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SERIES/SEQUEL: To The Eyes Have It.

By DiNovia and sHaYcH

Casey Novak would not let go of Olivia's hand, not even when she stepped up to the curb to hail a cab.

"What, we're not taking the amazing eco-friendly bike?" teased the detective.

Casey turned and gave Liv a quick and breathless kiss as a cab pulled up to them. "Keep it up, Detective. I'll let you take the bike and I'll take the cab." She opened the car door and winked at Olivia before practically diving into the back seat. "And I'll damn sure start without you," she added cheekily.

Olivia arched an eyebrow which Casey mirrored sexily.

"Are you … coming, Olivia?" she drawled, caressing the detective's name with her tongue, drawing out the word in a tumble of rolling vowels, leaving Olivia momentarily stunned.

She calmly slid in next to the redhead and waited patiently for her to give the cabbie her address. When they were safely moving in the direction of Casey's apartment, she leaned toward the younger woman.

"Someone should do something about that mouth of yours, Counselor," she said huskily.

Casey struggled to keep her breathing under control. She wanted to maintain a cool, collected façade but she was painfully aware that Liv's proximity was causing her to tremble with anticipation. She caught the scents of leather and cotton and something spicy and her mouth began to water.

Oh God, she thought. I'm not gonna make it home. It's going to be right here, right now, my hands, her warmth… Oh God, I want her.

"Oh yeah?" she asked. Her voice dropped an octave, a verbal caress that was part challenge, part plea. "You think you have what it takes?"

Olivia closed the distance between them with a hungry speed. She wrapped long, ardent fingers around the nape of Casey's neck and pulled her closer as she thoroughly, completely and devastatingly devoured the young woman's mouth. When she finally broke the kiss, she treated the ADA to a self-satisfied smirk…which Casey totally missed. She had barely managed to begin breathing again, let alone open her eyes.

"I think my record speaks for itself, Counselor," said the smug NYPD detective. She sat back a little and watched the younger woman struggle for composure.

"Daa-yum!" laughed the cabbie as he glanced into the rearview mirror. "Dat's gonna keep her quiet for a while, aiight?"

Olivia gave him a lopsided grin.

"Check please?" whimpered Casey.

Olivia chuckled. "Case, we're in a cab, not a diner."

"Oh, right." She took a deep breath and tried again. "Um...home, James?"

Liv leaned into the redhead again, her mouth so close to Casey's ear that she could have tasted it with the merest flick of her tongue. She pushed her hand between the attorney's thighs ever so slowly, inching up creamy flesh to brush against the wetness waiting for her.

"Why don't you just tell him to go faster, Counselor, hmm? You know. 'Faster, faster, pussycat. Kill, kill.'"

Casey groaned and Olivia swallowed it as she plundered the young woman's mouth again, their tongues twining, dancing and battling for dominance. A blaring horn from a car nearby pulled the cabbie's gaze out of the backseat of his cab.

"Shit!" He jerked the wheel hard to avoid hitting the honking car but in the process upended his passengers, throwing Liv back against the door on her side with a flushed and stunned assistant district attorney landing on top of her.

Casey smiled evilly for the flash of a second before growling deep in her throat.

"My turn now, Detective," she rasped before lunging for the older woman's kiss-swollen mouth.

Olivia wrenched free and threw her head back against the window as Casey's mouth began an impassioned trail along her jaw line and down her throat.

"Oh, fuck..." Liv felt Casey's hands slide under her shirt, felt them race over her skin, the touch searing in its heat and urgency. Coupled with her hot, wet mouth at the hollow of her throat, Casey's unstoppable hands clutching at her made Liv's aching need skyrocket in its intensity. She wanted to return Casey's touch. Wanted, with a wildness that made her breath seize in her lungs, to run her hands through the young woman's soft fiery hair. But she could barely hold on to the vicarious position she was in, let alone do anything about it. She was completely at the mercy of the smart, sexy woman atop her.

Benson, what you are doing right now is probably illegal in 14 counties, including this one. You are in the back of a cab with Casey Novak and the two of you are making out like crazed teenagers! Casey chose that moment to bite Liv's pulse point. Olivia hissed with pleasure.

Fuck the city ordinance. She feels so good...

Casey soothed the bite-mark with her hot tongue. The teasing touch disintegrated into a ravenous groan as the tangy, peppery taste of Olivia's skin exploded in her mouth, transforming her desire to an insatiable need that overwhelmed her senses. She heard nothing but Olivia's sweet moans, felt nothing but Olivia's smooth skin under her hands, under her mouth. She needed more.

Now. I have to have her right fucking now.

Her fingers shook as they struggled with the buttons holding Liv's lavender oxford together and she bit her lip in concentration, intent on her goal.

Open...open, you stupid piece of...

Just when Casey's patience had evaporated and she was preparing to rip the damn shirt off of Liv, a tentative voice said, "Um, ladies?"

Casey and Olivia froze, slowly looking up at the cabbie who had turned completely around in his seat and was now leering at them through the safety window. He waited for their eyes to unglaze and when he was sure he had their attention, he grinned.

"We're here."

Casey blinked twice. "Right," she said, sitting up and straightening her jacket. Reaching up, she resettled the wire-rimmed glasses that had been knocked askew by the ride. "Here. Good." She opened the cab door and climbed out, heading immediately for her apartment building. She did not look back.

Both Liv and the cabbie watched her go, amused. Then Olivia realized she'd been left to pay the man. She reached for her wallet.

