Finding My Place PG Olivia/Casey Casey reflects on her first year in SVU. Complete

A Matter of Faith 1-6 7 8-11 12-14 15 15 Olivia/Faith BtVS crossover - Faith gets a letter that sends her to NYC and her life changes. On-Going

A Thing For ADAs PG Olivia/f Olivia admits, if only to herself, that maybe she does have a thing for Assistant District Attorneys. Complete

The Woman Before Me PG Olivia/Casey Songfic with Casey wondering about the woman who came before her in Olivia's life. (Alex) Complete

Convincing Casey 1-3 PG Olivia/Casey Someone from the past returns to threaten Casey & Olivia's relationship. On-Going

Comfort PG Casey/Megan Law & Order: CI crossover - Wheeler seeks comfort in a difficult time. Complete

Acathla & Diamond Crush

It Takes Two: Book One 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 18 Alex/Kate Beckett Castle crossover - When Detective Kate Beckett takes a vacation, the last thing she's expecting is to meet Vicky Harrison, the woman of her dreams. There's just one problem: Vicky is really prosecutor Alexandra Cabot. When Kate has to return back to New York, Alex has no choice but to play by the rules of the program and not contact Kate or else face the wrath of her handler. When the threat to her life is suddenly eliminated, Alex finally has the chance to return to her life in New York and the woman she loves, but after a year of virtual silence, will Kate be able to forgive her so that they can have the life they dreamed of? Complete


A Second Chance 18 Alex/Olivia A/U Cabot returns from WitSec as District Attorney; the 1-6 celebration kicks off a bit more than they open ned. Complete

Adrienne Lee & Miranda Rafferty

Fallacy series

Tomboy 15 Alex/Olivia This is the 1st half of the diptych "Fallacy" set around the SVU episode of the same title. Complete

Understanding Olivia 15 Alex/Olivia This is the 2nd half of the diptych "Fallacy" set around the SVU episode of the same title. Complete

Verity 15 Alex/Olivia A companion piece to the 'Fallacy' series. Complete

Synchronicity PG-13 Alex/Olivia A bond stronger than death, no man shall rend asunder. Complete

The Name of the Game series

Night Without Light 15 Alex/Olivia This story is set around the episode "Taken" Complete

Out of the Darkness 15 Alex/Olivia This story is set around the episode "Paranoia" Complete

Walking in Beauty 15 Alex/Olivia This story is set around the episodes "Pique" and "Scourge" Complete

Unknown Waters 15 Alex/Olivia This story is set around the episodes "Inheritance" Complete

Falling For You series

The Consequences of Falling PG-13 Alex/Olivia Falling over her own feet and in love # 1. Complete

Angels Don't Fall PG-13 Alex/Olivia Falling over her own feet and in love # 2. Complete

Angels Would Fall PG-13 Alex/Olivia Falling over her own feet and in love # 3. Complete

Falling Into You PG-13 Alex/Olivia Falling over her own feet and in love #4. Complete

I Fall to Pieces PG-13 Alex/Olivia Falling over her own feet and in love # 5. Complete

Can't Help Falling PG-13 Alex/Olivia Falling over her own feet and in love # 6. Complete

Next Time I Fall PG-13 Alex/Olivia Falling over her own feet and in love # 7. Complete

Out in the Open

Damn You PG Alex/Olivia Prequel to the 'Out in the Open' series. Complete

A Cry in the Dark PG Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Casey A poem and a plea. Complete

A Call in the Night 15 Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Casey Phone calls and women. Complete

A Fish in the Bucket PG-13 Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Casey Answering a call. Complete

Out on the Ledge PG Alex/Olivia Olivia offers to listen, and buy dinner. Complete

Out on the Line PG Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'Out on the Ledge'. Complete

Out of the Game PG Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'Out on the Line'. Complete

Believe G Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

Spark PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia's vibe. Complete

Flame PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia's fall. Complete

Burn PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia's flame. Complete


Undone 1-2 3-4 15 Alex/Olivia A serial killer is on the loose. Someone who is finishing the job for the SVU detectives. But for what reason? And will Olivia be able to cope? Especially with the unexpected changes going on in her life? On-Going


Keep the boots on 18 Olivia/Casey Olivia gets a surprising phone call. Complete

Another Lifetime PG-13 Alex/Casey Comfort comes from surprising places. Complete

Retribution 18 Olivia/Casey There's anger. There's sex. What more of a summary do you need? lol. Complete


A Dame to Die For 1-2 3-4 5-6 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia Benson is a tough but bitter cop who has just one night left in Sin City before she gets the hell out and moves to New York. However, as Olivia waits in the rain for the night to be over, she doesn't know that this will be the night that all hell breaks loose and her life changes forever... On-Going


Open to Persuasion 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-17 18-21 22-23 24-25 26-28 15 Alex/Olivia Post Ghost, Alex accepts a temporary assignment to SVU for unconvincing reasons, but will she and Olivia ever act on the feelings that stirred beneath the surface when Alex was shot? Complete

Blood is Thicker 1-5 6-9 10-13 14-15 16-28 15 Alex/Olivia Post Ghost, Alex and Olivia struggle to define their relationship as each assesses the meaning of friendship and family following traumatic incidents. Complete

Drinks Series

Margaritas PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Margaritas Complete

Beer PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Beer Complete

Water PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Water Complete

Pinot Gris PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Pinot Gris Complete

Côte Rotie PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Côte Rotie Complete

Brandy PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Brandy Complete

Coffee PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Coffee Complete

Sake 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Sake Complete

Mojitos PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Mojitos Complete

Champagne PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Champagne Complete

Aperitifs 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Aperitifs Complete

Scotch PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Scotch Complete

Gin 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Gin Complete

Tea - Earl Grey PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - First part of the 'Tea' trilogy Complete

Tea - Green PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Second part of the 'Tea' trilogy Complete

Tea - English Breakfast PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Third part of the 'Tea' trilogy Complete

Sangria 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Sangria Complete

Cosmopolitans PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Cosmopolitans Complete

Bourbon PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Bourbon Complete

Perrier PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Drinks Series - Perrier Complete


Why Springfield? PG-13 Alex/Doris Wolf Guiding Light crossover - It's Doris/WitSec!Alex, what do you think happens? Complete


Exposure PG Alex/Olivia Olivia watches Alex try a case that hits a little too close to home. Complete


Barriers 1 2 3 18 Olivia/Casey Olivia crosses a threshold. Complete

What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas? PG Olivia/Casey...kinda Christmas is a time for family, in whatever form. Complete

Amy Jo

False Promises PG Alex/Olivia My take on what Olivia was going through during the two days between the shooting and the meeting with Alex. Complete


Red Silk PG-13 Alex/Olivia Something about a little red dress. Complete


Detectives prefer blondes (A Femslash Advocacy Group Power Meeting) PG Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - Two blonde lawyers meet to discuss femslash strategy. This follows on from Jill's introduction to the F.A.G.. Complete


Waiting for a Stall 15 Alex/Olivia Originally written for the femslash_fluff LJ community, this is in response to a challenge by the_girl_20 which involves waiting in line for the bathroom in a club and a glow stick. Complete

