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Who Knew?
By Demeter


Since Cindy Thomas has been welcomed into the 'non'-club, Claire has found a new hobby: Watching Lindsay. It's been incredibly telling so far. Claire and Jill have always known it would be hard to lure Lindsay out of her shell and get her back on the dating market for the slightest chance to have her finally become happy but Claire is beginning to put the pieces of another new puzzle together.

So Lindsay goes out with men if you just push her hard enough, and she seemed to have enjoyed herself on the night out with EMT Simon. Surely it's not Luke's or Jill's fault that he was gay. Claire wonders what kind of friend it makes her that she never realized until now how awkward Lindsay tends to be around men at times, even with Tom.

You don't see any of that when the red-headed whirlwind is around.

Claire watches them sitting next to each other in the booth, Cindy's gaze intent on the site she's opened on her laptop; Lindsay's arm almost around her.

Body language 101. Lindsay keeps claiming that she is not ready, but she so is. She just doesn't get it, yet. Claire takes a sip of her coffee, smiling to herself. She shares a look with Jill who is wearing a speculative smirk. Jill is clearly sharing Claire's new hobby.

Cindy has found something, she gives Lindsay a quick sideways glance, and Lindsay turns to her at the same time.

It'd be frustrating if it wasn't that sweet.

"Claire? Did you hear what I just said?" Lindsay sounds impatient, but she's moved just a tiny bit closer to Cindy. Surely for a better sight of what's on the screen...

Claire hides a grin behind her napkin. "Yes, sweetie, I hear you just fine."

Jill snickers at that. Claire thinks it might be the right time to make amends. Good friends give each other a little push when needed.

Who knew?

The End

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