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Who Needs Dinner
By emmacancook


I reach for the pan before the food starts to burn. Turning down the heat, I swear loud enough to scare Sig, my trusty (and completely useless) guard cat, under the couch.

"Sorry Sig, I can't believe I'm doing this," I say as I try and set the table.

"Why did I have to get brave?"

I can still hear Calleigh, You know Nat, we should really hang out after work sometime, I know it's been tough lately with everything that's happened.

The warmth in those green eyes was my undoing, and me being the person who speaks before they think, I said, "How about tonight. I'll even cook."

And so here I am, cursing myself, the pan, the oven and life in general. I'm an idiot, and she should be here any minute, the vegetables are still raw, the fish is over cooked, and I look a mess.

A knock at the door reminds me how overly screwed I am, and sadly not in the good way. Checking the peephole for good measure, a gasp escapes my mouth at the vision before my eyes. Another knock shocks me from my reverie and with a trembling hand I open the door.

I smile as Calleigh holds up a bottle of wine and a bag of movies,

"I thought we could make a night of it with a movie."

That kilowatt smile gets me every time, and I would do almost anything to make it appear, "That sounds like a great idea, please come in."

I step to the side letting Calleigh walk in front of me. I can smell the soft sweetness of her perfume, and consider commenting when Sig makes himself known by knocking over the vase of fresh flowers I picked up on the way home form the lab.

Running into the kitchen, I see Sig, eating at a piece of fish with glass from the vase scattered across the entire floor, water and flowers strewn haphazardly among the shards.

I groan, and growl at my cat.

"Sig! Damnit, down boy," pulling him off the table he purrs into my neck before scrambling down and running off.

"You have a cat, named Sig," I can hear Calleigh chuckle as I try to hold my tears at bay as I take in the mess covering my originally pristine kitchen,

"That is so cute."

I try to fake a smile, but a traitorous tear falls down my cheek as I start to pick up pieces of glass.

A sudden pain spikes in my hand as I slice my finger on the same stupid vase that ruined my dinner with Calleigh.

I stare at it for a second, frozen, watching the blood well from the cut.

Suddenly Calleigh's hand is wrapped around mine and she takes me to the sink to rinse it off.

My mind forgets the mess on the table as Calleigh reaches up with a gentle touch to wipe my tear away while her other hand holds mine under the water. I feel the hair on the back on my neck stand on end, not from the cold water, but from the heat of her touch.

The eyes I see before me are filled with want, and something more. Something more? Get your head together Nat, Calleigh couldn't return your feelings

It must be the wine I had before she came to my door.

"I think you'll live," Calleigh says in that sultry accent as she places a small kiss on top of my finger.

I try to hide the gasp with a chuckle, but I don't think it worked.

"Sorry about dinner, I can understand if you want to call it a night and go home."

I look away from Calleigh. I don't think I could stand to see the disappointment in her the aquamarine depths of her gaze. Expecting an "alright," I am shocked to feel her soft, warm hand turn my face to look her in the eyes.

Her eyes are like oceans that swallow me up. Who knew drowning could be so wonderful?

"There's nowhere else I would rather be," Calleigh says tenderly, and leans forward to lightly kiss my lips.

The world falls away from me and the only thing I can feel is the press of her lips on mine.

She pulls away and I stand there stunned, trying to grasp what was happening.

I see the fear creep into Calleigh's eyes as she waits for a response and I find myself answering without conscious thought,

"I like that answer," I smile as I lean down for another kiss. At first it is light: getting to know each other's touch and taste. Soon however, that's not enough. I feel Calleigh's hands move down my back and I moan as she squeezes my ass and backs me into the wall.

Later I will laugh at the irony, this is what I've dreamed about, but never, ever expected to happen, especially not this night.

Right now though, all I can do is focus on the amazing blonde attacking my lips. I let my hands start to wander over Calleigh's toned back. I break away from her kiss to start a trail of kisses down her neck. Her creamy skin tastes like honey and ginger and I can't get enough.

I feel a questing hand creep up under my shirt, stroking across my ribs and up to caress the underside of the swell of my now aching breasts.

Nipping at Calleigh's neck I smile at the small moan I receive, and re-capture her lips with mine, while my hands start fiddling with her buttons. The thought of cloth separating the contact of my skin with her perfect body is driving me crazy.

