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A Weekend of Freedom
By Alex


Book One: The Discovery

"Yes! Yes! Oh, my gosh, yes!" Bianca exclaimed as she jumped off of the bench. Frankie stared at her, surprised at Bianca's outburst of happiness. She stood up.

"What?" She asked, confused. Bianca looked back at her, ecstatic.

"My mom is going out of town. Yes! This means that we're, like, totally free." Bianca said, smiling excitedly. Frankie was relieved. This meant that she wouldn't have to deal with her earlier lapse in judgement at SOS.

"Well, then let's ditch this party." Frankie suggested eagerly.

"Ok. I'm convinced." Bianca said, throwing her arm around Frankie's shoulder and leading her away from the club. "What next?" Frankie shrugged as she put her arm around Bianca.

"I dunno. What do you want to do?" She asked, looking back at the taller girl. Bianca shrugged.

"Well, I guess we'll just head to the car, and figure out what to do from there. Sound good?" She inquired. Frankie nodded.

"Sounds good. Let's do it!" She said, smiling. Wow...that could be taken in so many ways... Both girls were thinking, although they both knew how Frankie had meant it. The truth was, walking so close together, touching so familiarly, each girl was suffering from extremely increased heart rate. Their flesh burned where it touched through their clothing. They were an odd mix of relieved and disappointed when they finally reached the car. Bianca opened the passenger side door for Frankie, then walked around to get into the driver's seat.

"So..." Bianca started as she stared at her hands on the steering wheel.

"Yeah...so...." Frankie laughed a little.

"This is great." Bianca said, chuckling. "All this new-found freedom and we have no idea what to do with it!" Even as she said this, she knew she was wrong. Ideas? I've got ideas...but does she? She looked over at Frankie who, unbeknownst to Bianca, was thinking along the same lines. Both girls blushed as their thoughts continued to get more graphic. Bianca took a deep breath, trying to calm her raging libido.

"You want to get something to eat?" Frankie suggested, breaking the silence. "We never actually got around to that back with your mom." Bianca nodded.

"Sure. Sounds great." She said as she started the car. They drove in silence for a few minutes before Bianca spoke up. "Where are we going, exactly?" Frankie thought.

"Hm...good question." She replied. "I know this great place in town, I've been there a couple times...The Blue Angel." Bianca hit the brakes with her foot, barely making a stop light. "You've heard of it?" Frankie said, smiling nervously.

"You've been to the Blue Angel?" Bianca asked, shocked. Frankie nodded. "You...you know what it is, right?" Frankie nodded again pointedly. Bianca looked straight ahead at the road, pushing the gas pedal at the green light. "So...you just thought this wasn't something important enough to let me know?" She asked. Frankie sighed.

"It never came up." At Bianca's pointed glance, she sighed and continued. "Okay, it came up that once...But ya know, I never said I wasn't..." She pointed out, smiling a little. Bianca's mind was racing almost as fast as her heart was.

"Okay...I'll give you that much. Still...I mean, I told you." Bianca said, feeling a little hurt that this information had been withheld from her. Frankie put a hand on Bianca's shoulder.

"Hey..." She started. "Look, Bianca, I'm sorry. I really haven't told anyone. I only went to the Blue Angel to see what it was like. Honestly, I wasn't even sure I was until..." She trailed off, not sure that she wanted to share quite so much all at once. She took her hand off Bianca's shoulder and looked out the window at the scenery rushing by. Bianca's curiosity was piqued.

"Until what?" She asked, glancing over at Frankie inquisitively.

"It's nothing." Frankie said nervously. "Look, here we are." She said, pointing to the neon blue sign over the door to the building. Bianca found a parking spot and pulled in. They stepped out of the car, closing the doors behind them. As they headed for the entrance in silence, Frankie realized that Bianca was only 17. She panicked inwardly when the bouncer asked for ID. She let Bianca go first, holding her breath as she reached into her purse and pulled out the ID Rain had given her a year ago. I knew there was a reason I kept that... The bouncer looked at it briefly then motioned for her to enter. Frankie was shocked. She showed the bouncer her own ID and entered behind Bianca. She took Bianca's arm and led her over to a table.

"What was that?" She asked incredulously. She snatched the ID out of Bianca's hand as they sat down. "That's not you!" She exclaimed quietly. Bianca laughed.

"Shh! Don't let anyone hear that..." She said, grinning. She took back the ID, putting it back in her purse. "My friend gave it to me last year. She's the one who introduced me to this place. The bouncer never looks at your ID very closely..." Frankie laughed.

"A rebel, huh? You just keep surprising me..." Frankie said. More than you know... She thought.

"Is that a good thing?" Bianca asked, her flirty tone unmistakable. Frankie smiled a flirty smile of her own.

