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Worlds Apart
By Jaguarin


Part 8

Helena arrived at the town center. It was in utter chaos. Sirens were heard all around and people were shouting everywhere. She helped some people out of their apartments and stood on a rooftop to better observe the movement in the streets which were filled with police patrols, firemen, ambulances, fire trucks and every single emergency service going.

She began to move between buildings looking for people who may be trapped. The mess caused by the explosion was huge. She took shelter inside a building to recover her breath and wiped the sweat off her face with the back of her hand. She felt sick, but she still had work to do.

<Huntress?> she heard Oracle's voice in her mic.

She rested her back against a wall on the roof, she covered her face with her hands and closed her eyes, she just needed a few seconds to recover.

<Huntress are you okay?> Helena heard again Barbara's voice on the mic.

"Yes, just taking a breath…." Damn, she really felt sick. She took a deep breath trying to recover but everything shifted around her.

<You have to move from there in ten minutes. Your vitals are all wrong. You are feeling sick, right?>

"Just a bit dazed, but I'll be fine." Helena took a deep breath "People here need help."

<Huntress, I can check your vital signs from here. You are not well.> The redhead said, worried

<Stay right there, I'm picking you up.>

"No, I'm fine." The brunette stood up and rubbed her head. She walked toward the cornice and stood over it, looking at the scene before her.

Almost four blocks of the city were on fire. It was a terrible sight.

She checked her hands - she was shaking, damn. She needed to gain control of herself; people needed her.

Suddenly, an explosion behind her sent her flying off the rooftop. Thankfully there was a balcony two floors below, and she fell onto an open garden umbrella, breaking it.

She growled in pain. She must have lost one of her nine lives there.

<Huntress, what's wrong?> Oracle asked.

"Another explosion…I think this fire is intentional." the brunette pushed a chair back with her feet and sat slowly.

She felt so fucking sick.

<You need to come back.> the redhead insisted.

"Just give me…" Limping, Huntress stood up only to be pushed down again roughly.

Dammit! Her sickness must have affected her senses because she hadn't seen or heard anyone.

She turned and hit the man who had attacked her, sending him crashing into a wall.

"It's Mystic…" the brunette grumbled, preparing to attack.

<Mystic? He is in jail>

"Not anymore." Huntress used a piece of the broken umbrella to hit him hard on his face. He grabbed her neck and pushed her against the wall, she tried to get free of the grip and her necklace broke in the struggle. It was not easy fight with just one arm. She pushed him against the railing which broke under their weight and sent them hurtling down to the street. They both hit the roof of a car hard, and rolled to the ground.

"Fuck." Huntress cried holding her injured shoulder.

<I need backup here, Dinah.> The brunette said, placing her hand against her neck. It was then she realized she had lost her communicator and her connection with Barbara and her young partner was broken. Great, just what she needed. She was about to stand up when she saw Mystic in front of her, pointing a gun in the face.

"You really are hard to kill. If you move, I'll blow your head off." Mystic said, showing her his weapon.

"Sorry if I disappointed you." She winced as she kneeled on the floor.

"You are still alive, amazing." He began to circle the brunette. "You are as strong as your counterpart but she is dying and I'll help you to die soon."

"Who?" Helena asked with a touch of fear. She was thinking of Dinah.

"Your other you. By removing you two from your respective worlds, you were supposed to die."

The brunette frowned. He was definitely out of his mind.

"I see you don't know yet." He smirked and chuckled "Well, you don't belong to this world, I moved you to this world with a new weapon I created and which you stole from me."

The brunette listened intently, trying to understand.

"I discovered how to open a portal that let me travel between worlds, I discovered there was a parallel world with another "me" of all people, including you. So I met my counterpart in the parallel world and we planned to kill the "Huntress" from both worlds."

The brunette began to listen to the incredible story which he took long minutes to relate. At first, she thought he was joking but he began to share some details that made her understand many things.

"You are lying…" she finally said to him. What he was saying was impossible.

"Am I?" he smirked "Were things the same after you awoke that day in the old hotel when you were sure that I had attacked you in a warehouse? Can you say the same of your friends in the last few months?"

Helena suddenly understood why she didn't remembered anything about her past with Barbara. The truth was she didn't have any past with Barbara. That realization made made her heart clench.

She had been living a dream, she had enjoyed the most wonderful days of her life and he was telling her it all was a dream.

"You feel sick, right?" Mystic said waving his hand "I can see it in your face; it means your end is near, this world is rejecting you, just like I told you. And the best part is no one will know what happened to you."

The brunette rested her forehead on the cold floor, she really felt like shit, and every second was worse than the last.

"Sadly the Huntress caught my counterpart in his world." Mystic walked close to her "But I, knowing that would happen to me too, set up a plan "B" to escape, so my men were ready to rescue me on time. I created all this chaos knowing you will come here and I was right. "Now tell me, where is my weapon? You stole it from me."

"I sold it."

He kicked her hard in the ribs. She grunted. Well, he sure didn't like "No" for an answer.

"Where is my gun?"

"In your ass." Huntress made a sudden, quick movement which caught Mystic off guard. She hit his hand and his weapon flew free. She then hit him in the face.

She grabbed his throat with fury and pushed him against the ground. "Are you saying this world is not mine and that I have been living a fucking lie?"

He chuckled. "No, it is the truth for your counterpart who is now living your life in your world. But she will die soon, and so will you."

"This people here around me…?"

"This is a parallel world, Huntress This is not your place, your home, your family, and you will never come back."

She hit him again on his face.

He tried to punch her but she ducked and she buried her fist in his stomach. Damn, it hurt, she hit him with her injured arm. He caught her wrist and slapped her face, and twisted her arm. She growled and fell to the floor.

Fuck, fuck, that hurt.

His feet connected with her head making her see stars. He wrapped his arm around her neck to strangle her. Huntress pushed him back and fell on her knees, gasping.

He stood up and was going to attack her again when a batarang flew past and hit him right on his head.

"Stay back!" Oracle shouted from a dark corner.

"What the…?" he growled seeing the tall woman walking toward him and grabbing the batarang which flew back into her hands.

Huntress lifted her head, Oracle was there…walking. She was using the neural transponder.

The man charged at her but she took out her baton and used it to hit him. He was not a very skillful fighter and she had him on the ground with three quick maneuvers.

Dinah appeared almost immediately, cuffing him.

"Secure him to the fence." The redhead instructed her protégée, "The police will pick him up." the redhead walked toward the brunette and kneeled at her side.

"Are you all right?"

"Yes… just a bit sore."

"I'm so happy to see you." The redhead hugged her with all her strength. So strong that Helena felt surprised, and she hugged her back.

"I'm happy too…" the brunette said.

Barbara moved back and touched the brunette's cheek. "We need go back home, you have a fever."

"You are using the transponder." Huntress said "It's not good for you."

"I don't care, You are the most important thing in my life."

"Did you hear what he said?" Huntress fixed her eyes on the redhead.

"Yes." Barbara nodded. "It's true, everything he said. You don't belong to this world. If you stay here, you will die. You are sick because the environment is destroying your blood cells and your defenses are useless against it."

"This is not my world?"


"I understand so many things now. Why I couldn't remember the past between you and me…" the dark haired woman muttered brushing her hair back "So, all my memories about quitting the team… about the fight…about being on my own…"

"Those memories are true. But it's time to go home, Hel." Barbara said. Worried about the girl's deteriorating condition, she stood up and helped the brunette to stand up.

Limping the dark haired woman stood up.

