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By EponinesGhost

Part 5

Kelly was blown away by the force of Tracey's passion. Mesmerized, she was swept along, captivated by the spectacle and the spasms. So damned sexy it almost hurt. A wave of possessiveness coursed through her as she gathered Tracey's quaking form closer, embracing her protectively. Murmuring and whispering softly as she cradled the dark head against her shoulder, she could hardly comprehend her elation. Again and again she sifted her fingers through Tracey's magnificent curls, amazed and intoxicated by the connection she felt. Her lips brushed against the top of Tracey's head as she adjusted her partner's limp body more securely in her embrace. Wrapping her lower leg around Tracey's calves, she closed her eyes and focused on the fitful heartbeat that echoed her own.

Free fall. Pure and utter ecstasy. Kelly. Unbelievable. Total collapse. Safe. Don't let go. Please don't let me go.

While Tracey drifted back down to earth, Kelly's hands took the opportunity to appreciate the softness and texture of her skin. To marvel at the incredible blend of strength and fragility in Tracey's slender frame. Soothing her palms over Tracey's back, fingers playing over her spine, she tried to reconcile the fierceness she saw on display every day with the deceptively delicate creature she held pressed against her. Her lips returned repeatedly to the crown of Tracey's head, her fingers drawn constantly to the swell of her bottom. Excited at the chance to indulge her craving, to touch her partner as often and as intimately as she wanted. She was well aware that she was on the path to addiction, but she had no intention of turning back.

As much as she thrilled to the barrage of sensations storming around and through her, Tracey was gradually cognizant of the tiniest trickle of fear. She tried to shut it out, shake it off. No. Not now. She wanted to stay cocooned in the warmth and wonder of this moment, to feel just like this for as long as her mind would accept it. She HATED the creeping insecurity, the piercing doubt. Abruptly she turned and buried her face in Kelly's neck, snuggling even closer, clinging tightly to her. Kelly was here. Touching and kissing and holding her. It would all be okay. It had to be.

"Hey .. hey ... are you all right?" Kelly rocked her slightly, stroking her hair.

Tracey exhaled slowly. Gently, she kissed Kelly's collarbone. "Never better."

"Never?" Tracey could hear the smile in the question.

"Uh huh. You heard me." She moved her finger along Kelly's upper arm, absently drawing patterns.

"Mmm hmm. I heard you ... I think the neighbors may have heard you, too."

Tracey could feel the laughter in Kelly's chest as she lay against her. "You should talk."

"Okay ... a question then. Was that what you had in mind, Trace?" She twirled a strand of long dark hair. "You know, your reward ..."

"Hell yes." Tracey nibbled the skin closest to her lips. "There's NOTHING like you on the menu at Chulo's."

Kelly was momentarily speechless, but now Tracey could feel her blushing. Then swallowing hard.

"There is something else ... something I need to say." She felt Tracey go completely still and heard a small sigh. "Look at me."

Dammit. Although she knew it was coming, Tracey wasn't ready to face it just yet. She needed time to collect herself, to pull together all of her defenses. She felt Kelly's fingers tilting her chin up tenderly and she prayed for the neutral expression she wore just before a verdict.

"Look at me Tracey."

She almost pulled it off, until their eyes met. Oh. She could resist any temptation on a day to day basis. Kelly in tight skirts. Even now, knowing how breathtaking she was naked. She could do it. Kelly's fingers grazing hers as she passed her a file. She could take it. She could even withstand the smell of her perfume, the way she chewed her lower lip when she was deep in thought. Anything but those eyes. How was she going to protect her heart from those goddamned eyes?!?

The look on Tracey's face nearly broke Kelly's heart. She swallowed again. "Next time ..." She paused to allow the words to sink in.

Next time. Next time. Tracey thought she would burst. She couldn't stop the smile that spread slowly across her face. "Yes?"

"Next time ... I get to be first chair."

The End

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