"Always." She said, aware that the word could be construed in many ways. Bianca smiled at her, also aware. Their eyes met, and they just stared and smiled at eachother for a long moment. Heat literally passed between their eyes, desire slowly surfacing on both sides. Bianca started to lean closer to Frankie.

"What can I get you two lovebirds?" Bianca cursed the waitress for her bad timing, then flushed at the idea that the woman had of her and Frankie. She sat back in her chair.

"Um, I'll have a Coke, please." She looked at Frankie.

"That sounds good. Get me a Coke, too." Frankie said. Maybe the caffeine will help clear my head... When the waitress left, Bianca turned back to Frankie.

"So..." She started nervously. Frankie looked down at her hands, which were currently folding and unfolding a paper napkin.

"Uh...yeah." Frankie said. "So..."

"It's kinda funny. We keep wishing my mom would disappear, and now she finally does, for a few days at least, and we have no clue what to even talk about." Bianca said, laughing. Frankie smiled.

"So...tell me about this friend, the one who brought you here. Was she your girlfriend?" Frankie asked boldly. Bianca blushed.

"Rain? No...She was the one who helped me realize I was gay, though. Looking back, I probably did have a little crush on her. I think it's just natural for a young lesbian to develop a crush on the lesbian that helps them realize it..." She said thoughtfully. Frankie sighed.

"Yeah, I know how that is..." She said. More than you know...

"When did you realize it?" Bianca asked. The question was innocent enough.

"Um...recently." She replied vaguely. The waitress returned with their drinks, setting them on the table.

"You two let me know if you need anything." She said, winking at Frankie. This was not lost on Bianca.

"Ooh...someone's got a crush on you..." Bianca teased. Frankie flushed.

"No she doesn't." She said vehemently. "And anyway...she's not my type." She said, examining the waitress' short frame and blonde hair. "She's too much like me." Bianca looked at the waitress. Not nearly as gorgeous as Frankie...but who could pass up an opportunity like this?

"I don't know...I think she's pretty cute." She said suggestively. The double meaning of her words was not lost on Frankie. Bianca turned back to the girl. "So, what is your type?" She said, daring Frankie to answer. Frankie bit her lip nervously. The current song ended and another started up. She jumped out of her seat, grabbing Bianca's hand.

"I love this song! Come on, let's go dance." She said, trying to save herself from having to admit her feelings just yet. Bianca shrugged, catching the cover-up but deciding to let Frankie get away with it. She followed Frankie onto the dance floor.

The song wasn't necessarily fast or slow...more, it had it's own moderately fast, seductive beat. Frankie was breathless watching Bianca start to move to it. She was seriously doubting the intelligence of her decision to dance, even more so as she listened to the chorus.

"I could be your sister, I could be your mother
We could be friends, I'd even be your brother
But I'd rather be your lover
That's right, I'd rather be your lover"

Frankie shrugged off the implications in the lyrics and let herself move to the music. Slowly, the girls were drawn closer to each other as their bodies twisted and writhed seductively to the music.

"And all that I know [all that I know]
Is I just don't understand [just don't understand]
Why my, mmmm, happiness always lies
In the palm of your hand

They were dancing close enough to touch now, but neither was yet willing to make that move. Electricity sparked in the space between their bodies as they moved slowly and methodically. Finally, they were close enough that their breasts brushed against each other softly, sending chills through both bodies. Frankie reached up and put her arms around Bianca's neck, pulling the girl closer. Bianca's hands situated themselves around the girl's waist, running up and down her back. The tension between them was thick and tangible. Both pulses were racing, and neither could tell their own heartbeat from the other girl's. Frankie looked up into Bianca's face, seeing the unmasked desire that lay behind her own gaze reflected within the girl's dark eyes.

Frankie swallowed to dampen her dry throat, glancing down at Bianca's lips. The only thought running through her head at that moment was how much she longed to kiss them. She gave in, reaching her head up to capture them with her own. Desire exploded in the two girls when their lips met, coursing through their veins at an accelerated rate. Frankie's tongue sought entrance to Bianca's mouth, where entrance was immediately granted. Their tongues twined together in an erotic dance as their hands danced over clothed flesh. They pulled apart breathlessly just as the song ended.

Are you surprised? Are you?

"You know, they stopped serving food at 10..." Bianca teased, her breath still mingling with the smaller girl's.

"Did they? Must've slipped my mind..." Frankie said, grinning seductively.

"It's okay..." Bianca replied. "I'm not that hungry anymore..." She trailed off, leaving the rest of her thought unsaid. At least, not for food... She leaned in close to Frankie again, her lips barely touching the smaller girls' before she pulled back again. "Maybe we should get out of here..." She suggested.