A Grand Plan PG Serena/Abbie   Alex/Olivia Law & Order crossover - Olivia sends Serena and Abbie on a trip. Complete

Getting Reacquainted PG Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'A Grand Plan' - Olivia and Alex finally get reacquainted. Complete

Utter Nunsense PG Alex/Olivia Olivia has to hide Alex in the last place anyone would think to look for her. Complete

Sleepless in New York PG Alex/Olivia Olivia experiences sleepless nights as she waits for Alex's return. Complete

Falling for You PG-13 Alex/Olivia This was written for the 'Fragments of Sappho' challenge on livejournal. Complete

A Necessary Delay PG-13 Alex/Olivia This was written in response to a livejournal challenge involving a set of keys and a courtroom. Complete

Fruitful Stakeout PG-13 Alex/Olivia This was written in response to a livejournal challenge to include a police vehicle and citrus fruit. Complete

Halloween in Smalltown, USA PG-13 Alex/Olivia A special Halloween surprise in Smalltown, USA. Complete

Speeding up the Process PG-13 Alex/Olivia Ripening. Complete

Time on My Hands PG Alex/Olivia Two women's thoughts of solitude and of each other at a single point in time. Complete

Close Encounter PG Alex/Olivia A yacht at night. Complete

Satin Sheets 15 Alex/Olivia Answer to the amorous_ladies first line challenge. Complete

It's How You Play the Game PG Alex/Olivia Staten Island Ferry and hot chocolate. Complete

Christmas Tradition PG Alex/Olivia Macy's Toy Department + giving. Complete

Food for Thought PG Alex/Olivia chocolate éclairs + NYPD crib. Complete

The Aftermath of the Attack PG Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - The year that never was. Complete

A Case in Point 15 Alex/Olivia   Tracey/Kelly Law & Order: TBJ crossover - Tracey is assigned to present a case to the Grand Jury, a case she clearly doesn't want. Complete

Heat Wave PG Alex/Olivia Stuck in a heat wave. Complete

Seasons of Change PG Alex/Olivia Olivia tries to work out where her butch has gone. Complete

A Halloween Carol PG Alex/Olivia The ghost of butchness past comes to visit. Complete

Chance Meeting PG Alex/Jane Jane Bond crossover - Jane is forced to take refuge in a stranger's hotel room. Complete

The Eighth Day of Christmas PG Alex/Olivia Day 8 of my warble of the 12 days of Christmas - Eight days a-packin' Complete

Other Side of the World PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia just needs to get away for awhile. Complete

The Resurrection of Butchy McFabulous PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex is back and finds her return may have come too late to save Olivia as Butchy McFabulous has sailed far, far away to parts unknown. Complete

A Fairytale End PG-13 Tracey/Serena   Alex/Olivia Law & Order/Law & Order: TBJ crossover - Serena needs a favor...a really big favor. Complete

Femslash Island 15 Multi-fandom crossover - A peek into a modern day femslash soap opera, featuring various pairings from carefully chosen fandoms – most of them placed in a different line of work – set on a remote island, far, far away from life as we know it and centered on a very important event that will take place at the island's premiere location… Hotel Calidornia. Complete

Femslash Island: A Whole New World 1 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-Going

Snowed In PG-13 Alex/Olivia Takes place before Season 5, Episode 4: Loss. Complete


Mistletoe Zone PG-13 Alex/Olivia Who will get caught in the mistletoe zone? Complete

Underneath It All 15 Alex/Olivia Lingerie shopping leads to new discoveries. Complete

Elegantly Inelegant 15 Alex/Olivia Even the most together people sometimes aren't. Complete

Reenactments PG-13 Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom anniversary crossover. Complete

Take a Chance PG-13 Alex/Olivia Sometimes you just have to... Complete

Happy Birthday To Me 18 Alex/Olivia This is one of my earlier SVU fics - an homage to the lovely Ms. March's Birthday. Complete

Centerfold 18 Alex/Olivia Don't judge a book (or a magazine) by its cover... Complete

Unexpected 15 Alex/Olivia A dinner date turns out unexpectedly... Complete

It Ain't Her PG-13 Olivia/? Written during the metamorphosis of Olivia from Butch to Femme. Complete


Untitled 1 2 15 Alex/Olivia One possible 'Lets get Alex back, Dammit'. On-Going


Of Promises and Comfort PG-13 Alex/Olivia Another take on the angst of the 'missing scene' from Ghost. Complete

Tables Turned 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia needs to apologize. Alex sees to it that she does. Complete


Tears of the Forsaken PG Alex/Olivia Set after Alex has gone into Witness Protection. How does Olivia Cope? Complete


Heat 1 15 Alex/Olivia A heat wave hits New York City and Olivia is trapped in her apartment with a broken A/C when Alex comes to her rescue with a proposition Olivia simply cannot refuse. On-Going

Cabot Legacy PG Alex/Olivia Olivia's life changes drastically during Alex's absence. After the death of Cesar Velez, Alex returns to New York City and contacts Olivia. Will they be able to work through their years apart, and more importantly, is there a place for Alex in Olivia's life now? Complete

First Time 1 2 15 Alex/Olivia AU - What if Alex and Olivia had met years before Alex was assigned to the SVU? This story deals with the struggle of coming out and embracing being gay. On-Going

Vinyard Lights 15 Alex/Olivia Alex invites Olivia to spend a long weekend with her on Martha's Vineyard. Complete

Rumors PG Alex/Olivia This story is in answer to a challenge by Femvamp. What if someone from another show had known Alex and Olivia? Said person learns about Alex "departure" [see spoiler warning] and starts to remember certain rumors about the detective and the ADA. Complete


Time Clarifies PG Alex/Olivia Thought exercise on Alex's return. Complete

Relative Time 15 Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'Time Clarifies'. Complete


Anything Goes 1-7 8-10 18 Olivia/Casey   Olivia/f Olivia is torn betweeen a mobster's moll and Casey during the 1930's. Complete

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear PG Olivia/Casey Olivia and Casey are alone in the squad room on Christmas Eve. Complete

The One Time Elizabeth Got to be Alex Again PG Alex/Mary Shannon In Plain Sight crossover - Mary seeks comfort after the events of the season finale with her witness, Elizabeth (aka Alex). Complete

The Time Elizabeth Kissed Mary PG-13 Alex/Mary Shannon In Plain Sight crossover - Elizabeth (aka Alex) kisses Mary, and Mary freaks out because Alex is her witness. Complete

Barbara Gordon

Alex & Olivia: The Soundtrack series

Beginning PG Alex/Olivia The title pretty much says it all, a progression in Alex and Olivia's relationship with a soundtrack filled with good music. Complete

Eye Candy PG Alex/Olivia The second in the series. Complete

Frustration PG Alex/Olivia The third in the series. Complete

The Turning Point PG Alex/Olivia The fourth in the series. Complete

Smile PG Alex/Olivia The fifth in the series. Complete

At Last PG Alex/Olivia The sixth in the series. Complete


Happy Valentines Day PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia has an admirer, and the SVU team sets out to find who it is. Complete


