DISCLAIMER: Star Trek is the property of Paramount, this story contains a loving/sexual relationship between women.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: For RalSt: I can't stand it when a captain begs. (Be warned... this is stupid stuff I never intended to post… something weird that came out one day when I had writers block... after this came out, I decided to leave the computer. :P) TTFN, Cirroco DeSade <promptly running back away to lurking writer land>
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By Cirroco DeSade


//Fade in to Astrometrics//


"Yes, Lieutenant?"

"Come on, look at me Seven."

"I must complete my task, Lieutenant."

<pacing, growling, then stomping back>

"Fine! You can have the power increase to the aft sensors! Will you look at me now?"

{head turns, ocular implant ascends}

<looks around at the Delaney twins at their stations, whispers>

"Come on BangwI. You cant still avoid me like this."

{turning back to panel}


<hands covering face in frustration, sighs, still whispering>

"Fine, you can have the left side of the bed too. Just come home."



"I believe you know why, Lieutenant."

"Are you still mad that I didn't want to go to Sandrine's? We'll go tonight."

"I will not comply."

<cracking, frustrated voice>


{turning head, speaking loudly and angrily}

"You do not truly love me. I am but a dalliance to you, a sexual diversion, as you have demonstrated by your refusal to date me publicly. None of these minor concessions will convince me otherwise. Now if you will excuse me I have work to do Lieutenant."

<growling, stomping away several feet before returning calmer>

"Seven, look at me."

{refusing to respond}

<hitting comm. badge.>

"Open ship-wide channel."

<kneeling beside tall blonde>

"I love you Seven of Nine. Will you go to dinner with me?"

{stunned; breaking into beautiful smile, picking engineer up off of floor and kissing her breathless}


<goofy smile>

"Close channel. Come on love, I'll buy you a drink… before Janeway throws me in the brig."

(walking out with arms wrapped tightly around each other)

//pan to smiling Delaney sisters, simultaneously speaking//


//Fade out//

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