"I couldn't agree more..." She trailed off, following Bianca back to the table. As she walked behind the girl, she let her eyes wander. Her desire was stoked by simply looking at her. The bare skin her tank top revealed, both on her arms and the small of her back, was just enough to make Frankie want to see all of it. Bianca grabbed her purse and slipped an arm around Frankie's shoulders, leading her out of the club.

The car ride to Bianca's house was relatively silent, both girls' minds contemplating what was going to happen. Neither knew, but both knew what they wanted. Bianca had a hard time concentrating on driving, being so close to Frankie and not touching her. She was relieved when she finally pulled up to her house. She quickly stepped out of the car, locking it and leading Frankie to the door. Quickly, she opened it and ushered the girl inside, making certain to close it behind them. Her patience was quickly running out, along with her willpower. Standing mere inches away from the girl was wearing her down.

Finally, Bianca gave in and pulled Frankie to her, her lips claiming Frankie's with a fierce passion she hadn't felt even with Sarah. Her hands slid up to take the ponytail out of Frankie's hair, burying themselves in the soft gold while pulling Frankie's face into hers. Frankie slid her own hands across Bianca's back, slipping under her orange tank top to caress the bare skin she found there. Bianca trembled at the feel of Frankie's hands on her bare skin. They broke apart for a second, gasping for breath before kissing again, their passion mounting. Frankie tore her lips away from Bianca's, only to move down to kiss the soft skin of her neck.

Bianca let out a soft man as Frankie kissed her neck.

"Mmm...Maybe we should go upstairs." She said distractedly as Frankie's hands moved around to caress her stomach.

"Maybe you're right." Frankie said between kisses, her hands slowly moving up from Bianca's stomach. Bianca pushed them down, pulling away from Frankie.

"I want to do this." She said, seeing Frankie's guilty face. "Just not here." She took Frankie's hand, leading her upstairs to her bedroom. She barely had time to close the door before Frankie was pressing her against it, her small breasts pushing against Bianca's own. Their tongue collided as their lips met again desperately. Bianca slipped her own hands under Frankie's shirt, reveling in the soft bare skin. Soon, touching the skin wasn't enough anymore.

Bianca pulled away from Frankie's lips just long enough to slip the tank top over the smaller girl's head, her lips returning to Frankie's for an instant before moving down to caress the girl's neck, then moving to her shoulders and upper chest. Frankie sighed delightedly as she reached under Bianca's top again, this time pulling it off of her. She pulled back for a second, drinking in the sight of Bianca's rounded breasts encased in a simple bra. She pulled Bianca to her, meeting her lips again. They both trembled at the sensation of barely clothed flesh on flesh. Bianca took the initiative and moved Frankie over to the bed, kissing and caressing her all the while. She laid Frankie down on the bed, covering the girl's body with her own.

Frankie was even more aroused by Bianca's weight pressing down onto her. She kissed Bianca with escalating passion, her hands sliding down the other girl's body to cup her backside, pulling her pelvis against her own. Bianca moaned into Frankie's mouth as she reached down to unfasten the girl's jeans, sliding them down her legs and yanking off her sneakers to reveal Frankie's near-naked body, clothed only in underwear and a bra. Frankie sat up and pulled Bianca to her again, taking the opportunity to remove Bianca's pants before pulling the girl back down on top of her.

Their now almost naked bodies pressed together erotically, and Bianca moved her hands under Frankie to undo her bra, discarding it and moving lower to remove her underwear. She gasped at the beautiful sight before her. Frankie was looking up at her, her cheeks flushed with desire, unashamed of her naked body. Bianca had never been more aroused in her life. She ached to touch the girl. She removed her own bra, gazing into Frankie's eyes the whole time. A flood of desire surged through her as Frankie mirrored her gasp.

The smaller girl sat up again, pulling Bianca's lips to hers in a brief, gentle kiss.

"You are so beautiful." She said fervently.

"So are you." Bianca replied, pushing her back onto the bed. Her hands and lips wandered over Frankie's flesh, sucking and nipping in choice area. She caressed the girl's trembling thighs before her hand reached Frankie's throbbing center. She looked deeply into Frankie's eyes, searching for the permission she found there. Gently, she slid two fingers into the smaller girl, gasping at the warm wetness she found there. She pumped her fingers slowly in and out as her lips moved down, kissing Frankie's breasts and stomach, trailing down to the patch of curls and hesitating, again seeking permission. Frankie bucked her hips impatiently.

"God, Bianca, just do it!" She cried, impassioned. Frankie was lost in an erotic haze. The only thing she could comprehend was how good what Bianca was doing to her felt. She cried out as Bianca's lips closed around her center, her hands sinking into the girl's hair, pressing her closer as Bianca's tongue did exquisite things to her. She could feel her pleasure build as Bianca sped up the rhythm, pumping in and out as her mouth caressed her clitoris. She cried out as her body stiffened, her muscles clenching around Bianca's fingers. Bianca held on until the waves of pleasure subsided, then slid her fingers out.