Can't Buy Me Love 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia get caught up in a bank robbery. Complete

The Calm Before the Storm PG-13 Alex/Olivia It's in the calm of the storm we discover the truth about who we are and what we want. Complete

Season of Change PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex's reasons for leaving the DA's office. Complete

Putting It Out There PG-13 Alex/Olivia When you finally get the guts to say how you feel...sometimes you don't always get the answer you want. Complete

Fighting Fate PG-13 Alex/Olivia When fate steps in and tries to take us away, it's then we realize what's worth fighting for. Complete

The Take Down 1-3 4-7 8-11 12-14 15-18 18 Alex/Olivia After a case, Alex and Olivia grow closer. But will fear and prejudices keep them apart forever. Can a second chance save them or will it destroy them forever? Complete

Out on the Edge 1-3 15 Alex/Olivia Life and Death help give insight to a tough situation. On-Going

Simple Words 1-2 3-4 15 Alex/Olivia Alex is making some changes in her life...where will the detective fit in? On-Going

Further Down PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex's professional and personal life is turned upside down. Sometimes we say things to people we care about we shouldn't and take out our hurt on them. Complete

Waking to Whispers in the Dark PG Alex/Olivia A last chance to tell her. Complete

Again and Again and Again PG Alex/Olivia We come around to love again and again and again. Complete

beurre blanc

The Sum of Contradictions

1. Ascent PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

2. Hysterics PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

3. Oblivious PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

4. Cabot v Stabler PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

5. Hyacinths PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

6. Maxfield Parrish PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

7. Macy's PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

8. Red or White? PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

9. Singed PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

10. Miles PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

11. Nearly Four 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

12. Coup de Grâce 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

13. Silence PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

14. Coffee PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

15. Charm PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

16. Chess 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

17. Evidence 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

18. Hovering 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

19. Conspiracy 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

20. Jane Austen PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

21. Charity 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

22. Cauchemar 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

23. Nine PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

24. Pavlov PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

25. Pontification PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

26. Provocation PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

27. Momentum 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

28. Trust 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

29. Presage G Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

30. Habeas corpus 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

31. Possession PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

32. Empty PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

33. Scylla and Charybdis PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

34. Generalization 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

35. Protection PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

36. Incandescent 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

37. Disintegration 15 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

38. Winter PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

39. Unconventional PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

40. No PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

41. Freefall PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

42. Hitch 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

43. Fifth 18 Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

44. Pyrrhus PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

45. Humanity PG Alex/Olivia Conversations which might have happened. Complete

46. Public Knowledge PG Alex/Olivia Living in the public domain, hiding in plain sight. Complete

47. Denial 18 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

48. Complicated PG Alex/Olivia No synopis given. Complete

Secret Santa PG Alex/Olivia A Yuletide one-shot. Complete


Alone Together PG Alex/Olivia A filler scene for Ghost. The hotel room, with loads of time to talk. Complete

Broken PG Alex/Olivia A post-Loss fic just as the SUV drives away. Complete


Delicate Balance 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-44 15 Alex/Olivia   Olivia/OFC Olivia's attempt to balance her work and personal life and the relationships therein. Complete


Walk The Line PG Olivia/Casey Casey's fear of drowning nearly consumes her. Ficlet. Complete


No More Wishing On the Never Star 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia has just stumbled upon Alex's new life in Ohio, raising questions as to what their relationship was, and will now be. Complete

C Maroukian

You Missed a Spot PG-13 Alex/Abbie Abbie and Alex share breakfast, laughter and more. Complete


After the Rain PG-13 Alex/Olivia Elliot wasn't the only person Olivia argued with that day. Complete

Progression 1-2 PG-13 Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'After the Rain' - Charting the gradual progression from friendship to romance. On-Going

KaBoom PG-13 Alex/Olivia A 'missing scene' fic following the explosion in "LOSS". Complete

Bicycle Built for Two PG Unconventional shippers and much sarcasm ensues. Complete

Query PG-13 Alex/Olivia A peek into Olivia's mindest post-"Loss" Complete

Repeat PG-13 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

Caitrin Torres

Recoil PG Melinda Warner/Anita Van Buren The emotional fallout from 'Blast'. Complete


New Beginnings 1-4 5-8 9-11 12-14 15-17 15 Alex/Olivia   Olivia/? Set around the episode 'Ghost' Alex returns to NYC and Olivia. On-Going


Light in the Shadows 1A 1B 2A 2B 2C 3A 3B 3C 4A 4B 4C 18 Alex/Olivia Alex & Olivia investigate the most dangerous case of their careers, with the able assistance of Stabler, Warner, and some other familiar friends. Complete

Uber-Alex in Romania 18 Alex/Olivia Uber + Kink in Romania 1967. Complete


Lost and Found 1 2 15 Alex/Olivia Alex Cabot learns the hard way that she's the most wanted woman in the Colombian underworld. On-Going

The Spring Lover and the Autumn Lover PG-13 Olivia/Alex Love follows the seasons. Sappy, but true. Complete

Five Things That Don't Happen to Alex Cabot 15 Olivia/Alex Maybe Alex already has the best of all possible worlds. Maybe not. Complete

Carla Mayumi

The Name of the Game 15 Olivia/Alex What happened after Olivia killed Eric Plummer. Complete


The Story in Her Eyes PG-13 Olivia/Casey   Olivia/Alex Olivia Benson's undercover assignment with the FBI takes her from reflection on her past love to an unexpected and new vision of her future. Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Movie and Ice-cream? PG-13 Olivia/Casey No synopsis given. Complete


Doink, Doink PG-13 Olivia/Casey A day, or rather, night in the life. Nothing serious or wild, just some fun and humor. Complete

Every Drabble Has Its Day PG Olivia/Casey Four really short kinda sorta related drabbles. Complete

The MIScommunication Series

MIStake PG-13 Olivia/Casey Some days it's a MIStake to even get out of bed. The first story in a series which takes place over a long weekend which aptly starts on Friday the 13th. Complete

MIShap PG-13 Olivia/Casey Olivia Benson proves she is an officer of the law...Murphy's law. Complete

MISchief PG-13 Olivia/Casey Two blondes, a brunette and a redhead (sorta) walk into a bar... Complete

MISbehavin' PG-13 Olivia/Casey   Alex/Abbie It's a fine line between stalking and romantic pursuit. Try walking it in cowboy boots. Complete

The New ADA PG No synopsis given. Complete

Celia Stanton

Days Gone By PG Alex/Olivia Sometimes letting go is easier than hanging on. Post-"Ghost". Complete


Texas Hold 'Er 1-3 4-6 18 Abbie/Olivia A year after Alex's exit, Abbie returns to NYC with an interesting proposition for Olivia. Complete

Forgive Us Our Trespasses 18 Abby/Olivia Sometimes life can be Hell in a small town. Complete

