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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This piece was inspired by the song 'Wicked Little High' written and performed by Bird York.
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Wicked Little High
By SayMercy


Her date with Bobby had been as predictable as the others. They must have seen every horror flick imaginable and each time Bobby left with a look of disappointment. He couldn't understand why she never shrieked and jumped into his arms.

Get a clue Bobby.

He'd dropped her off at the house with the same words. "See ya tomorrow night, babe." Wink, wink.

She grabs a pillow and presses it to her face as she screams into it with all her might. Finally rid of her frustration for that evening, she sits up from her bed. Her shoulders sag and her head falls forward with a deep sigh. The edges of her vision begin to blur as she stares at the floor. She presses her hand to her chest to see if her heart was still beating.

How odd. The rhythm against her fingertips suggests life, but, she felt anything but alive. Emptiness filled her to overflowing and she had no idea how to save herself from being sucked in by its undertow.

Ever so slowly, her eyes lift to the door before her. She rises from the bed as if a marionette, pulled along until she stands with her forehead pressed against it. Hands caress the painted wood and a cheek rubs lightly on its smooth surface. She can feel her pulse strengthen.

One hand slips across and wraps itself around the brass knob. The door swings open smoothly and she steps across the threshold and switches on the light. Hands that shake with nervous excitement reach up and lift a box off the shelf. She pulls it to her chest and hugs it as she would a cherished child.

Her knees bend when she slowly slides her back down the wall. She faces the open doorway. Her room seems to exist in another dimension. Trophies, ribbons, awards.

Hooray for the Perfect Score!

Her attention is drawn back to the box on her lap. Gently, she pushes the lid up and off, laying it next to her. Her fingers curl beneath the trinkets and keepsakes and latch on to the hidden file. Drawing it out she closes here eyes and places her lips against it.

She is smiling.

There is a light knock at her bedroom door. She wanted to ignore it, but, the annoying sound continues.

"Amy? It's me, Janet. Are you in there?"

Was she? Was she really there? Existing in her nothing life?

She replaces the file and walks to the door with the box still clutched to her. "Yes, Janet. I'm here." She didn't open the door to her friend as she usually would.

"Why didn't you answer me? I've been here almost five minutes."

"I didn't hear you. I was...in the closet."

In the closet?

"In the closet? What were you doing in there?"

"I was looking for.......something." Me?

"Well, I hope you find what you're looking for. It's not good to be in the closet very long, is it? Dust bunnies, spiders..."

"No...you're right. It's not good to be in the closet too long." No.

"I'll see you tomorrow then. Don't stay up too late, we have to meet with Mr. Phipps in the morning."

"I won't. Good night, Janet."

"G'night, Amy. Sweet dreams."

Light falls across her hair and streams down her shoulders and arms. She is kneeling on the floor of the closet and the box is open again. The file is open too. She holds an enlarged black and white photo of the object of her....what? Attention? Affection? FILE PHOTO NO. 767009-DMND

Her caresses lightly trace across the picture's surface. Such a pretty face. Carefully, the tip of her finger traces the line of eyebrows. "Why do you frown?" she whispers. "Maybe, one day, you'll tell me."

The lid slips snugly on the box and it is returned to its hiding place.

Smiling sadly, she turns and walks out of the closet. Leaning in, she switches the light off and closes the door. Forehead against the door frame she makes a wish.

"See you tomorrow, Lucy Diamond."

Droplets of water bounce off her teeth as she grins. Blonde tresses are plastered against her skull and her skin is blasted by the shower. Suds slip sensuously along her curves and dip into hidden places. Her skin flushes red from the heat.

Lucy Diamond. She met Lucy Diamond today. She was so wrong about her. Not a pretty face. Absolutely gorgeous. A gasp fills the bathroom as she remembers her eyes.

She wonders what it would be like to...be with her.

Pure energy. That's what she felt. Pure energy.

Breathing deeply she turns the water off and reaches for her towel. Soon, it is hung and her body is wrapped warmly by a soft robe. Hers eyes close and she wonders again. What would it be like?

The robe falls to the ground and she pulls on her blue pyjamas. She smiles at the closet door while she thinks of her hidden treasure. She thinks of the diamond hidden in the box. A reminder? A reminder of how lucky she was to be alive?

She laughs. It doesn't matter to her.

Lucy Diamond. She met Lucy Diamond today!

She no longer had to hide in the closet. At least, not from herself. She felt light now. Throwing herself on her bed, arms spread wide she laughs again.

A knock on the door. "Amy?"

She frowned at the intruder. Getting up she stands behind the door. "Yes, Max?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yes." More than okay. "Why?"

"I just thought...you know...with facing Lucy Diamond and all..."

She wanted to laugh again. "It's alright, Max. I'm fine."

"Good. Don't want to give that no-good-low-life the satisfaction, do we?"

Oh yes. "No, we wouldn't want to do that."

"Have a good night, Amy."

"Nite, Max."

She pulls the covers up and smiles to the ceiling. Her limbs relax into the mattress and a feeling of weightlessness pervades her body. She didn't care anymore. So what if she couldn't tell Max about her fantasy. So what?

She would enjoy the feeling anyway.

Maybe she'll meet Lucy Diamond again. Maybe not. Who really gives a shit? She certainly didn't. Did she? Of course she did!

Lucy Diamond. Master criminal. Bad news. Bad idea. Guilty pleasure.

So what if she couldn't tell Max...or Janet...or anyone else? One foot still in the closet. The covers are sent flying as she sits up and swings her legs off the bed. Her heart was pounding and she began to sweat. Fear. Every breath drew in more. Suppose they found out? What would they say? What would they do? What would she do?

What would Lucy do?

Her head rests on the pillow again. Lucy wouldn't care, would she? She shook her head and swore at herself. Lucy Diamond's probably forgotten about her already. There she was, lying on her bed, freaking out over something that would never happen. Never in her wildest dreams.

Dreams. Wild ones. Wild with Lucy.

Eyelids flutter shut and she was smiling again. Lucy Diamond. She met Lucy Diamond today. And she'd be damned if she wasn't going to enjoy her illicit dreams. Happy sighs soak the air in her room. Somehow, she knew she would meet her again. Until then she would continue to hold her in her veins. Like a drug.

Her own wicked little high.

The End

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