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By allie


"Seven!" She exploded. "I really don't care how much the Collective cared about perfection and the demands they placed on a drone to complete every task right on time but if you don't get out of my face By Kahless' right nostril I swear I will rip your arm off and beat you with it!" B'Elanna growled as she flung herself away from the console in engineering. Her partner had had the audacity to question her ability in her own domain.

"Indeed? You are inferior in strength to me therefore your claim is irrelevant. You would not best me. Nor will you do me physical harm." Arrogantly striding away from the enraged Klingon Seven smirked as she heard the low growl and tensed for the ensuing attack which she assumed would be coming at her verbal provoking.

When nothing occurred and no one impacted with her back she turned around and stared in disbelief at her partner. "You are not attacking me?"

"No, Seven, I'm not attacking you." The Klingon growled as she desperately tried to keep her temper in check. "I promised you that I would try to learn to control my temper and by Kahless' underpants that's exactly what I will do; even if it kills me! You need to leave! Now!"

Astonished, Seven walked swiftly to the exit and trudged towards the turbo lift wondering to herself what had happened to her love to make her react the way she had. Normally she would have been pinned against the walls and forcefully told off; or kissed senseless.

As the doors opened she encountered the Captain who greeted her cheerfully. "Seven. How are you? How's the budding romance with B'Elanna?"

"I find myself confused Captain." She replied stoically.

"Oh? Why?"

"I corrected B'Elanna in front of her crew and deliberately goaded her into an argument and she didn't attack me. I do not understand why not. Her normal behaviour would have resulted in an altercation of the physical type. I am perplexed by the change." Seven all but pouted at the Captain.

"That's easily explained Seven. She gave you her hearts when you two got together, she promised to take care of you. She finds herself in a situation where she struggles to keep her promise AND her temper. Give her a chance to cool down and then talk to her?" For once the Captain actually managed to have a grasp of the complexities of relationships and gave good advice.

As the Captain left the turbolift Seven pondered her words and decided to take matters into her own hands. Striding towards the quarters she shared with B'Elanna, she allowed her mind to run a mile a minute in order to plan everything to perfection.

A short while later when B'Elanna entered their quarters she caught the scent of the candles and glancing into the bedroom, as she dropped the jacket she had been wearing, she could see the pale cream silk sheets reflecting off the naked body of her favourite Borg... who was holding a bottle of Mama's Homemade Syrup and beckoning her close.

Lowering herself to the lithesome blonde she took the bottle from her hands and smiled, "You know Seven, when we got together you knew what you were getting into; you knew that at this time of the month I am really moody and I have no patience you know that with me that what you see is what you get!"

The End

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