Infanticipation 18 Abby/Olivia It's déjà vu all over again. Complete

Circumstances Beyond Control 18 Olivia/Lilly SVU/Cold Case crossover - A cold case from Philly affects Olivia in a couple of different ways. Complete

And The Cradle Will Rock 18 Olivia/Lilly Sequel to Circumstances Beyond Control - A disturbing case connects the units and reunites Olivia and Lilly. Complete

Running With The Devil 18 Olivia/Lilly   Lilly/Rita SVU/Cold Case/Silk Stalkings crossover - Sequel to And The Cradle Will Rock - Olivia and Lilly confront past issues and relationships as they contemplate a possible future together while continuously dealing with Olivia's father's "legacy." Complete

Unchained 18 Olivia/Lilly   Olivia/Alex SVU/Cold Case crossover - Sequel to Running With The Devil - Alex is back. What will happen with Lilly? Complete

Captive 18 Olivia/Alex Olivia gets a life lesson... Complete

A New Leaf 18 Olivia/f Olivia's first year of college is an eye-opener in more ways than one. Complete

Dirty Little Secrets 18 Olivia/Nikki SVU/Head of State - Olivia misses Alex so much she's willing to risk everything for a look-alike. Complete

Out In The Open 18 Olivia/Alex   Olivia/Nikki Sequel to 'Dirty Little Secrets' - Oh, what a tangled web we weave... Alex is back and so is Nikki. Complete

Shadow Of My Broken Heart 18 Olivia/Alex A song brings back the depth of Olivia's feelings for Alex. Complete

Just One Night 18 Olivia/f Olivia has a fan. Where do you draw the line? Complete

Waterfall 18 Olivia/Abbie A controversial case brings Abbie briefly back to New York and to face her unfinished history with Olivia. Complete

Scents and Sensibility 1 2 18 Olivia/Melinda Warner Why do we always want something we can't or shouldn't have? Complete

Flashpoint 18 Alex/Olivia Our protagonists get closer during the course of an investigation into a flasher who has hospitalized 3 women for laughing at his goods. Complete


If She Ever Thought about It G Alex/Olivia If she ever thought about it — which she didn't — she realized that she remembered a lot. Complete

Afraid of the Dark, Afraid of the Doorbell G Alex/Olivia Velez finds Alex in WPP. Complete

Broken things can be whole G Alex/Olivia Olivia visits Alex's apartment for the first time, and Alex considers her past. Complete

Understanding G Alex/Olivia Alex has trouble with the Brown verdict. Complete


Bath Time PG Alex/Olivia "You play with that as much as you play with me." Complete

G is for Goodnight PG Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete


Flooding Emotions 1 2 3 4 5 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia finds herself homeless for a few weeks and takes up Alex's offer to move into her spare room. Complete


Hobbies PG Alex/Olivia   ???/??? Olivia helps Alex in her newfound hobby of matchmaking. Complete

Men in Blue 15 Alex/Olivia This is not the way Olivia pictured first being naked with Alex. Complete

Connecticut Mcphee

Old Ghosts, New Habits PG Alex/Olivia I have always loved that Old-timey 40s dialect that cops, robbers and fast talking dames seem to have in old black and white film noir movies. I wanted to see if I could write a whole story in that tone. I hope you like it, I definitely had fun writing it. Complete


How Long PG Alex/Olivia Yet another post-Ghost fic. Olivia POV. Complete

Addictions PG Alex/Olivia Addictions come in all shapes and sized. Olivia POV Complete

Believe It PG Alex/Olivia An attempt to write a happy A/O fic while avoiding elevator fic cliches! Complete

Out of Context 1 2 15 Nikki/Olivia Bad Girls crossover - Olivia Benson goes undercover at Larkhall Prison. Complete


Proximity Control 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia needs a favour. Complete


From Afar PG Alex/Olivia Olivia watches the object of her affections from afar. Complete


Until PG Alex/Olivia Olivia thought she knew how things were between them.... until. This has been revised to make way for a longer, follow-up story. Complete

Live Like You Were Dying 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 PG-13 Alex/Olivia Together in New York once again, Alex and Olivia take the chance to really live. Sequel to Until. Complete

Merry Little Christmas PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia and Alex learn the meaning of the season for them. Complete

Devil in Blue Jeans 1 2 PG-13 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Casey Law & Order crossover - The Devil doesn't always carry a briefcase or wear the glasses of justice. Complete

A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Old Meets New PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Snippets of Solstice PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Out of the Game 15 Alex/Olivia Will Olivia ever get Alex back? Complete

Questioned 15 Alex/Olivia Alex faces a dilemma that jeopardizes her growing friendship with Olivia. Complete

Deadline 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia gets caught up in an attempt on Alex's life. Complete

Must-See TV PG Alex/Olivia Has Olivia moved on from Alex? Complete

Happy Holidays PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex prepares to move on from SVU. Complete

Rebuttal PG Alex/Olivia Alex needs some help with a search warrant. Complete

Icecapades PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia and Alex enjoy some rough weather on the road. Complete

DNA PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex helps Olivia deal with some disturbing information. Complete

Fringe PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex likes her job. Complete

Nothing PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia's not interested in the new ADA. Really. Complete

Driven 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia's plans for a romantic getaway go astray. Complete

Hard Feelings PG-13 Alex/Olivia An argument complicates Olivia's efforts to protect Alex from a threat. Complete

Saturday PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia wants to spend Saturday with Alex, damn it. Complete

Messages PG-13 Alex/Olivia Busy Olivia and Alex find a way to communicate. Complete

Chasing Alex PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia regrets – for a while – agreeing to enter a race. Complete

Forget Flowers PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex isn't too busy to appreciate what she's got. Complete

Downfall PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex is unsettled by a painful assignment. Complete

Juror No. 6 PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex doesn't want to be in court. Complete

Campaign 18 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia face challenges on the campaign trail. Complete

Taxi 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia's undercover assignment may cost her Alex. Complete

Petition 15 Alex/Olivia Alex's effort to help a crime-ridden neighborhood puts her on thin ice. Complete


Living PG Alex/??? Alex wakes up to some thoughts of her life past and present. Complete

New PG Alex/Abbie Follow up from 'Living' Complete


Amateur 1 2 PG-13 Olivia/Melinda Warner Olivia runs into a certain M.E. in a bar. Stuff happens. On-Going


Sickness of the Morning PG Alex/Olivia A future to look forward to. Complete

Future Dance PG Alex/Olivia Olivia gets a Christmas surprise. Complete

Drabbles G - 18 Alex/Olivia A collection of ten drabbles. Complete


Tease PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia get back at the guys. Complete

The Olympics Series

A/O Medal Count PG Alex/Olivia What's my score? Complete

Diving with A/O PG Alex/Olivia Diving. Complete

A/O and the Prohibited List PG Alex/Olivia Rules. Complete

A/O and the Clean and Jerk PG Alex/Olivia Weight-lifting was never this fun. Complete

A/O and the Takedown PG Alex/Olivia Mmm, wrestling. Complete

Silly Court Thing PG Alex/Olivia Let justice be done. Complete

Silly Strip Search Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex gives Olivia a little instruction. Complete

