DISCLAIMER: WMC was created by James Patterson and adapted to TV by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain. Of course, ABC screwed us over, what else is new? This is my first longer piece with Lindsay/Cindy, so hopefully this is halfway decent. I'm kinda late to the game, but well, does it matter now? This was totally inspired by The Killers' song, I freely admit that, but I think the sentiment works well as the driving force behind this one. I think that's all I wanted to say.
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When You Were Young
By carpesomediem


"I can't believe we're even having this conversation!" Lindsay exclaimed. Even if you weren't in the room, just listening at the door like Jill and Claire were now, you'd know Lindsay Boxer was beyond angry. She was beyond furious.

Once again that fury was directed at the pert little redhead reporter who was driving her up a wall with the most ludicrous proposal ever. It was a surprise the entire SFPD wasn't down in Claire's office storming the gates to stop the Inspector from committing a little homicide of her own.

"We are so not going on a date-"

"-Oh, why not-" Cindy really didn't what the big deal was. It's not like if we went on a date I'd write a front page spread on it, Cindy thought. Although, I'm sure I'd make it above the fold if San Francisco's leading homicide inspector came out of the closet... Cindy shook her head slightly of the thought as Lindsay continued her tirade.

"-Why not? Why not? You really have to ask why not?"

"Yes, why not, Lindsay? Come on now," Cindy finally edged her way in. Lindsay turned her back to the redhead, and Cindy hesitated for a moment when she thought Lindsay was reaching for her gun. "Now, look, there's no need for you to pull out your piece. We both know what it looks like when you point it at me-"

"-That was one time!" Lindsay practically spun herself in a circle. She held up her index finger to illustrate the point. "And you were breaking and entering! I'm surprised you haven't been shot at yet considering your track record for that particular offense."

"We're not talking about me," Cindy said matter-of-factly, completely ignoring the subject and the idea of being handcuffed once again by Lindsay. However, she wasn't immune to the flush that overcome her cheeks and the heat pooling between her legs. She spoke up again before being completely distracted, "We're talking about you-"

"-About me? What about me? What does this have to do with me? You're the one who wants to go on a date with me!"

"Stop cutting me off for once," Cindy sighed. She loved when Lindsay challenged her, but for once she just wanted her to shut up and really listen. "I'm trying to finish my thought here, and you know what happens when you interrupt me..."

"You ramble on incessantly?"

"Yes!" Cindy was frustrated now, and it looked like she was ready to throw a hissy fit. Lindsay thought it looked adorable how flustered Cindy was but quickly put those thoughts aside. She couldn't go there, she wouldn't go there.

Cindy's too young, Lindsay reminded herself. Way too young, I can barely keep up with her when she starts talking. How am I supposed to keep up with her when it comes to other, more exciting things? She rolled her eyes as fresh images flooded her vision and she had to ball a fist to keep her mind focused. She could feel her knuckles tense and go white under the pressure but it seemed to be working for now.

"See! Look!" Cindy startled the older woman. "That's why we need to go on a date and see where this takes us!'

"What are you talking about?" Lindsay snapped a little more intensely than she meant. Cindy jumped back slightly and looked a tad bit worried by the look Lindsay was giving her.

"I'm talking about you thinking about me," Cindy said quietly. Lindsay looked like she'd been caught raiding Claire's candy jar. Cindy smiled at the observation. "You were just doing it again. You were thinking about me, weren't you? Oh, you so totally were!"

"I was not," Lindsay scoffed. She crossed her arms and stared down at the young reporter. For once, if Cindy wasn't so sure she was right, she would've backed down and stumbled but instead she surprised even herself by surging forward into Lindsay's personal space.

"You so were!" she said triumphantly. It wasn't often she truly one upped Lindsay, so that egged her on even further. Lindsay's face fell, she was not amused now and it showed. "Your laser vision isn't going to work on me this time. I'm so right, and you know it. You were thinking about me. What were you thinking about, Inspector?"

The way Cindy said her title made Lindsay melt a little and she let down her guard just enough for the redhead to seize the moment. It was the tiny hint that Cindy Thomas was waiting for, the opening she so desperately needed. Cindy wrapped a hand around Lindsay's neck and pulled her down into her lips. It took Lindsay a second to steady herself, her hands settling on Cindy's hips and holding onto her for dear life.

If this is what it's like to be kissed senseless, Lindsay thought as she pulled away to catch her breath and regain her sense. But she stopped herself from going there again. Cindy kept her hand firmly on Lindsay's neck, she wasn't letting go now that she'd had a taste of the older woman.

"You're doing it again..."

"Doing what?" Lindsay rose an eyebrow, but she was pretty sure she knew where this was going.

"Thinking about me," Cindy pointed out eagerly. She loved being right.

"I suppose I was," Lindsay shrugged like she didn't care. That smile on Cindy's lips was too contagious for Lindsay to resist. What had she fallen into? She'd just been kissed by the redhead. Her friend, fellow not-a-club member and now what? Where did they go from here?

"Thinking about more of this?" Cindy teased, trying to pull Lindsay back down into her lips but was stopped short by the taller woman standing firmly in place.

"More like thinking about robbing the cradle," Lindsay said in all seriousness.

And that was part of it, wasn't it? Cindy was a kid; she was a junior crime reporter, everything about her screamed that she was just finding her place in the real world. Lindsay had thought she'd found her place a long time ago. Back when being married to Tom was her end all and be all. It'd been awhile since she was reminded that she was that young once, that she used to be willing to take those chances on something new.

"Really, Lindsay. Age is nothing but a number," Cindy replied with a grin. "Besides, you're the one close to pushing forty. I can't help it if I like it that way." She smirked as Lindsay's hands shot into the air and looked ready to strangle her once again. "Now, about this date…"

The End

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