find a hard clit. Adding another finger she began to move inside Seven while stroking her clit with the same rhythm.

First slow then fast… again and again. The intensity built. Soon Seven was moving with those teasing hands trying to make B'Elanna go harder, faster. With a suddenness that was almost startling she did. It didn't take long. After the seeming eternity of teasing, Seven came, hard. A few more strokes and she peaked again.

One hand still cupped her, stroking, drawing out the aftershocks. The other wrapped around and steadied her as she leaned back, sated and rested her head on B'Elanna's shoulder. In a few minutes B'Elanna would carry Seven into their bedroom where they would share a quick nap and an afternoon of love making. But, for now both were content to stay right where they were.

Vignette 9

"What are you doing all the way over here?" Seven questioned standing over B'Elanna. A short distance away Tom and Harry were standing with the Delaney twins. The giggling could easily be heard even without enhanced hearing. Further away still, the rest of the crew who was not currently on duty could be seen enjoying the rare chance to enjoy some time on an actual planet. The bonfire was roaring nicely and the first of the planets twin suns would be setting soon, reducing the lighting to the dull red glow of the second and much dimmer sun.

"Just trying to warm up a little." B'Elanna answered with a grin. And it was warmer under the tree she was sitting against. Though out of the sun, the large trunk effectively blocked the cool breeze.

"Well why don't you come back over to the bonfire and enjoy the picnic, instead of sitting there all huddled under that blanket. Now that the fire is going it is much warmer there than here. I am sure your Klingon physiology will find the conditions much better." Seven commented, referring to the Klingon preference for warmer temperatures. With a nod to Tom and the others she send them back to the others while she waited for B'Elanna.

"Why don't you snuggle under this blanket with me and help me stay warm?" she asked instead. With a grin she lifted a corner of the blanket and waited.

"I will comply, but only for a moment. Then we will return to the others," here the ex-drone indicated the small crowd near the fire pit, "and you will be sociable."

As B'Elanna chuckled, Seven settled herself on a comfortable lap. When B'Elanna folded the blanket around then, she found herself enveloped in the smaller woman's heat. Resting her head on B'Elanna's shoulder she sank into the embrace.

"I don't know how someone as tall as you can fold herself up into such a small package." B'Elanna commented idly.

Seven did not answer and for a few minutes they just enjoyed the feel of each other.

When B'Elanna's hand began to softly stroke Seven's back she enjoyed the touch. When her other hand stroked her inner thigh she jumped.

Lips at her temple and a quietly spoken, "Relax." and Seven suddenly knew exactly why B'Elanna had wandered off to sit under a tree near the edge of the large park and so far from their friends. Glancing quickly towards the group she was glad to see that no one was paying them much attention. The blanket would hide the motions of B'Elanna's hands and the distance was enough that no one would notice the blonds flushed cheeks or sudden increase in breathing. Onlookers would see only two women sharing an embrace under a blanket in the cool evening air.

Again B'Elanna's hand was on her thigh. This time she expected it and managed to remain still, barely. The longer they stayed there the greater the chance that someone would become curious and approach them. Already there had been a slight increase in the glances sent their way. The only thing keeping them from being caught was a thin blanket and Seven's ability to keep herself still. If anyone were to approach now, B'Elanna would stop and Seven would be left to deal with the frustration of it for the rest of the evening until they could return to Voyager.

Seven knew they would only have a few minutes at best. B'Elanna knew it too. Just thinking about what B'Elanna was about to do made Seven moan softly in anticipation. The answer was a suppressed Klingon growl.

The Klingon's fingers quickly slipped past the hem of Seven's shorts and her fingers began to stroke the swollen clit. Her other arm was wrapped firmly around the slim waist to keep Seven still. Grabbing fistfuls of B'Elanna's shirt, Seven reveled in the touch as she tried to keep her reactions in check.

Suddenly B'Elanna stopped the movement of her hand. "Breathe." She whispered in Seven's ear. With a shuddering gasp, she took a deep breath. After a moment to let Seven calm herself, those fingers began to move again "Shhh." B'Elanna whispered when Seven moaned softly.

Seven focused on B'Elanna's whispered encouragements as her fingers stroked faster and faster.

Focusing on B'Elanna's voice and not the sounds of their friends sitting around the bon fire, Seven buried her head further into B'Elanna's shoulder and closed her eyes.

Suddenly B'Elanna felt Seven's whole body tense and knew she would climax soon. With a grin, B'Elanna tightened her grip on the blond's waist and began to stoke the hard clit under her fingers faster.

As the pressure built and the need to keep quiet overwhelmed her, Seven bit down on B'Elanna's shoulder. Her sharp intake of breath indicated her pleasure.

When B'Elanna increased the pressure and Seven bit down again and exploded in orgasm. While B'Elanna stroked Seven through the aftershocks she marveled that her lover had managed to remain so very still in her lap. Grinning, she began to think of the possibilities while she waited for Seven's breathing to slow.

After a moment B'Elanna's shifted and gently rubbed the backs of Seven's hands where she still had a death grip on the Klingons shirt. Seven let go only to lock her arms around B'Elanna's neck. The blanket fell away to pool around theirs waists.

Returning the embrace B'Elanna whispered, "I love you."

The End

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