Silly Exhibit Thing PG Alex/Olivia Olivia gets a peek at the exhibit list for Alex's latest case. Complete

Silly Parking Lot Thing PG Alex/Olivia A strange incident in the parking lot. Complete

Silly Manhunt Thing PG Alex/Olivia A different take on 'Manhunt'. Complete

Silly Phone Call Thing PG Alex/Olivia An early morning phone call. Complete

Silly Coma Thing PG Olivia is desperate...but is she that desperate? Complete

Silly Psychic Thing PG Alex/Olivia I predict...a fun read. Complete

Silly Fuzzy-Memory Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex is starting to remember, but wishes she weren't. Complete

Silly Thanksgiving Thing PG Alex/Olivia Olivia can't take a hint. Complete

Silly Motive Thing PG Alex/Olivia Olivia deciphers a witness statement. Complete

Silly Stranded Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia are stranded. Complete

Silly Mistletoe Thing PG Alex/Olivia A little Christmas greenery and tradition. Complete

Silly Housekeeping Thing PG Alex/Olivia Olivia helps out with a little language barrier. Complete

Silly Heroics Thing PG Alex/Olivia ADA in courthouse scuffle! Complete

Silly Quitting Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex has had enough! Complete

Silly Elevator Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia get stuck. Complete

Silly Defamation Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex prosecutes a writer for defamation of character, hers. Complete

Silly Film At 11 Thing PG Alex/Olivia SVU become the subject of a documentary. Complete

Silly Ghost Thing PG Alex/Olivia Ghost gets the silly treatment. Complete

Silly Overtime Thing PG Alex/Olivia Olivia is maxed out on overtime. Complete

Silly Clarence Darrow Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex faces a tough opponent in the courtroom. Complete

Silly Bored Alex Thing PG Alex/Olivia A bored ADA can be a frightening thing, unless you're Olivia. Complete

Silly Lottery Thing PG Alex/Olivia Alex wins the lottery. Complete

Retreat PG Alex/Olivia The top brass decide to try and resolve the tension between the DA's office and boys in blue, starting with two particular women assigned to SVU. Complete

Retreat II PG Alex/Olivia Alex is desparate to try and get out of attending a DA's office retreat. Complete

Knockout PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia finds herself in the middle of a bar brawl. Complete

Mama Said PG Alex/Olivia There'd be days like this. Complete

Til Death Do Us Part PG Alex/Olivia Olivia sets out to bring Alex back. Complete

Blawg and Order PG Alex/Olivia Alex isn't too thrilled with the reaction to her being named Luscious Lawyer of the month. Complete

Job Security PG Alex/Olivia Alex hears strange noises in an adjacent office. Complete

Samaritan PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia finds herself on the wrong side of a lawsuit. Complete

Non-Working Dinner PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia does her best to make sure she and Alex have a non-work related dinner. Complete

Missing PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex has gone missing and Olivia can do nothing to help. Complete

Game PG Alex/Olivia Alex gets her hopes up when Olivia invites her to a basketball game. Complete

Manhattan Melodrama PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia gets an unexpected lead on a case. Complete

Sensitivity Training PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex is forced to lead a course in sensitivity training. Complete

Olivia the Closer PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia has a unique way of eliciting a confession. Complete

Moonlighting PG Alex/Olivia Olivia needs to earn a little extra money. Complete

Del Robertson

Lost 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Liv are - well, the title says it all. Complete

Ransom Notes G Alex/Olivia implied The ADA for SVU is kidnapped and being held for ransom. Complete

Something Wicked This Way Comes PG Alex/Olivia Something for Halloween. Complete

Who Killed Santa? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Santa is dead. Chaos ensues. Complete

An SVU Christmas G Alex/Olivia Recite the lines to the tune of Clement C. Moore's The Night Before Christmas and you should have some fun with it. Complete

Guideline For A Happy Ending G Olivia/? There's only one clear plotline that can get Law & Order SVU back on track and give everyone the happy ending they're craving. Complete

Whatever Happened to Ralst? G Ralst hasn't been heard from, and it's up to our intrepid detectives of the fan fiction universe to solve the case. Complete

Every Thursday G Olivia/? Olivia Benson performs a ritual every Thursday. Complete

The Five Fandom Cross-Over Story PG Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - Ms. Fletcher is in trouble - and the Angels are on the case. Complete

Night In A Haunted Courthouse G Submitted for the Halloween challenge. The premise is the Urban Legend where the hero spends the night in a haunted house only to be found dead, missing or completely insane by morning. Complete


Once 15 Alex/Olivia Afterglow isn't the same when you know it's a one-time deal. Complete


Third Time 18 Alex/Olivia A first-time "scene-we-didn't-see" encounter, mostly from Olivia's point-of-view. Complete


Arms of the Angel PG-13 Alex/Olivia The pain of pretending to be someone you're not. Complete

Full Blown Rose PG Olivia/Casey Olivia takes to escorting Casey home. Complete

Candy Girl PG-13 Olivia/Casey Chocolate signals. Complete

The Eyes Have It PG-13 Olivia/Casey Casey has some new glasses. Complete

Stabler's Roses PG-13 Olivia/Casey   Tracey/Kelly L & O: Trial By Jury crossover - Tracey Kibre is on the warpath and it leads straight to Elliot. Complete

Diamonds and Rust PG-13 Olivia/Casey Alex Cabot returns to New York ten years after the events that took place in "Ghost" only to find that more has changed than she ever thought possible. Can she reconcile her past with a future that seems even more uncertain now that she's come home? Complete

Therapeutic Touch 18 Olivia/Casey Olivia Benson and Casey Novak travel to Chicago for the fourth extradition attempt of a serial rapist/murderer only to be involved in a freak automobile accident. No one is seriously hurt but Olivia is very sore. Casey puts her amateur masseuse skills to good use, with startling results for both women. Complete

One Day/One Life 15 Olivia/Casey In this story, we find out what might have happened between Casey Novak and Olivia Benson immediately following the episode 'RAW'--provided of course that it had been Star Morrison that held a gun to Casey's head and that Olivia had been present in the courtroom to witness it. An episodic continuation story based not on the actual episode but on the nano-second of information gleaned by the author during the trailer. Turns out almost all of her information was incorrect. Bummer. Complete

There Are Always Consequences PG Olivia/Casey Another day, another ADA in the slammer. Complete

Meet Me in St. Louis 18 Olivia/Casey No synopsis given. Complete

DiNovia and sHaYcH

20/20 18 Olivia/Casey Sequel to 'The Eyes Have It' (written by DiNovia). Complete

Pairology: A Dyad of Love's Ramble 18 Olivia/Casey A series of shorts in dueling POVs tells the story of a detective and an ADA finding their way home to each other. Complete

Something Like It 15 Olivia/Casey A little baseball, a little fun - is it love, or something else? Complete


Picture Day PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia visits Alex's office to retrieve some photographs. Complete