She slid back up Frankie's sweat-soaked body, meeting her lips again. Frankie was aroused once more by the taste of her own desire on Bianca's lips. She looked up at her dreamily, her eyes looking deep into Bianca's.

"That was incredible." She said, caressing the girl's shoulder. Bianca smiled widely. Frankie smiled back, her grin turning wicked as she flipped Bianca onto her back. "But now it's my turn." Bianca's heart raced with anticipation.

Frankie moved slowly, savoring the taste of Bianca's salty flesh. Bianca arched her back as Frankie's mouth closed around an aching nipple before moving on. Frankie could feel her trembling with need, but refused to speed up. This was going to last. After moments of agonizing torture, she finally pushed her fingers into the trembling girl. Bianca was lost in her passion, bucking her hips wildly as Frankie's mouth met hers, their tongues dancing erotically. Frankie increased her rhythm, her thumb massaging the girl's clitoris while her fingers pumped in and out. She swallowed Bianca's cry of release as the girl climaxed. Bianca felt a moment of emptiness when Frankie's fingers pulled out of her.

"Oh, God, Frankie..." Bianca said as the smaller girl curled up in her arms, her head resting on the pillow beside her. She leaned forward to kiss her softly, caught in the euphoric afterglow. Frankie smiled at her teasingly.

"You like?" Bianca laughed.

"Oh, I like..." She said suggestively, moving close for another kiss. "So, you never answered my question."

"Oh really? Which question was that?" Frankie asked.

"What's your type?" Bianca asked with a flirty smile. Frankie chuckled.

"Well, she's about 5'6", long, dark brown hair, gorgeous dark brown eyes, and a smile that could stop you in your tracks from a mile away." She said, smiling boldly. Bianca smiled back shyly, kissing Frankie on the lips softly.

"I love you, Frankie." Bianca said. Frankie's heart warmed at these words.

"I love you too." She sighed dreamily, resting her head on Bianca's chest. "This feels so good...I wish we could just stay like this forever." Bianca smiled.

"Well, we've got all weekend..."


Book Two: Exploration

Bianca woke up to the...interesting sensation of Frankie's fingers drawing lazy circles over her stomach. The girl's eyes were half open, watching her hand trail over Bianca's smooth skin. She noticed Bianca's eyes opening, and met them with a loving gaze. She reached up to kiss her softly.

"Morning." She said, her hand continuing to caress Bianca's quivering flesh underneath the blanket.

"Morning." Bianca replied, trembling under the girl's attention. She moved a hand to catch Frankie's, moving it away from her. Frankie pouted. "Aww...don't give me that." Bianca teased. "I just need a shower." She said reassuringly, leaning down to give her a heated kiss before slipping out of the bed. She walked over to the bathroom, unashamed of her nakedness. Frankie took advantage of this confidence, drinking in the glorious sight of Bianca's naked body. She grinned wickedly, noticing that the girl had forgotten--or maybe neglected--to close the door. Furtively, she crept over to the door, hearing the shower start to run. She slipped inside, creeping over to pull back the shower curtain.

Bianca was startled as she felt two hands slide around her waist, pulling her back to rest against Frankie's wet body. Frankie's hands glided up to her breasts, circling around her nipples. The water made their flesh slippery, and Bianca felt Frankie's small breasts sliding across her back as the girl moved. She moved against the smaller girl erotically, turning her head around so she could meet her lips in a searing kiss. Their lips slid over one another, their tongues swirling around each other. White-hot heat spread throughout their bodies, centering on certain areas. One of Frankie's hands slid down from Bianca's breasts, gliding over her torso and slipping between the taller girl's legs. Bianca moaned into the smaller girl's mouth as nimble fingers slipped inside her damp folds, caressing the slippery flesh. Her knees buckled and she braced herself against the wall of the shower. The water rained down on Frankie's back as she kissed Bianca's shoulders. She used one hand to massage the taller girl's breast as the other worked its way around the center of her desire.

Frankie's pace quickened as desire flooded through her. Her hands worked faster and faster as Bianca bucked against them. Finally, in a burst of ecstasy, Bianca cried out her release. Frankie removed her hands from the more...sensitive areas and helped Bianca stay standing, turning the girl around to face her. Bianca's dazed smile told her all she needed to know. She grinned rakishly at the taller girl's disorientation.

"I come into the shower to get clean, and you manage to get me dirtier...What am I going to do with you, Frankie?" Bianca said, shaking her head in mock resignation. Frankie pulled her down for a kiss.

