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Worlds Apart
By Jaguarin


Part 3

"Nothing." Dinah, said stepping inside the platform with a bottle of water in hand.

"Heavens…" Barbara mumbled brushing her hair back. She had been looking unsuccessfully for the brunette all night and all day. It seemed she had just disappeared… again, once more out of her life.

It was so frustrating. After Helena had reappeared she had been expecting a new opportunity to talk with her, to know what she was thinking and now she had disappeared again.

"Where would she go?" Dinah sighed sitting on a chair at Delphi next to the redhead.

"I don't know, she is confused and that worries me…"

"What happened?"

"She thinks that she and I… are together."

"Well you two were together for long years."

"No Dinah," Barbara waved her hands nervous "I mean, she thinks that she and I…"

Dinah looked at her intrigued.

Barbara rolled her eyes. Why she was so clueless?

"She thinks that we are lovers!" Barbara finally said.

Dinah spat the water she was drinking.

"This is so embarrassing." Barbara covered her eyes.

Dinah coughed. "Helena likes girls?" Cough, cough, "That's weird, she's always is flirting with boys." Dinah crossed her arms on her chest.

"It's new for me too." Barbara raised her eyebrow feeling a bit uncomfortable at the idea. "It was insane… she and me together… as a couple."

"Now what do we do?"

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking." Barbara typed at her computer. She was really concerned with the idea of Helena out of her mind alone in the streets with no place to go.

"I checked, she went to the Wayne Foundation, to High school." Dinah said.

"She is trying to find out the truth." Barbara explained "I told her all that she thinks is her imagination but she didn't believe me."

"But what happened? Why does she believe that?" the blonde scratched her head.

"I'm trying to find out," Barbara said, waving to her monitor "the blast that hit her separated all her molecules. In some way I think that it caused a disturbance that created that fantasy for her."

"I understand the molecular separation." Dinah crossed her arms "But if the molecules returned to their original position, how could it affect her memory?"

"I need to try and find out."

"It's late Barbara," Dick appeared at the elevator doors "maybe you should go to bed and keep looking for Helena tomorrow. I couldn't find her either."

"I can't, I'm worried for her. She is not in her right mind." Barbara sighed.

Dick stood behind her and rubbed Barbara's shoulders. "You are tense."

"It's just that all this was so unexpected…"

He leaned and kissed her cheek. "Let's go to bed."

"No, I'll look for her.." Barbara said.

"Where?" Dick asked surprised

"I know where." Barbara moved back and wheeled down the platform.

"I'll go with you." Dick followed her.

"No, I'll go alone and please, wait at your home. I'll call you."


"Why?" Barbara stopped her wheelchair and turned to see him "Because she is very affected, this is not easy, suddenly her life is a fantasy. I can help her and if I can avoid hurting her, I'll will."

Dick moved his head and put his hands on his waist. "I don't understand you."

"She needs me"

"She abandoned you and Dinah. She just left. Why are you so worried?"

"She needs help."

"I'm just saying you are worried for someone who doesn't care about you."

Barbara lifted her hand "Could we discuss this later?"

"No, I don't think this is a good idea." He paced angrily around the place. The idea of Helena returning was not something that he liked. "She's always was rude, stubborn… and now she thinks she's in love with you!!"

"She needs my help Dick." Barbara tried to remain calm, but it was difficult when he turned so hard headed.

"I don't care!" he waved his hands, pissed.

"Well I do care! So I'll go to look for her now" Barbara said, angrily "Now, excuse me."

"I must ask you stay." He crossed his arms on his chest.

Barbara didn't listen and moved her wheelchair toward the elevator.

"Barbara! She left!"

"And now she is back, something affected her mind and I'm not going to leave her all alone!" she pressed the button of the elevator.

"Barbara, I'm talking to you." he called to her.

"Stop being so childish!" she turned her wheelchair and said with a loud voice "I don't have time to discuss this with you right now, she is lost and confused!"

"She is…!!"

"She is the daughter of your best friend and she is my friend!"

"Brave friend!" Dick smirked "You can't trust her, she is…!"

"Stop right now!" Barbara shouted.

Dick kept still. Barbara rarely shouted, and when she did it was because she really was really angry.

"I hate when you try to control my life and my decisions!! I want your support, not an argument!! Now, if you excuse me I have to go to find her, right now!"

He didn't say a word and just watched her wheel inside the elevator. When the doors closed he moved his head.

"You really pissed her off." Dinah said.

"Why is she so stubborn?"

"Dick," Dinah stood up of her chair "you better go home before she comes back, she is not very happy with you now."

"Dinah you can't agree with her!"

"I'm her friend, I support her. You have to do the same, but you love to piss her off."

"Come on, you know how much it hurt Barbara that she left."

"She cares about her! You are not going to change her feelings. No matter how much they have hurt each other, in the end they both care about each other, so accept it and support her."

He sighed and rubbed his face.

"I'll call her later."

"Sure." the blonde walked toward her room.

Helena felt she was in a really awful nightmare. She covered her eyes with her hands and rubbed them. What a frikkin' dream. But she was not dreaming.

Helena was sure all those times loving Barbara wasn't a fantasy, it had been real. She had felt Barbara trembling under her fingers, she still could taste the sweet nectar of the other woman's lips, of her skin.

All the things Barbara had said…

Helena sat on the floor resting her elbow on the border of the window looking outside; she felt so bad. She wiped the tears from her eyes and buried her head between her legs. She had gone to the library and checked the computer, looking up the files of the place.

Everything was true. All that Barbara had said was true. She was Dick's girlfriend, they were engaged.

This was craziness. She still couldn't understand, she couldn't believe what she had lived and felt was just a fantasy.


The brunette recognized the voice, how could she not? It was the same voice that had whispered in her ear so many sweet things, that had shouted her name in a way that had made her heart explode in joy.

"Are you all right?" the hum of the wheelchair filled the place.

"I'd like to be alone Barbara." Helena whispered not turning to see her. The last thing she wanted now was to see her.

"I won't let you be alone now."

The brunette passed her hands through her hair not saying a word.

Barbara thought about the day she would find Hel again, she had so many questions to ask, many things to know and now that she was face to face with her, all those questions she had in her mind had gone. She couldn't find anything to say.

Analyzing Helena's behavior, it was easy to figure out what had happened.

"You found out the truth." Barbara said.

"I found a nightmare." The young woman bit her lips, feeling so frustrated.

"Let me help..."

"You can't."

"I can." Barbara insisted.

"What will you do?" Helena said sarcastically "Send me to therapy?"

"We have to find out what happened." The redhead wheeled a bit closer to her. "I need to do more research, run some tests on you."

There was a deep silence filling the place. The sadness in Helena's face could be read in the expression of the lines of her face. She had been crying. Helena never cried. After long seconds that seemed like hours, the brunette broke the silence.

"Why did I leave?" Helena asked, staring at the dark night.

"I don't know, you just said you needed to find your own way and left."

"I'd never abandon you."

"You did. I looked for you, I wanted to talk, to know," Barbara exhaled loudly "but you refused, you avoided me… and… well… the last time we saw each other was not pleasant."


"Well… you…" Barbara brushed a thread of her hair back on her ear "you yelled at me telling me to leave you alone, let you live and… just left..." She bit her lower lip "It hurt… it still hurts."

Helena closed her eyes and took her hands to her head burying her face in her knees, this was insane. She was sure she hadn't been dreaming, she had been living with Barbara, loving her, all that couldn't be just a "fantasy". She never would do that to her, just leave without saying a word.

