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By A.M. Glass


The federation starship Voyager remained in a continuous orbit around an out-of-the way M-Class planet the crew had managed to find, and were currently partaking in some well-deserved shore leave. Including their intrepid Captain, Kathryn Janeway and their resident Borg, Seven of Nine.

(Alone again tonight…

Without someone to love.)

"May I join you, Captain?"

"Of course, Seven," Janeway answered, watching and wondering how Seven managed to sit on the grass with her usual aplomb. "Why aren't you with the rest of the crew?" she asked, staring at her companion.

"I do not understand the concept of a 'water-balloon' fight," she said tilting her head to the side "I do not think Ensign Paris found it amusing after I managed to hit him with the projectile. I believe I may have thrown it too hard." 

Seven could recall how Paris had been running away from her when she threw the water filled 'balloon' and struck him squarely in the back, knocking him off his feet. And how both Ensign Kim and Lieutenant Torres laughed; the former laughing so hard that the beverage he was consuming spewed out in front of him, almost drenching Lieutenant Torres. After that, it had been suggested that she go 'look for the Captain… keep her company,' which she would have done eventually anyway.

Janeway laughed, heartily, "I can only imagine, Seven."

Seven felt a slight flutter in her chest when she heard the Captain laughing. It was such a rare thing and to think she had been able to provide the reason for it made her feel, 'sufficient,' she thought.

(The stars are shining bright…

So one more wish goes up.)

"Why are you not at the party?" Seven asked.

"I thought I'd just take a walk, get away from it for a bit," she answered, "This seemed like a nice place to take a load off."

"A 'load off'?" Seven inquired after accessing the 'catch-phrases' the Doctor had given her to learn and not finding this particular remark.

"It's just a way of saying, "'Relax… take it easy.'"

"I see. If I am disturbing you, I shall leave," Seven replied promptly, already in motion to stand up and leave.

"No, Seven. You're not," Janeway said, reaching out for the young woman. "Please, don't leave. It's quite all right."

"You are sure?" she asked hesitantly, feeling relieved that she did not have to leave Janeway's presence.

(Oh I wish I may…

And I wish with all my might.)


Seven smiled.

'She should do that more often,' Kathryn thought to herself, amazed at the innate beauty that Seven rarely showed anyone. "Seven… look," she said, pointing to the darkening sky.

"What, Captain?" Seven answered, looking towards the heavens for what Janeway was trying to show her.

"The first star," she said, in quiet awe.

"I do not understand the significance of such a routine occurrence," Seven said, slightly disappointed that she may have once again missed something important.

"There's an old Earth custom," Janeway began, turning away from the star in question and looking at Seven. "When the first star of the evening appears, you make a wish upon it."

Seven stared at her blankly. "For what purpose?"

"You make a wish in hopes that it will come true," Janeway explained, and then quickly shut her eyes.

(For the love I'm dreaming of…)

"You have made your wish?" Seven asked.

"Yes," she answered smiling.

(And missing in my life.)

"May I make one?"

"Of course you can. But Seven…"


"You mustn't tell anyone what it is," Janeway stated.

"Why?" Seven asked, with a childlike wonder coloring her voice.

"It won't come true if you tell."

"Ah… I see," she answered, when in fact she didn't. Frowning for a moment, Seven closed her eyes as she had seen the Captain do earlier and made a 'wish'.

(You think that I could find…

A true love of my own.)

Kathryn could tell that Seven had no idea what she was doing, but felt pleased that she was making an attempt. It made Kathryn feel that Seven was embracing her humanity instead of rebuffing it.

(It happens all the time…

To people that I know.)

Seven opened her eyes slowly, and gazed into the blue-gray eyes that stared back at her.

"Did you make a wish?" Janeway whispered, not wanting to break the mood.


"Was it a good one?" she asked smirking briefly.

(Their wishes all come true…

So I've got to believe…)

"I can only…" Seven paused and searched for the appropriate response, "…'hope' that it is a good one Captain."

(There's still someone out there

who is meant for only me.)

"That's all anyone can hope for, Seven," Janeway replied wistfully. Taking the opportunity presented to her, Janeway scooted down and laid back in the grass, or for what passed for grass. "Don't let anyone know that I'm doing this, Seven. It wouldn't be proper for anyone to catch a Star Fleet Captain lying on the grass and staring up at the sky." Her hands linked behind her head and her right leg crossed over her left.

