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SEQUEL: to Tell Her

When You Thought I was Gone

Part 1

"B'Elanna?  Please love, just wake up and come back.  Please," Janeway said as she cried over her dead lover's body.

"Captain, come over here.  Sit down for a while," said the Doctor as he put his arms around Janeway's shoulders and tried to lead her away.

"NO! I won't leave her! I'll never..."  Kathryn was cut off at the sound of the bio bed beeping.  She turned to look at the Doctor, who was just as shocked as she was.  Running over to the table, the Doctor grabbed a medical tricorder and then moved back to the bio bed and began scanning B'Elanna's obviously returned life signs.

"I don't believe it - her redundant systems are kicking in, her heart is beating.  My God this is impossible," the Doctor said, looking at the Captain.

"B'Elanna can you hear me?" Kathryn asked, hoping her lover would answer.

"Give her a minute Captain, let her come round." B'Elanna's hand twitched and her eyes slowly fluttered as Kathryn's heart sang: her Bella was back, she was alive!  As B'Elanna's eyes slowly half opened Kathryn asked, "B'Elanna, can you hear me?  Do you know where you are?" hoping to get an answer this time.

B'Elanna's looked around and softly spoke, "Seven. Where is Seven?"  Looking at Kathryn at last she asked, "Who are you?  Please, tell me where Seven is?"

Janeway felt her heart sink, "B'Elanna don't you know who I am? - where you are?"

Torres looked her in the eye, "No I don't.  Where is Seven?"  She  turned to look at the Doctor, "Do you know where my fiancée is?"

The Doctor stared in shock, "Your fiancée?" "Yes my fiancée, Seven of Nine," B'Elanna said with a look of panic on her face, "Is she OK?"

"Yes, yes she's fine." The Doctor didn't quite know what to say.  He looked over at the Captain, who looked as if her world had just fallen apart all over again.

"Bella my love, Seven's not one you're marrying, I am," Janeway said looking down at her lover and trying to smile.

"No.  I'm sorry, I don't even know you.  Where's Seven?  And who are you people?"  B'Elanna was starting to look really scared now.

"It's OK B'Elanna, we'll get Seven for you just as soon as I get you all patched up," the Doctor said, getting a hypospray and injecting it into B'Elanna's neck.  He moved to Janeway.  "Captain, I know this is hard but we need to take this slowly with her.  It's obvious so far that she has some kind of amnesia.  Let me heal her wounds first, and then we can work on getting her back to her normal self, I promise," he said looking sympathetically at his Captain.

The Doctor watched as the Captain's command mask fell into place: "OK Doctor, let me know when you are done with healing her wounds.  I'll go and inform Seven, and everyone else, of the news."   She took one more look at her lover and walked out of Sickbay.

The Doctor turned to B'Elanna, "OK let's see if we can get you sorted out, shall we?"

"OK, but then I get to see Seven, right?"

"Yes.  I'm sure she'll be here as soon as she hears you're OK."  The Doctor knew that whatever recovery B'Elanna was to have, it would take a lot of work - and Seven would have to play a large part in that, he realised, now that B'Elanna was convinced she was with Seven and not the Captain.  He frowned as he wondered what might lie in the days ahead, and found his photonic heart going out to his Captain in her pain.

To Be Continued

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