She felt Barbara's hand touching her shoulder. Usually it felt like heaven, like home, now it was painful. She stood up abruptly and walked to the opposite side of the room. "You have to go." she whispered.

"I won't leave here without you."

"Why do you care Barbara? I hurt you!"

"No matter what you say, you need help."

"I don't need help." The brunette began to feel a bit exasperated, she felt she couldn't handle all the things happening around her. "I just need be alone!"

"You are disturbed Helena, confused."

"And how do you expect I feel?" Helena growled "I lost my life! I don't have anything!"

"Hel, I'll be with you anytime you need it."

"Barbara you don't understand" Helena took her hand to her head "I want my life back!"

"Your life is still here."

"No! This is not my life! I'm sure I wasn't dreaming!" Helena said with sadness "My life without you is worthless!!. I love you Barbara!," she pinched the bridge of her nose, she felt tears filling her eyes and she didn't want Barbara to see she was crying. It hurt, it hurt like hell.

She felt Barbara's hand touch her arm.

"I can't love you in the way you want, but you know how important you are for me. You know I never will leave you alone in moments like this, let me help you. You don't have any place to go. If we work together we can find out what happened."

Helena fixed her gaze on the redhead's hand and slowly rose. Her blue eyes locked with deep green ones, those lovely eyes that she adored so much.

"Please?" Barbara whispered.

Helena moved her head. Damn, how could she deny anything to her? She never could. She took Barbara's hand between hers and pressed it.

"Barbara…" Helena said "I love you, I can't stand it. I can't handle knowing you are not in my life."

"But I'm here, maybe not in the way that you expect," the redhead whispered "I'm here. I never quit on you and I never will."

The brunette smiled to her lightly. "You never did it… It's one of the reasons that makes me love you."

"Can we go home and try, try to be friends again?" Barbara took her hand again.

Helena looked at her fingers and she pressed it gently. "I love you so much." She whispered.

"Trust in me now then," the redhead said "please."

Helena stayed silent for long seconds before nodding her head.

"Let's go home." Barbara smiled at her.

The next morning, Barbara and Dick finished their breakfast in a coffee shop close to the Clocktower. The redhead thought it better to talk in private. Helena had stayed in the guest room and Barbara was not sure if she had slept. She had been restless after Barbara took her to the Tower. Dinah was trying her best to make her friend feel comfortable but the brunette had many confusing feelings inside.

"So…" he said "she really thinks you and her…?" Dick waved his fingers.

Barbara nodded "Yes, she really believes that she and I… were involved… romantically."

"It's absurd!"

"I know, but she really thinks it is the truth. Thankfully she did some research, she went to the library, checked news, asked people… and now she knows it was all her imagination." Barbara couldn't hide the concern in her voice.

"Oh, in a few weeks she will forget." Dick said smiling.

"I don't think so. In some way she really has her feelings involved in all this. I need to know what happened to help her. She is very confused."

Dick observed her in silence and bit his lower lip. "Are you sure all this is not a game of hers?"

"Dick, please! She never would do that."

"I know her."

"No, you don't know her. She really thinks she is in love with me and she is hurt because I can't love her back."

"And what are you going to do? Kiss her?"

"I'd really appreciate it if you could be more respectful." Barbara hated when Dick turned jealous, it was impossible to talk with him and his comments were absurd.

"Barbara, she aban…"

"You have reminded me of that thousands of times." Barbara interrupted him. "You do not need to remind me every time we talk about her. Whatever happened, she is my friend, ok?"

He leaned back in his chair crossing his arms on his chest.

The waitress at the small cafe in one of the main New Gotham streets approached with a pot of coffee and he waved his hand indicating he didn't want more.

"Why you are doing this?" he asked the redhead.

"You know why. She is important to me Dick. She was with me in my worst moments. I owe her all those years at my side."

"You already paid for it. You tolerated her rudeness for years."

"I don't need to pay for anything. She, like me, was struggling to survive, to rebuild her life. You don't know because you weren't there."

"Okay, now I'm the villain because I wasn't there all those years." Dick said.

"No, you are saying it, not me." Barbara pointed out.

"That's the past Barbara, we have a present and a future!"

"I know, but it seems you don't understand it. Helena is part of my past, of what I have become and I'm not going to forget it, ever. I survived because of her support. I really would like you to support me and not to fight against me."

"I don't fight against you."

"Yes you do! What are you doing now?"

"All right, all right," Dick said lifting his hand, "if it's what you want, I'll help you."

"Dick I really would like us to stop having these fights." The redhead rubbed her head. "I'd like your support."

"Because you have some unusual ideas." Dick moved back on his chair.

"My ideas have always been the same!" Barbara moved her head "You want me to change."

"It's not that," he said taking his hand between hers "I just think you take so much care of someone that never thinks of anyone other than herself."

"Helena is not like that."

"That's the point where we don't agree."

"She was with me during all those difficult years, that's not being selfish…"

"Well, she didn't have any other place to go and when she could, she left."

Barbara pulled her hand back and put the napkin on the table. "All right, that's enough."


"Stop, stop right now," the redhead warned "I'm tired of this useless discussion."

"Barbara, please forgive me."

"What's wrong with you?" Barbara asked annoyed.

"You know what happens." Dick exhaled fixing his eyes on hers.

"You are acting like a child. I need you to understand she is an important part of my life."

"But we are together now Barbara."

"I know it and I respect you, but I need you to respect me" the redhead said furiously. "Helena was with me all the initial years of my recovery and made me feel like a person again. If you weren't there it is not my fault or her fault. You can't blame her for it! In that case it's your fault, not hers!"

"I understand, it is just that she exasperates me."

"And you exasperate her with your attitude."

He moved his head. "Well, it's hard to explain, she's always defensive with me."

"Because you don't stop annoying her!" Barbara said.

Dick turned his head.

"I'm going to help Helena. So, I'll ask you one last time, will you help me or not?"

"I'll help you, of course. I want to do it."

"Well, then prove it. Please be polite with her and don't taunt her. I don't want any fighting inside my home. All right?"

"Yes, yes."

Barbara moved her head. "Dick… this is not easy, for her, for me, for you, I know, but I just want to do the right thing and to do it, I'll need your support."

"Count on me Barbara." He leaned forward and kissed her on her lips.

The redhead kissed him back.

"Your brain activity is normal." Barbara said observing the screen on her computer. Her finger traced the lines on her computer screen trying to find something abnormal.

"It means she is as annoying as always?" Dinah asked with her legs crossed over a chair next to the redhead.

"Ha, ha, ha…" the brunette removed the helmet from her head and unbuckled the belt at her chest.

"Your cells fragmented for a brief second but after that they returned to normal." The redhead adjusted her glasses "I… I don't understand what could cause it."

"Me neither," Helena said "but it hurt like hell."

"Do you think it could be a collateral effect?" Dinah asked. "Maybe she likes pink or something like that?"

Helena glared to her.

"In fact there is a collateral effect," Barbara said "she can't remember what happened the last year. She replaced her memories with new ones."

"And I bet you piss everybody off in the memories you have now, just as much as you used to in your old ones." The blonde smiled at her friend.

"In fact no," Helena said standing up "You are pretty happy with me and the best is that you live in your own place."

"My own place? Wow! Where?"

"I moved in to live with Barbara and you live in my apartment at Dark Horse bar."

"You moved here?" Dinah asked wide eyes.