"How much—"

The cabbie waved her away. "Sheee-it, girl, I should be payin' yo ass for dat sweet show! You sure are New York's finest, y'know dat?" He winked at her.

Olivia chuckled despite the flush of heat she could feel climbing up her body. She thanked him and hurried to catch up to Casey, ignoring the cabbie's wolf whistle parting.

Olivia caught up to the ADA inside the glass doors of a 15-story monstrosity of a building. She reached out and grabbed the sleeve of Casey's jacket, turning the young woman toward her.

"Case, you okay?"

Casey's face was the reddest Olivia had ever seen it and she was laughing and shaking her head at the same time. "I just got caught making out with Olivia Benson in the back of a city cab."


"And that usually only happens in my dreams," she explained, her eyes shining behind those sexy glasses. "Except Cragen is driving. In his underwear."

"Oh God," groaned Olivia, her face twisting at the thought of her boss in his underwear. "You are in so much trouble for putting that image into my brain, Casey Novak."

Casey laughed out loud—a bright, joyous sound that made Olivia's insides quiver—and she took off up the stairs. She reached the first landing before calling out, "Gotta catch me first, Detective!" Then she was gone.

"What floor do you live on?" yelled Olivia, bounding after the surprisingly fleet-footed woman.

"Seventh!" came the reply from somewhere further up…and getting farther away.

Olivia finally caught up to Casey on the fifth floor landing, pulled the young woman into her strong arms and tumbled into the wall with her. They rested there for a minute, trying to catch their breaths. Casey was still laughing.

"It's good...to know...I'd never...make it...as a...purse-snatcher," she said, gulping air and struggling to slow her hammering heartbeat.

"Yeah, you should keep...your day job," agreed Liv.

Casey cut scandalized eyes at the detective. "Listen...to you! You're not...even...breathing heavily..."

Olivia's eyes held Casey's copper gaze and the moment shifted, melting into something deeper.

"Not yet," she whispered. She touched her lips to Casey's, felt their warmth, the heat underneath them and she delved for more. She parted the young woman's cherry blossom lips and their tongues twined, sweetly and slowly at first; then with increasing fervor. Casey held Olivia's head in her hands, wound the chestnut hair in her fingers, and pulled the detective as close as she could, reveling in the feel of their bodies pressed together.

Liv finally broke the kiss. "Seventh floor?" She raised one elegant eyebrow to punctuate the question.

"Uh huh..." Casey cursed her need to have a city view.

"Better get going then." Liv smiled evilly and leaned in as if to kiss the ADA again. Then she abruptly pulled away, taking the stairs two at a time.

The young redhead caught up to the older woman just before they arrived at her apartment door. She pushed Olivia against the wall and kissed her hotly. "Liv, you forget that I've got the keys." She jangled the objects in question lightly. "Without them, you won't be able to do what I want you to do."

Olivia leaned over to nibble on Casey's alabaster neck, following the line of her tendon down to the v in her electric blue silk blouse. "Just what is it you want me to do, Counselor?" she growled playfully.

Casey grabbed Liv's chin and brought her face up, gazing at her with fierce emerald eyes.

"I want you to fuck me, Detective." Her voice was a low, sexy drawl. "Think you can handle that?" She raised one slender eyebrow in challenge and found herself on the receiving end of a mind-blowing kiss. She struggled to get her house key in the door, almost crying with relief when the lock finally gave way.

Casey Novak could stand no more delays; she was going to have Olivia Benson naked beneath her, now or never. Her whole body was a live wire, pulsing with her need. She dropped her jacket and keys on the floor inside the door and launched herself into the detective, capturing her beautiful mouth in a searing kiss. They fell into the wall behind them and Casey made good on getting the lavender button-down off her lover's lean body by yanking it apart. Plastic buttons hit the tile floor in a rain of clicks.

Olivia groaned harshly as she felt Casey's hands on her body, roaming over her skin like storms of heat, quick and electric. Then her long fingers found the catch to her bra and she slid both garments off Liv's body, pulling back slightly to let her lusty tarnished copper gaze explore the splendor that was revealed.

Liv felt the delicious ache of tightening nipples. She looked at Casey, suddenly shy, and saw the young woman staring at her with frank appreciation. She saw the attorney lick her full lips, just once. The sight buckled her knees.

"Beautiful," breathed the young woman. "Better than my dreams." Casey's sweet, wet mouth followed her gentle fingertips in exploring the newly discovered country.

"Casey," breathed Olivia as she arched into the young woman's touch. Casey's scalding mouth began to carve a river of kisses down Olivia's body and she moaned softly when she felt muscles quiver beneath her trembling lips. She slowly drew her hands downward, tracing Liv's curves, exploring the shape and feel of her belly until they came together to undo the buttons at the fly. One…by…one.

"Say it again," she begged. Hearing the need-roughened sound of her name come from Olivia's lips sent a thrill of desire skittering over Casey's body. It settled low in her belly, burning with the knowledge that she had put that raw craving in the detective's voice.

"Casey...Casey, God..." Liv's hips rocked forward, her need overwhelming her, searching for release.

Casey wanted to go slow. She wanted to inch those tight jeans down over Olivia's hips with her teeth. She wanted to make Liv so crazy with frustrated desire that she would scream when finally allowed to take wing and soar.