(I guess I must be wishin' on

someone else's star.)

"I will not, Captain," she answered earnestly. She would keep the Captain's confidence delighted she would share this with her. Surely, there was someone else the captain would rather share this with. She found herself feeling... she couldn't think of the word that would explain what she felt. She frowned. For some reason she did not 'like' the thought that the captain would share this precious gift with anyone else.

(It seems like someone else

keeps gettin' what I'm wishing for.)

"I knew I could trust you, Seven," Janeway said patting her on her thigh, while staring at the unfamiliar stars, twinkling in the night.

(Why can't I be as lucky

as those other people are.)

Seven wrapped her hands around her knees and hugged them. She had seen Naomi Wildman doing this once and had asked why she did it, 'It's like I'm giving myself a hug Seven. I don't really know how to explain it. You just know when to do it.' She felt a sensation of warmth growing in her chest and taking a quick glance at the Captain's face, she smiled softly to herself.

(I guess I must be wishin' on

someone else's star.)

Kathryn knew she enjoyed Seven's company and hoped that this little slice of 'home' would bring them closer.

(I sit here in the dark

and stare up at the sky)


"Yes, Seven."

"May I try…" Seven began then stopped, as if giving her question serious consideration prior to continuing.

"What?" Janeway prompted, looking over at the former Borg drone.

"May I try 'staring at the sky'?" she asked hesitantly.

"Of course you may," Janeway answered, a warm smile lighting up her features. "I'd be delighted by the company."

Seven gingerly approximated the Captain's position. She found that if she turned her head slightly the Captain's face was a few inches from her own. She felt a flutter in her chest and a warmth blanket her body.

(But I can't give my heart

one good reason why…

Everywhere I look…

It's lovers that I see…)

They stared at the stars, occasionally picking up voices from the rest of the crew. Seven could hear Ensign Paris speaking to Lieutenant Torres and blushed when she heard the Lieutenant saying, 'Not here Tom, someone could walk right past us.' She quickly returned her attention to the stars and left the married couple to their own devices.

(Seems like everyone's in love… 

Everyone but me.)

Kathryn had been contemplating her wish when she heard the slight intake of breath and turned to the young woman and noticed that she was blushing. She had wanted to ask why, but changed her mind. Some things were best left alone.

(I guess I must be wishin' on

someone else's star.)

Seven knew that when she made her 'wish', that she felt an overwhelming desire for the Captain to make it come true. But, as the Captain had pointed out earlier, she could not voice her wish.

Otherwise, it would not be fulfilled.

(It seems like someone else

keeps gettin' what I'm wishing for.)

Janeway sighed. She knew that Voyager would not remain in orbit around the planet much longer. They would leave shortly and continue their journey towards home.


"Yes, Captain?"

(Why can't I be as lucky

as those other people are.)

"I hope your wish comes true," she whispered.


I guess I must be wishin' on

someone else's star.)

"Thank you, Captain," Seven answered. "I hope yours does as well."

(Why can't I be as lucky

as those other people are.)

"You never know, Seven. It could be coming true any second now. It just depends."

"On what?" she asked curiously.

"Nothing. I guess I'm becoming far too maudlin," Kathryn said waving her hand dismissively. "Come on let's go," Janeway urged, pushing herself into a sitting position and watching Seven do the same.

"Of course, Captain." Seven stood up and offered her hand to the formidable woman who had become more than a mentor to her.

"Thank you, Seven," Janeway said taking the offered hand and allowing herself to be pulled up.

Seven tilted her head slightly to the right, "My… pleasure Captain."

"Well, it was nice while it lasted," Kathryn whispered, as she looked into the sky once again. She didn't think she would ever get tired of watching them.

"Yes, it was."

Kathryn chuckled slightly embarrassed that her thought had been heard. "How about a quick bite in the mess hall?" she said, letting her hand rest on Seven's shoulder.

Seven would have automatically answered that she did not need nutritional supplements at the moment, but she found that she did not want her interaction with the captain to end just yet. "That would be acceptable."

"Good," Janeway answered smiling. 'Maybe my wish is coming true,' she thought to herself as she and the tall Astrometrics officer began to walk towards the beam out coordinates.


I guess I must be wishin' on

someone else's star.)

Seven could still feel the Captain's touch on her shoulder, and smiled to herself. 'Perhaps there is something to this 'wishing' endeavor after all,' she pondered.

The End

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