"Yes." Helena said "we live together. Same house, same room." Helena sighed, it was not easy being so close to Barbara when not could show her love for her as she was used to and pretend nothing between them had happened because it was a 'fantasy'. "Not the guest room."

"You snore." Barbara said turning to her computer.

"I don't snore." Helena protested.

"I like the idea of moving to my own place." Dinah said.

"Don't give her ideas now Hel." Barbara smiled "I have enough trouble with you."

"Believe me Barbara," the brunette said resting her hips on the desk next to Barbara. She tried to show she was not so much affected by what was happening around her "you are happy with Dinah living far away."

"Not funny." Dinah said rolling her eyes.

"Okay. What's next Barbara?" Helena asked.

"Well… I would like to check your…"

"Hey girls." Dick appeared at the elevator doors and Helena felt an ache in her heart. He was Barbara's boyfriend, he was her partner, not her and it hurt like hell. He was tall, handsome, with the perfect smile and zero brain.

"Hey Dick." Barbara greeted.

"What are you doing?" he asked, approaching them.

"Performing some tests on Helena."

"Something new?"

"No, all normal."

Dick leaned and gave an effusive kiss to Barbara. More effusive than she expected.

"Hey!" the brunette pushed him back.

"What's wrong with you?" Dick growled.

"Don't touch her!!" Helena shouted.

"She is my fiancé!" Dick shouted back at her.

Helena growled, knowing he was right.

"Please Helena, calm down!" Barbara said moving her arm between them.

"She is my girlfriend and we will marry, so please I ask you to respect us!"

The tension in the room was evident. Dinah observed Helena, her eyes were feral and the anger in her face more than evident. She had her lips pressed, she just turned and not saying a word walked to the balcony.

Barbara glared at Dick. "Why did you do that?"

"What?" he asked.

"Kiss me like that!"

"Why? We are engaged!"

"Dick, you know how she feels. We talked about this."

"Barbara, Helena's imagination just created a fantasy about you."

"Yes, I know," Barbara said, feeling angry "and we are trying to help her understand which is reality. Hurting her is unnecessary."

"Oh come on! She will survive." Dick said.

The comment pissed Barbara off.

"You are a moron." Dinah said standing up and walking to the balcony.

"I really would appreciate it if you leave us alone, I need to talk with Helena."

"Barbara you are my fiancé."

The redhead looked at him not saying a word.

"I would like it if you give me my space as your fiancée."

"I always give you your space."

"Not with her!" he pointed to the balcony where Helena had gone "She always is first."

"When you calm down and think straight, we will talk. See you later Dick."

Helena sat on balcony staring at the dark night. It was hard trying to get used to the idea that all her memories where a lie, and not easy to face that Dick and Barbara were engaged. It just sucked.

She tried to remember anything about the other life that Barbara and Dinah had described to her.

She closed her eyes, the only images filling her mind were about her and Barbara. She smiled remembering how sweet Barbara was with her. The taste of her lips. She could feel Barbara's fingers touching her.

"I'm sorry Helena." Dinah said behind her.

"It's all right." Helena felt the cold wind caress her face. She opened her arms welcoming the night.

"No it' was not alright," She stood up next to her "he knows that you are handling a difficult moment. I know him, he just wanted annoy you."

Helena didn't answer, she kept still. After long seconds she opened her eyes and lowered her arms.

"Well," she said "I can't do anything, Barbara is his girlfriend. I have to get used to seeing them together…" the brunette exhaled loudly looking out at the city "but the truth is that I can't handle seeing him touching her. Maybe I need to go and let life keep going."

"No, we have to find out what happened."

"Whatever has happened, it wouldn't change things Dinah." Helena put her hands in the pockets of her coat. "No matter what the truth or reality is, my feelings for her won't change."

Dinah sat on the balcony crossing her hands between her legs observing her. The sadness in her friend was clear in her features. "Are you really in love with her?"

"She is my life Dinah. My everything."

"Why did you said you wanted work alone then? You don't call and avoid talk to us."

"I don't know, I can't remember that." Helena turned and sat at Dinah's side "I just remember being so happy sharing my life with her. When I see him close to her, I just want to go and rip his head off for touching my girl."

"He is a moron." Dinah said "I still can't understand why Barbara is with him."

"She is my girl, she always will be." the brunette growled rubbing her head. "I don't understand what's happening or why it's happening. I just know that it makes me crazy that I can't touch her or tell her how much I love her."

"We will find the truth. Trust in her, she has never lied to you."

"The truth couldn't help me much I guess."

"But we will know what we are fighting against, we can find out what's happening."

"Hi." Barbara's voice was heard over the hum of her wheelchair. "I'm sorry for what happened. Dick behaved badly. I apologize for it."

Dinah stepped back and walked inside the Clocktower, she knew they needed talk alone.

"He is right," Helena said lowering her head and looking at her feet "he is your boyfriend."

Barbara shook her head. "I didn't want him to hurt you."

"I know." The brunette lowered her head. "He is just trying to defend his love for you. I'd do the same."

The redhead rested her hand on her arm. "We will solve this soon, I promise."

Helena felt the touch of soft fingers on her like heaven. She had missed that touch so much.

"Maybe we could solve this soon but..." Helena looked at her. "What do I do with all my feelings for you?"

Barbara stared at her speechless.

"They will stay inside me forever." The brunette said,

"It's a fantasy." Barbara moved he head.

The brunette rested her hands on the wheelchair arms and fixed her eyes on the redhead who shivered under the intense gaze. "You can't call a fantasy what I'm feeling for you now. This is real, it's the most real I have felt in all my life."

They looked at each other in silence.

"I don't think I can stay here Barbara." Helena whispered lowering her head.

"Why not?" Barbara asked concerned, she felt afraid to lose her again. She didn't want it.

"You know. I love you, you and him are engaged. It hurts me so much to see you with him."


"And it's not fair to ask you for something that goes against your feelings."

"My heart says that I want to help you, that I want you to stay close." Barbara said "I already asked Dick to keep his distance until we find out what's happening. Helena, I don't approve of what he did. He tried to hurt you. We had talked about it, he promised me he wouldn't do it."

Helena looked at her.

"It's what I want." Barbara said, holding her gaze.

The brunette took Barbara's hand between hers and kissed the other woman's knuckles sending a shiver up Barbara's spine.

"You love Dick, Barbara. Your happiness is the most important thing to me…"

"Yes, but it doesn't mean I approve when he acts without thinking. I don't like that he hurt you, especially because we had talked about this before. I asked him and he promised me he would respect you."

The brunette fixed her eyes on Barbara and caressed a soft cheek with her hand and smiled with sadness. When everything seemed fine in her life, she awoke to find out it was just her imagination.

"I'm so in fucking love with you." Helena whispered, caressing her cheek "Do you don't know how hard it is be so close to you knowing I can't touch you… Kiss you."

Barbara blushed. "I'm sure that we will find out what's happening…"

"And then what Barbara?" the dark haired woman interrupted with a soft voice "What will I do? My feelings for you will be as strong as they are now. You are my life, my heaven and my hell. Whatever has happened, what I feel for you is not a fantasy. My feelings for you are so real."

Helena leaned slowly. Barbara kept still, hypnotized by those deep blue eyes fixed on her. Her heart beat fast, she held her breath. For a brief second she was sure Helena would kiss her on her lips but the caress was on her cheek. The touch of Hel's soft lips against her was longer than she expected. When Helena moved back, she lightly brushed her nose against Barbara's cheek. It was a light, but electric touch.

