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Word To The Wise
By Berg


Maggie sat alone in the bar area of the restaurant. She sipped from her wine.

'So you say your loves about to end. You say you can't take any more. She's out the door and you're looking for a friend. Who am I to tell you why, I'm just curious were you furious or did you swallow your pride and look her in the eyes and tell her that you love her that you need her and that you want her to stay. Reassure her with a kiss, she may never know unless you show her what you're feeling, tell her that you're believing. Even though it is hard to say she needs to know that you're thinking about her. Open up and tell her that you love her.'

"This song's so sad," said the stranger from behind her. Maggie turned around and watched as Jackson sat down at the table.

"Hey Jake," Maggie smiled.

"All alone in a bar, sipping wine. That's not good," Jackson smiled back.

"Yeah well it was a special toast for David and Anna." Maggie wanted to say 'Ha!' so badly it was eating her up inside. But aside from the fact that Jackson was gunning for her uncle…he was Bianca's uncle and Maggie did respect the guy.

"Yes I heard about that," Jackson said softly.

"Is there a problem?"

"Oh no. None at all. I'm just hoping Anna doesn't quit the force because of your cousin."

"Wait? Anna was going to quit?"

"Well I hope I was able to change her mind," Jackson said ordering a drink. "Scotch on the rocks please."

"Just about the job?"

"Excuse me?" Jackson asked confused.

"You wanted to change her mind about her job only right?"

"Maggie, your Aunt's choices are none of my business." Jackson said sipping his drink.

"I don't know. You two seemed to get pretty close back there," Maggie argued.

"I care about her, yes," Jackson replied, "but I don't want to stand in her way. If David is who she chooses to be with…then by God here's to them," Jackson said tilting his glass in the air.

"Giving up so easily?"

"Maggie I'm a pro at chasing the wandering heart. Anna wants David. And so be it," Jackson said downing his drink and ordering another. "To be honest, so long as she is safe and happy for her and the baby's sake I'll support her."

Maggie nodded and opted for a subject change.

"Trey- Trey almost killed Bianca," Maggie said looking down into her glass.

"Yeah- I know."

"Are you going to do anything about it?" Maggie asked finishing off the last glass of wine. She beckoned for another.

"You know I can't talk about the case," Jackson said.

"Oh. Okay."

"So speaking of my lovely niece where is she now?" Jackson asked looking around noticing Bianca wasn't with Maggie which would be a first.

"She's with Erica."

"Oh," Jackson said mock like.

"Did you two have a fight or something?"

"Excuse me?"

"I mean when Erica came in today she looked pissed," Maggie said smugly. Perhaps the wine was taking a bit more control than she would have liked.

"What did she say?"

"I don't know something about cutting off family ties or something like that about being let down or disappointed," Maggie said sipping more wine. God, she felt so realized right now. It was wonderful.

"I can't win," Jackson mumbled.


"That woman…she just…" Jackson paused. "I can't win with her. You know?"

"Yeah…I know," Maggie laughed slightly. She'd never be able to win.

"Yes- I am sure you do."

"Jackson…I really care about Bianca," Maggie said softly.

Whoa. Topic change, Jackson thought. "I can see that. It's clear Bianca cares deeply for you as well."

"When I found out Trey started that fire…I felt like someone hit me in the gut you know? I mean…how much more can my family hurt Bianca. I…I don't want to hurt her," Maggie said beginning to run at the mouth.

"Maybe you've had enough Maggie," Jackson said pulling the wine away from her. Maggie let him. He was right. She had had enough. She'd had enough of so much.

"You're the expert on loving someone from afar," Maggie said lowering her head to her hands.

"Excuse me?"

"Erica…you love her…you loved her from afar. Does it ever get better?"

"Are you talking about me and Erica or …you and Bianca?"

"Bianca," Maggie said softly.

"I see. So…you don't want to tell her?" Jackson asked.