What's the Occasion? G Alex/Olivia Alex has plans. Complete

Elise McGonagall

Past, Present, and Future 15 Alex/Olivia A post-coital request from her new lover veers Olivia into dangerous territory. Complete

She Could Have Stopped By 15 Alex/Olivia My attempt to explain the fact that Alex comes out of WPP and right into the world of "Conviction" without even addressing her SVU existence. Complete

Breaking The Pattern 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia and Alex have fallen into a pattern that Olivia needs to break. Complete


Hand in Hand PG Olivia/Melinda Olivia goes to check up on Melinda after the shooting in Blast. Complete

In Her Thoughts PG Olivia/Melinda Olivia goes to see Melinda to tell her about her growing feelings for her and ends up with something more in the end. Complete

Erin Griffin

The Bedtime Story PG-13 Olivia/Casey Casey and Olivia are told a different version of how they got together. Complete

Check Up PG-13 Olivia/Casey Olivia is reminded of just how persuasive Casey can be. Complete

Limers Unite! PG Olivia/Casey An IDF crackfic, Casey tries to get Limers to start writing for IDF. Complete

The Ultimate Limer PG-13 Olivia/Casey Another IDF crackfic, Elliot tries to help get Olivia out of trouble for telling Casey that people won't write their pairing for IDF. Complete

What If You PG Olivia/Casey Caught in yet another rough patch in their relationship, Casey and Olivia must decide whether or not it is better to part ways. Complete


Who's Teaching Who? PG Alex/Olivia Alex is full of surprises for Olivia, in more ways than one. Complete

Why Didn't You Call Me? PG-13 Alex/Olivia Convictions crossover - When Alex returns from the WPP, Olivia goes looking for her but she does not find the Alex that she remembers. Complete


Crave 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia finds herself increasingly tempted by the attractive ADA. A beginning fic. Complete

Incomplete 15 Olivia/Abbie Law & Order crossover - When her past walks back into her life, Olivia has to decide is she is willing to take another chance. Complete

Assuaged 1-10 11-20 21-30 15 Alex/Olivia Dealing with the aftermath of the Cavanuagh case, Alex finds comfort with a friend. But can she handle it when things become complicated. Complete

The Date PG Alex/Olivia Olivia's date turns out to be a dud. Complete


Si vis amari, ama 15 Alex/Serena Law & Order crossover -- Alex re-examines her feelings as she sits close beside Serena in an Off-Broadway theatre. Complete


Where We Go From Here G Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia consider their next move. Complete

Blessing PG Alex/Olivia In Alex's absence, Olivia forms a relationship with a different Cabot. Complete

Post "Witness" Unseen Scene G Alex/Olivia Title says it all. Olivia questions Alex about her decision. Complete

Still G Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia across the miles. Complete

Damages G Alex/Sara CSI crossover Complete

Foolish Heart

The One True Thing 1-4 5-9 18 Alex/Olivia When a rape trial goes horribly wrong thanks to a key witness' changing testimony, Olivia and the rest of the detectives are forced to find a way to redeem themselves in the eyes of Alex Cabot. During this time, Olivia tries to change the way Alex looks at her. Complete

Curiosity 18 Olivia/Casey Maybe there's a reason Olivia told Casey so much about her past. Complete

Lies 18 Alex/Olivia Alex's life between "Loss" and "Ghost." Complete

This Kiss 15 Olivia/Casey In response to a challenge on P&P from Shaych requesting a first kiss between Olivia and Casey. Complete

Christmas Present 15 Olivia/Casey Can Casey give Olivia a reason to truly celebrate Christmas again? Complete


Like Her PG Alex/Olivia Drabble. Complete

Body Language PG Alex/Olivia Drabble. Complete


Loving You PG-13 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete


Last Chance Gas 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia runs out of gas. Complete

Give and Take 18 Olivia/Sam Stargate: SG-1 crossover - A new, unidentifiable date-rape drug in New York City brings SG-1 to the offices of the Special Victims Unit. Complete

Best Laid Plans 18 Alex/Olivia Alex stops by to tell Olivia some good news, and they take celebrating a bit too far. Complete


Electric 18 Alex/Olivia A strange re-writing of Loss where you'll need to suspend your disbelief. Supernatural themes. Complete

Best of the Worst Choices 15 Helen/Olivia   Alex/Olivia   Helen/Nikki The extradition of a female prisoner brings Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot to HMP Larkhall and into contact with its Governing Governor, Helen Stewart. Complete

Life, If You Could Plan It PG Alex/Olivia Alex's life has not gone according to plan. What kind of person is she now, and what is left to rebuild with Olivia? Can you ever go back? Set around season 11. Complete

Finding Fault PG Alex/Olivia Alex thinks she hasn't been the best girlfriend, especially since she came back from the Congo. Set in Season 13. Complete

Two Beginnings PG Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Casey Casey can't remember when she hasn't been living in the shadow of Alex Cabot. Set in Season 13. Complete

The Bones Beneath PG Olivia/Amanda Olivia has been doing this work for so long, even the people she used to depend on have found somewhere else to be. Is there hope in the new, and is that hope Amanda Rollins? Complete

Grae Leigh

Victim PG-13 Olivia/Casey My C/O shipper's opinion on what happened after Casey Novak had been beaten up by Milan Zergin Complete


When I Need G Alex/Olivia Dealing with the aftermath of the Sam Cavanaugh case, Alex and Olivia reconnect. Complete

When I Need 2 PG Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'When I Need' - Alex and Olivia talk about the past and future. Complete


Spark 15 Alex/Olivia Life kicks Olivia in the ass when she's looking the other way. Complete

Hybrid 15 Alex/Olivia A trip to sunny Nebraska. This is a sequel to Spark. Complete

Synthesis 15 Alex/Olivia Liv and Alex go back to real life and hit a few bumps in the road. This story follows Spark and Hybrid. Complete


Complicity PG-13 Alex/Casey Maybe it's the fact that both of them have gone through Patel's blatant dislike at least once before. Or maybe it's the certainty that no detective, psychiatrist or medical examiner would have understood better the magnitude of eleven overruled objections. Complete


2000 Miles PG Alex/Olivia Running from the past isn't working anymore. Complete

Conduit PG Alex/Olivia Drabble - Olivia's thoughts. Complete

Balancing Act 18 Alex/Abbie Alex's working weekend just got a little more interesting. Complete

The Myth of Closure 15 Olivia/Abbie The state of her affair with Abbie, past and present. Set during the second half of "Closure." Complete

Affirmation PG Alex She stares at her blank expression in the mirror every day and with a grim determination. "I am going home," she says. Her inflection varies from day to day, but her resolve does not. Complete

Écrous de maïs PG Alex/Abbie Abbie has a noisy addiction. Complete

In Case of Emergency 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia take it outside. Complete

Knee Deep 15 Alex/Olivia "After months of falling in and out of bed with Alex she was back again ... Last call was always good to us that way." Complete

Paper Tiger PG Alex/Olivia Alex is caught in the act. Pre-OTP. Complete

Urbane Oasis PG Alex/Olivia Alex is invited to Elliot and Olivia's heat wave hideout. Complete