As soon as she breathed in the spicy-sweet scent of Olivia's arousal, though, Casey finally understood that 'slow' was simply not an option. She pressed her mouth to the spot just below Liv's navel and grinned against her as she heard a hiss of desire from above. Casey mapped Olivia, using her long fingers and her lovely mouth to discover every route of longing, every place of blinding need she had ever dreamed of on that lithe, fluid body.

"Case, please," moaned Olivia, her voice lusciously deep. She tugged at Casey's blouse, freeing it from the attorney's skirt and using it to pull her toward the bedroom door. "Want you. Now." She was nearly incapable of thought let alone elegant expression. Her entire body burned like the core of the sun.

Casey twirled around, pulling Olivia with her in next to her huge bed. She buried one hand in Olivia's hair, enticing her in for deep, soul-melting kisses. The other hand snaked down Olivia's body, passing over taut muscles and smooth skin to dip below the open waistband of her black jeans, slipping quietly into a slick, hidden place.

"Yes," breathed the detective, her own hands trembling as they worked at opening Casey's blouse and her black lace bra. She cupped both creamy breasts, running her thumbs over sweet, sensitive nipples, delighting in the way they reacted to her touch.

Her need to touch the focus of Casey's fervor finally wrenched her fingertips from their torturous task and she drew scorching points of contact over the younger woman's belly down to the zipper that kept her skirt tight to her lovely body. When freed, it dropped uselessly to the floor.

Olivia blazed a path of nips and kisses down her lover's pale throat and across her collar bone as her fingers worked their way beyond a breath of black lace serving as Casey's panties.

"So wet, Case," she moaned, her fingers sliding, writhing in that sweet place. "You're so wet..." She advanced on the redhead, tumbling her into the bed, and encircled taut nipples with her sensuous tongue, eliciting a harsh cry of pleasure.

Casey wound her fingers into Liv's sorrel hair and tugged the detective down for a deep, succulent kiss, using the distraction to reverse their positions with a powerful flexion of her body. She straddled Olivia's hips and ground into them, throwing her head back, her long hair a russet fall brushing against her shoulders.

"Oh, fuck, Liv..." she groaned.

Olivia gazed at the vision above her, her cinnamon eyes glazed with ravenous longing. Unable to still her hands, she slid them up to cover Casey's creamy skin, enjoying the way the ADA's nipples hardened with arousal against her palms.

"Unghh, yes," groaned Casey, tipping her head back up to let her hair fall around her face, hiding her smile. She reached up to right her glasses and then looked around, spotting a small remote next to the bed. She deftly plucked it off the table and pressed a button. Music—slow, soft and pounding with a provocative bloodbeat—filled the room.

She looked down at Liv and gave her a small, half grin. "We're a little overdressed, don't you think, Detective?"

Nodding, Olivia reached for the open blouse hanging from Casey's slender frame. "Yes. This has got to go, Counselor," she murmured. The fabric came free with a gentle tug and slithered down the ADA's arms. It and the accompanying bra ended up dropped on the floor. Olivia raised her eyebrow challengingly, blatantly daring Casey to respond.

The music changed and a different beat, slinky and libidinous, filled the room. Casey's hips began again to grind slowly, rocking her heat over and over into Liv. She reached for the ties on her panties, removing them and discarding them with a flick of her wrist. She pushed Liv's jeans lower around her hips and changed the rhythm of her movements, rasping lasciviously against the rough fabric under her bare skin.

She dragged her own fingertips up her body and took her nipples between thumb and forefinger, rolling them slowly as she smiled down at Liv's wide, riveted eyes. She was wanton, uncontrolled, and sexy as hell.

Casey's eyes closed briefly when she felt the detective's hips begin to undulate upward, searching for a shared rhythm. She gasped softly when she felt Olivia's hands cup the curves of her bottom.

That sound was all it took.

Olivia rose up beneath Casey, reversing their positions again and kneeling between the young woman's trembling thighs. She slithered out of her jeans and boy-cut cotton briefs and threw them impatiently on the floor. Then she leaned forward, bracing most of her weight on her arms. The tension made her muscles rigid, their shape and strength displayed in sharp relief. She lowered herself with agonizing slowness over the redhead beneath her.

"Are you...vocal, Counselor? When someone is here like this, between your thighs?" The detective hovered hardly a breath above the ADA. "Do you cry out?" She arched her eyebrow sexily. "Do you want me here?" She punctuated the question by grinding her hips into the young woman. "Do you need me here?"

Mouth suddenly dry, Casey—ironically—could only nod.

Olivia grinned hungrily. "Good."

She raised her torso over the bare, leonine body of her ADA and slid her hips over the young woman's heat. She wanted to take Casey right there—no mercy, no quarter given—but she was enjoying the slow torture too much.

She slid against the attorney in long, continuous, incredibly sensuous thrusts meant to drive Casey wild.

They were working.

"Liv, please..." Casey writhed beneath the detective, struggled to relieve the tightening need coiling inside of her.

"Please what?" challenged Olivia, never ceasing her pleasurable thrusting. Her voice was barely a breath, deep and throaty.

"I need you...please...Olivia..."

The detective pressed her hips into Casey in a long glissade, causing her to whimper.

"I'm going to turn you," Liv whispered, her voice low and sexy. Her eyes, nearly black with desire, sparkled in the dimming light of the afternoon. She held Casey's glass green gaze for a long moment, the question of trust buzzing between them.

