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By Elfcat255


The baby lay in the cradle, her little face calm and relaxed as she slept. A glowing shimmer appeared next to the cradle and a woman dressed in silver armor materialized. She reached a hand out to touch the child but the whoosh of a thrown weapon caused her to jerk her hand back and taking a step backwards she turned her head to see a sai swaying slightly from where it landed in the wooden wall beside her. Slowly she turned to the doorway where a short blonde-haired woman stood with the twin to the thrown weapon poised for another throw, a determined glare on her face.

"Gabrielle," the woman said in a calm voice.

"Athena," the bard returned. "I may not be able to harm you but if you don't move away from that baby I'll do my best to put a very deep hole in you."

Shaking her head the goddess moved away from the cradle. "I wasn't going to harm her," she told the bard. "I wanted to see the child that is supposed to bring about our downfall."

Gabrielle moved into the room, keeping the sai trained on the goddess until she stood between the woman and the cradle. "You've been trying to kill her all this time and now you want to see what she looks like?" she asked with a tilt of her head.

Athena shrugged. "Something so small yet deadly to the Olympians…yes, I finally grew curious as to her appearance."

Keeping the sai trained on the goddess the bard reached behind her to lay a hand on Eve, checking to see if she was still breathing. "If I were you I'd leave before Xena gets back…I'm sure she won't miss like I did," the bard commented.

"Surely you can talk some sense into the warrior…tell her to let us have the child," Athena crooned in a sultry voice as she reached a hand up to move the pointed weapon away from her.

Gabrielle shoved the hand away and brought the weapon back up; "If I had the same powers as she does right now you would be dead, Athena…I will not let you harm this child and I won't try to talk Xena into giving her up."

"But I could make it worth your while, Gabrielle…riches and powers beyond your wildest dreams," Athena remarked with a smile.

"Never…now I suggest you leave, I hear hoof beats approaching and it could only be Xena returning," the bard told her.

"Very well…be prepared for our wrath then bard, we will not rest until the child is dead." With a flash of golden light the goddess disappeared leaving Gabrielle to release the breath she'd been holding.

"And you can bet Xena and I will not rest until you along with the other Olympians are dead," the bard said as she pulled the sai from the wall, returning it along with its twin to their place in her boots; she then turned to gaze down at Eve and ran a finger over the baby's cheek. "I may not be able to kill gods but I'm not letting anything happen to you little girl…I've lost one daughter already and I'm not losing another one."

The End

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