"See you tomorrow." Helena whispered walking inside the Clocktower.

Barbara watched her leave and when Hel disappeared from her sight, Barbara turned to see the night. She just wished all this nightmare finished soon for Helena's sake.

"I can't find anything abnormal in your brain," Barbara leaned back on her chair scratching her head She was working at the Delphi with all her systems trying to figure out again what had happened to Helena. "but something must have caused that loss of memory and replaced it with the one you have in your mind now."

The dark haired woman stepped inside the platform, after taking a warm shower. She brushed her hair with her hands. "Very hard to say it was a fantasy."

"But it is."

The brunette stood up next to her crossing her arms and resting her hips on a desk next to Barbara. The redhead looked especially beautiful that morning. After what she had just discovered, she doubted her 'fantasy' was a fantasy.

"I don't think so. You bit really hard." Helena said.

"Excuse me?" Barbara turned to see her.

The brunette leaned and moved down the shoulder of her blouse. It was a bruise fading on her shoulder. "You did that to me the last time me made love."

"Helena!" the redhead blushed.

"What? You did." Helena smiled, Barbara always looked adorable when she blushed.

"I didn't!" she looked at her with big eyes.

Helena lifted her eyebrow. "Despite anything you think about yourself, let me tell you that you are fantastic at it."

"Let me see that." The redhead asked feeling embarrassed trying to change the subject.

The brunette pulled up a chair and sat at her side smiling. The redhead observed the bruise that had almost disappeared.

"You are wild." Helena said enjoying Barbara's closeness. "And I love it."

Barbara kept busy in her observation ignoring her comments. Helena turned her head slightly and closed her eyes smelling the shampoo in Barbara's hair.

"Helena…" Barbara warned.

"You smell pretty good, it's not my fault."

"Helena, this is not a game."

"Of course it isn't. You love to bite me and I love that you love it."

Barbara made a face and took the pen scanner next to her computer and took a few pictures of Helena's shoulder and moved back

"I still don't feel my memories are a fantasy." Helena said holding the back of the chair in her arms. "I mean, I have dreams, but my dreams never are that real or leave bruises."

Barbara lifted her eyebrow and looked at her.

"I insist something weird is happening" Helena said pointing at her shoulder "How can you explain this bruise?"

"One of your usual fights." Barbara pressed the download button on her computer to examine the photos of Helena's shoulder.

"It's a bite."

"One of your girlfriends bit you.".

"I'm monogamous. There is no one else, just you,"

"You said a man in a silver costume attacked you, It's Mystic." The redhead explained pressing some buttons at her computer.

"Yes I know." Helena said "The guy that we caught said his name."

Barbara tapped her fingers over the desk "It's one of your cases. You had been chasing him the last months."

"One of my cases?" Helena narrowed her eyes.

"You work alone, remember?" Barbara said.

"No. I remember Dinah and I caught a bad man that died and vanished. He said that Mystic had promised to take him back. I still don't know who is Mystic."

"You were chasing him." Barbara showed her a picture on her screen. "This is him."

"Yes, that was the guy that attacked me, Silver guy." Helena looked at the screen.

"In fact you never could catch him."

"What?" the brunette frowned "No one escaped me."

"Well, this was your first then." Barbara smirked.

"You sounded kinky again."

"All right," Barbara moved her head knowing where Helena was going "you said the man vanished?"

"His body disappeared after the police picked him up, but you looked in his records and he was pretty alive in jail."

"Me?" Barbara stared at her.

"It's what I remember in my fantasy." Helena shrugged her shoulders. "We were working together."

"Do you remember the name of the man?"

"James ´Big boy´ Harris"

Barbara typed at her computer.

The dark haired woman rested her hand on her chin. Barbara looked really gorgeous. It was hard resist the temptation to not lean and kiss her. The way she wore her glasses always had been damn sexy. She wondered why she had left and abandoned Barbara?

Whatever, the fact was that she loved Barbara. Now, she was the girlfriend of that moron called Dick.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" the redhead asked, feeling nervous at the depth of the gaze on her.

"Well, I was looking at how beautiful you are and wondering how I could abandon you."

Barbara closed her eyes for a brief second and turned to see her. "Could you please stop flirting? You're embarrassing me."

"Uh… sorry." Helena said "Does Dick never tell you how beautiful you are?"

"No, yes, well…" Barbara muttered, dammit, Helena turned her nerves on with her flirting. Barbara was not used to it "yes, but… Could you please just stop?"

"It's not flirting it's the truth."

"Helena, it is not normal to hear your best friend saying those things."

Helena smirked. That was a point for her, according to Barbara, she had abandoned she team, she was rude and still she considered her as her best friend. Definitely she could try to conquer Barbara's heart

Barbara exhaled "Well I found the name you said, this guy disappeared a month ago."

"So my fantasy was pretty real."

"He didn't vanished, he just ran away from jail." Barbara turned her wheelchair and moved toward the elevator.


"Do you really love Dick?" she hopped to the floor and followed her.

"Yes I love him." Barbara answered pressing the elevator button.

Helena made a face, but that 'I love' didn't sound convincing. The redhead moved inside the elevator. Helena followed her and pressed the button upstairs.

"Where is him?" Helena asked.

"In a meeting."

"Be engaged not means be in love." The brunette leaned her face a few inches towards the redhead's, her eyes sparking "And as I remember, the time we were together you were my whole world. No one was more important than you."

"It only happened in your dreams." Barbara pushed her back with her hand.

"We can do it in reality." The brunette winked.

"Forget it."

The elevator doors opened and she wheeled outside to the kitchen.

"Why?" Helena smirked.

"Why?" Barbara chuckled "Because you are a woman!"


"And I'm a woman too."


"Helena, I'm not going to discuss this." She took the pot with boiled water and purred a cup with it. "Do you want tea?"

"Nah…" the brunette went toward the fridge and took a bottle of milk out and picked up a bag of pop tarts from the table.

"How long had you been with him?" Helena asked sitting at the table. "I mean, in my memory you only could tolerate him two months before you realized I'm more charming than him."

"A year and he proposed to me a few weeks ago." Barbara put her cup of tea on the table.

"But you always said he was sometimes a bit insensitive, that he didn't listen you and just himself."

Barbara snapped her head toward the brunette.

How could she know it? Yes sometimes she thought it about him but she never had said it to anyone.

"Who told you that?" Barbara asked.

"You." Helena bit a piece of her pop tart. Helena crossed her arms and looked at her. It was the same attitude she had when she had started to flirt with her, always defensive.

"I never said that to you."

"You did it the night you broke up with him."


"He was an asshole with you as always."

"Don't talk like that about him." The red head warned.

"Okay." Helena rolled her eyes "he made you cry because he said he would go with you to a dinner for your birthday and he cancelled it."

Barbara took a sip of her warm tea. "I think we must look for Mystic and find out what he did to you."

The change of conversation was the favorite tactic of the red head to avoid a topic.

"Okay," Helena said "I can go out on sweeps tonight."

Barbara observed her cup of tea brief seconds before looking at the dark haired woman.

"You can stay here all the time you want."

Helena smiled to her. "Are you sure that it won't bother you?"

"You never bother me Helena," Barbara said smirking "yes, sometimes you are annoying but I like when you stay at home."

Helena smiled, it was another point for her.

"I was thinking," Barbara put her cup of coffee down on the table "that maybe we could go out shopping this afternoon."