"I could give you some ideas..."


Book Three: Perpetuation

"Okay..." Bianca started. "We have a problem." She gestured to the single towel she'd brought into the room for herself. Frankie grinned, trailing her fingers over Bianca's wet hips.

"Well...we could share..." She suggested, stepping out of the shower and pulling the towel off of the rack. She grabbed Bianca's hand and pulled her out of the shower, wrapping the towel around the both of them. Her temperature rose as she felt the taller girls body press against her own.

"Mmmm..." Bianca purred, sliding her wet body against Frankie's erotically. "This is becoming an interesting habit." She murmured, leaning down to place kisses along the smaller girl's neck. Frankie backtracked, pulling Bianca with her into the bedroom.

After a few hours of lovemaking, Bianca and Frankie laid back, exhausted and hungry.

"Mmm..." Bianca purred as she stretched luxuriously. "I gotta say, that is one hell of a way to start your day." Frankie chuckled.

"Better than a Wheaties breakfast any day..." She replied, placing a soft kiss on Bianca's lips. The brunette's stomach growled at the mention of food. She laughed, looking over at the alarm clock on her nightstand.

"Wow...it's already 3 in the afternoon." Bianca said in amazement. Frankie grinned rakishly.

"Well, you know what they say...Time flies when you're having fun." Bianca smiled back.

"And that was way more than fun." She replied, absently stroking Frankie's belly, which responded with a growl of its own. Frankie laughed.

"Maybe we should go eat something." Bianca's eyebrow shot up as she pondered the double meaning of that statement. Frankie slapped Bianca's shoulder playfully. "Come on, let's get moving." The eyebrow rose higher.

"I thought that's what we've been doing." She teased. Frankie sighed in mock defeat and slipped out of bed.

"Come on, Bianca-la. We've got to have some food." She said, reaching for Bianca's hand. Bianca sighed.

"Okay, I guess we could." She said, smiling. She walked over to her dresser, pulling out two pairs of sweats and two tank tops. She tossed one of each at Frankie, then pulled on the others.

Bianca stood perusing the contents of the kitchen, Frankie right by her side.

"Hm....so, what do you feel like eating?" Bianca asked her, kissing away the smirk that her words sparked on the girl's face. "For breakfast...or lunch, I guess it would be now. Food." She said pointedly. Frankie smiled.

"I don't know...whaddya got?" Bianca gave her a pointed glance, gesturing to the broad expanse of food at their disposal.

"Mom tends to go crazy when she'll be gone." Bianca explained, reaching into one of the cabinets. "How about spaghetti? It'll be easy, because we've got some pre-made sauce." She said, pulling out some pasta and a jar of sauce. Frankie nodded affirmatively.

"Sounds good." She said, moving to stand behind Bianca as she put the water on to boil. She slipped her arms around the taller girl's waist, pressing herself against Bianca's back as the girl turned on the stove. Bianca turned around, finding herself in very close proximity with Frankie. She smiled as she leaned down to kiss her briefly before slipping out of the shorter girl's arms. Frankie sat down, pouting.

Her eyes moved over Bianca's lithe body as the taller girl moved around the kitchen, preparing the meal. They raked over the smooth, supple curves subtly hidden by the baggy pajamas.

Man, just looking at her is getting me hot again... Frankie thought as she started to envision what was underneath the clothes. She lost herself in her fantasies, staring into space until Bianca set the food down in front of her.

"Frankie." Her eyes popped open. "You're here with me, right?" Bianca asked, laughing a little. Frankie's cheeks flushed with a mixture of arousal and embarrassment.

"Uh...not here with you...somewhere else with you." She admitted, grinning lecherously. Bianca laughed.

"Okay, come on. Eat your food, so we can get back to that other place." With that, Bianca picked up her fork and started twirling the pasta around it. She looked up at Frankie while she ate, noticing a bit of pasta sauce that had situated itself right at the edge of the girl's mouth.

Slowly, deliberately, she moved around the table to where Frankie sat. She reached out a thumb, catching most of the sauce then putting it to Frankie's lips. She felt a surge of desire run through her as the girl's tongue darted out to clean the sauce from her thumb. She leaned her face in close to Frankie's, her lips nearing the smaller girl's. Frankie's breath quickened as Bianca's tongue darted out, running around the girl's mouth, catching the last of the sauce.

Unable to resist, she put her lips to Frankie's, her tongue swiftly entering the other girl's mouth tasting the remnants of tomato in her mouth. Frankie moaned into the kiss just as Bianca pulled back, an evil grin on her face.

"Now...try to be a little neater when you eat, would ya?" Frankie gaped as she returned to her seat. She let out a ragged sigh.

