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What a Surprise
By alastria7

"A wedding!" Kathryn Janeway stared from one to the other of her officers, disbelievingly. "But you can't stand each other!"

"Couldn't stand each other, Captain," Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres added helpfully.

Janeway's mouth was slowly closing. She had fought the Borg and won - nothing here she couldn't handle. "Uh, but you fight! Everyone knows that."

"Oh, we still do that, but it's more fun now," offered Seven of Nine happily.

"How long have.?"

"Since last night, Captain," explained B'Elanna. "When Seven was injured I realised I hurt too."

Janeway nodded, frowning. "I heard about the Bat'leth fight, about you two working off your anger on the holodeck."

Seven corrected, "It wasn't anger, Captain, it was something else."

"Clearly." Janeway smiled, slowly getting used to the idea. Remembering the report, she suddenly frowned at the happy faces before her, "But what were you thinking - fighting with the safeties off?"

"That would be my fault, Captain." B'Elanna looked lovingly at Seven before continuing, "I just got so mad that I gave the instruction to the computer. Seemed to put an edge on it, somehow."

"You could have killed each other!"

"I think that was the idea," Seven mused.

Janeway looked at the ex-drone and stared: she was twinkling. Janeway had never seen her twinkling before. She frowned again. "And it took the two of you nearly killing each other to realise you were - in love?" Janeway clearly had a problem with the concept.

"I was glad to have been attacked, Captain," Seven replied as she slid her hand in B'Elanna's, causing Janeway to smile again.

"Yeah," chimed B'Elanna, "we could have gone on having those little rows all over the ship forever."

"LITTLE rows? Although I have to admit, I may have to find something else to do, with all the extra time I'm suddenly going to have!"

"We could stage a few scraps, just for old time's sake?"

"You'll do no such thing, Lieutenant." Deadpan, the Captain continued, "I'll take up basket-weaving, or something - it'll keep me occupied." Then she added, smiling, "Although, not as much fun! I might actually miss shouting at the pair of you."

"So, you'll marry us?"

"Well, it's about time this ship had a wedding." The Captain pushed back in her chair and watched as her delighted officers hugged each other. "One thing, though. Protocol. All staff in attendance, including yourselves, will wear dress uniform. This will be an official engagement, and it will be conducted and logged as such."

To their disappointed faces she added. "However, I hope to receive an invitation to marry you at whatever alternate ceremony you care to plan on the holodeck! We'll sort out a date at the next Staff Meeting, OK?" Her two officers nodded happily. Grinning, Janeway added, "which one's going for the `powderpuff' look?"

"Oh, I think Seven's better with the dress, don't you?"

"At least there won't be a fight about who wears that!" All three laughed as the mental picture of B'Elanna in a white haze of net, from head to foot, came into their minds. "Now, go," the Captain `ordered', getting up for a congratulatory hug before they left. " Enough surprises for one day."

"Somebody has to record their faces at the meeting," B'Elanna said wickedly. "Can you imagine?"

"Perhaps we should precede the announcement by simply standing and kissing in front of them."

"Oh, Seven," answered Janeway's love of surprises, "that's too good. I'll bring the camera!"

Janeway watched, with a deep sense of satisfaction, as her officers walked, hand in hand, towards the door. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind. "Oh, and I have an early wedding present for you."

The two women turned and looked at her expectantly, as the Captain continued. "My quarters are really too big for me. As there'll be two of you, I'll swap - if that's OK?"

The only thing on Janeway's mind now was working out how to breathe, as the two excited women thanked her with another hug.

"Now, get out of here," she laughed, "I have to talk to the computer about basket-weaving!"

The End


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