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At Wit's End
By Calliope


It was too much to take! Cindy had reached her wit's end. She had had enough of Lindsay feeling sorry for herself. Tom was not even close to being good for her and it hurt to watch this dark, complicated, beautiful woman drown her sorrows in a bottle. She should be happy and laughing, not falling off a stool in some seedy joint. So, she did what any decent friend would do. She went into the bar and dragged Lindsay out to go to the station. If anything could get her mind off of things, it would be work.

"It's freakin' New Year's Eve! Can't people just TRY not to kill each other when they're celebrating?!" The whiskey and beer had gone to Lindsay's head. She stumbled into the interrogation room causing the drunken frat boy seated at the table to jump in alarm. "What the fuck are you looking at?!"

Taking a deep breath, Cindy pushed her hair back before leaning over to the frightened guard to whisper in his ear. Quickly he grabbed the boy by the arm and left the room in relief. When the door closed behind her, the petite woman turned to Lindsay, "So...just how drunk are you?" Lindsay pushed her forehead off the wall and rolled to the side. Cindy mused that it was probably the only thing keeping the dark-haired woman from slipping into inebriated oblivion.

"I'm drunk enough."

"Enough for what?" Cindy stepped closer, taking advantage of Lindsay's closed eyes to drink in every curve of the incredibly sexy woman in front of her. For her, there was no stronger aphrodisiac than Lindsay. She felt lightheaded merely being in her presence and it was getting harder to deny.

"Please, Cindy, stop looking at me that way," the hushed whisper from Lindsay gripped Cindy's heart. Without even looking up, she knew those gorgeous eyes would border between fear and desire.

"What way is that?" She ran her fingers along the edge of the black leather jacket. Amazed that she would dare to be this bold, she watched her own shaking hands as they got closer to the barely exposed midriff. Both women let go of the breath they had been holding when the redhead finally connected skin-to-skin.

"Like you want me to do this."

Long fingers drifted up into red tresses gripping in passion and desperation before tilting Cindy's head back. In spite of being eternally curious to a fault, the smaller woman couldn't keep her eyes open in order to memorize every moment of this kiss. No matter what happened tomorrow when Lindsay sobered up, she wanted to remember every detail - her soft skin, gentle lips, and warm tongue sweet with the taste of liquor.

Outside, the noise of celebration was barely registering. It was midnight on New Year's Eve. Wrapping her arms around the waist of the raven beauty, Cindy smiled into the kiss. She'll have to remember to pay the kid well for his great acting and the guard for holding the interrogation room for her. Now, this is the way to ring in the New Year.

The End

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