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By Cirroco DeSade


I'm married. Furthermore, I'm in love with someone other than my husband. I don't know how it got to this point, but she has invaded my every waking thought. I feel as if I am alive only when I am in her presence. He certainly never made me feel this way. Why did I marry him again? Oh yeah. He asked me, and she was seeing the Captain. I never thought I had a chance against Janeway. Then the older woman broke her heart. How I wish I could help her put the pieces back together. I can't. I can only be her friend, and love her silently. He's a fool. He doesn't even realize. Then again I don't think he cares. I'm his prize, his wife, his Klingon. I foolishly agreed that holosex wasn't cheating in the beginning of our marriage. So now I compete with any woman in his imagination. I don't care anymore. His touch doesn't inflame me. Hers does. She handed me a PADD yesterday and I felt a charge of electricity when her hand brushed up against mine. She heard me inhale. She thought I was repulsed by her implants. It took every ounce of strength I had not to tell her that I'm fascinated by her hand; that I wonder what it would feel like inside me. Instead, I tell her that I'm not feeling well. I've been reduced to bumbling like Harry. I watch her out of the corner of my eye sometimes. I can always smell when she's been in a room. Her scent is so alluring. I don't know how normal humans can't smell her pheromones, but I can. She leaves a trail of musk mixed with a metallic twang everywhere she goes. Sometimes it's inconvenient to be a hybrid. Her implants smell like blood to me. So when she stands close, my Klingon side cries out. Yet it's my Klingon side that keeps me faithful to a man who neglects me. I cannot divorce him with out dishonor. He's never given me a reason.

I've got to stop this. I cannot want her. I am married.


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