"He is secure Barbara." Dinah said "I called Reese, he will be here in a few minutes."

"It's okay, we need to get Helena back home." The redhead smiled, shaking the blonde's hand. "Thanks so much."

"It's a pleasure."

"Barbara…" Huntress looked into the redhead's eyes "Everything that has happened here…was it all an illusion?"

"Not an illusion, you lived the life of another you, of the Helena of this world."

"So…when you said you loved me, you didn't mean me - you were referring to the other me? You thought I was her."

The redhead smiled. "Excuse me?"

"I fell in love with you… and now you say I must go back to a world where I won't talk to you, I mean the other you and where you are…well she is engaged to Dick…"

"That is true too, but you said you were straight." Barbara smiled, winking at Dinah.

"That was all bullshit," the brunette said "I have always loved you but I knew you would never look at me that way. You were so busy with Dick and… and I created that lie to not feel hurt. But when I saw you two together, it was too much and I left."

"So you quit the team in your world because…?" Barbara asked raising her eye brow.

"Because I love you and I can't stand seeing you with him!" Helena growled, feeling angry with herself. She knew she should have said all this the first day Dick stepped into the Clocktower. She had been such an idiot. Now it was late.

"Why don't you say it to her?"

The brunette sighed "I haven't seen her in months, she must hate me and…I'm sure she is happy with him."

"No, she misses you," Barbara brushed the hairs of the brunette's forehead to a side with infinite tenderness "She misses you a lot and she wants you to come back."

"You don't know that."

"I do, and I want you to come back to our home, the home that you abandoned. It's been so empty since you left."

The brunette frowned.

"Please?" Barbara asked with sweetness and kissed the brunette on her lips.

The touch of her mouth was magic. Helena heard bells all around her. She got lost in the taste of those wonderful lips, in the sensation of Barbara's tongue against hers.

Barbara moved back smirking, delighted with the effect she was having on the brunette "Come on Huntress, it's time to go home, your real home."

The brunette stared at her… it couldn't be, it couldn't be the Barbara from her real world.

"You?" She asked afraid.

The redhead smiled. "It's me."


"The same one you left many months ago, saying you wanted to work on your own."

The young woman turned to look at Dinah who was standing a few meters away. The teen smiled and nodded her head. "She appeared at the Clocktower with our Helena. She explained what happened in her world and I came here to help her look for you. She crossed between worlds to search for you. She is right, it's time you went back to your own world..."

"But…" Helena was stunned and turned to look at the redhead.

"When I knew the truth," Barbara explained "about what Mystic had done to the both of you and that you were going to die, I fixed my mind on returning each of you to your real world."

"But Barbara?.." Helena muttered. "I mean…. the Barbara of this world?"

"Don't worry, she is taking care of her Helena." Dinah said "And feeling happy that 'Barbara' discovered how make Mystic's weapon work and opened the door between the worlds to come here and rescue both of you."

Helena smiled and turned to look at the redhead "So you really love me?"

"With all my heart"

"And Captain Asshat?"

"Being an 'Assahat' as always. I told him…" Barbara caressed the brunette's face with her hands "That my heart belongs to you."

The brunette turned to see the blonde with a big grin on her face.

"I'm glad that I didn't hit your head with a stick." The blonde said "I really thought you were crazy with that straight thing."

"Thanks for everything." the dark haired woman said, hugging the blonde. "Can you tell Barbara thanks?"

"Sure, but she already knows. Now hurry, you need to go back."

The redhead took the brunette's hand. "Bye Dinah."

"Goodbye and good luck."

Barbara was relieved when she noticed Helena's fever was decreasing. She used a wet cloth to clean the brunette's forehead to help cool her down. She was sat on her side of the bed, grateful to have her back, her Helena, her eternal love. She was going to be fine. She thanked the heavens for the brunette's amazing healing abilities which had kept her alive and that even now was helping her to recover.

Her mind traveled back to just a few hours ago.

She had frozen when she heard that Mystic had escaped; Dinah arrived at the Clocktower at the same moment he began to tell the incredible story about the exchange of the women between the worlds. In that moment, the redhead and her young protégée finally understood the reason behind Helena's strange behavior..

A few hours ago…..

Barbara and Dinah were stunned by Mystic's story. It was a shock to find out that this Helena was not their Helena, and that the young crime fighter's life in both worlds was in danger.

Helena's insistence on being straight, the anger directed at Barbara from the first day – all because she had a different past to her Helena. She was not lying, she was not confused.

"So this is not our Helena?" Dinah mumbled.

"No…" Barbara felt a great anguish inside her heart, and so many questions buzzed in her head. Where was her Helena then? Was she still alive? How will she get her back? She couldn't let her emotions control her. She needed to focus in order to help the Helena in trouble now, whose life was in danger.

"Go and help her." The redhead said to the teenager. "Hurry, her necklace must be damaged, I can't contact her."

"I can't believe all this." Dinah said, standing up. The story they had just heard was too incredible and totally impossible, but not as incredible as what happened next.

"It's true." A voice behind them said.

Both women turned their heads. Barbara gasped and Dinah almost fainted. In front of them was another Barbara, standing up and holding a visibly sick Helena. She had the brunette's arm around her neck to help her to stand. The neural transponder was clearly visible on the woman's waist.

"Barbara?" Dinah mumbled, looking at her and then at the other redhead, "Who is she?"

"My counterpart…" her mentor whispered, fixing her eyes on the redhead. This was crazy; she had seen many amazing sights in her life but this took the cake. The fact that another 'her' existed was so far-fetched and yet here they were, face to face. Her eyes fixed on the half conscious Helena. "What happened to her?"

"She is very sick, my world was killing her." Barbara's counterpart said, looking at the brunette she was holding "She is your Helena, my Helena is here. Everything that Mystic said is true, he exchanged the Huntresses of our worlds. I just found out what happened a few days ago; she is very sick, her blood cells are very low, and she's been unconscious for two days. I managed to get Mystic's weapon to work and to bring her back to this world to save her life."

"Oh God." Barbara said.

Dinah hurried to help the unexpected visitor. She was not sure if she was the Helena of this world or not, but it didn't matter, she was really sick.

The redhead's counterpart cupped Helena's face with her hand. "Hel?"

The brunette had a hard time trying to open her eyes. "Uhh*********?"

"You will be fine, you are home now. Thanks for everything." She leaned in and kissed her sweaty forehead before gently handing the dark haired woman to Dinah. "Take care of her."

"She is burning up, Barbara." The blonde said.

"Take her to the lab." The older woman in the wheelchair said. She looked at her counterpart. It was incredible. "We need to help your Helena too. She is sick and is fighting Mystic."

"How did he escape?"

"It seems he knew the Mystic of your world had been caught by Huntress, so he created a plan to escape knowing he would be caught here too." The redhead in the wheelchair explained, showing her counterpart the screen on one of Delphi's monitors. "Huntress has lost her comm. I can't contact her but I have her exact location ."


"34°4'29 North, 118°22'56 West."

"I'll go after her." Barbara's counterpart took Mystic's weapon from her belt, pressed some buttons and a hole suddenly appeared in midair. "This is better than a cab," she grinned.

"Wait!" the redhead in the wheelchair stopped her. "Go with backup. Dinah! Hurry. Go with her. Huntress needs us. I'll take care of Helena here."

"All right." The blonde nodded, running toward Barbara's counterpart.

