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Wedding # 1
By ralst


"Borg do not do weddings," Seven said sternly, her ocular implant and remaining brow lowering in tandem as her human and Borg heritage forged an agreement. "It is an archaic tradition that should have ceased to be of relevance a millennia ago."

The Captain's hands settled on her hips and the makings of a force ten glare started to coalesce behind her eyes.

"She's right," B'Elanna interrupted, in a show of support that was unprecedented in Voyager history. "What have puffy white dresses and speeches got to do with commitment?" The Klingon way might have seemed more brutal, at least to squeamish humans, but it was an honest declaration of intent between those parties involved and not some public spectacle that left them all open to ridicule.

With a sigh, the Captain's glare faded and was quickly replaced with a look of genuine concern. "I realise what happened with Tom might have -"

"This has nothing to do with Tom." Neither the engineer nor pilot had ever spoken about the reasons behind the dissolution of their short marriage, but B'Elanna was all too aware that most of the crew viewed her as the injured party and had pitied her accordingly. "I'm not saying that I don't believe in marriage, for Kahless' sake, just the overblown circus of a wedding you want to tack onto it."

"I concur." Seven reached for the PADD Kathryn had shown them earlier. "I do not understand the significance of dying flora to the marriage vows." The bouquets were visually pleasing, Seven supposed, but the cellular damage would have started the moment the stalks were cut and they would be dead and rotting within hours; hardly a fitting symbol for a lifelong commitment.

Kathryn wanted flowers. She wanted to wear a white dress, and walk down the aisle on the arm of her oldest friend, and be showered in rose petals as she exchanged her first kiss with her newly ordained spouse. She knew it was old fashioned, and some might say out of character, but she had put duty and her crew above all else for so long that she just wanted one day where everything was about her and her needs. "Please?"

The single, heartfelt plea caught both B'Elanna and Seven off guard, and in the split second it took for their eyes to meet, a decision was reached and their personal opinions put to one side in honour of a friendship both treasured.

"Yes, Captain," said Seven, "we will be your bridesmaids."

"But for Kahless's sake, please don't make me wear pink!"

The End

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