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This one is a combination of thoughts and words, B'Elanna's indicated by // and Seven's by ~
DEDICATION: To Jean for the options, Deejay for also doing sequels and Wyndy for the challenge.

Want 3c
By Rebelgirl

\\ God I want her. But I want her to love me. I want her to need me.//


"Yes Seven?"

"Are you ready with the calculations?"


\\ What the hell is she talking about?//

"You came in here to check some calculations. Are we ready to continue with the power conversion?"

"Was I the only person out there? Did I just totally imagine you kissing me in front of the rest of the Engineering staff?"

\\ Why is she behaving like this? Have I gone insane? Was it just some stupid experiment for her research? //

"No, Lieutenant. I did kiss you. But as you walked away, I assumed that I had made an error in judgement. Rather than draw attention to the incident, I chose to ignore it. I have seen many members of this crew adopt the same method when they have made an error in judgement."

~ What have I done? Did she really have no idea how I felt about her? I need to explain my actions, but I am unsure that I can find the words. ~

"Ignore the fact that you kissed me? What, did you think that if you didn't mention it that it would just go away?"

\\ Why am I getting angry with her? Tom's done that to me a thousand times. Doesn't she know how she's affected me? Can't she see that I want her? That I need her.//

"I am sorry Lieutenant. It would appear that I have made another error. I must apologise for my actions."

\\ Please let her mean what she did. Please.// "Seven, why did you kiss me?"

"I. I. er."

"Just tell me why, and then we can go back to the power converters."

"I did it because I. I did it. I did it because. I love you."


\\ Gods, why is this so hard?//

"Yes Lieutenant?"

~ Please do not hate or mock me B'Elanna~

"The power converters can wait. And don't you *dare* call me 'Lieutenant' when we break off this kiss."

\\ I'm gonna do it. I am going to do it.//

"What k.ummm."

~ Oh God ~

\\ Oh God //

The End

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