"Geez, Bianca...you sure do know how to spark an appetite..." She said, leaving the comment open to interpretation. Bianca grinned wider as she continued to eat. Frankie stared down at her food for a few moments, realizing she was no longer hungry for food. She stood up, moving over behind Bianca's chair. Bianca's pulse quickened as Frankie slipped her arms around her waist, pressing her breasts into the brunette's back as she reached for her plate. Just as Bianca leaned back into her, she pulled away, taking both of their plates to the sink.

Bianca stared at her questioningly.

"I'm ready for dessert." Frankie purred in response. Bianca smiled as she rose from her seat. Frankie turned as the girl brushed past her to move to the refrigerator.

"Oh, Bianca...don't make me eat more food..." She pleaded, whining a little. Bianca grinned rakishly.

"Don't worry, Frankie. This will be an interactive dessert." She said, reaching into the freezer and pulling out a container of ice cream.

"Mmm...chocolate fudge." Frankie said, grinning as Bianca reached back into the fridge."You know, they say chocolate's an aphrodisiac..." She said, stepping closer to Bianca.

"Hmm...well then, I guess this'll make it even better." Bianca said suggestively, holding up a jar of chocolate sauce.

Retreating back to the fridge, Bianca pulled out her last additions: bowls of whipped cream and strawberries. She collected her ingredients and moved them over to the table, beckoning for Frankie to follow her. Turning as she set them down, she reached out an arm to pull the girl close to her.

She leaned down and captured her lips hungrily, slipping her hands underneath the tank top and moving up, slipping it over Frankie's head and running them back down the girl's bare back.

Frankie moaned into Bianca's mouth, her hands taking a similar route, discarding Bianca's tank top and moving her hands to Bianca's front, her hand cupping a full breast and lightly teasing the nipple. Bianca moaned as she leaned into the girl's hand. Breathless, she tore her lips away from Frankie's.

"Frankie." She said, gasping for air. Frankie looked up at her.

"Yeah?" She said, equally breathless, her hands continuing their ministrations.

"Mmmm....at this rate, we're never going to get to the fun part..." Frankie's eyebrow shot up.

"Ah...so this isn't fun?" She asked, lightly pinching a nipple. Bianca groaned.

"Mmm..yeah, that's fun...but I had other plans." She said lecherously, capturing Frankie's hands in her own and moving her to lean back in one of the chairs. Frankie's heart raced as Bianca reached for a strawberry, dipping it in the whipped cream and holding it up to her mouth. Her tongue darted out, seductively licking the cream off of the berry, then holding it up to Frankie's lips. Frankie made eye contact as she slowly bit into the fruit, a little bit of juice slipping down her chin.

Bianca moved in close, licking the juice off Frankie's chin, then pressing her lips to the girl's again, the flavor of the berry lingering in her mouth. Pulling away, she reached for the chocolate syrup, dripping a small trail across Frankie's abdomen and following it with her tongue. Frankie moaned at the heat that spread from Bianca's tongue to her nether regions.

Frankie trembled as Bianca dripped another path higher on her chest, circling her breasts. Her tongue followed the chocolate, savoring the taste of the chocolate mixed with Frankie's skin. Her tongue circled a nipple, sucking it into her mouth. Frankie moaned and arched her back, giving Bianca better access.

Bianca slipped her fingers under the waistband of Frankie's sweats, pulling them down to her ankles. Her hands moved to the girl's knees, gently nudging them apart as her tongue continued its lavish attention on Frankie's other nipple.

Frankie whimpered as Bianca's fingers lightly trailed through the curly patch of hair covering the center of her desire. Throbbing with need, she bucked her hips to increase the contact that Bianca's fingertips weren't supplying. Bianca's fingertips moved away from the girl's center, moving to lightly caress her trembling upper thighs, the chocolate syrup long forgotten.

Bianca's mouth moved from the girl's breasts, trailing wet kisses across her stomach, down to her damp curls. Frankie whimpered as her tongue snaked out, teasing the tiny nub. The whimper turned to a moan as fingers slowly slid inside of her, pumping in and out as the tongue circled closer. Her fingers lost themselves in Bianca's hair, her hands trying to pull Bianca's closer, to speed her up.

Bianca gradually complied, raising her tempo as the girl's need became more and more insistent. Her tongue worked faster as her fingers pumped harder, harder until finally, Frankie tensed in anticipation of the coming ecstasy.

"Bianca!" She cried as she was thrust over the edge. She collapsed back in the chair, her body trembling as it came down from the intense orgasm. Bianca pulled her fingers out, slowly licking each one up and down before she leaned up for a kiss, bracing herself with her hands on the girl's bare knees. Frankie felt a new surge of desire as she tasted herself on Bianca's tongue. She grinned wickedly as she pushed Bianca down to the floor, straddling her as she reached for the ice cream.