The younger woman did not hesitate. She nodded and let the detective guide her. Once she was on her side, she felt the older woman envelope her from behind, wrapping her muscular body around her own. One of Liv's strong hands was tangled in her hair, baring her throat for a tender feast; the other swept from Casey's shoulder to her thigh and back again. It raised a shimmer of gooseflesh with each pass.

After a few moments, Olivia changed the path of her fingertips and captured one of her lover's nipples, tugging at it then covering it with her palm.

Casey arched her back and Liv quickly and firmly pressed one hard thigh between her legs. The young woman groaned and opened to the touch like a morning glory striving for the benediction of the dawn. She turned her head to capture the brunette's mouth in a searching, desperate dance of lips and tongue and teeth. Olivia shuddered as she snaked her left hand over Casey's hip to find her dripping warmth.

When she felt Liv's fingers begin their exploration, Casey wrested her mouth free from the kiss and threw her head back in delicious surrender. The sensation of drowning in ecstasy wrenched a growl from deep inside her and she reached for the hand still wound in her burnished locks. She brought it to her mouth and parted tingling, pulsating lips to take two of Olivia's long fingers inside, sucking them, licking them seductively. She nibbled the fingertips and dragged her teeth over the sensitive ridges she found there.

Olivia hissed with the sublime torment arcing from Casey's mouth to the blood pounding through her body and she blindly drove three fingers deeply into her lover, needing that connection. They both groaned.

Liv lowered her mouth the redhead's bared throat, biting at the torrid heartbeat that pulsed under the fairest skin she had ever seen. Her thrusts intensified as she felt Casey's hand cover her own, fingers twining with hers, pressing her more deeply inside that glorious heat.

"Olivia...yes..." Casey felt Liv's wet fingertips glide over her painfully hard nipple, felt the power and the depth of her strokes, felt the quickening inside of her. Her breathing became desperately erratic, woven through with gasps and aching cries.

Olivia kissed her way to the counselor's delectable earlobe and nipped at it tenderly.

"Let go, Case," she whispered. "I'm right here..."

That voice, those words, the need she heard in both... The lightning storm ripped through Casey's body without warning, stealing her breath, her reason, and any sensation other than Olivia's fingers. The astonishing detonation that rocked her to the core had hardly begun to subside before the redhead twisted in the detective's arms like a tornado intent on rending her asunder.

"Need you." Casey ended up partially splayed across Liv and she tried to insinuate a hand between their bodies, fingers questing for the center of her lover's silken yearning. Unable to reach her exquisite goal, she wept with frustration.


Olivia rolled with Casey until they were both lying on their sides, her own fingers still blissfully captured inside the redhead. She reached up to still the ADA's urgent thrashing, looking deeply into frantic eyes.

"Like this, Casey," she breathed as she entwined their legs. "Take me like this."

The young woman slipped her fingers fully inside of Olivia for the first time and the incredible sensation tore through her, body and soul. She sobbed with the relief of it, with the agony and the joy of her insatiable hunger. They rocked together, their eyes locked, their bodies cradled against each other. They slid and twined with each other, clutched at each other, raced against time to reach the pinnacle together...

"Liv...Liv? I'm...I..."

"I know, honey," whispered the detective. She leaned forward until her mouth was poised just over Casey's. "I know."

"Need...you...too..." The young woman's words came in the form of sobs hitched at the back of her throat and were indescribably sexy.

Olivia's head snapped back and she closed her eyes against the rising tide washing through her. "I...will..." she promised through gritted teeth. "I...am...oh, God, Case..."

Casey's head fell forward, her mouth coming to rest against the pounding at the hollow of Liv's throat. Without thinking, she bit the place that leapt against her skin. That shard of pain cut right through Olivia Benson and sliced her to the bone. It ignited the howling inferno that swept through her body, a river of flame that flooded all the empty spaces inside of her.

Liv's release shattered Casey Novak like plate glass and as she weathered that storm of glimmering, delightful anguish, she growled into the tender flesh of the detective's throat.


Casey Novak stared at the ceiling above her bed. Her breathing had slowed to a manageable rate and she had finally stopped shivering with delight. Now she felt...warm.



She looked at the woman resting to her left and reached out to sift strands of sorrel silk through her fingers.

I'm in bed with Olivia Benson, she smiled to herself. Then a curious expression crossed her features. I'm in bed with Olivia Benson and I have to pee. Dammit!

Sighing, she rolled towards her lover, propping her tousled head on her hands.

"Liv?" She leaned forward and kissed the corner of the detective's mouth.

"Mmm?" Olivia did not bother to open her eyes but her eyebrow raised in question.

"I'll be right back, okay?"

Concern rippled across Olivia's brows. "You okay?"

"Yeah," said Casey as she got to her hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. "I just have to visit the little lawyer's room. Don't go anywhere, okay?" She dropped a kiss on an olive-skinned shoulder then left the bed and headed for the bathroom.

"Can't," responded the older woman, a small smile tugging at her lips. "I think you melted my bones, Counselor."

That stopped Casey dead in her tracks and she turned back toward the bed, absolutely stunned. To be given a compliment like that... By someone so utterly sexy...

Then an evil little grin stole over her features. "You ain't seen nothing yet, Detective," she drawled. She disappeared into the bathroom before Olivia could respond.

Casey finished her ablutions quickly and headed to the small vanity sink to wash her hands and brush her teeth. She glanced in the oval mirror as she turned off the faucet, noticing two things immediately: she still had her new glasses on and Liv liked to bite. She touched her fingers to the reddening marks along her collar bone and smiled. She liked the note of possessiveness they conveyed. Maybe too much.

