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You watch that?!?
By Bynx

Bianca sits taking side-glances at Maggie. She smiles as she sees just how enthralled in her T.V. program she is and it's a rerun of all things. Maggie is not as engrossed as Bianca believes. She sees her glances. It's cute just like Bianca stopping by out of the blue. It was a pleasant surprise. She finds lately she misses the young, vibrant woman when she isn't around. She turns catching Bianca mid glance smiling at her.

"What's so funny?" Maggie grins in spite of herself.

"I.." Bianca smirks at the T.V. "I can't believe I caught you watching this..." she points.

"What's wrong with it?" Maggie gets defensive.

"Oh..Nothing. I just never pictured you..well..it's a little fantastic.." Bianca tries to explain.

"Oh..well, I like a little break from reality," Maggie blushes, " and honestly I can't believe you don't watch it."

"Me?" Bianca giggles, "Why would I watch 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'?"

"Sheesh, Bean. In the newer seasons Willow on the show..the witch.."

"Yeah, I know that much.." Bianca shakes her head.

"Yeah, well she's a GAY witch, Bean..with a girlfriend." Maggie rolls her eyes.

"Oh, so I should watch simply because it has a lesbian character on it?" Bianca huffs.

"Well..yeah partly..You know support those few shows brave enough to fight the norm and all that.." Maggie gets frustrated, "But see in the earlier shows there was all this tension between Buffy and Willow before Willow ever came out..It's a whole unrequited love thing.."

"Oh and you think I could get into that..you sure noticed an awful lot of "family" things going on lil' straight girl." she sees Maggie blush, "Besides I had enough of the whole unrequited love thing with Xena.." Bianca's mouth closes abruptly when she realizes she just gave herself away.

"Oh..you watched Xena, but MY show is so fantastic? Puhlease!!" Maggie starts giggling, "I can't believe you watched that.."

"Yeah..where else could you watch two strong lead female characters run around kicking ass wherever they went..at the time anyway?" Bianca goes on the defensive.

"It didn't hurt that they were gorgeous and were doing all that running around kicking ass in short tight leather outfits either did it?" Maggie accuses Bianca jokingly.

"Yeah..okay there was that," she admits, "but if you want to talk frustrating unrequited lesbian love that show was the hands down winner."

"Yeah, poor characters left hanging. Those damn writers's never letting them have their moment. I couldn't live my life wondering." Maggie looks at Bianca with a half grin.

"Wondering what?" Bianca grins back.

"You know. Two best friends who c-care about each other, but never finding out if there could have been more...that would so suck." Maggie drops her gaze.

"Yeah." Bianca sighs, "Suck beyond measure.." she looks at the T.V. where the credits are rolling, "oh, sorry I made you miss the end."

"S'okay..seen that one..Willow stays in Sunnydale for college since Buffy has to but they don't tell you that, of course, and Buffy says 'I kind of love you' to Willow and they go get mochas instead of a loving confession..no biggie." Maggie flicks off the T.V.

"That's more of the unrequited thing, right?" Bianca whispers.

"Yeah, the kind that sucks, " Maggie smirks sort of sadly looking back at Bianca.

"I should probably let you go to sleep since we both have to work tomorrow," Bianca stretches before standing to leave.

"Yeah, can't believe you watched Xena.." Maggie stands walking with her to the door.

"Oh right..Miss Vampire Slayer.." silence comes as Bianca reaches for the door knob, "nite.."

"What do you think would have happened if just once the writer's let them have their own say?" Maggie asks quickly.

"I don't know.." Bianca doesn't open the door, "Happiness..perhaps?"

"Bean?" Maggie steps up close to Bianca, who turns toward her.

"Yes, Maggie?" Bianca looks down at her.

"I..I don't want to be..unrequited anymore," she leans up touching her lips longingly to Bianca's.

Bianca instantly responds bringing her arms to Maggie's waist and pulling her in closer. The kiss deepens as tongues touch in a sweet hello and tangle passionately together. Suddenly, reality sets in for Bianca and she breaks the kiss pulling much needed air into her lungs.

"I..what..WOW." Bianca mutters.

"Bean, I'm rebelling and taking my shot here.." Maggie rests her forehead against Bianca's chin, "I'm rewriting our life starting now..I don't want to do the running away, side-stepping, or longing glances only to look away when caught..not ..not anymore..I love you Bianca..so I've written my lines what happens now?"

Bianca moves her hand to lift Maggie's face to look into her eyes, "Love happens now, Maggie..Love." Bianca kisses Maggie sweetly, but with a desire that leaves no room for doubt a love that will never be unrequited again.

The End

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