"Barbara…" the redhead wheeled toward the lab, but stopped to look at her counterpart before she disappeared through the portal "Open your heart. Helena loves you, she really loves you with all her heart. She was hurt. She left you because of that but she didn't understand her own emotions and what it meant."

"She loves me?" the standing redhead frowned.

"She does."

"I was blind once, not anymore," Barbara smiled at her "Your Helena opened my eyes. Tell her I'm very grateful to her. It was nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."


Dinah's voice shook the redhead out of her thoughts.

"Hi Dinah." She smiled at her young protégé. "Are they gone?"

"Yes, and everything is taken care of. Mystic is in police custody, "Barbara" and "Helena" are back in their world. How is 'our' Helena?"

"Fine, fine." Barbara smiled brushing Helena's hair "She is recovering very fast, the fever is gone now."

"This was so crazy"

"Very, I'm glad that my counterpart is as smart as I am and found a way to make Mystic's weapon work."

The brunette stirred on her bed. She opened her eyes slowly.

"Hi my love," Barbara whispered "How do you feel?"

"Like shit?"

"You look like shit." Dinah smirked.

Barbara chuckled "You will be alright, don't worry."

"You don't need to lie to me."

"No, she is right, you are safe." Dinah said crossing her arms above her chest. "You really have nine lives."


"Yes," Barbara said. "You will be fine."

"I'm not dying?" Helena asked.

"No." The blonde leaned over and hugged Helena "You'll be glad to know you will make a full recovery."

"How did you do it?" She turned to Barbara.

"I'm very smart." The older woman winked at Dinah.

"Yes." Dinah chuckled, moving back.

"Now we need find out how I can go back." the brunette said.

"Go back?" Barbara asked.

"I need to go."

"I'm sorry," Dinah said amused "But Barbara will not let you go."

"I can't stay."

"The doorbell is ringing," the blonde said "Must be the pizza. Dinner, girls."

"We will be there in a minute." Barbara said to the Dinah.

The dark haired woman looked at the redhead. "I need to go back home."

"You are home, Helena." Barbara said.

"I'm not..."

"If I ask it of you, will you stay?"

"No, I'm sorry Barbara… I mean, I need to go back to my Barbara, the Barbara of my world."

"Why?" the redhead looked at her with softness.

"I love her, my life is there with her. She is my life, she is my everything."

The redhead smiled, cupping the young woman's face between her hands and kissing her briefly on her lips "Consider this then as a kidnapping. I'm not going to let you go."

"Listen…. " Helena whispered, blushing "You know I need to return to my home and we need bring back your Helena. I want to go home to Red…"

"I'm here." The redhead whispered trapping Helena's lips in an intense kiss, a soft and tender caress that made the brunette tremble. It was the same kiss she remembered from her dreams. Helena broke the kiss, looking at the redhead with stunned eyes.


"Yes?" Barbara smiled.

"Is it you?" blue eyes blinked, stunned.

"Yes, you are back."


"My counterpart found a way to make Mystic's weapon work and she brought you back. The Helena of her world is safe too and back in her home now."

"Really?" The brunette straightened and took the redhead's face between her hands. "Is it really you?"

"Yes, it's me." Barbara chuckled.

Helena trapped her lips and the redhead found herself pinned against her chair by the thin brunette who covered her face with kisses.

"I've missed you, I've missed you…." The brunette said between kisses.

Barbara chuckled and wrapped her arms around her back. "I've missed you too, Hel."

"What happened?" Helena asked "How did I come back? What happened to Helena? And the Barbara of the other world?"

"Pizzzaaaa!!" they heard Dinah's shout from the kitchen.

"Let's go to dinner," Barbara said smiling "I'll tell you everything. It's a long story."


Dinah sat at the Delphi, waiting nervously for the return of her mentor who had crossed through the portal between the worlds with no means of communication. She looked at the clock nervously and noted that Barbara has been gone for over thirty minutes.

Suddenly a hole opened in midair and Barbara appeared, supporting Helena in her arms. She hurried to help the redhead and held the brunette. Barbara dropped on her wheelchair feeling exhausted.

"Helena, are you…?" Dinah asked.

"Yes, it's her." The redhead smiled, turning off the transponder at her waist.

"You are sick." The teen said, helping the brunette to sit. "And you look like shit."

"Thanks for the welcome." the brunette winced, holding her arm.

"Are you hurt?" the teenager asked.

"A bad blow in a fight with Mystic."

"Mystic? He is in jail-"

"In this world, not in the other one," the brunette said "Well, he is now." The brunette looked at the redhead "What happened? I don't understand."

"Mystic discovered a parallel world," Barbara explained, removing the transponder off her waist, "And that moving a person from one world to the other would kill them. He traveled between the worlds and met his counterpart, who both planned to exchange their Huntress's knowing it would kill you both soon."

"But they didn't know that you are meta." Dinah said "And that your defenses are stronger than the average human being. So it didn't kill you as fast as they thought."

"The Helena here began to get very sick," Barbara said, she put the transponder on a table "I suspected that Mystic was somehow involved so I went to interview him. He told me everything and I finally understood what was happening. I began to work on trying to make the weapon you took when you caught him work. I succeeded just a few hours ago and I went to look for you."

"You have a nasty cut on your arm. I'll bring some alcohol and gauzes." The blonde said to Helena and walked toward the lab.

"Yes, let's examine you." Barbara said, wheeling to her side.

Helena removed her coat carefully, she was sore all over. The redhead wheeled to her side and helped her. The dark haired woman fixed her eyes on her.

"Why?" she asked.

"Why?" Barbara asked.

"Why did you help me? Why did you look for me after all I did? After I shouted at you and…?"

"You are important to me." The redhead didn't let her finish "You are my life."


Barbara took her hand between hers and pressed her fingers softly. "I realized how much I needed you when you left, but I couldn't accept it was love. Until your counterpart arrived and began to make love to me every day, opening my eyes, showing me that I have always loved you."


"Yes, always, but I didn't want to see it before."

"Me neither." The brunette whispered.

Barbara chuckled "We were so stupid."

"Very…" Helena laughed too.

"I'll always be grateful to your other you."

"And me… to your other you." She lifted Barbara's hand to her lips and kissed it. "Do you forgive me?"

"There is nothing to forgive. It was my fault too."

That was all Barbara could say before she felt Helena's full lips land softly on her own. Any attempt at rational thought disappeared in the whirlwind of emotions. The young woman's tongue grazed her lips, not demanding anything, but a sweet invitation. Barbara's lips parted and Helena's soft tongue slipped between them. Barbara felt her heart beating so hard, and she saw stars sparkling around them.

The redhead moved back after long seconds, feeling a deep joy in her soul. That kiss had been fantastic.

"Would you like go out to dinner with me?" Helena asked smiling.

"Dinner?" Barbara smiled, cupping the brunette's cheeks between her hands.

"A date?" Helena said. "I'd like to ask you to be my girlfriend in a nice, romantic setting."

"We don't need all that for you to ask me."

"Barbara…will you be my girlfriend?"

"I thought you'd never ask." Barbara smiled joyfully and pressed her lips against the younger woman's, grateful to have the opportunity to fix all their past mistakes.

Helena showered, changed her clothes and after a nice dinner, fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The brunette awoke at midnight feeling something was off. She opened her eyes and felt something was missing. She sat up on the bed and looked around; she was in Dinah's room. The blonde was in her twin bed, totally unconscious.

Dinah's room, yes, she really was back in her world. Dinah's room was Dinah's room, not a game room like in the other world. She smiled and rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes trying to get back to sleep.

