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Yesterday in Holodeck 1
By KyaniteD

<white noise>

<fade in>

<gasp> "Seven stop! <huff> Stop! - You're getting me all wet!"

"Lieutenant? I assumed this was one of the reason why this... activity... is so much 'fun'...?"

<sigh> "Yeah well, Seven... yes, it is... but... this isn't getting us anywhere..."

"You are supposed to teach me since I have no experience in this area. So, teach me."

"Hm. We need to move in sync, Seven. You can't just race off... This is not a competition." <giggle>

"I see." <swallow>

"You do, huh? Hm. Maybe that's just the problem. ... ... We should try and change positions, so you can watch me and match my moves..."

"You suggest I sit behind you?"

"Yes, I think that's better. And this time try not to wiggle around so much..."

"The movement of my arms causes this 'wiggling' around. How am I supposed to prevent that?"

<sigh> "See, Seven? You were so focused to calculate the rhythm that you forgot everything else. You hold us steady by pushing forwards with the feet, upwards and inward with the knees and thighs and downwards with your beautiful behind..."

"I will remember this time."

"You do that. This will make things a lot easier for both of us."

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, but..."

<dramatic sigh> "What?"

"I am not sure that I will be able to follow your movements..."


"Lieutenant, your rhythm is unsteady and I may have difficulties adapting to it."

"Seven, you don't need to 'adapt'. Just watch me and try to /feel/ it."

"I will try, Lieutenant, although..."

"Seven, let's start, okay?"

<fade out>

<white noise>

[ ... ]

******* Some time later…

[ ... ]

<white noise>

<fade in>

"Seven, yeah! <pant> That's it. Don't stop now. <huff><grunt> Right. Kahless, that feels so good. <pant> Oh Seven, let's go faster! Faster! ..."

<fade out>

<white noise>


They sat in the soft gras, their breath still a little ragged.



"Are you okay? You look like you need some rest."

"Indeed, I do need 'some rest'. My body is unaccustomed to this kind of activity. But I assure you that I am okay."

"Just okay? Did you... well... did you enjoy it?"

<smile> "Yes, B'Elanna, I... I... - Thank you."

"Would you like to do this again?" <grin>

"With you?"

"Uhm, yeah, I was hoping..."

"Yes B'Elanna I would like that, but I have a request..."

Seven rubbed her sore knees.


"I would like to alter some of the program's details."

"Oh, you rather have a blue one?" B'Elanna looked at Seven.

"Seven! Your knees! How can you say you are alright!"

"B'Elanna, I -"

"Seven, we need to -"

"No. Not now."

Seven moved closer and settled herself behind B'Elanna. Carefully she wrapped her arms around the smaller woman's body. Despite her klingon heritage B'Elanna thought herself in heaven. Sighing deeply she leaned back into the comforting embrace.

Together they sat at the river bank and watched the projected, artificial but nonetheless overwhelming, colorful sunset...

...while B'Elanna's new favorite toy swayed on the water, gently tossed back and forth by the small waves: a red carbon-fibred kayak.

The End

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