Knock it off, Novak, and get back out there before she comes looking for you.

The young woman set a towel and washcloth on the edge of the sink and rummaged in one of her cabinet drawers for a toothbrush for the detective. She grinned triumphantly when she found one still in its packaging. It was purple with silver sparkles but she didn't think that would bother Olivia. Too much.

She returned to her bedroom and stopped abruptly when she saw the vision in front of her. Olivia Benson languished in her bed, one arm spread wide while the other crossed her chest. Her eyes were closed and a terribly pleased smile gentled her mouth. The lime-colored satin top sheet was draped across her belly and one long leg went uncovered, a sexy invitation for exploration. In short, Olivia Benson was gorgeous.

Leaving the detective to rest for a moment, Casey padded into the kitchen. She pulled a small platter out of one cupboard, two wine glasses out of another, and opened her refrigerator, retrieving a bottle, a block of cheese and some fruit. As she started to make the food look presentable she could hear the rush of water in her bathroom sink. She smiled knowingly to herself and continued slicing strawberries, arranging them on the platter as she worked.

Olivia Benson stared at the shiny purple toothbrush in her hand and grinned. It was perfectly Casey to have such a thing and even more like her to think of providing it. Shaking her head, she brushed her teeth quickly and washed her hands. When she was finished she noticed the soap hadn't quite masked the scent of Casey on her fingers. The racy fragrance sent a bolt of electricity right through her and Olivia looked in the mirror, a little surprised by her body's reaction.

Then she smiled a secretive little smile.

Not finding Casey in her bed—where she most wanted her—Olivia perched in the bedroom doorway, looking at the attorney standing in the kitchen. Gossamer fingers of white and amber light from nearby buildings streamed into the small window, touching Casey's pale bare body, giving the illusion that the young woman was some sort of ethereal spirit and not real at all. Liv felt her heart clench in protest of the thought.

She pushed off the doorjamb and walked silently up behind the ADA, wrapping her arms around Casey's slender waist as she hid her eyes between her shoulder blades.

"And just what are you up to, Counselor?"

The rumble of Olivia's question vibrated through Casey from head to toe and she trembled at the feel of it.

"I was feeling a little thirsty, Detective. I thought perhaps you were, too." She gestured to the bottle sitting on the tray. "I opened a bottle of wine."

"Mmmm, sounds good," agreed Olivia. "And the food?"

"That's for you," explained the ADA. "You're going to need your strength."

Liv chuckled into the pale skin beneath her lips and dropped a tiny kiss there. "Oh, I am, am I? And why am I going to need my strength, Counselor?"

"Because, Detective," said Casey, turning in the brunette's arms. She held out two wine glasses which Olivia reluctantly took from her. "I have quite an appetite and I haven't gotten my fill of you yet."

She winked at the dumbfounded police officer, picked up the tray, and sauntered off to her bedroom...with an extra bit of swing in her hips.

Once again, she did not look back.

"Last one," said Casey, popping a strawberry slice into Liv's mouth. Between the two of them they had demolished a clutch of green grapes, two sliced peaches, almost a pint of strawberries, half a baguette, and a block of sharp cheddar cheese. They were still working on the wine.

Olivia swallowed the tangy fruit and patted her stomach. "That was great but God, am I stuffed."

Casey smiled enigmatically. "That was the plan, Detective. Put you in a food coma and then have my wicked way with you." She waggled her eyebrows. "Is it working?"

Liv smiled around a sip of wine. "Well, the food coma part is working, at least." She winked at the redhead who leaned provocatively close.

"Just don't fall asleep on me, Detective," she husked. "I still have plans for you." She touched her lips to the tender spot right below Olivia's ear and began kissing there, her tongue swirling little patterns against beautiful olive skin. The brunette closed her eyes as a tingle of raw lust skated over her body, leaving her weak and breathless.

"Can I ask you a question?" Casey had finally released Olivia from her teasing touch and was busy getting rid of the food tray and refilling wine glasses. The older woman was pleased that her voice sounded somewhat normal despite her heart still hammering in her chest.

The attorney gazed at Olivia for a moment as if trying to work out what the question was going to be. Then she took a sip of wine. "Sure. What do you want to know?"

The detective ran a finger around the rim of her glass and slid her gaze toward Casey. "How long have you been out?"

Casey looked off to the distance, her brow crinkling with concentration. Just as Liv took another sip of wine, she asked, "What time is it now?"

Olivia Benson spit wine all down her naked body. "What?"

The ADA took one look at her lover's flabbergasted features and burst into laughter.

"Joke! Joke, Olivia! I was joking!" She covered her mouth with one hand, trying to stop her giggles. Her eyes danced in the dim light of the room. "I was sixteen. I fell in love with a girl on my high school softball team. She pitched and I caught. In more ways than one."

"Jesus fucking Christ, Casey!" Olivia wiped ineffectually at the droplets of red on her chest, scowling at the mess. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"I'm sorry, Liv. Honestly." Her joviality waned—replaced by something much more lascivious—as she watched the detective run her fingers over her wine-stained skin. "Here, let me help."

She leaned forward and lowered her mouth to cover a droplet located on the swell of one Olivia's tawny breasts. "Mmmm," she murmured as she pulled away. She looked up into Olivia's darkening eyes. "Shiraz tastes even better this way."