"My turn..." c Bianca watched with interest as Frankie opened up the container of ice cream, grabbing the spoon from the table and scooping out a small amount. She shivered as Frankie lowered the spoon to her chest, the cold metal leaving a trail of goosebumps along her skin. She tilted the spoon, spreading a trail of cold ice cream across her chest.

Quickly, she trailed behind the ice cream with her tongue, the delicious contradiction of fire and ice sending Bianca spiraling into a pool of icy hot desire. Frankie trailed the spoon down to circle Bianca's nipples, immediately hardening them with cold arousal. Bianca moaned as Frankie's hot mouth enclosed the freezing nubs.

Cold fire raced through her veins as the ice cream made slow circles across her abdomen, quickly followed by Frankie's hot tongue. By the time Frankie reached her navel, Bianca was a quivering mass of aroused gooseflesh.

With now-frozen fingers, Frankie tugged on the waistband of Bianca's sweats, pulling them down as far as she could. Restocking her spoon, she trailed it along the girl's inner thighs, frozen heat spreading throughout Bianca's nether regions. Finally, she dropped ice cream onto the girl's hardened nub, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

The cry melted into a moan as Frankie's hot mouth covered her center, suckling hungrily the flavor of Bianca's desire mixed with the chocolate. Bianca's muscles clenched as she felt herself nearing her climax. Frankie sensed this, her mouth moving faster and sucking harder, pushing a frantic Bianca over the edge. She kept her mouth firmly in place, soothing Bianca down from her orgasm.

After a short time, she slid up the length of Bianca's body, grinning impishly.

"Well, that was about the best dessert I've ever had."


Book Four: Exhaustion


Frankie looked around lazily from her position on the kitchen floor. What was left of the ice cream was melting on the floor on one side of her, Bianca was staring dreamily into space on the other. She smiled, propping herself up on one elbow. Bianca smiled back at her.

"You know...we really should get cleaned up." She said, sitting up. An idea struck her. "Why don't you go take a shower, and I'll clean up the kitchen. After that I'll shower, and we can go hang out in the hot tub." She said, grinning. A plan was taking shape in her head. Frankie grinned back.

"Sounds good to me..." She said, standing up and holding out a hand to help Bianca up. Quickly, she leaned in for a kiss. "I'll be waiting for you."

With that, she whirled out of the room. Bianca laughed sneakily, taking a moment to quickly inventory the items she would need.

"Yep...got em all. Just gotta get her out in the hot tub long enough for me to do it..." She murmured to herself, her plan working itself out as she quickly took care of the mess they had created in the kitchen.

After she had finished, she headed upstairs, where Frankie was still in the shower. She collected the things she would need from around her room, placing them in a box in her closet. She had just closed the closet door when Frankie emerged from the bathroom, looking as sexy as ever.

"Mmm..." Bianca purred, walking over to the smaller girl. "You'd better get down there, before I ravish you here and now." She warned. Frankie grinned.

"Would that be such a bad thing?" She asked innocently. Bianca leaned down to place a quick kiss on her lips.

"Yes. Because I'm still all sticky, and you're clean. That would be a bad thing." She said, ushering Frankie out of the room. "The hot tub is right outside the back door. I'll meet you down there."

When Frankie had left, she breathed a sigh of relief. She jumped in the shower, racing through the motions of cleaning herself. After about two minutes, she jumped out, wrapping a towel around her as she grabbed the box and headed downstairs.

Bianca looked around the living room, satisfied with her quick-job-well-done. With a last brief scan to make sure everything was right, she headed out to the hot tub.

She was taken aback by the beautiful sight that greeted her. Frankie was lounging in the tub, completely naked, with her head leaned back and her eyes closed. She looked so content, so comfortable...and so unabashedly sexy. Bianca moved quietly around behind Frankie, leaning over the edge of the tub to place little kisses along the girl's neck.

Frankie smiled as she felt Bianca's lips touch her skin, letting out a small moan.

"Well hello there." She said, turning her head to greet Bianca with a kiss. "So, you gonna get in?" She asked impatiently. Bianca smiled as she stepped up and into the tub.

The water enveloped her in warmth, which grew warmer as she settled in front of Frankie, leaning back against her warm body. The girl's fingers trailed lightly over Bianca's stomach, savoring the sensation of her warm skin made hot by the steaming water. A contented sigh escaped Bianca's lips as she leaned her head back against Frankie's shoulder.

"This is nice." She murmured softly. Frankie smiled.

"Yeah, it is." She replied, her hands trailing up Bianca's arms, caressing the soft skin as they moved up to gently massage her wet shoulders. Bianca moaned, the gently prodding fingers both soothing and exciting her at the same time.