Victims of Circumstance PG-13 Olivia/Abbie Old wounds reopen. Complete

Victims of Circumstance 2: Time, Space and Perspective PG-13 Olivia/Abbie Time away gives Abbie a new perspective on what went wrong. Complete

Victims of Circumstance 3: Amends PG-13 Olivia/Abbie Abbie returns to pay her respects to a woman she never met and to make amends with one she can't forget. Complete

Weight of the World 15 Alex/Olivia "You were more precious to me than anything in this cold and unyielding world. But you never understood the lengths I would have gone to to keep you safe." Complete

Persistence 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-14 15 Alex/Olivia   Lilly Law & Order: SVU/Cold Case crossover - Three years after Alex's "death" Olivia still searches. Her quest leads her to Philadelphia consequently teaming her up with Det. Lilly Rush and the rest of the Cold Case squad. On a case fraught with twists, turns, and tensions Olivia is steadfast in her conviction to bring Alex home again. On-Going

Hilliard MacKenzie

Remains PG Alex/Olivia What happened after the SUV drove away. Complete

Contact PG-13 Alex/Olivia Missing Alex, Olivia thinks back on the first night they spent together. Builds on the relationship supposed in my previous fic, REMAINS. Complete

Connect 15 Alex/Olivia Following on from Contact - Alex reaches out to reclaim what was taken away from her. Complete

Clandestine 15 Alex/Olivia Following on from Connect - Alex and Olivia think back on their first time together as each waits for a special Christmas gift. Complete

hobbes and bluebriefs

Different 1 2 3 PG-13 Alex/Olivia Everything becomes different after an unexpected move by Alex. Complete


Scars 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia at a bar one night after a hard case. On-Going

Desk Duty 15 Alex/Olivia Can we say NOONER! or is it just office fun? Complete


Demons 15 Alex/Olivia After the episode "Inheritance," Alex finds out about one of Olivia's demons and tries to help her deal with it. Complete


Coffee PG Alex/Olivia Two ADAs and an ex-ADA get together and discuss our favorite detective. Complete

Tequila PG Alex/Olivia Continuation of 'Coffee' - Olivia gets a glimpse into Alex's world over pizzas, beers and tequila. Complete

A Splash of Gin 18 Alex/Olivia Continuation of 'Tequila' - Olivia and Alex get some time alone. Complete

Illumination PG-13 Alex/Olivia The missing hospital scene between Alex getting shot and her "death" and then some. Complete

Crossroads PG Alex/Olivia I had been to the crossroads and made my deal with the devil. I chose life over death and so I was given a new life in exchange for the death of my old one - This is a companion piece to "Illumination", but can be read as a standalone story. Complete

Futile PG-13 Alex/Olivia "I don't think she even knows the power she holds over them. In fact, I know she doesn't, and it's that obliviousness that draws them to her." Complete

Cinema Paradiso PG Alex/Olivia "I told you, the blue eyed ones are the most difficult..." Complete

Je Ne Sais Quoi 15 Alex/Olivia Elliot observes his partner's life. Complete

Awakenings PG Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Casey   Alex/m   Alex/f Alex Reflects on the past & present. Complete

Lifetime 18 Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Casey Olivia reflects on the past and present. Complete

Etched 15 Alex/Olivia Alex discovers something about Olivia. Complete

Dreams PG Alex/Olivia A phone call in the middle of the night. Complete

CUSTOS PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex learns the history behind a tattered old teddy bear. Complete

Socializing 1 2 18 Alex/Olivia Alex is introduced to Olivia's and Abbie's private world. Complete

Comfort 18 Alex/Olivia Someone's had a rough day. Complete

Comfortable 18 Alex/Olivia Follow up to "Comfort". Complete

Comforting 18 Alex/Olivia Follow up to "Comfort" and "Comfortable". Complete


Times Like These PG Olivia/Casey There are no spoilers for the show, only a small romance fic. Complete


Untitled G Alex/Olivia Olivia contemplates the lost of Alex. Complete


Observation PG Alex/Olivia Elliot has another sleepless night worrying about one of his kids. Complete

Interrogation PG Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'Observation' - Elliot has a conversation with Olivia in the interview room. Complete

Confession PG Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'Confession' - Elliot and Kathy finally talk to their daughter. Complete


Therapy PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex remembers. Complete

Not Her PG-13 Alex/Olivia Casey thinks about her predecessor. Complete

Our Day PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia remembers Alex's last birthday. Complete


Desktop Confessionals series

A Plain Morning PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex prose. Complete

The Choice I Have Come to Fear the Most PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex gets a much anticipated packet from the gov't. Complete

The Passenger PG-13 Alex/Olivia She's finally been paroled. Complete

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight PG-13 Alex/Olivia A life in transition. Complete

Drifting PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex returns to NYC. Complete

Newfound Masses PG-13 Alex/Olivia A reconnection of sorts? Or the calm before the storm? Complete

Such Great Heights PG-13 Alex/Olivia Um....I just needed this story to be included so I could transition the plot... Complete

Rapid Hope Loss 15 Alex/Olivia Could things end before they've even begun? Complete

When Night is Falling 18 Alex/Olivia A reconnection. Complete

While You Are Gone series

Confessions in the Dark 15 Alex/Olivia A continuation/parallel of the Desktop Confessionals series - This particular story deals with a night when Olivia learned more about Alex than she had ever imagined. Complete

The Substitutes PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia knows no one will ever take the place of Alex. Complete

Against the Wind PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia faces a crossroads. Complete

Again I Go Unnoticed 15 Alex/Olivia Alex watches the life she left behind. Complete


Never Enough Time... PG Alex/Olivia The strength of Alex and Olivia's relationship is tested, by their own insecurities. Complete


Shattered Emotions PG Olivia/Kathy Olivia has to deal with the loss of the most important person in her life and gets some unexpected help... Complete


In as Little as 48 Hours 15 Alex/Olivia Post-'Loss' Olivia and Alex are reunited, with quite a bit of unfinished business to attend to. Complete


Strangers 15 Sara/Sofia   Sara/Olivia CSI crossover - Sometimes in exploring paths not taken we discover our true self. Complete


Following her Lead 15 Alex/Olivia Alex returns to SVU. Set around the 10th season episode "Lead". Complete

Under Surveillance 15 Alex/Olivia Takes place during Season 3 episode "Surveillance". Complete

Kamikaze Romance 18 Alex/Olivia After returning to SVU, Alex and Liv discover that the road back to one another is not necessarily smooth. Complete

k alexander

Unbreakable 1 2 15 Alex/Olivia There are things in this world that seem unbreakable: a water-tight case, the love between a father and a son, resolved principles. ADA Alexandra Cabot. But when a series of unrelated events set off unforeseen consequences, both Olivia Benson and Alex Cabot are about to be severely tested. After all, strength can hold you together - but sometimes it can also tear you apart. Complete


A Little Space PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex wanted some space from Olivia. Complete

A Little Less Space PG-13 Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'A Little Space' - They both want a little less space. Ok, maybe a lot. Complete