I'm almost ready to tear her shirt off when Calleigh separates from kissing me and takes a hold of my hands.

Panic sets in, have I gone to far? The grin on Calleigh's face reassures me that she isn't mad.

"I think it would be safer if we took this out of the kitchen, with the glass on the floor and table." A smile spread across my face as I gently kiss her lips and lead her to my room.

"You're lucky, you know, you're the first person to see my room since I've lived here."

A mischievous grin spreads across Calleigh's face as she pushes me back on the bed and straddles me.

Slowly removing her shirt, taunting me, she smiles down at me as she throws it to the floor,

"Really? Then I think we should celebrate."

My witty comment is lost as she removes her lace bra. The sight of her perfect, creamy breasts peaked by rosy nipples blows my mind. Removing my shirt and bra in one fluid motion, she leans down to capture my lips again. The kiss is slow and loving as hands roam over bare skin, and the rest of our clothing falls to the floor. Our kiss becomes more heated.

Aching with need, I nibble at Calleigh's lower lip receiving a low moan that makes me weak. I let out a small whimper as Calleigh pulls back from the kiss, only to move down, her lips leaving a trail of heat down my body. Moaning as I feel her tongue flick my nipple, my breathing starts to get heavy as her hand starts to trail along my inner thigh, raising my hips off the bed, "Calleigh…"

Her name is the only thing my lust choked voice can muster. Calleigh kisses my lips lightly again and looks deep into my eyes, "Are you sure you want this?"

The question is tender and gentle, and my heart fills to bursting.

Not trusting my voice just yet, I pull Calleigh into a deep kiss. Running my hand down her spine, I try to put all my emotions into one kiss. I feel Calleigh's hand make its way down my stomach and into my curls.

"Your wet, I'll have to take care of that," she growls low and hoarse, and it makes my abdomen cramp with want. She moves with confidence, and I feel Calleigh's fingers enter me as the rest of the world melts away. The feel of Calleigh's lips on my body, with the slow rhythm of her hand dancing inside of me draws me surely and rapidly toward release. I'm so gone for her, my climax came swift and hard.

Wave after wave of pleasure crashes over my body as Calleigh slows her rhythm and kisses me softly.

My breathing returns to normal after a few minutes as Calleigh runs her fingers through my hair.

"Cal, that was...wow." The small blush that covers her face is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I wrap my arm around her waste and flip us over in one fell swoop, which causes a gasp from Calleigh.

"You know you're cute when you blush," I smile. Just as Calleigh is about to protest, I capture her lips for a heated kiss. Trailing kisses down her body, I suck tease a swollen nipple. I know she's ready and with my mouth at her breast, I slide my fingers into her.

Hearing Calleigh moan my name almost sends me over the edge again. I steady my rhythm, nipping at her breasts and kissing my way back up her body. Her blonde hair, sleek with sweat, is tousled around her head like a halo, and her coral lips are parted, gasping for breath.

I increase the force of my hand inside her, reveling in the feel of her slick heat as she moves desperately against me. I know she's close and I swipe my thumb across the swollen bundle of nerves and feel the first fluttering of her muscles. Her walls tighten around my fingers and she comes with a cry, arching off the bed. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I kiss her softly as she rides out the last tremors of her orgasm.

Lying next to her, my energy completely drained from my body, my mind wonders as I listen to Calleigh's breathing. I could not imagine a moment more perfect: her scent surrounding me, the taste of her still in my mouth, and suddenly a tendril of fear winds through me. What if she just leaves?, This was so sudden. Its not like we're dating.

Almost like she is reading my mind I feel her arm around my waste and I turn to face her.

"Did you want me to leave," I hear the slight sadness in her voice and I smile at it, my fears vanishing.

"What if I told you I want you to stay forever," I whisper, feeling a blush creep over my body, as I realize what I just confessed to her. The smile on her face and the joy sparkling in her eyes put my mind to rest. Taking me into her arms I lay my head on her chest as she slowly strokes my hair,

"Now that sounds like a good idea," Calleigh says as she presses a kiss the top of my head. I listen to her breath even out as she drifts off to sleep.

I'll have to remember to thank Sig one day for ruining dinner, and making this a night to remember.

The End

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