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By bank_farter


"I can't believe they're hooking up. I mean, I always knew there was more to JD's obsession with Dr. Cox than just the mentor thing, but I never thought it would go anywhere," Elliot muses. "Oooh, we should totally watch them on your nanny cam one day!"

"Nah. Perry makes this really weird face when he orgasms." Jordan closes her eyes, contorts her face, and lets out an ungodly groan before rolling her eyes. "Totally unflattering. Ooh, but what time is it?"

Elliot glances at the bedside clock. "Almost eight."

"Perfect!" She gestures for Elliot to follow her to the window. "Bob and Susan across the street have four kids, so they have scheduled sex every Thursday night at eight. They never close their blinds. Look."

"Wow," Elliot responds as she watches the groping couple stagger towards their bed. She glances at the clock again. "Exactly eight. They must synchronize watches or something."

She pauses.

"Isn't this kind of wrong?"

"Of course," Jordan replies, shooting Elliot an impatient glare. "Who cares?"

Elliot ponders for a moment. "Not me, actually, but—oh my god, her ass is ginormous!" She frowns at Jordan. "How often do you do this?"

"Not often. Once or twice."

"Hmm. Oh, hey, I haven't eaten dinner yet. Do you think I have time to make a snack?"

Jordan smirks. "Oh yeah. Factoring in make-out time and the fact that he can never unhook the rear-clasp bras, I'd say it'll be at least six more minutes before things start getting good."

The End

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