Casey Novak removed her glasses, folded them neatly, and set them on her bedside table. Then she raised herself carefully over her lover and lifted her wine glass into the air, as if making a toast.

"Don't move," she ordered. Her voice was barely above a whisper, low and unbelievably sexy. She tipped the glass slowly. A runnel of dark liquid spilled over Olivia's collar bone and split into rivulets that raced to fill the shadows and shallows of her body. Casey followed every droplet, hunted them down with mouth and tongue, chased them over breasts, belly, and thighs until she finally caught them pooling in her lover's secret depths.

"Unngh, yes," hissed Liv. The chill of the wine and the blazing heat of Casey's mouth coupled with her own slick, velvety longing drove her into the white-hot center of the flame and she cried out, impossibly long fingers clutching at the satin sheets beneath her hands, pulling them from their moorings.

Utterly open, and perfectly vulnerable, she felt flayed to the core by Casey's desire. Burying her fingers in the ADA's hair, she tugged at the younger woman's flame colored tresses, holding her where she most needed her. A faint groan of unfettered passion floated up to Olivia, urging her to pull harder, to grind into the mouth that was driving her to ecstasy.

Casey took hold of Liv's writhing hips and steadied them as best she could, tasting deeply of her passion…drinking her pleasure…speaking an unspoken language as old as time itself. Olivia was better than the wine; darker and more complex, elegant and earthy, sweet and peppery at the same time. Casey couldn't get enough. She was drunk with it and she needed more. She dove deeper, mining the sweeter and more precious spirit, the liquor of Liv's release.

"Mmmnh, yes...Casey..." Olivia's hips rocked beneath the tender torture of her lover's keenly talented mouth.

"Casey, oh...God...Casey..." The river pounding inside of her rushed to its banks, rose steadily, powerfully. Relentless. Unstoppable.

"Yes, yes, yes...oh, God...Casey!" The lightning bolt of that name screamed to the sky undammed the roiling rapids and Olivia's undeniable need flooded her embankments, roaring through her own body and laying waste to Casey's as well...

The sound of Olivia's wine glass crashing to the floor caused both women's heads to snap in that direction. Breathless, her body still throbbing with electricity, the detective tried to push herself up and off the bed, intent on cleaning up the mess.

Casey caught Liv's hands and gazed deeply into her dark espresso eyes.

"Olivia, forget about the wine," she breathed, her voice urgent. "I need to touch you." She crawled toward the head of the bed and settled herself at the older woman's side, running short nails from Olivia's groin to her throat.

"Yes...Casey, please..." Olivia Benson was awash in chaos, tumbling, drowning in an ache so fathomless that she felt sure she would die.

"I need to kiss you. Do you want that, lover? Do you want my mouth on yours?" The redhead's eyes burned like autumn fire, searing the detective to the bone.

"Yes...kiss me..."

Casey plundered the mouth beneath her lips, delving deeply, entangling her tongue with Liv's, owning that space and all of its splendor. Then she pulled away, gasping. She reached for one of Olivia's strong hands and pressed long fingers into her own waiting wetness.

"Feel my need, Olivia..." The detective groaned and blindly reached for her lover, wanting more. Casey stopped the grasping hand and suckled slick fingers. "Your pleasure does this to me. Do you understand?"

Olivia could only nod, her breath coming in harsh sobs.

"Your cries, your body, your mouth, your eyes... They do this to me..."

She straddled one of Liv's muscular thighs and rocked herself against the tempered strength there, throwing her head back, grunting her appreciation of the sensation. Then her head fell forward and her mouth sought Olivia's berry-dark nipples, licking and sucking them, teasing them hard.

"I want to make you wet," she growled, shamelessly rubbing her face over her lover's beautiful breasts. "I need to take you again, to see you let go again. Please, Olivia...feel me..." She knelt between the detective's thighs, drawing gentle hands from shoulders to calves. "I need to be inside you." Her fingers converged at Olivia's center and Casey thrust them suddenly and deeply inside her. Liv cried out, her hips bucking desperately.

"Case...want...let me..." Olivia tried to rise up, tried to turn the two of them so that she was on top.

Casey's thrusts became more intense, rendering Liv's intention impossible, and the brunette fell back against the pillows.

"Do you feel it, Liv? Do you feel my need?" The redhead made sure her lover was watching as she slipped the fingers of her free hand between her own legs, touching herself.

"Oh...my...God..." Olivia Benson did not know how much more of this sweet torture she could take. The sight of Casey above her, thrusting into her while sliding fingers into herself... It was enough to... It was too much...

Casey felt the shuddering begin deep inside her lover. "Wait for me, Olivia," she commanded.

The detective could not imagine a harder request to obey. "Can't...please...Case..."

"Wait. For. Me." The ADA's low, rumbling voice left no room for argument. Her hard gem eyes, her tense jaw, her flared nostrils…she was a statue hovering on the edge of life. "Say my name."

Olivia arched so high off the bed that her thighs quivered with the strain. "Casey..." she sobbed.

"Tell me who makes you feel this way, Olivia." Casey's eyes were wild, dark and desperate.

"You..." Olivia threw every ounce of her considerable will into obeying her lover's commands and yet she honestly didn't believe she could hold back her surrender one more minute. It was so close… So close…

"Casey...God, Casey...don't...don't let me..."

Universes died and were born in the seconds between heartbeats. A crescendo of passion skittered along Casey's nerves as Heaven's gates opened and she spiraled into the center of the galaxy.