"Shopping?" the brunette cocked her head.

"Well, you don't have many clothes."

"All right. Good idea, but first we have to go to the bank. I need some cash." Helena licked her lips "May I invite you to dinner?" Helena asked, surprising the red head.

"Dinner?" Barbara almost choked on the cookie.

"Well, you said I was rude to you and I hurt you," the brunette shrugged her shoulders. "I would like to apologize and start again. I don't want you to have a bad impression of me. What do you think?"

"Oh… well…"

"Just to talk." Helena lifted her hand "I promise."

Barbara chuckled, it sounded nice to get a moment to relax and forget about work. "All right."

"Maybe on Friday?" Helena asked leaning over the table.

"All right." The red head said.

"It's a date then." The young woman hit her leg with her palm.

Barbara glared to her.

"Well, it's a dinner then." Helena sighed.

"Hi honey." Dick's voice was as a hit to Helena's gut.

"Hey." She turned surprised to see him "What are you doing here?"

"Meeting cancelled, are you free to go to lunch?" He walked inside the kitchen and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. "I really want talk to you." Helena pressed her fist with such force in anger that her knuckles turned white.

"Oh, I was thinking go with Helena to do some shopping."

Helena stood up faking a smile. "Oh, no, don't worry about me, I'll go get my hair cut."

"Are you sure?" He said.

"Oh sure, don't worry," Helena waved her hand "Well, I let you talk. Have fun."

The brunette stepped out of the kitchen, Dick sat next to the red head.

"What about pasta?"

"Pasta sounds good." She said.

"Well, let's go then." He smiled to her and whispered to her ear "I would love to be with you tonight."


He nodded, taking her hand and kissing her hand. "What do you say?"

The red head hesitated. "I… I don't think it would be a good idea. I asked you for time."

"But… Why?"

"Helena, you know."

"Barbara, we can't stop our relationship just for her."

"I'm not saying we stop it, just be more…cautious to not hurt her."

He sighed and moved his head. "How long?"

"I don't think this will take too long, just a couple of weeks."

"Barbara, I will like to propose to you that we should live together."

Barbara looked at him speechless, well she was not expecting this.

The man's back hit the wall hard. He slipped down, unconscious. Huntress smirked. Another man tried to attack. She bent and kicked him in the gut, he crashed against a trash can. Two more men charged her. She jumped over them and took one by the back of his sweater and pushed him against his friend; both fell to the floor and she jumped over them, she punched both with her fist. She moved back and looked around.

There was a deep silence in the lonely alley.

"That's all?" she growled extending her arms. The men are not make as they used to do. "What's wrong with you?"

The brunette picked up one of the men who moved restlessly over the floor. She pushed him against the wall.

"All right," she said "A little bird told me you all used to work with Mystic. Where is he now?" she had been researching all night and she couldn't find a clue as to what had happened in the last weeks. So, she now had chosen to chase criminals and maybe someone could know about that man.

"I don't know, it has been a long time since he left. He just disappeared."


"No, I'm not lying."

"I'll look for you soon, and I hope you bring me very good news. You don't want to see me pissed off." She pushed him against the wall and turned around.

Helena began to walk down the street. Now what? She felt tired of all this, she felt an incredible need to be close to Barbara, hold her, kiss her; she wanted make love to her… shit.

She kicked a trash can close to her and paced angrily, running her hands through her hair.


She had been trying to behave, to be nice, but every day it was becoming more difficult to see the stupid Dick Grayson close to Barbara and now he was planning to go on vacation with her to the Caribbean.

Damn, the idea pissed her off.

Her time with Barbara, it couldn't be a dream, it couldn't. She had been with Barbara, they had shared more than two years of her life together. She needed do something except she didn't know what.

She felt lost, lost in her own world, in her own life. This was so weird, so unexpected.

She needed a drink, no, she needed a bottle.

The loud music was exactly what Helena needed, something that didn't let her think, and of course the alcohol helped a lot, after two bottles of tequila she began to feel more relaxed.

She loved tequila, it was strong, tasty and she loved it with music in a dark bar where people were just looking for fun and no one knew who you were.

Helena sat next to the bar watching people,, searching for her prey, just like old times. She smiled to herself, she stopped hunting girls since she took the decision to win Barbara's heart, maybe in her dreams, but she had done it.

She took another shot of tequila and looked around. The place was full of people.

"Want to dance?" a handsome man asked. She shook her head. She just wanted to drink and lose consciousness, she moved through the crowd.

A dream, it had all been a dream. If it had been a dream, why did Barbara freeze when she let her know what she liked to do when they were in the privacy of their bedroom?

She couldn't understand it, she needed find out the truth, something was wrong.

It was crazy what was happening.

She rubbed her eyes with her fingers. Maybe she had drunk too much.

"Want to dance pretty?"

Helena observed a slender hand extended to her. She looked up, a stunning woman was smiling at her. She observed her not moving.

"Just a dance, it will not hurt, or are you afraid?"


"Of me…"

Helena smirked, that woman was seriously challenging her? Whatever, to have a bit of fun couldn't hurt anyone; she left her glass on the table.

She took the woman's hand and moved toward the dance floor. She was breathtaking, thin waist, amazing body. They danced and moved following the rhythm of the music. The woman rubbed against Helena every time she could.

Helena noticed the red hair on the woman, she realized then that the woman looked so much like Barbara, she rested her hand on the young woman's cheek and examined her features- they were delicate,, soft and her lips…

Helena blinked, suddenly it was not a strange woman, it was Barbara. She was dancing with her. It was her Barbara, her dream, her world.

She leaned and kissed her.

And she kissed her back,

It was an intense kiss, wild, hot.

It felt so nice.

The woman wrapped her arms around the dark haired woman's neck and pressed her body against her. That girl definitely wasn't wearing bra. She could feel the woman's thigh pressing against her center.

Things were turning really hot and the brunette was enjoying it.

"How about a drink?" the young woman whispered to the brunette's ear. "My table is private and nice." She moved back taking Helena's hand and pulling her.

The dark haired woman didn't object and followed her to a private table.

The woman filled a glass and extended it to her "A toast for you…"

"For me?"

"I'm lucky tonight, you are gorgeous." The woman sat very close to the brunette wrapping an arm around her back.

Helena smirked taking the glass, "All right. What's your name?"

"What about no names? Just fun?"

"Sounds good to me."

Suddenly yells and screams were heard from the other side of the room.

"All right, everybody give me all the money in your fucking pockets."

It was Mystic and his henchmen.

It was Mystic and his henchmen.

Helena moved to her side. She knocked down a first thug, smashing a wine bottle over his head. Then she walked to the other two and knocked them down.

Mystic heard the noise and turned his head. Furious he saw Huntress walking toward him.

"What are you doing here? You should be dead!!"

"I'm very much alive" she smashed her fist into his face. The man fell backwards. Another of his thugs tried to hit Huntress but she ducked and sent him crashing against a far wall.

Mystic pointed his gun at Huntress, she jumped and avoided the hit; turning she grabbed the back of his shirt and pushed him against several tables.

"All right, we need to have a talk." She said walking toward him

The man tried to hit her but she ducked and punched him hard in the stomach.

"You screwed with my head." she lifted him by his lapel "What the fuck do you think you are? Now tell me what you did to me?"

"You should be dead! How could you be alive?" he shouted.

"I'm a cat, cats have many lives."

"Stupid bitch!"

