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Xena to my Amazon
By ncruuk


"I can't believe you did that!" exclaimed CJ, dropping into her couch.

"I didn't...." began Special Agent Gina Toscano, only to rephrase when she saw CJ's pointed look, "...well, I didn't personally do it...."

"But you were involved?"

"I gave Zoey the money to buy it, yes," agreed Gina, leaning against the doorframe of CJ's office. It was almost midnight and most of the building was quiet, with just the occasional stray Senior Staff member or policy aide desperately trying to find the surface of their desk before tomorrow morning officially began.

"And she put it in the briefing room?" asked CJ, determined to get the facts straight before she exacted her revenge.

"No, she gave it to Danny Concannon, and he put it in the briefing room...." explained Gina, grinning lazily at her lover. It wasn't often that the serious Secret Service Agent managed to score a point against the quick witted, sharp tongued Press Secretary but today, with some innocent helpers, she'd managed it, and managed it well.

"So I should kill Danny?" teased CJ, wondering if she could tempt Gina in from the doorframe to the couch. It had been a long day, a day that, apart from that mid afternoon briefing, had been too long and too boring. It was exactly the sort of day that would be improved by a few quiet moments on the couch in her office with Gina. Unfortunately, two hours ago, the day had changed. In a few short hours, Air Force One would leave with both Gina and CJ on it for a whistle-stop tour of god knows where in an attempt to prevent who knew what from happening. Instead of being home, in bed together, CJ was pacing the White House, trying to make sure there were file answers for anything that might happen in the next 48 hours whilst Gina was preparing for anything that could happen to Zoey Bartlett in the next 48 hours. It had been pure chance that they had met in a deserted hallway, enabling CJ to question Gina on the events of her earlier briefing, when the day had still been officially dull.

"Best not, he's an innocent in all of this....anyway, what was the problem?" asked Gina, not quite sure why CJ was obsessing about it.

"What was the problem? You don't see any problem with this?"

"No, not really, you did the briefing great...answered questions and everything...." drawled Gina, smirking at her now visibly flustered lover. If there was one thing that really got to CJ it was Gina's laid back attitude, which CJ always claimed struck at the strangest of times. In Gina's view, her attitude was well placed and it was always CJ's panic and tension that struck at the strangest of times, but then when your day job is fielding bullets, it probably skews your perspective a bit.....

"I looked an idiot!"

"Why...I thought you looked sexy...."

"Thank you...." CJ's response to the compliment was instinctual, earning her a bigger smirk from Gina before the tall Press Secretary continued, "....I can't believe it sat there for the entire briefing...."

"It's a stuffed toy, you expected it to walk out after the interest rate announcement?"

"It was in the front row for god's sake, the whole country saw it!"


"What?" Gina's comment threw CJ for a loop, prompting her to look up at her lover in hope of an explanation.

"That was the point, for the whole country to see it...." explained Gina, resisting the strong urge to join CJ on the couch. She was working, and would never leave the office before dawn if she crossed the threshold to join her lover.


"I know how much you hated your codename...."

"So you arranged for me to do the afternoon briefing with a life-sized toy flamingo in the front row? That's real considerate lover, real romantic...." groused CJ, turning away from Gina in an attempt to sulk.

"Secret Service Codenames are impossible for the protectee to change...."

"I know, I've tried, remember?"

"But can be changed, are changed if it is feared that the codename becomes too widely known outside of normal operating circles...." seeing CJ's confused look, Gina rephrased, "..uh, if too many people outside of the White House know the codename, we have to change it...."

"So a toy flamingo in my televised briefing?" asked CJ curiously, only now seeing the sparkle of humour in Gina's rich eyes.

"Is enough to make 'Flamingo' a lousy codename for you....."

"I'm no longer 'Flamingo'?" asked CJ hopefully, getting to her feet.

"Not to the Service, no...." grinned Gina, knowing how much CJ really hated the codename. Unfortunately, it was hard for the Secret Service Agent to know if she'd like her new one any better.

"You knew this?" asked CJ, shuffling in her stocking clad feet across her office towards Gina, still leaning against the doorframe.


"You organised this for me?"


"Thank you...." Now only inches in front of Gina, CJ leaned forwards and placed a tender kiss on the Agent's lips. Just as Gina was about to attempt to deepen the kiss, CJ pulled back, a sudden thought hitting her.

"If I'm no longer 'Flamingo'...."

"Amazon, your new codename is Amazon...." revealed Gina, hoping to steal another kiss. She'd started hearing chatter in her earpiece which, whilst not yet for her could only mean that someone would be wanting her soon and come looking for her.

"Amazon huh?" Gina couldn't identify the expression on CJ's face so was unprepared for what came next.

"Guess that makes you my 'Xena' then...." breathed CJ, starting what Gina would later recall to be the most spectacular kiss she'd ever experienced in a Federal Building.....

The End

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