In celebration of the Xena-months I thought we needed a competition - there will also be a Xena trivia quizz as soon as I work out how to set it up - and a chance for everyone to enter, no matter how skilled you are at writing, graphics and video making.

The Competition:

In 500 words or less, write a brief synopsis of the Xena Movie you'd like to watch. It can be set at the end of the series or in one of the many possible reincarnations, so long as it has a femslash basis, and is Xena/Gabrielle in nature.

The idea is what's important, so it doesn't matter if you're not used to putting your ideas on paper, so long as the idea comes through, and has that special spark that all good films should.

Extra Competition:

For those of you who are video or graphically inclined, how about creating a poster or trailer for the movie you'd like to see? These should be original poster or trailer ideas, rather than the adapted type of posters that have been posted recently.

The Prizes:

The winners of both the written and video/graphic competition receive:

A $25, or equivalent, Amazon voucher


The overall winner also receives:

The Xena FanClub Kit Blooper edition - pictured below


All entries should be sent to THIS ADDRESS by 29th August.

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