Helena hit him hard on his face knocking him down "No one calls me bitch."

Barbara wheeled outside the school and moved toward the Hummer, she stopped at it side and looked for her keys. She heard the horn of a motorcycle. Helena was resting her hips on the seat of the bike a few meters far from her all dressed in leather with high boots and a stunning grin on her face.

"Hi, you look great." Barbara said honestly, the young woman looked gorgeous.

"You like it?" Helena said standing up and giving a little twirl.

"Yes, you look well … very well."

"Thanks so much." Barbara's open smile was wonderful.

"So… you finally caught Mystic."

"That was a lucky break. He is finally behind bars."

"Yes, it was lucky you were in that bar at that moment." Barbara said resting her hands on the briefcase over her legs.

"I left his strange weapon in the lab. Maybe you check it later."

"Yes, I'll do that Did he say anything?"

"He just called me bitch. It pisses me off when people call me bitch."

"You need to work on your charm."

"Do you think?"

Barbara chuckled. "I'm glad all this is finished."

"Not yet," Helena pointed to her head "You still need to fix my head."

Barbara chuckled. "What are you doing here?"

"Wanna a ride?" Helena mimed the sign of a ride with her left hand.

Green eyes blinked, her brain trying to process the words that Helena had said. "Excuse me?"

"Wanna a ride?" Helena waved her hand toward the bike.

The brunette chuckled reading the confusion on the redhead's face.

"Hel… thanks but you know I can't…" Barbara mumbled.

"You can." She moved to a side and showed some additions to the bike. "I added some belts to secure your legs and feet to the bike and a seat with a belt to help keep you in place

Barbara inspected Helena's additions, effectively it could keep her in place but it was a crazy idea.

"No, no," she waved her hand "you are nice Helena, but I can't."

"Is it a safety thing?" Helena turned and showed her a black helmet "I got this for you" she turned it in her hands.

"Thanks Hel, but I can't?"

"Is it the hummer?" Helena extended both arms to her right. "Ta-da!! Alfred could take it home safely."

Barbara looked stunned when her loyal friend appeared behind the Hummer with a big smile.

"Seems you've thought of everything." The red head chuckled, shaking her head.

"She always does." Alfred said.

"And I brought a jacket for you too." Alfred gave Helena a black jacket "So, what do you say?"

Barbara hesitated. "I…"

Helena took a card out of her pocket and lifted it with her index and middle fingers. "I brought my driver's license too."

"I haven't done this in years Helena."

"I'll never let anything happened to you Red. Trust me."

The redhead kept looking silently at the bike. She hadn't ridden a bike since the accident. This felt so awkward. She had loved riding her bike, feeling the vibration of the engine under her, the wind on her face; she had loved the adrenaline. But this…

She looked at the brunette, who in turn looked at her with eyes full of expectation and excitement; like a kid waiting to go out. Helena was a big kid, and she definitely was crazy.

Decision made.

"I must be insane," Barbara nodded "all right. Let's go."

"Yes!" Helena grinned happily handing Barbara the jacket and taking the briefcase off her legs. "Help me with this Alfred."

After a few minutes, Helena had secured the redhead on the back seat of the bike.

"Drive carefully Alfred." Helena said climbing on the bike and adjusting the helmet on her head "I don't want Barbara to lecture us for screwing with her Hummer."

"Don't worry Miss Helena," Alfred said amused "I never had a ticket driving for Master Wayne – even when thugs were chasing us. Have fun."

The redhead made a face.

"He is joking Red." Helena turned on the motorcycle, "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Barbara wrapped her arms around the brunette's waist; and the young woman pressed the accelerator.

Helena and Barbara arrived at the Penthouse laughing. Helena was fun when she was in a good mood. The brunette had surprised her by picking her up at the school in a bike. She really had enjoyed the time spent with her, it had been just so different. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so happy and so free. She had chosen a long way home and the sensation of being on a bike again had been fantastic, she had almost forgotten how good it felt driving at high speed between vehicles. The time seemed to fly.

Barbara felt very happy to have Helena back. She had missed her a lot, she never imagined how much she would miss her. It had been really dark days and things were going so well, just as if Helena had never gone. She needed to find a way to help her friend, she knew this was painful for Helena and she didn't want it to be. She wanted her to find happiness again.

She had resumed her work at the bar, which should help her clear the ideas in her mind and to sort out her confusion about her feelings. She thought she could help Helena forget those ideas but it seemed they were fixed in her mind as a reality.

"Seriously" the brunette smiled following her inside the penthouse "I think it will work."

"Don't say that."

"I would really appreciate it if you two could avoid stepping inside my living room with all that mud on your clothes." Alfred said from the hallway "I've just polished the floor."

Both women looked down. It seemed riding a bike in the rain could get a bit dirty.

"It was that hole I told you not to drive over."

"I thought it was small." Helena said removing her boots.

Barbara extended a bag to Alfred. "They're muffins. Could you please make some coffee?"

"Seems you two were having fun." Alfred gave them a towel.

"We were but it began to rain and well," Barbara smiled bending to remove her shoes "it caught us by surprise. How did you know we would be soaked?"

His eyes moved to one of the security cameras. "That and the fact that it began to rain in the city and you were delayed." He took the brunette's boots between his hands.

"It was just a ride but it was Barbara's idea to give a little tour before." Helena hopped on one foot to remove her socks.

"I had forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike in the rain." Barbara said.

"I suggest you take a warm shower while I prepare the coffee.

"Chocolate!" Helena's eyes sparkled.

"And chocolate too." Alfred said.


Helena recognized the voice behind them immediately and the smile vanished from her face.

"Hey Dick," the redhead greeted "What are you doing here? I didn't expect you."

"I cancelled my dinner and I came to see you…" he observed the two women covered in mud and wet with grass "What happened to you… two?"

"Riding a bike." Helena shrugged her shoulders.

"Riding a bike? Alfred told me but I thought he was joking."

"Yes, it was fun and exciting." Barbara smiled removing the jacket and handing it to Alfred.

"You should have called me."

Barbara chuckled "Don't be silly, we were out just a couple of hours."

"It's dangerous."

"Oh no," Helena said removing her jacket too "I didn't drive more than 100 miles per hour."

The tall man looked incredulously at the redhead..

"True." Barbara said using the towel to dry herself "She drove at 95 miles per hour:"

"What? That's dangerous." Dick almost shouted standing in front of the redhead.

"It was our usual speed when we used to trap criminals" Barbara brushed her hair with her hands, the problem with helmets was that they always made a mess of your hair.

"Barbara, you can't."

"She can and she did." Helena interrupted using the towel to dry her pants.

"This is insane." He said.

"She was pretty safe Master Dick." Alfred pointed out "Miss Helena took all the precautions needed. She, as you, is worried for her safety."

"Thanks Alfred." The redhead said "You need to relax Dick, nothing happened and I had a great time."

"Do you want coffee, Master Dick?"

"No Alfred, thanks." The man rubbed the back of his head with his hand.

"We went to the hills and the view was fantastic." Helena added wrapping the towel behind her neck. "The city looks spectacular from there."

"Hills? The highway?" the tall man asked, looking at both women.

"No, that's boring, we took one of the roads that cross the hills, you know, soil, grass" Helena clarified.

"And she drives very well," Barbara winked to the brunette "not as good as me, but well."

"Came on Dick," the brunette said "She climbed walls, she chased and fought criminals with axes, guns, rockets, laser guns, bombs, grenades and now you say riding a bike is dangerous?"