She turned on her side and closed her eyes, but sleep wouldn't come. She lay on her back and pulled the pillow over her head.

After thirty minutes of turning and twisting on her bed, she surrendered. This was not going to work. What was going on?


She stood up and walked out of the room. She stood looking around the silent ClockTower. Now what?

She walked toward the redhead's bedroom and opened the door slowly. Her sensitive nose immediately detected Barbara's scent. It was the smell of home.

Barbara was deeply asleep.

Not thinking twice about it, she headed for the bed and slipped under the covers.

This was much better. She rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.

Yes, this was what she needed, to feel the redhead close.

She had spent the last three months sleeping in her room, well in the other Barbara's room, and she had missed that.

She snuggled deeper into the pillow and closed her eyes.

She liked to be close to the redhead. She heard her soft breathing. It was calm and peaceful. The brunette slowly nudged closer and rested her head on Barbara's arm.

Barbara awoke slowly, cocooned in warm covers. It had been a cold night, and the feeling of a light vibration on her arm brought her back to reality from a pleasant dream. It sounded like…purring? It took her a few second to react, being half asleep, but then she noticed Helena cuddling her.

The redhead realized she must have been so exhausted not to notice when the slim woman moved into the bed.

She checked her watch, it was almost 6 in the morning.

Maybe Helena had felt sick during the night. She gently brushed her hand over the brunette's forehead, but found her temperature was normal. What if it was something else?

"Hel…?" she asked softly.

"Mmmm?" the brunette mumbled sleepily.

"Do you feel okay?"

"Mmm…" Helena nodded lightly.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Helena mumbled, snuggling closer.

Barbara moved her arm on the brunette's back and caressed her hair. "It's just that I'm worried about you. You are still healing."

"I'm fine." The brunette said softly.

Barbara rubbed her eyes with her free hand and yawned. "When I found you here, you worried me. Why are you here? Has something happened?"

"No…" Helena raised her head "I was… trying to sleep?"

"Trying to sleep?"

"Well…" the brunette babbled softly, wrapping her arm over the red head's waist "I… was sleeping in Dinah's room and… I woke up and couldn't sleep again…"


"No…. it's just that… in the other world, my room was yours, I mean, the other Barbara, you know, we lived together and she thought that I was the other Helena and…"

Barbara opened her eyes and tried to adjust her eyes to the dark.

"I thought I had amnesia and that…" Helena explained "well, my room was hers and… I used to sleep with you and tonight… well… I missed you… I couldn't sleep because you were not close to me."

The red head's smile was sweet as she pulled Helena against her. "Come here."

Barbara kissed her softly on her lips.

"I didn't want to wake you up." Helena whispered, brushing her lips against the redhead's jaw…

"It's fine…" Barbara said softly "May I ask you something?"

"Mmmm?" The brunette hummed, rubbing her nose on Barbara's cheek.

"Did you… sleep with her?"

Helena stopped her caress and fixed her eyes on Barbara. "No." she said in a firm voice.

"No?" the redhead whispered.

"No…I promise. She just…she just helped me to see why I had left, that the reason I had quit the team was because I love you so much and I couldn't stand to see you with Dick."

Barbara caressed the girl's face with her hand.

"Promise me you will never leave again," Barbara said softly "I missed you so much."

"I'll never leave you again," Helena whispered using her index finger to trace the redhead's nose "I was just so jealous and I felt you didn't care about me."

"You are the most important thing in my life."

"You are too." Helena's lips trapped the redhead's mouth.

The kiss was light, cheerful, shy.

Needing more, the brunette deepened the kiss. She slowly moved on top of the other woman, supporting her weight with her hands on each side of Barbara's body. It was dark but the redhead could clearly see the bright cat eyes of the young woman above her.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too."

Helena dipped her head and kissed the redhead softly on the lips. The redhead moved her arms around the brunette's neck and pulled her against her, Helena let her weight rest slowly over the redhead. The feeling of Barbara's breast against hers was overwhelming.

Helena's tongue was teasing Barbara's. She touched it with her own and reveled in the feel of Helena's tongue. It was thin, but strong and at the same time so tender, a strange mix that sent chills along her spine. She moved her hands to the brunette's back, and lifted her thin blouse to let her finger nails trace along the brunette's spine.

The touch was electric. Barbara's fingers were magic. They took their time exploring the younger woman's increasingly warm body.

The redhead was certain she had never felt so aroused. Helena bent her head and licked the redhead's neck. It tasted sweet. She began to brush her lips against her soft skin and when she reached her shoulder, she bit it gently.

The young woman felt her libido grow, her desire for the other woman was overwhelming.

She let her hands trace the redhead's torso, and could feel the strong and firm muscles trembling under her fingers. it was so erotic imagining her nude on her bed.

"I want you." Helena whispered.

"Hel… the red head gasped, breathing for air "I don't know if I…"

"Just let your feelings flow." The dark haired woman whispered brushing her lips against Barbara's "Just let your instincts drive you…"

Barbara chuckled, "Drive?"

"Yes…" Helena smiled, breathing heavily. She looked the other woman in the eye and brushed her hair with her hand. "You think too much…"

Barbara took the brunette's face between her hands and kissed her again, this time with a kiss so intense, so full of need and desire. Their mouths and tongues dueled, each enjoying the taste of the other. Their tongues flicked to tease and tempt, ratcheting their desire to new heights.

Helena slipped her hands into Barbara's blouse and cupped her soft mounds, kneading them. They felt firm and soft as she squeezed them. The sensation was incredible. She slowly slipped Barbara's thin blouse over her head. Helena had seen naked women before, but these were the best looking breasts she had ever seen.

She leaned in and kissed the tip of her nipple before licking it slowly for several long minutes. The redhead's gasped.

"Please Hel…" she said, taking the brunette's head between her hands and pulling her against her breast.

The brunette opened her mouth and took in the soft breast, sucking softly and letting the fingers of her right hand tease the other nipple. The brunette lovingly kissed each nipple before sucking them into her mouth.

The redhead grasped the brunette's thin shirt and pulled at it. Helena moved back and helped her to remove her blouse. She slowly descended again, moaning when the bare skin of Barbara's breast rubbed against hers, feeling her hard nipples, igniting all her senses.

Barbara kissed the girl fiercely, their tongues massaging each other. Helena kissed and sucked on her prospective lover's throat. Barbara's fingers left a fiery trail down the brunette's back and as she moved her hand lower, she found the soft fabric of Helena's boxers. She teased her fingers along the border before taking Helena's firm ass in her hands and squeezing them hard.

The brunette moved her thighs between the redhead's legs and began to rock against her slowly. The sensation of her most sensitive part rubbing against Barbara was amazing.

Barbara pulled her against her, matching the dark haired woman's thrust. Helena was breathing fast, and she began to increase the tempo of her thrusting.

"You are overdressed." The red head's whispered in the brunette's ear.

Helena stopped her movement to remove her boxers and then helped the redhead to remove her underwear.

The brunette's eyes glowed, the vision of Barbara nude was overwhelming.

"You are so beautiful." She whispered, caressing her legs, her slim fingers moving forward to grasp the redhead's hips.

Barbara raised her hand and caressed the brunette's chest. Helena was exquisite, like a work of art. She let her fingers trace the outline of Helena's breasts before moving lower. She was a goddess. As her hands continued their exploration of the younger woman's body, she wondered idly why she had never allowed herself to look at Helena in this way. She felt she wanted more of the young brunette.

Helena suddenly found herself pinned down beneath Barbara.