"Now," she rasped. "Let go, Olivia..."

Olivia's breath hitched at the back of her throat as her body stilled in its impossible arch. She held the apex until the balance finally shifted and the world dropped out from under her.

She screamed.

Casey followed her immediately, resplendent in her joy, flying, wheeling in the currents of Olivia's howling release until she collapsed, breathless, nearly senseless, at her lover's side.

Olivia Benson struggled with spent muscles, forcing one languid, boneless arm to reach for Casey Novak, weakened fingers caressing her lover's flushed cheek.

"So...beautiful..." she breathed, her touch soft and ephemeral. "So...beautiful..." Her eyes fluttered closed, her body and mind adrift in splendor. "My Casey..."

Those words, so softly spoken that Casey couldn't be sure she'd actually heard them, were the last to come from Olivia's lips as she succumbed to sleep.

"My Casey..."

Casey Novak started awake, hearing again the ghost of a whisper in her dream. As her eyes cleared and she realized the truth of her dream, she began to doubt her wakefulness.

Olivia Benson's head was tucked under her chin and she and the detective were completely entangled, braided together like challah. Casey pulled back a little to look down at her lover and the vision overwhelmed her. Liv slept soundly, obviously contented. Her long lashes lay sweetly against her cheeks. Her breathing was deep and even. Casey could even feel her heartbeat against her belly.

Tears flooded the ADA's coppery eyes. She wanted to wake Olivia with sleepy kisses. She wanted to make love to her, tenderly, slowly...for all eternity. Instead, she disentangled herself from Olivia's embrace and backed away from her, trying to put some distance between them. She ended up sitting curled up against her headboard, staring at the peacefully sleeping older woman.

Satisfied, Novak? she asked herself harshly. You fucked Olivia Benson. Made her say your name so many times you'll come for months just thinking about it. Was it a good trade? One night of frenzied fucking for a friendship it took months to build? Can you even look her in the eye tomorrow? Can you face the squad knowing how she feels? Tastes? Smells? Knowing that her slickness glistens on your thighs like sugar syrup icing on the proverbial donut?

She laughed briefly, a sound filled with derision and scorn. God, Novak, you're wet just thinking about it. She does that to you. She's in you. Even now.

Her red hair fluttered softly around her face as she shook her head. What have you done, Counselor? I'll tell you what you've done. You plead out the possibility of love for the lighter sentence of lust. And you have to live with that. Surely you can take it...right, Counselor? Life without the possibility of a loving relationship with Olivia Benson? After all, you'll always have the sex. If you're careful, you can cling to the memories for years.

Wanting to scream, Casey instead grabbed her pillow and buried her face in its satiny fabric, clutching it to her with clenched fists.

God, I am such a jackass! I've lost it all. I'm in love with this woman and I treated her like a throw away date! All I want is to wake up in her arms and I can't bear to sleep.

The young attorney lifted her eyes to look at Olivia one more time.

I don't want to forget anything, anything about this night. It was so close to being perfect.

"I love you." Casey whispered the words so softly there was hardly a breath of sound to them. But she'd said them aloud. Laid them into the fabric of reality like tiles into a mosaic. Nothing could ever change that.

The detective chose that moment to shift in her sleep, groaning softly, reaching for something. Casey froze, caught between allowing herself the fantasy of being what Olivia was searching for and knowing that could never be possible.

It was the glasses, Novak, she counseled herself darkly. Those stupid glasses. If only you had taken them off. If only you had said you were straight...

The scent of Olivia lingered on her fingers, on her body. Casey wondered if she'd have the strength to shower away the proof of their night together.

I'll never wear them again, she vowed as her tears finally slipped over her lashes. They burned searing pathways down her cheeks, carving a deepening valley of silent grief that choked her. Not wanting to wake Olivia with her pathetic weakness, Casey lowered her face back into the depths of the pillow and wept.

Olivia Benson, NYPD detective, surfaced slowly from a particularly blissful erotic dream only to have equally erotic memories flood her semi-consciousness.

Oh, God... Indistinct traces of arousal skated over her body almost immediately. I've been fucked senseless by Casey Novak. And I wanted to be. I wanted her to touch me like that. I wanted her to love me so deep and hard that my screams would wake the dead.

A fluttering aftershock rippled through her abdomen at the memory of her last moments of consciousness and she struggled to stifle the groan she felt bubbling up from her toes.

God, what she does to me! Her bronze eyes. Her low, sexy voice. Her strong hands. Those glasses...

Liv's bliss suddenly hit a palpable snag.

The glasses. Oh God, the glasses! What a stupid excuse to get a woman in bed, Olivia Benson!

Her mind started to work furiously.

You'll make it up to her. You'll take her out tonight. A real date... Jesus, Benson, why didn't you think of that before? You'll take her someplace nice. Someplace she's never been. A place where she'll be surrounded by things that are almost as beautiful as she is.

Then it took a hard right turn.

Or no...we'll stay in. I make a mean Veal Saltimbocca. I'll make Linguini Basilico, too, and sing Italian love songs to her while she reclines on the sofa, eating grapes and drinking champagne. Yes! Then—after dinner—we'll make love until the moon sets and in the morning I'll hold her in my arms through the sunrise. We'll listen to the city awaken below and I'll whisper that I want this to be forever...

Olivia wasn't sure what initially derailed her fantasy train but as soon as she was fully conscious she knew something was wrong.