"No…she…so much has happened in the last few weeks. I can't throw this at her now," Maggie said. Her head still in her hands.

Jackson took pride on the fact that he knew his niece very well. Lilly and Bianca were like his own flesh and blood daughters. He thought the world of both girls and always wanted what was in their best interest. So if he could help in anyway…he'd give it his best.

"It doesn't get better," Jackson said sipping his drink.



"I don't know what to do," Maggie said. Her mood was definitely taking a turn for the worse.

"Tell her."

"I can't."

"If you don't tell her…it'll be too late. You'll wait and wait and watch and love from afar…and when you finally get the courage, she'll be gone…" Jackson said with a far away look on his face. "Kid- you've got to grab hold on love and hold on tight. Finding it is only half the process you know?"

Maggie just nodded.

"Maggie?" Bianca said walking to the bar. "Uncle Jack?"

"There's my girl," Jackson said pulling out his wallet and dropping a $20. "How are you?" he asked hugging her niece.

"I'm great," Bianca said. She felt slightly uncomfortable, especially since the conversation she had just had with her mother about her uncle Jack not being invited to the wedding.

"Well, that's great," he said kissing her forehead. "I think you better take Maggie upstairs."

"Maggie?" Bianca said again watching as Maggie picked her head up. "Are you drunk?"

"Not drunk…happy," Maggie said optimistically and smiled.

Bianca couldn't help but smile back. "Don't you have a chem. test tomorrow?"

"Shit!" Maggie said grabbing the side of her head. "I forgot!"

"Come on Einstein, let's get you upstairs," Bianca said grabbing her friend's arm. She looked at the bar tender. "Can you make a call for coffee to be delivered to room 315..." she looked at Maggie and then back at the bartender, "…strong black coffee."

"No problem," he said.

"Thanks, " Bianca smiled and she looked at Jackson, "Goodnight Uncle Jack."

"Goodnight kiddo. See you later Maggie," he smiled and waved the two away.

Maggie kept running over the last part of Jackson's words… 'If you don't tell her…it'll be too late. You'll wait and wait and watch and love from afar…and when you finally get the courage, she'll be gone…'

Maggie and Bianca got to Maggie's room. Bianca cracked open he window and let some air in. Maggie just sat in silence and watched her walk around the room.

"If you don't tell her…it'll be too late. You'll wait and wait and watch and love from afar…and when you finally get the courage, she'll be gone," Maggie said softly.

"What?" Bianca asked stopping in her tracks.

"I…if I don't tell you…it'll be too late. I'll wait and wait and watch you from afar and when I finally get the courage to tell you…It'll be too late."

"Maggie?" Bianca asked sitting next to her friend on the bed. "What are you talking about?"

"You…me…I don't want to watch from afar anymore."

"Afar? Maggie you're right here," Bianca smiled taking her hand in her own.

"Still too far, " Maggie said scooting closer to Bianca.

"Maggie? You're drunk." Bianca said smiling.

"Yeah- a little bit…but…at least I can do this," she said reaching her hand up slowly and touching Bianca's side face. Bianca didn't break eye contact she just watched Maggie.

"Maggie, what are you doing?"

"Getting closer," Maggie answered honestly and leaned in to kiss her friend.

Maggie and Bianca kissed softly and hesitantly. It was everything both girls had imagined it would be…and yes, both of them had been wondering recently.

"You're what my heart wants," Maggie said eyes still closed as she pulled away from Bianca.

"Your heart wants me?"

"God yes…I want you…my heart wants you…I've fallen so hard for you Bianca that sometimes I don't think I can breath," Maggie said honestly as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I love you too," Bianca smiled warmly hugging Maggie and pulling her close.

"Screw the test. I'll make it up," Maggie said as she snuggled next to Bianca. "All I want to do right now is sleep in your arms."

"I aim to please," Bianca said as the two lay side by side wrapped in each others arms.

The End

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