Wow, she was strong! As soon as her back hit the mattress, Barbara's mouth was on her, kissing every inch of newly exposed flesh. Her left hand disappeared below.

Barbara in charge and taking the lead role was mind blowing. The red head took her time kissing and touching Helena. She covered her areolas with her mouth and caressed them with soft strokes.

The red head's hand traced the young woman's sculptured abs before tickling her navel. Helena gasped, she never though her navel could be that sensitive.

Finally, Barbara's hand found her target. She brushed the curly bush and began to move her fingers slowly over her slit. Helena whimpered and bit her lower lip, hugging the red head.

The redhead covered the brunette's lips to steal another kiss.

Her long, elegant fingers spread the lips of Helena's inner sex.

"You are so wet." Barbara whispered, her lips brushing Helena's ear, her breath hot, her voice husky.

"I…I need you so bad..." The brunette gasped.

"What do you want, Hel?" Barbara's hand started to trace little circles around her opening.

"Please…" Helene began to move her fingers against Barbara.

The redhead experienced an incredible sense of power. She was amazed, and humbled, at what she could do to her lover, how she could make Helena need her so much.

"Please Barbara." Helena whispered grasping her thigh "Inside me."

Green eyes sparkled with desire and lust, she slipped her index finger slowly inside and felt Helena's inner walls tensing around her, a soft moan escaping from her lips. She began to move it slowly back and forth, marveling at the sight of the cloudy gaze of her lover, lost in pleasure. She added a second finger and used her thumb to rub Helena's clit.

Helena bucked when she felt the intimate touch. Barbara smiled and kissed her again hard. Their bodies fell into a heady, erotic rhythm. Immersed in a sensual dance, they moved against each other, enjoying the sensations flowing through their bodies, the feelings and emotions running through their veins.

Helena felt she was in heaven. Barbara was with her, inside her, touching her like no one had done before, taking her….

"Harder…" Helena gasped feeling she was close "Please, harder…"

Barbara complied, smiling. She never imagined that the image of Helena lost in her passion could make her feel so…fucking hot.

The red head slipped another finger inside Helena's throbbing sex and curled it to find her "G" spot. The dark haired woman screamed. Barbara kept thrusting, bringing Helena to the edge. Suddenly Helena grabbed her hand and stopped her.


"Let me touch you," Helena whispered breathlessly, kissing her "I need touch you."

Helena's kiss was demanding, possessive, she pushed the redhead onto her back and after breaking the kiss, she began to move slowly down, tracing the red head's body with her tongue, caressing and making her tremble with desire.

Barbara closed her eyes, she couldn't believe how sensitive parts of her body felt under Helena's touch; she knew what Helena was trying to do, she was taking her to the edge simply with the soft caress of her hands, knowing she couldn't feel anything below her waist.

Helena kissed her navel and traced her abdomen with her lips.

Barbara felt a phantom sensation that made her fling open her eyes. Helena must have realised this because she stopped her movement and moved closer to her.

"Did you feel something?" the young woman asked with a whisper.

"I'm not sure…" Barbara said but she gasped when she felt it again.

"You feel me." Helena said amazed "You feel me."

"I feel..?" Barbara gasped.

Helena leaned in and bit the lobe of her ear gently. "I'm inside you." Helena moved her hand back and raised it. In the moonlight, Barbara could see Helena's fingers were moist.

"It's you… you are wet for me." Helena said with a low and hoarse voice before sensually sucking her two fingers into her mouth and then licking them.

Barbara gasped at Helena's action. It was so… erotic… and…decadent. She felt her mouth go dry. Helena slipped her fingers into the redhead again, while simultaneously thrusting her tongue into the redhead's mouth. A two pronged attack! It was an incredible sensation tasting herself on the brunette's mouth.

Helena straddled Barbara's leg and pressed her thigh against her hand to increase the pressure. She began to rock slowly, pressing her own center against Barbara's thigh. She moved trying to match Barbara's reactions. She really was feeling her. She spent several long minutes thrusting against the redhead. Sweat began to cover her back, she closed her eyes feeling she was close to her own orgasm.

"Harder…" Barbara growled, biting the brunette's shoulder roughly. That spurred the dark haired woman to thrust her hand deeper into Barbara's warm center, trying to get her to a steady rhythm, to bring the other woman over the edge.

"Oh God…" Barbara moaned. "Yes…faster…please…"

"Love you." Helena whispered, pushing her fingers fast and deep into her lover. Quaking with desire, Barbara arched her back and wrapped her arms around the brunette, trying to find purchase as an intense orgasm burst forth from within. She bit hard on the brunette's shoulder as the powerful waves rolled over her. Helena came hard as Barbara's teeth pierced her skin and covered her own cry of release by burying her face into the redhead's neck. Bodies slick with sweat, they remained wrapped around each other, breathing hard, for a long while after.

Barbara opened her eyes lazily, the sun's rays just visible through a thin crack in her thick curtains. She felt drowsy but incredibly good. Helena was sprawled on top of her, deep asleep with her head resting on her chest. She didn't know how long they had been out but noting from the position of the sun, it must have been a long time indeed.

She smiled and caressed the brunette's hair and kissed her head. Helena stirred and hugged her close.

"Morning?" she mumbled.

"Very good morning." Barbara said.

Helena smiled and rubbed her head against Barbara's chest. She gave a light lick to the nipple closest to her before raising her head to kiss the redhead.

"That was amazing." Barbara said smiling.

"You are amazing." Helena bit her chin playfully.

"Thank you. You weren't so bad yourself." Barbara chuckled while placing her arms around the brunette's neck.

"And just imagine, this was only our first time. As they say, practice makes perfect." Helena grinned.

"Do you think?" the red head arched her eyebrow.

"I'm a good student and you are a good teacher."

Barbara chuckled.

"I think it's time for another lesson." Helena bent to kiss the redhead's neck, her fingers playing with the redhead's nipple.

Barbara closed her eyes smiling. "Now?"

Barbara raised her head fixing her eyes on her "Do you have something better to do?"

"No…" Barbara pulled her against her to kiss her.

The brunette wrapped her arms contentedly around her lover. She had found her home again and she had finally found Barbara, her heaven.


After making sure that Helena was going to be okay, Dinah showered, changed her clothes and fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow. She was spent.

Thankfully, Helena's restorative powers were amazing. Barbara checked on her periodically throughout the night and happily noticed that her blood cells were returning to normal levels.

When she was sure Helena was fine, she lay down to rest on her bed. Barbara slept hugging Helena, burying her nose in her neck. She had missed her closeness, her contact, her smell, everything about her.

The brunette slept almost all the next day; it was common when she was recovering.

Barbara kept a close eye on her to make sure she was alright. She worked at the Delphi, humming happily and analysed the results of the last test she ran on the brunette. All her cell levels were normal.

"What are you doing here?" Helena's cheerful voice echoed through the Clocktower.

"Hi sweetheart." Barbara raise her head and was rewarded with an intense and hot kiss. Before she could think, she had Helena straddling her lap.

"Wow…" Barbara chuckled, sliding her arms around the brunette's neck. "I love your 'hello'"

"You abandoned me. Why are you not in bed?" Helena purred in her ear.

"Maybe because it's five o'clock in the afternoon?"

The brunette leant back. "Really?"

Barbara nodded, smirking.

"Whatever, come back to bed," Helena rubbed her cheek against her "I have plans for you, many nasty plans..."

"I'm sorry honey." Barbara said softly, the idea was very tempting but she had made other plans. "I have to go to a meeting at school. It's important."