"Casey?" She reached for her beautiful lover but found no one beside her. A small creak lured her gaze toward the head of the bed and she found Casey there, huddled against the dark wood of the headboard, her arms wrapped around her knees. She was rocking herself gently back and forth.

"Case? Honey, what is it?"

Casey slowly lifted her head until finally Liv could see her bright copper-penny eyes. Except they weren't bright. They were almost gray with fear.

Olivia instantly knew what was wrong.

She quickly crawled to her lover, enfolding her into strong arms, cradling her. She rocked Casey for a while, just holding her, caressing her soft, porcelain skin, kissing her forehead—until she finally lifted her chin so that the young woman could see her eyes.

Then she lowered her sweet mouth to Casey's, capturing petal pink lips in the gentlest kiss she could manage.

The young woman struggled against the detective, her heart shearing into jagged pieces too painful to bear. This couldn't be happening. It couldn't be real...and Casey knew she was not strong enough to endure another meaningless sexual encounter.

Olivia soothed her into stillness. "Please, Casey," she whispered. "Let me touch you like this..."

Casey's resistance crumpled like corrugated tin in a hurricane. She buried her tears deep in her heart and closed her eyes, wondering how she could ever have thought she would be able to deny the beautiful detective.

"Hold onto me, honey," breathed Olivia. She moaned quietly when she felt the redhead's arms wind around her neck and she shifted the lithe body, cradling it closer to her heart. With her free hand she began a slow, aching caress, beginning at her lover's cheek, drifting over her neck, brushing over her nipples and belly, grazing her thighs…

As the caress continued, Casey could no longer contain her anguished tears and they washed down her cheeks. She had to stop this. She had to stop this right now, before she completely lost control.

"Liv?" she rasped.

"Shhh..." Olivia brushed kisses over Casey's eyes, cheeks, and lips. "Shhh, Casey... I want this. I want you." Her fingers dipped into the young woman's warmth and they both groaned.

But the attorney shook her head. "No...no, you don't..." Her voice was small and heartbreakingly sad and Olivia wanted nothing more than to shower her with the comfort she so clearly needed.

"Casey, honey, look at me." The brunette waited patiently as her lover struggled to open tear-flooded eyes. Once she was sure Casey saw her—really saw her—she let a gentle smile touch her mouth.

"I love you, too," she breathed, slipping her fingers fully inside Casey's delicate heat, moving sweetly, tenderly...and so deeply. "Forever, honey." A silvery thread of tears rimmed her deep chocolate eyes.

Casey's whole being wept with the joy of those words and she shuddered in Olivia's arms, crying softly with her exquisite release.

When she finally descended from those angelic heights she focused watery eyes on Olivia.

"What?" she asked timidly. "What did you just say?"

Olivia cupped Casey's face in her hands, her long fingers brushing away the shimmering remnants of tears on her lovely cheeks.

"I said, 'I love you, too.' I thought you'd want to know that. You know, for future reference." She grinned naughtily. "Are you getting that or do you want me to get Warner on the phone so she can explain it to you?"

Casey laughed even as she flushed red. "That won't be necessary," she countered wryly.

"Then you're getting it?"

Casey swallowed hard. "I get it, Detective," she whispered, reaching out to caress Liv's cheek. Liv nuzzled into Casey's soft touch, making the redhead's heart swell with emotion. "I got it a long, long time ago."

Intrigued, Olivia smiled a crooked little smile. "When, Case? When did you know that you were in love with me?"

"I've had a crush on you since the moment I laid eyes on you, Detective," growled Casey suggestively. Then her eyes and voice softened. "But I knew I had fallen in love with you when you stayed with Lee Healy even though Baxter had told you to go."

Olivia gaped at her lover.

Lee Healy…God, that was over a year ago. When Andy showed up out of nowhere and I ended up on the wrong end of a hostage situation.

"How did you find out about that?" Casey hadn't worked that case.

"I reviewed the tapes. But that's not the point." Casey gazed up at the detective. "The point is I knew right then and right there, Olivia Benson, that I wanted to be that person for you. I wanted to be the person who would stay with you like that; even in Hell and even if Lucifer himself released me. Because you always do that for us, Liv. You're always there for us. And you deserve to have someone be there for you." Casey knit her brows, frustrated with her words. "Does that make any sense?"

Her answer was a deep and breathless kiss that shot like starfire right through her, bathing her insides in glittering ice and shards of blue heat.

When they parted, Olivia rested her forehead against Casey's and struggled to catch her breath.

"You know what I want?" she asked.

"What do you want, detective mine?" Casey sighed and played with the ends of Olivia's hair before tucking herself under the older woman's chin and snuggling into the cradle of her arms.

"I want to stay in bed with you all day. I want to make love to you until you can't remember your own name. I want to sleep wrapped up in your arms so that my nightmares become dreams instead." She kissed Casey gently. "But what I really want, right now, right this very minute..."


Liv looked directly into Casey's beautiful twilight eyes and said, "Coffee."

Casey laughed and hid her eyes against Liv's shoulder. "Oh, thank God. I thought I was the only one." She looked up again, more serious. "We'll have to go out and get it. I don't have any in the house at the moment."

"There's a great coffee shop not too far from here. We'll go together."

"Deal," said Casey. "You wanna race?" she asked with a wink.

Olivia laughed for a second but then leaned forward to kiss her competitive lover on the nose. "I don't need to race anymore, Case," she said simply. "You're all the prize I'll ever need."

The End

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