"Mmm...where'd you learn how to do that?" Bianca asked, her skin on fire from more than the water. Frankie grinned.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She asked sneakily, her fingers continuing to knead the soft flesh, moving down her back. Finally, it was too awkward of a position.

"Hey, Bianca...how 'bout we take this inside...where I can get a better angle." She said suggestively. Bianca grinned as she propped herself up on Frankie's knees.

"Sounds like an idea." She purred, thinking of the surprise that awaited the girl when they entered the house. "There's a fireplace in the living room..." She trailed off. Frankie let her eyes take in the sight of the glistening body, soft muscles flexing under the skin as she pulled herself out of the tub. She quickly pulled herself out of her fantasies, climbing out to follow her lover.

What Frankie saw when she walked into the living room took her breath away. The lights had been turned off, the only light in the room coming from the raging fire in the fireplace and some well-placed candles. She could feel the heat emanating from the fire, warming her entire body from the chill of the outdoors.

A CD player sat in the corner, where Bianca was now headed. A quick push of a button and the strains of Melissa Etheridge's guitar filled the room. Bianca sauntered back to her lover, lightly touching the girl's naked waist.

"So, how bout you finish what you started out there?" She said, smiling seductively.

"Sure thing, babe." She replied. "You just lay down right there by the fireplace, and I'll be right there." She said, moving over to collect her bag that had been discarded the previous night. She pulled out a small bottle, moving back to where Bianca had situated herself on her stomach, her body glowing with the light of the fire.

Straddling the girl's bare thighs, she squirted a little bit of the oil into her palm, rubbing it with her other hand to warm it up.

"Mmm...that smells good." Bianca said as Frankie slowly massaged the oil into her shoulders. "What is it?" She asked distractedly, the girl's fingers driving all thought out of her.

"It's amber...thought to be an aphrodisiac." Frankie replied as she started moving lower on Bianca's back, slowly manipulating the smooth flesh. Bianca moaned as Frankie's strokes became deeper, her entire body relaxing from the girl's expert ministrations.

Frankie's hands moved lower as "The Different" came on the stereo. Her hands started moving more seductively as the erotic beat ignited them. Bianca's skin was on fire, Frankie's hands trailing white-hot shivers all over her body.

When she couldn't take it anymore, Frankie laid her naked body down on top of Bianca's.

"Turn over." She whispered, her voice husky with need. Bianca complied, finding herself pinned by the smaller girl, her lips immediately claimed as the girl hungrily kissed her.

Pulling back, Frankie reached again for the massage oil, repeating the earlier process of squirt-and-warm, then rubbing it across Bianca's stomach and chest.

Bianca whimpered at the amazing sensation of Frankie's hands warmly sliding over her body, slick with oil. Frankie purred as she laid her own body down, slipping and sliding erotically along the length of Bianca's. As the song reached it's crescendo, Frankie eagerly claimed Bianca's lips again, drowning in sensation.

Slick fingers sought out equally slick folds, their bodies writhing together in passion. The song faded out as they climaxed, clinging to each other as the waves of pleasure subsided.

Frankie collapsed on top of Bianca, burying her face in her neck and breathing in the deep scent of her lover, mixed with the erotic scent of the amber oil and their recently sated desires. Bianca slid her arms around Frankie's back, holding her close and reveling in the girl's weight settled comfortably on top of hers.

They lay there, gently trembling and savoring each others' presence as the next song started. The sweet strains were a comfort to their sated ears.

" After your laughter like thunder
After your skin like coffee and cream
After it takes our bodies into the night
After we've come to the extreme"

Frankie slid down to rest against Bianca's side, her head resting on her shoulder. She savored the simple contact of skin to skin, nothing asked, nothing expected except intimacy.

"I want to lay down on your shoulder
Just inside your arm
I want to listen to your heart beat
And your breathing on and on
I want to lay down on your shoulder
Surrender to your peace
And go to sleep"

Bianca yawned as she slipped her arm around Frankie's shoulders, her other hand reaching for a blanket that rested on an armchair nearby. She pulled it over herself and her lover, cuddling close to the smaller girl.

"And when we've gone a million miles
Made true our dreams with sweat and bone
After we've built it up with our bare hands
Made strong a place we can call home"

Frankie sighed as she settled under the blankets, slipping a leg over Bianca's to cuddle closer. They both closed their eyes and their heads filled with dreams of the future they could have together.

"And when the light in my eye is fading
When running water becomes too deep
Finally angels turn my fire to dust
And when my soul's no longer mine to keep

I want to lay down on your shoulder
Just inside your arm
I want to listen to your heartbeat
And your breathing on and on
I want to lay down on your shoulder
Surrender to the peace
And just go to sleep"

And they did.

The End

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