"Awww Barbara!" Helena complained "Please, do it for me."

"I'll be back in a couple of hours, I promise." The red head said brushing her hair back. "And we can do anything you want then. In fact, I've given Alfred the night off and I told Dinah we were going to be very busy tonight."

Blue eyes sparkled." Really?"

"Really, you are not going to sleep, promise…"

"We can start then now."

"Hel, I can't. Really."

"Barbara, I've not had sex in three months," the brunette complained, "nothing of nothing!!"

"Mmm…that does sound bad." Barbara nodded as she started to caress the brunette's arms.

"Very." Helena purred in her ear "So bad that if you touch me now, I'll explode."

The brunette suddenly felt Barbara's hand on her crotch. She gasped.

"Like this?" the redhead grinned.

"Yea." Helena gulped.

"Do you know I have been dying to touch you like this?" the redhead cupped the back of the brunette's head and lowered her head to kiss her, rubbing her hand slowly between the brunette's legs.

Helena began to rock her hips against the older woman's hand.

"Do you like it, Helena?" the redhead whispered in the brunette's ear, licking the edges.

"Love it…" Helena croaked.

"Good. It's a taste of what's to come tonight." Barbara moved her hand back and patted the brunette's arm "Now, I must go. Dinah will be here in a few minutes."

"Awww, Barbara! You are killing me!." Helena complained.

The elevator doors opened and the blonde telepath stepped out.

"Hey," the blonde said "I see you feel much better now."

"No," Helena growled "I want have to have sex but she says she needs to go to school with you."

"Yes, a meeting, I promised to pick her up." The teenager looked at her watch "It's time Barbara."

"Move down." Barbara said to the brunette, patting her thighs and pushing her back gently.

The dark haired woman hopped off. "You're being mean."

"I'll be back in two or three hours." The red head picked up the briefcase sitting on the computer desk.

"Try a cold shower, Hel." The blonde winked at her before turning toward the elevator.

"Shut up."

Barbara checked her watch anxiously throughout the meeting. She had really wanted to stay with Helena but she needed to sign some contracts between the school and an important university.

The meeting lasted a bit longer than she expected but it finally finished. She checked her watch again. Helena will kill her; it was almost nine pm. Dinah should be waiting for her outside to give her a ride home as her classes had finished at eight pm.

She wheeled toward the parking lot looking for the Hummer. A big smile lit her face when she saw Helena standing in front of her bike in the parking lot, dressed in leather with her arms crossed and a big grin on her face. She looked stunning and wildly sexy.

"I couldn't wait any longer." The brunette said.

"Mmm...so I see," Barbara wheeled close to her, giving her a brief kiss on her lips. "You look hot."

"I am" the brunette gazed toward Barbara's boots "Do you know how it turns me on to see you in those biking boots?"

Barbara took her hand and pulled her down to whisper in her ear: "I know many more ways to turn you on. Would you like to see?"

Helena's smirk was wide. "I'll love to."

The brunette moved back and gave a jacket to the red head. "Let's go."

"Uhh… my chair?"

"Oh that…" Helena looked around and signalled with her hand. From nowhere some lights came on and the Hummer rolled up, parking close to them. "Dinah will take it home." She winked at the other woman "I have plans for you."

"You think of everything." Barbara laughed, taking the jacket.

After a few seconds, Helena took the red head in her arms and lifted her onto the bike.

"Thanks Dinah."

"Thanks." Barbara said.

"Have fun!" the blonde waved to them before driving off.

Chuckling, the older woman let the brunette adjust her on the bike seat. The brunette gave her a helmet and she adjusted hers around her head.

"Just though I'd warn you Hel, I'm feeling frisky tonight." Barbara said, zipping up her jacket.

"Are you trying to scare me?" Helena sat on the front of the bike.

"Nope, just warning you. So, where are we going?"

"I've prepared the old cabin in the hills. I love it there when it's a full moon, we can see the whole city from there."

"The cabin?" The cabin was a small and charming hideaway that Bruce used whenever he wanted be alone. Helena had rediscovered the place a year ago and had worked hard to clean it to make the place liveable again. They had been there two or three times since and it had been wonderful

"Yes, the cabin."

"Mmmm," Barbara said resting her head on the brunette's shoulder "You think of everything. I love it."

"I'm not going to let you go anywhere this weekend."


"Today is Friday. You are mine all weekend."

"I love the idea."

Helena smiled and turned her head to give her a kiss on the lips. She adjusted her helmet on her head before kicking the bike stand back and turning on the engine. They moved at high speed through the highway driving toward the hills.

Barbara wrapped her arms around the brunette's slim waist. The young woman stayed on the highway until she changed their route and turned into a small road.

The view of the city from there was marvellous. Helena lowered their speed to enjoy the view. The red head rested her head on the brunette's back, thankful that they were together again. She loved her in a way she never thought she could love anyone. Helena was cheerful, sweet, and an exceptional lover. She loved to tease her and like she had said, she had gone for more then three months without sex.

That was a lot for Helena.

She moved her left hand around and took the brunette's breast in her hand caressing it with soft strokes. Helena smirked and enjoyed the feeling. She loved this playful and naughty side of the redhead.

Barbara then moved her hand to Helena s waist, down to the juncture between the brunette's legs.

The brunette jumped under the unexpected touch, she could hear the redhead chuckling. Barbara definitely was in a frisky mood.

The dark haired woman tried to focus on the road but it was getting difficult with Barbara's hand touching her like that. The hand on her crotch was doing marvellous things there, she felt long fingers tracing the line of her zipper and stopping at the edge of her pants.

Helena felt her heart beating fast. Surely Barbara was not going further than that.

The button of her pants opened easily, and Barbara slowly lowered her zipper.

The brunette reduced their speed before opening her visor and turning her head back to ask, "Barbara, what are you doing?"

The red head smirked at her and replied. "I told you I'm feeling frisky today." She moved her hand inside the brunette's pants. "Don't tell me this scares you…You can take it…"

"Fuck..." Helena groaned. She closed her visor and increased the speed of the bike. The best plan of action was to get to the cabin fast before Barbara drove her crazy.

Chuckling, the redhead teased the dark haired woman by moving her fingers in deep until she found her target. Helena bucked on her seat and her hands gripped the bike's handlebars harder.

Dammit, this was not fair. She couldn't move and Barbara's fingers were taking her to the edge, her mind shouted "no" but her body responded to the older woman's touch, finding she couldn't control her reactions.


Barbara smiled, she loved to tease her young partner. She began to move her middle finger over the sensitive nub and slipped her other hand inside the jacket and over the brunette's breast. She took hold of her soft mound and started to knead it gently.

Blue eyes opened wide.


Oh damn.

Helena brought the bike to a screeching halt just shy of the entrance when they reached the cabin. She took off her helmet and threw it to the ground. She stood up and turned to the red head.

Barbara removed her helmet and shivered at Helena's predatory gaze. Her eyes had turned into golden catlike slits. She hadn't finished removing her helmet before Helena was on her, trapping her lips in a deep kiss.

"You drive me crazy…" Helena mumbled without breaking the kiss.

"That's the idea, kitten:" Barbara chuckled.

Helena kissed her hard again, the brunette was very fast and very skilful. She didn't notice how and when she removed the belts securing her to the bike, but suddenly she found herself in the brunette's arms.

Not breaking the kiss the brunette opened the door, she stumbled inside and slammed the door shut with her foot. Barbara tried to remove the brunette's jacket with her hands.

