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Voice in the Dark
By Geekgrrl


Hers is the voice I hear echo in my ear. I don't know how many missions we've done now with Ruth Truewell running the show, assigned permanently as my handler since we lost Antonio, guiding the way through assorted dangerous situations, quickly stepping in cutting off Nathan or whatever tech head is working with us and becoming the voice of reason in my head through my streaming audio interface.

It was hard for me at first, trusting my life to someone I didn't really know. Ruth on the other hand knew all about me. I'm sure she must have almost every detail on me in a file somewhere. I've had lovers who knew less about me than she does.

Then there is the added weirdness of having someone listen in on every conversation I have, analyze whatever I am looking at or who even have the ability, and security clearance, to track my every move and body read out. It seemed so odd to be tied so intimately to a practical stranger. I guess that's why I set out to get to know Ruth better.

I've since gotten to know her as more than the company shrink, my mission handler, even my sometimes boss. I can tell the catch in her voice when she's concerned, the tight sarcastic humour to relieve tense situations, or the way her breathing changes when I'm in trouble and she's working with me to keep me safe. She's not just my handler; she's another woman in this odd male dominated field and definitely a friend. Certainly she is so much more than some voice in the dark.

Usually Ruth is pretty good at picking up my moods too. Besides her professional training it's probably a natural side effect from our working relationship. So I suppose it should have come as no surprise that she picked up on my funk. Becca was going away for the weekend and I had just come back from a tough mission, needing something, or if I was honest, someone to just be there for me.

My new life is complicated. I travel so much now it's hard enough to keep my home life with Becca together, without trying to keep up my friendships too. Most of my old friends have long since given up on me and moved on. Besides it's not like I can talk to them about what's new with me anyway. Usually I can rationalize that it's probably safer for them in the long run, but it still hurts and makes for a lonely weekend every now and then.

When she showed up at my door with Thai take out it was perfect timing. Watching Becca and Ruth relax and get to know one another was entertaining. Stealing my pad thai when my back was turned was sneaky and instantly won my little sister over. Becca's squeeze on my arm and a half smile that told me she liked Ruth before she grabbed her bag and ran out the door.

Ruth turned around slowly, and in that split second before she dropped the mask back into place - I knew. I clearly saw the flash of it, felt the heat. Ruth wanted me.

I'd had that look shot at me bartending enough to know. And I knew.

Then her walls fell and we simply stared at each other. I wanted to push her against the counter right there in my kitchen and kiss her senseless. I wanted to bury my face in the short fine baby hair by her ear and breathe her in, to wrap my arms around her and not let go.

Instead I smiled and took a small step back, breaking the moment. "Stay for a movie?"

So I somehow found myself with my head on her lap watching a movie I can't even remember now. Strong fingers stroked slowly through my hair, and like a cat I wanted to purr with pleasure. I could clearly hear her breathing quicken, her heart beating faster and still she calmly stared at the television. My dear Ruth was not as unaffected as she made out by any stretch of the imagination.

As the credits scrolled past, I knew I didn't want this to stop. I rolled onto my back to look into her grey green eyes, watching them grow dark with unspoken desire.

"I should go." It was barely a whisper, her hand still tangled in my hair, the other resting on my stomach. My hand slid up around her neck, pulling her down to meet me half way for the tenderest kiss I think I've ever had. Pulling apart, my lips moved softly against hers.


Tonight for the first time I actually feel her voice in my ear, a rasping husk, moist breath tickling me. I adore the vibration of her soft belly against mine as she moans gently beneath me. The needy whimper as I slowly circle her clit with my tongue before taking her into my mouth and sucking. She calls my name into the night, coming hard from the intimate stroke of my hand.

There's a satisfied sigh as she tastes herself on my lips, her mischievous chuckle as I'm rolled to my back and pounced on. Her encouraging whispers as she claims my body as her own, filling and thrusting as I buck wantonly against her. Soothing noises urging me on as I beg her not to stop, as she takes me further, up and tumbling over the edge. She's branded me as her own, holding me close and nuzzling along my neck as I try to move again, to respond as she murmurs my name. Her voice once again has anchored me, brought me through to the other side, safe and comforted as we fell asleep tangled together.

I'm not sure when I realized that I needed the voice in my ear to become a part of my life instead of just part of the job. I'm just glad it's finally happened.

The End

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