"It was fun, Dick." Barbara put the towel over her shoulder "It was a good idea."

"It was a stupid idea."

Barbara's expression turned serious.

"You know you can't protect yourself! Maybe before it was something fun, but now it's madness! You know everything is different now, you are not Batgirl, you are not…"

"I know what I am Dick." Barbara said interrupting him. Alfred and Helena froze in place looking at Barbara. The redhead pinned him with angry deep green eyes.


"I know my limitations and I fight against them everyday. You don't need to point them out to me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must take a shower and later, I want to be alone." She wheeled back and turned toward her room.

"Barbara…." He followed her.

"See you later Dick. Alfred please, get my coffee ready. I'll be back."

He understood it was useless to insist… now and stood in his place not moving.

The redhead disappeared down the hallway.

"You acted irresponsibly!!" he turned to the brunette, angry

"I didn't risk her life, she was safe. Why did you say that?" Helena grumbled "She was so happy."

"Why did you do it, Helena?"

"Why not? All she does is work here all day or at the school. She needs to have fun, she needs a distraction, she needs a life."

"She has a life with me."

The brunette stood up and faced him. "What life? You are never here, you just come and go as you please, your entire life has been like that. You left her alone in her worst moments."

"And what about you?" he shouted "You left not saying a word! She cried for days!"

The brunette clenched her jaw and pressed her fist in balls glaring to him. She could either kill him or kill him, any of those options were good.

"Master Dick." Alfred moved between them knowing a fight could start soon "I think that we must give Miss Barbara time and afterwards, perhaps you could have a talk with her."

He turned away angrily.

"Miss Helena," the gentle butler turned to the young woman "Why don't you go to take a shower? You could get a cold, you are soaked and it was freezing outside."

She stared at Dick. Alfred was trying to avoid a fight that could piss Barbara off even more. She nodded and walked toward her room not saying a word.

Stupid moron, he had ruined her nice evening with the redhead.

Barbara sipped her warm cup of coffee and after it, she bit her muffin, she closed her eyes enjoying the taste of it. She was alone at the kitchen of her penthouse wearing just her robe, after she took a warm, long and pleasant shower. She was not in the mood to work, she felt so relaxed.

She had enjoyed the evening, it had been a really wonderful ride; she still could feel the cold, the wind, the speed. She remembered her nights patrolling the city covered by the night.

She loved that sensation of freedom.

Helena had created an incredible moment for her, she had thought of every detail. She didn't remember her limitations on that incredible hour they had been out; it was one of those moments that stays in your memories.

She crossed her arms over the table and looked her coffee; a light smile painted her face.

"If you keep just standing there, I'll eat all the muffins." The redhead said.

"No way, you couldn't hear me." Helena said.

"No, but I can feel you."

After Dick had screwed the nice day they were sharing, Helena took a shower and lay on her bed watching TV.

She wanted see the redhead, talk with her but she thought Barbara wouldn't want see anyone. She was wondering about that when her sensitive nose detected the smell of warm chocolate.

It smelled fantastic. Thinking Alfred was around, she stepped into the kitchen.

Barbara took the jar over the table and filled a cup with warm chocolate "I was waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?" Helena sat next to the redhead happily surprised at her comment.

"I knew the chocolate smell would bring you here," Barbara gave her the chocolate cup "I was just wondering when."

"Is this the bait to bring me here?" Helena narrowed her eyes smiling.

Barbara kept thinking a brief second taking her cup of coffee between her fingers. "Yes." She nodded amused "And it worked." She extended the plate of muffins to the brunette.

Helena chuckled and took a muffin off the plate at the center of the table and bit it. "This looks good."

"It's good." Barbara said biting a piece of her muffin, she put her index over her mouth to prevent a small piece of it from falling onto the table.

"Mmmm." Helena tasted the cake "This is really good."

"It's…" the redhead looked the brunette. "You arrived late last night."

"Uh…" Helena felt caught, "I went out."

"Where did you go?"

"Well, I just walked around and later I went a bar to dance and just have fun…"

"Fun." The older woman nodded "What kind of fun?"

"Drinking?..." Helena hesitated "Uh? Dancing?"

"With a nice looking girl?"

"Well… yes…"

"You didn't return to sleep." Barbara said with soft voice "I assume you went to another place."

"Oh no… "Helena hurried to say "No, no, I went to the bar and danced, just that."

"You were dancing with a gorgeous woman and you let her go?" Barbara chuckled amused "That's new, you never let anyone go alive."

"It's true, I just took a few drinks and I danced and after that I left the place and sat on a rooftop watching the daybreak. I wasn't sleepy. I never would cheat on you."

"Cheat on me?"

Helena sighed. "You are the only one Barbara." She said with low voice.

Barbara felt moved. "Helena…"

"I know, I know, I just…" the brunette rubbed her hair with her hand "…for me you are."

Barbara looked her with tender expression, it was so sweet. She extended her hand and covered the brunette's fingers with her hand.

"I feel it…" Helena whispered hiding her eyes behind her rebeld bangs "You can't blame me for it, right?"

"No, I think its sweet thanks, I really feel so honored that you have all these wonderful feelings for me, you are a great girl. But…"

"Maybe someday." Helena put a piece of muffin in her mouth "Who knows? I'm charming and pretty hot."

"Thanks so much for the ride, it was fantastic." Barbara said to change the subject and to avoid making the brunette feel uncomfortable. After all, Helena had been doing the best since her return to make her feel comfortable and be nice.

"We must do it again." Helena tasted her chocolate, she licked her lips, she really was enjoying the chocolate. She was a lover of milk and when it was mixed with chocolate it was heaven for her.

"We should." Barbara rested her hand on her chin observing the brunette,

"Really?" Blue eyes fixed on her surprised.


"Are you serious?"

"I'm serious."

"Wow. That's cool."

Barbara smiled, "I really felt free again for a while."

"You are free, you can do whatever you want. It's up to you."

"I'm not sure." The former cyber genius said circling her index finger around the rim of her coffee mug.

"Don't listen that moron." Helena said

"Don't call him that." Barbara said with sadness.

"All right, but it doesn't change the fact he still is a moron."

"Hel… he is human."

"Being human doesn't equal being stupid. No one has the right to make you feel less." The dark haired woman looked her with a soft expression "You are an incredible human being, you're worth so much. It really makes me feel angry that he can't see how marvelous you are."

"I can't blame him Helena. He knows I can't..."

"Then he doesn't love you." Helena interrupted her. "If he can only see what's on the outside and think that it limits your life and what you are, he doesn't know you, he doesn't love you."

Barbara kept silent staring at the muffin on her hand. She took a few moments before she turned her eyes toward the brunette.

"I don't want talk about him tonight or me. I'm tired now." she said narrowing her eyes "Can we talk… about any other silly thing?"

Helena's smile turned wide and open. "How about buying another bed for me?"

"I just bought it a year ago."

"In a garage sale? It's stiff as hell."

"Come on, it is not so bad."

"You don't sleep on it, my back is killing me."

"Your back is killing you because you never sit in the correct way."

"I always sit on the correct way."

Barbara raised her eyebrow to the brunette who had her legs crossed over the chair.

"Come on…" Helena understood the message, she took another muffin off the plate "We are now in a midnight snack."

The redhead chuckled, in some way Helena helped her to feel so relaxed. They sat there talking for a long time about anything, just sharing and enjoying each other's company.