The young woman hit a wall.

"Oops, sorry." She mumbled, breathing heavily.

"Just hurry." Barbara breathed, biting the young woman's neck.

Helena didn't need any more encouragement. She headed toward the room next to her but the door was stuck.

"Crap." She growled trying to open it.

"What's wrong?" Barbara asked.

"It's stuck."

"Break it."

With a hard kick, the door broke open, it's lock shattered.

"For every action..." Barbara raised her eyebrow.

Laughing, Helena stepped inside the bedroom which was decorated with candles, the bed covered in rose petals. A warm, low fire was burning in the fireplace.

"This is beautiful." The red head said.

"Not as beautiful as you." The dark haired woman kissed her and lay her on the soft mattress. She moved over her and licked the soft and lovely neck of the older woman at the same time as she unbuttoned Barbara's blouse.

Barbara didn't waste time removing the brunette's jacket and headed straight for the buttons of her shirt. When the buttons refused to cooperate, she simply ripped the shirt off. She smirked. How wonderful. No bra.

Helena growled at the sound of her shirt tearing. She removed the rest of her clothes and helped the redhead to remove hers. She pulled Barbara's pants and underwear down in a single, decisive movement.

Barbara's nude body was a poem. Helena lay at her side and kissed her navel, before moving slowly up her body, licking every curve with her warm tongue, taking her trouble to rub her body against hers.

Barbara closed her eyes, weaving her hands through Helena's thick mane, brushing her hair back. The loving touches from Helena were marvelous.

"I'd forgotten this.." Helena whispered, unclasping the black bra Barbara was wearing to reveal her wonderful breasts. "I've missed you so much..." the brunette whispered, tracing Barbara's breasts with her cheeks. She teased a hard and proud nipple with her wet, talented tongue and covered it with kisses. She felt Barbara's hand tighten on the back of her head.

"Please Hel..." she whispered.

The brunette happily took the soft mound between her lips and sucked it. She let her right hand caress her lover's other breast, rolling the nipples between her fingers.

They spent hours exploring, teasing, enjoying the feel of each other's skin, feeding their senses with their scents, tastes, touches.

Helena's purr against her chest was what the redhead had missed the most. She wrapped her arms around her young lover and kissed her head. Enjoying the sensation of Helena's mouth on her, she traced the brunette's back with her fingers, slowly moving lower to caress Helena's ass before firmly squeezing the cheeks, knowing how much she loved it.

Helena growled happily and shifted her mouth toward the other woman's breast. She took her time and spent long minutes touching, nibbling and tasting Barbara's breast. Finally, her fingers moved between the red head's legs and began to thrust into her.

Barbara arched under the contact. She felt a warm sensation between her legs, she felt…

Slowly, tenderly, Helena took her to an incredible and wonderful climax.

It took her several minutes to recover and get her breath back. She opened her eyes and found lovely golden eyes regarding her. She pulled her up to kiss her. Silently, the brunette kissed her back and positioned herself between the other woman's legs, pressing her breasts against her. Moving her arms to Barbara's sides, she began to rock her sex against her slowly, over and over again. Helena moaned and arched her neck at the incredible sensations thrumming through her body.

Barbara felt her mouth go dry at the sight. Helena, suspended above her and trembling with passion, was breath-taking. She raised her arms to take her by her neck and pulled her down.

"I've missed you so much." Barbara whispered, hypnotized by those loving golden pupils and kissed her briefly on her lips.

"I was so sure I was not dreaming," the brunette whispered in a soft voice, licking the redhead's upper lip. "I was so sure you were real." She teased the redhead's lips with her tongue, asking for entrance.

Barbara opened willingly to her, loving the way Helena kissed. Her hands explored the sides of the brunette's firm and strong body, feeling her trembling muscles, feeling the sweat covering her marvellous body. Her hand cupped Helena's right breast and she dipped her head to take the nipple between her teeth.

Barbara feasted on the softness of Helena's breast. After long minutes, she released the brunette's breast and licked the young woman's neck. "I want to taste you, Hel," she whispered. "I need you…"

Helena bent her head to kiss her before turning over and laying on her back. She opened her legs and drowsily caressed the red head's head as she slipped down over her body, the vision of her moving to the centre of her need was overwhelming.

Barbara's fingers found her moist folds and she caressed them softly up and down, each stroke releasing a soft moan from the younger woman. Resting her head on the brunette's thigh, she brushed her thumb over her clit lightly, teasing it. Helena bit her lips, her breathing began to become shallow. She bent her left leg even more, giving Barbara more access. After a few minutes of teasing, Barbara parted Helena's inner lips with her fingers.

The brunette growled.

"You are so beautiful…" the redhead whispered. Eyes glazed with desire, she slipped a fingertip into Helena, "So beautiful." Her finger delved deeper inside Helena, eliciting a loud moan.

Barbara opened her mouth and took the now engorged clit between her lips, sucking it.

Helena's entire body shook with long suppressed passion, her hand pressed Barbara's head harder against her aching need.

Barbara was the master in this art of making love.

The red head was lost in the pleasure of the taste of her lover. She was expertly and unrelentingly leading the younger woman to the edge of her orgasm. She held the brunette's thighs between her hands and drove her tongue inside Helena's centre.

The redhead took her time, revelling in the feeling of Helena's body trembling under her loving ministrations. Whenever she felt that the brunette was close, she eased back a little, drawing out the dance. The closer Helena was to an orgasm, the lighter her touch became. It heightened the tension until Helena begged for release. Barbara smiled and teased Helena's nub very lightly with the tip of her tongue, stimulating her enough to drive her wild with desire.

"Please Barbara…" Helena gasped, "Please…."

The red head crawled up, kissing the brunette's body, her long fingers sliding in and out of the brunette's wet core slowly.

"Ask me again…" Barbara said huskily, looking into her lover's eyes.

"Please, let me come…"

"Anything you want, kitten" Barbara pressed her lips against her, at the same time increasing the tempo of her thrusts and pressing her thumb over Helena's clit in slow circles.

Helena exploded. The vision of her lover coming was a feast for Barbara's eyes, her hand kept stroking her with slow movements. Lowering her head she kissed the brunettes' neck and snuggled close to her.

Helena was totally lost. Reeling from her climax, it took almost ten minutes before she finally opened her eyes. She felt Barbara's hand caressing her gently. Oh, this redhead really rocked her world.

"You are… amazing…" Helena mumbled.

"Mmm, you are too…" Barbara said smiling at her.

The brunette held the redhead's head in her hands and leaned in, breathing in the distinctive aroma that was Barbara Gordon. "I love you."

"I missed you so much." Barbara whispered, snuggling closer "I really thought you had forgotten me and that there was nothing I could do to make you remember."

"I can never forget you. You are my heart, Barbara."

The redhead looked at her. "What happened over there? What happened on the first day that you were in that world?"

"It was very confusing and bit by bit, I became convinced that everything I remembered had been just a dream, a marvellous dream. I tried but I couldn't forget your mouth, your laugh… how you make me feel. But your counterpart was straight."

"That must have been hard." Barbara crossed her arms over Helena's chest.

"It was… you are very hard to convince." Helena sighed.

"But you conquered her heart in the end."

"I'd say I opened her eyes. Made her see that you have always loved me, in this and in any other world." Helena chuckled.

"True." Barbara smiled.

"You did the same here?"

"Yes, but you were so hard headed. It was very difficult convincing you that you were not straight."

"I'm not hard headed."

