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Would You Date Me?
By Erin Kait


"Since when did you become interested in my love life, Cindy Lou?" quirked Lindsay.

"Cindy Who?" Cindy gave a smirking Lindsay an awkward glance, "Everyone else is interested, am I not allowed? That wasn't in the rules." Cindy replied defensively.

"Whatever." Lindsay quickly turned back on Jill, "You are not setting me up. Come on guys - I'm knee deep in a case. I mean, I haven't even showered in three days." She paused to make sure they were still paying attention. "Seriously, would you date me?"

"Yes," they both replied in unison, turning in their seats to eye each other suspiciously.

Lindsay smiled, "Well at least I know I have options." She laughed when she saw Cindy and Jill still staring each other down.

Jill laughed and mumbled, options, ha under her breath, "Sorry, but I'm in a relationship. I'm trying not to cheat... again."

Cindy mouthed to Lindsay again? and shook her head. "I'm single!" she yelled realizing she had full attention.

"And desperate," Jill scoffed.

In a mock boxing voice, "In this corner we have my best friend Jill." She pointed her left arm to her seething best friend. "And in this corner," she held up her right arm and pointed it at Cindy, "We have a sexy, redhead."

"Uh! You make her sound so much more appealing than me." Jill squeaked out, embarrassed by her wavering tone she quickly covered her mouth.

"Well, she doesn't have a boyfriend that's adorable and so very likable." Lindsay said with a smile, staring in the eyes of the sexy redhead.

Claire was walking up to their table with a questioning look. "And what's going on here?" Claire asked with raised eyebrows.

Lindsay put on her biggest grin, "They're fighting over me. It's cute."

Claire sat down next to Lindsay and patted her hand on the table. "That is cute. But why isn't anyone fighting over me?" She laughed.

"Didn't you know? I'm the hottest commodity since the iPhone." Lindsay looked around the table and smiled, "Okay, girls, I'll see you tomorrow." Lindsay got up and started to walk away, as quickly as she started, she stopped and turned around to glance back at the table curiously. "Cindy? Aren't you going to follow?"

"Why?" Cindy asked, confusion evident in her voice.

"I thought we had a date," Lindsay said, holding out her hand.

"Oh. Okay. Cool." She got up and turned, "Bye guys." She scrambled to link hands with the tall detective.

"Lucky bitch," Jill said as they passed through the doors.

"Oh, come on. You can't have two when some people don't even have one. Let it go." She smiled and patted Jill's hand.

The End

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