Huntress helped the blonde to walk outside the elevator, she was wincing. Barbara was at the lab, as soon she noticed the girls arrival, she moved toward them. Seemed there had been an incident in the vigilant task of the night. She opened a bottle of alcohol and prepared a few cottons.

"I told you to duck" the brunette said.

"Yes, after the man hit me." Dinah had a cloth over her nose.

"You were too slow."

"All right, bring her here." Barbara said pulling some plastic gloves over her hands.

"You are supposed to cover my back." The blonde went to the lab.

"I did, I was covering your back, he broke your nose, it was your front."

"That was not fun."

"You said back, not front!"

"Sit here." The redhead smiled amused while taking a clean cloth out of a drawer.

"I'll kill you." Dinah growled obeying.

"We don't kill, remember?" Helena said sitting over a table.

"Easy, I need check you, move your head back." The redhead said to Dinah.


"No one know where that Mystic guy has gone, he just vanished." Helena said checking her nails.

"Yea." Dinah mumbled with her head up.

"Stay still." Said the redhead to the blonde checking her nose.

"They all say he vanished three months ago." Helena crossed her arms over her chest "But I don't understand, three months ago was when his first attack was reported"

"He was hitting the city a year ago and you chased him. " Barbara said.

"A year ago? A year ago we were a month in Hawaii"

"Remember your memory has been affected." The redhead pointed.

"Hawaii?" Dinah asked surprised.

"Stay Still." Barbara sighed.

"Barbara likes reading books under a big palm tree, in the sun, in a bikini drinking piña colada with zero alcohol."

"I don't wear bikinis."

"Well, I pushed you to do it, and you really made many men and women turn heads,"

"You didn't." Barbara stopped her work and looked her

"Oh, yea, I did it," Helena smirked "And you looked spectacular."

"How did you convince me?"

"I was using a very light bikini and you said it was indecent. So we made a deal, I would use more fabric in my bikini and you less."

"You are joking." The redhead kept her work on the blonde

"Oh no, I looked spectacular too, and you didn't like that many people turned to ogle me." Helena turned to see her "I always thought you are jealous but not that much."

"I'm not!" Barbara glared to her.

"Hey my nose!" Dinah protested when Barbara moved her hand abruptly from her examination. "Oh…. Sorry." The redhead apologized, returning to her healing work..

"It's just her fantasy," Dinah growled "Why are you listening her?"

"Well, I'm not lying." Helena shrugged her shoulders

"Barbara doesn't wear bikinis. It's your imagination." Dinah said.

"Hey, I'm not that old." Barbara said to Dinah. After all she was not so bad looking.

"I'm not saying it, I mean…Oh… I hate you Helena!"

"All right, you keep still" Barbara said to Dinah and later turned to see Helena

The brunette smirked, she had created the confusion she wanted and looked for a bag of cookies inside one of her pockets.

Barbara wheeled back "your nose is fine, you just will be a bit bruised."

"Seems when Mystic created that creepy fantasy in your head, he failed to make you nicer."

"It was not a creepy fantasy," Helena said "Being with Barbara was fantastic! She doesn't have a clue about cooking, but it was still great."

"I know how to cook." Barbara said picking up her mobile that vibrated in her pocket. "Wait a second you two, Barbara Gordon… hey Dick."

Helena made a face. Surely she had done something really bad in another life to have that moron always between her and Barbara…. Or maybe she had done it in this life

"Yes sure, I'll see you there in ten minutes. Bye." The redhead hung up the phone. "All right girls, I must go. Don't ever say my cooking is bad."

"It's not bad, but your skill with the microwave is much better." Helena smirked.

"Point to her." Dinah said.

"You two are worse than me in cooking."

Helena finished munching another cookie. "Excuse me, Dinah's cakes are delicious."

"I'll prepare the dinner today and show you two that my culinary skills are good."

Helena coughed; suddenly she felt the cookie stuck in her throat.

"Oh no, it's not necessary Barbara." Dinah said patting Helena's back.

"Oh no, you two will marvel at my culinary skills and stop your jokes." Barbara turned and wheeled toward her room. "Tonight at eight."

"Good one genius." Dinah grumbled to Helena.

"Coff, what? Why you blame me?" Helena patted her chest with her hand "You agreed that she is bad at cooking, coff…"

"But you started it! Now we have to eat whatever she cooks!"

"Coff… I know - it's bad."

"Bad? It's terrible!!"

"Maybe I should be sick." Helena said.

"Ah no, you will not leave me alone with this one. It's your fault that guy hit my nose and now I must eat Barbara's cooking!!"

"Hey, my head is not working well, remember?"

"Your head has never worked well." Dinah moved toward her room.

"That hurt my feelings."

"Why is Dick not here?" Helena asked changing the channels on the big screen.

"He is not stupid." Dinah said, she was at her side. Both girls were sprawled on the couch with their feet resting on the table.

"You mean we "are"?" Helena asked.

"I mean you open your mouth too much lately." Dinah moved her head "You and your dreams…"

"Seriously, where is Dick?"

"He called saying her needed to go out of town."

"He always does that."


Helena smiled, at least he will be out of her sight for a few days. He really was annoying and it was hard to not hit him when he was close to Barbara. She leaned forward and looked toward the kitchen. Barbara was at the stove.

"Barbara's cooking is always bad - in dreams and in reality. What's she doing now?"

Dinah leaned forward too and looked toward the kitchen. "No idea."

"Do you think she could blow up the house?"


"Do you remember the last time you checked the extinguisher?" Helena asked looking for one.

"She is not that bad…." Dinah turned to see her.

"One never knows." Helena moved back on the couch.

Dinah kept looking toward the kitchen.

"Tell me something." The brunette asked taking a sip from a can of coke. "Does Barbara really love Dick?"

"I guess." The blonde rested her back again on the couch.

"You guess?"

"Well she is with him."

"They go out often?"

"Maybe once or twice per week. Sometimes they go to the opening of an exhibition, you know social things."

"And he stays here?"


Helena drummed her fingers over the arm of the chair. "She likes go to the beach? Play pool?"

"In your dreams." Dinah chuckled.

"In my dreams she goes to the beach, plays pool & goes bowling."

Dinah looked the brunette. "You really are interested in her."

"Of course, I love her."

"But she loves Dick."

"I'm not so sure," Helena crossed her arms over her chest "My theory is that she is with him because he is safe, she knows him, he knows her and there is no need to hide secrets. She can be Oracle, can be Barbara and it's okay, any other human being wouldn't understand it."

Dinah lifted her eyebrows. "Good point."

"And I'm sure that moron doesn't see how beautiful Barbara is and doesn't give her flowers."

"Well sometimes he does it, but he says he wants to respect her independence."

"It's stupid, just flatter her. She likes it."

"Remember this is all in your imagination, you have never courted her."

Helena narrowed her eyes. "I bet you that I can win her heart."

Dinah rolled her eyes. "Helena, she is straight."

"That's not a problem." The brunette winced and rubbed her temples.

"What's wrong?"

"A headache, I need to take some pills."

"They are in the kitchen, whatever, " the blonde said "you are crazy. She is engaged with Dick."

"He don't loves her, he don't make her feel like a woman. She needs someone that understands her, loves her and makes her feel like a real woman.

"And who will be that person? You?"


"Helena, don't you dare…"

"Watch me." the brunette stood up.

"Where are you going?" Dinah asked curious.

"Be back in a few." The brunette waved her hand.

Part 4

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