"Sure…" Barbara smiled indulgently at her lover before turning pensive. "I hope they find their way."

"We will, here or in any other world." Helena pulled her against her to kiss her.

Barbara moved back, cupping her face between her hands. "Did you make love to her?"

"No, didn't you listen when I said I had gone three months without sex?" Helena wrapped her arms around her and pushed Barbara back onto the mattress.

"I'm not sure." Barbara said "You are pretty hot and hard to resist."

Helena kissed the red head's jaw. "Now it's my turn…. But first…."

The brunette stood up and lifted Barbara gently off their bed.

"Hel? What?"

"Just wait a second." The brunette placed her over several soft cushions on the floor in front of the fireplace, close to a window where the city lights could be seen in the distance. A small table was placed in front of them.

"I love this view." The redhead said. "And I love real fires on cold nights."

"I know. Be right back." Helena kissed her quickly on her lips and rushed out of the room. She returned after a few minutes dressed in a short black robe with a tray in her hands.

"What's all this?" Barbara asked, smiling.

"I was planning on dinner first but you...changed my mind." Helena said with a cheeky smile.

"Not my fault that you are irresistible." Barbara happily scanned the dishes that Helena began arranging on the table. "Mmm, sushi."

"I know you love it…" Helena reached over and took a bottle of champagne from a cold container. She opened it and filled a glass before giving it to the red head.

"A toast?" Helena asked.

"To you." Barbara kissed her.

They both laughed and ate the sushi, sharing their experiences over the last months. Helena laughed hearing she was 'straight' and how many headaches that had caused the redhead.

Soft notes of jazz music filled the room. Barbara finished her third champagne and felt she had had enough of the "main" course.

"Now…" Barbara said, resting her head on Helena's shoulder and bit Helena's ear, "I'll like my dessert." She let her fingers play with the hem of Helena's robe "And I'd like it with no...topping"

"I've prepared something special for you," the brunette turned her head and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to make you scream my name when you come hard…"

"Is that a threat?" Barbara arched her eyebrow.

"No, it's a promise. I told you, you will be mine the whole weekend…."

"What are you going to do?"

"Make you mine," Helena kissed her nose, and then she dipped her head to kiss her chin, again and again.

"I like how that sounds." Barbara turned her head and trapped the brunette's lips in hers, immersing them in a deep kiss.

The older woman opened Helena's robe and moved her hand inside. She caressed the brunette's breast and then, lowered her hand slowly toward the juncture of her legs. There she found something long, soft and...unexpected. She stopped her kiss and moved her head back to find Helena grinning at her. She looked down and found that Helena had a leather strap wrapped around her hips.


"You can't be..." Barbara narrowed her eyes.

"Barbara, meet Fabio…"

Recovering quickly, Barbara arched one eyebrow, "Oh, why not Pierre?" Her hand started to caress the soft shaft between the brunette's legs. She pushed it against the brunette's crotch, knowing it would make contact with her nub.

"No," the brunette jumped, laughing and grabbing Barbara's hand. "I thought it would be fun to change."

"I liked Pierre." Barbara pouted.

"Mmm...you will love Fabio more." Helena bit Barbara's nose playfully.

"Show me…" Barbara whispered.

The brunette trapped her lips and pushed the red head down slowly, her hands tracing Barbara's stomach as she lowered her to the floor. She had discovered that Barbara's arms and abdomen were her most sensitive erogenous zones; the woman could really fly if she touched her in the rights spots. Helena took her time kissing her, licking every inch of Barbara's skin. She opened her mouth and inhaled deeply, she rubbed her face against her soft abdomen, her hands tracing Barbara's thighs. She knew Barbara couldn't feel there, but she loved touching Barbara's legs. She thought by focusing on Barbara's sensitive body, she could somehow make her feel when Helena touched her legs.

Helena too was a master in the art of love, her all consuming oral assault was taking Barbara to the edge. The young woman took her time teasing her, slowly. She finally moved her hand between Barbara's legs.

She smiled as she moved between the red head's legs, kissing and pressing her lips against Barbara. The older woman moaned, opening her mouth and letting Helena slide her tongue inside.

"You are mine…" the dark haired woman whispered using her right hand to guide the shaft between her legs against Barbara's warm centre.

"I'm yours." The red head wrapped her arms around Helena's head and pulled her against her.

Barbara let out a long moan when Helena leaned forward and began slowly pushing herself inside until the head disappeared into Barbara, her inner lips closing around the shaft.

Helena stopped for a moment to enjoy the wanting, wanton look on her lover, before pushing forward, careful not to go any faster. The brunette began gently working the eight inch cock into the redhead. She went slowly, pulling back and then moving further forward each time, using her hand to guide the thick latex and keeping it from bending out of shape.

She watched fervently as inch by inch, the cock gradually disappeared inside Barbara, careful to stop whenever she felt Barbara tense up. Her glossy red hair was strewn wildly around her and seemed to burn bright under the light of the fire.

The red head grunted loudly whenever she felt the dildo advancing further inside her, the feeling was incredible as Helena moved deeper and deeper into her.

"Oh God. Helena…" she gasped.

"I told you...Fabio will be...better… than Pierre." The young woman panted with each thrust, feeling the long shaft pressing against her clit, her body on fire.

Finally, Helena took her hand away and kissed the redhead deeply, burying the rest of the long shaft inside Barbara with one massive thrust.

Helena drove her tongue into Barbara's mouth to keep her from crying out. Barbara had felt her, and it was incredible.

Barbara felt tears filling her eyes. Concerned, the brunette kissed her eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Don't stop…." Barbara whispered.

Helena began to fuck her fully then. Slowly at first, moving her hips back and forth, her hands exploring Barbara's body, her mouth covering her with wet kisses, all the time thrusting her hips against Barbara, changing the rhythm, first slow and deep, then faster and harder. Barbara gave in completely, letting Helena have her way with her. She arched her back in pleasure.

The brunette took the redhead's right leg and raised it to her hip, and she began to push deeper. Barbara opened her eyes and marvelled at Helena's face, lost in her pleasure, she was so beautiful.

"I love you, Hel." She gasped between thrusts.

Helena closed her eyes and bit her lips, she wanted to take the redhead slowly, bring her to heaven slowly, but it was hard, she needed to completely possess this woman in the same way she was possessed.

"Harder…." Barbara demanded in a hoarse voice, grabbing the brunette's back with her hands, her nails burying into tender, sweaty skin.

Helena growled and began to increase her thrusts. She felt Barbara's body tensing, it was time.

Barbara was moving her closer and closer to a powerful climax. She pushed deeper and when Barbara arched her head back and screamed her name, she came. Barbara's cry was as loud, guttural and erotic as her own. Both women came together in an intense and strong orgasm that shook their entire bodies.

Needing more, desperate after months of separation from her Barbara, Helena kept thrusting and a second, intense orgasm hit them.

Arms shaking, the brunette fell heavily over the redhead's chest, gasping for air.

She tried to keep moving her hips against Barbara but she was spent. She was not sure If she would be able to walk again. She didn't know how long they lay there, lost in their bliss, maybe hours. She awoke feeling Barbara's lips pressing against her forehead.

"Fabio is fantastic…" the redhead mumbled.

"I know…." Helena chuckled.

"We should invite him over more often."

Helena raised her head and kissed her. "Anything you want, Red"

"How about we enjoy him again...since he's already here."

Helena smiled and leaned forward to embrace her. They lost themselves in another long session of love making. They had their whole lives now to love each other and they wanted enjoy every second of it.

The End

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