Only Yours PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex waits for Olivia. Complete

Only Mine PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia thinks of Alex - companion piece to 'Only Yours'. Complete

First Impressions PG-13 Alex/Olivia Some first impressions change, others don't. Complete

Plead the Fifth PG Alex/Olivia This is all about pleading the fifth. Complete

Asleep on the Job PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia is a little tired and Alex wants to help. Complete

Law of Christmas and the Order of Gifts PG Alex/Olivia Alex has plans for Christmas night. Complete

Heartbeat 15 Alex/Olivia A bullet is fired and lives are changed. This is happy, I swear! Complete

Kassandra Luem

Between Truth and Lie 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia are finally together, but when old insecurities surface, can they overcome their fear and save their relationship? Complete

A Letter PG Alex/Olivia Olivia gets a letter from her lover after a big fight. Complete

Writing a Letter PG Alex/Olivia Companion piece to "A Letter": Alex reflects on the state of their relationship and what to do about it. Complete


Breakfast Plans PG-13 Alex/Olivia Detective Olivia Benson and ADA Alex Cabot have a confrontation about what their relationship is turning into and where it might go. Complete

Katherine Quinn

Early 15 Alex/Olivia Early one morning... Complete

100 Word Mini-fics PG Alex/Olivia Four SVU drabbles, 'With One Look', 'Socks', 'Waking' and 'The Bar'. Complete

Beautiful Blonde PG Alex/Olivia A little television watching. Complete

Crazy PG-13 Alex/Olivia Realising you're in love. Complete

August Night PG Alex/Olivia Heat, movies and someone special. Complete

Insomnia 18 Alex/Olivia Some nights it takes more than counting sheep to fall off to sleep. Complete

Post Coital 15 Alex/Olivia A little post coital chat. Complete

Attraction 18 Alex/Olivia Sometimes it's more than just attraction. Complete

Coming Out, Staying In 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18 19-20 21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 18 Alex/Olivia The consequences of staying hidden. Complete

Irritated PG-13 Alex/Olivia They're fighting...but it doesn't end sadly. Promise. Complete

Drive 15 Alex/Olivia A little drive. Complete

Out 18 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia have a night on the town. Complete

Midnight Madness PG Alex/Olivia First dates don't always turn out as expected. Complete

Without You PG-13 Alex/Olivia Living without you. Complete

Lust PG-13 Alex/Olivia To look at you is to lust for you. Complete

Wasted 15 Alex/Olivia A glimpse into Alex's family and past. Complete

Katherine Quinn & Adrienne Lee katie_drake

Creation Instead of Destruction PG-13 Olivia/Casey Munch has a theory about a detective and ADA who've been acting strangely. Complete

Katie Ramsey

Reckless to Forget 15 Olivia/Casey Olivia's had a hard day. Complete

No Place Called Home 1 2 3 4 15 Alex/Olivia Alternate Universe - Lust, boarding school, teenage hormones run amok, what could go wrong? Complete

Ki Finn

Angel Dark, Demon Bright PG-13 Alex/Olivia 'Vampires, Ghosts and Zombies' challenge story. Complete


Life 1 2 3 18 Alex/Olivia A new week brings a new case for Olivia and Alex. On-Going

Scuffle 15 Alex/Olivia Challenge fic: gym locker room, socks. Complete

Random Conversations on the Connecticut Coast PG Alex/Olivia Talk between lovers. Complete

Destination Unknown PG Olivia/Serena Law & Order crossover. Complete


L'angelo con capelli rossi PG Casey/OFC Angela's life isn't going very well and just when she's thinking it's not worth going on... she's raped... but maybe it's the best thing that happened to her and maybe she's finally on the road to getting her life on track and the woman of her dreams. Complete


The Beat PG-13 Olivia/Casey Olivia and Casey have a revealing dinner. Complete


Daydreams 18 Alex/Olivia Daydreams are good -- and bad. Complete

Aftermath 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia deals. Complete

Kristina K

Hostage 15 Olivia/Sofia CSI crossover - She felt herself being pulled in closer, into the fire. Complete

Divine PG-13 Olivia/Sofia CSI crossover - She had no idea how beautiful New York is in the fall. Complete

Reminiscence 18 Olivia/Sofia CSI crossover - a memory. Complete

Runaway PG-13 Olivia/Sofia CSI crossover - Olivia deserves better. Complete

Breaking into Pieces 15 Abbie/Olivia Law & Order crossover - Olivia has her own set of rules. Complete


Orpheus and Eurydice PG-13 Alex/Olivia Post Ghost - no synopsis given. Complete

Christmas Time in the City PG-13 Alex/Olivia Manhattan is a crowded place. Always. But in the weeks before Christmas? Liv and Alex go to see the Christmas tree. A short walk becomes epic. Complete


Yes and No 15 Alex/Olivia What could have been and what was. Complete

lemon curry

Olivia Always Wins PG Alex/Olivia Alex interrupts Olivia's gaming with the boys Complete

Lena Smith

Children And Olivia G Alex/Olivia Children and Olivia, is there any doubt they go together? Complete

Children And Olivia II G Alex/Olivia Another Alex has Olivia's heart. Complete

Les Miserables 1998

Defying Gravity series

Fallen 15 Alex/Olivia A near tragedy forces Alex to re-think keeping her relationship with Olivia secret. Complete

Forgiven 15 Alex/Olivia Elliot learns something. Complete

Reality 15 Alex/Olivia A hot date awaits. Complete

Silence 15 Alex/Olivia Liz suprises Alex with some questions about Olivia. Complete

Lost 15 Alex/Olivia Bad decisions are made. Complete

Mistaken 15 Alex/Olivia Mistaken identity could lead to even bigger mistakes being made. Complete

Broken 15 Alex/Olivia Sometimes you have to fight for what you want. Complete

Limits 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia plans to kick Donnelly's ass. Complete

Focused 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia refuses to give up. Complete

Defying Gravity 15 Alex/Olivia Decision time. Complete


Personal Trainer 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia is working off some energy at a gym and recognizes a certain blonde who needs some help. Complete

Lexus Grey

Black and White 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia catches Alex breaking the law and uses it to her advantage... Complete


To My Eyes PG-13 Alex/Olivia Observation of Alex and Olivia. Complete

Liz M

Torn Asunder 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-35 PG-13 Olivia/OFC   Alex/Olivia Olivia is faced with a life or death decision which may not only affect her but many innocent lives. She has to make a great sacrifice to save those innocent lives. A bittersweet story of love and loss which switches between 'real time' and the past giving the background to what led up to Olivia having to make that decision and why it costs her so dearly. On-Going


Lost Without You PG Alex/Olivia Alex is lost without Olivia. A dramatic take on how Alex would react to losing Olivia. Complete

Tomorrow, Forever, Always PG Alex/Olivia Olivia shows she's in it for the long haul... Complete


Snapshots PG Alex/Olivia The squad works to catch a serial killer. Character study in a series of extended drabbles. Complete

Clash of the Chocolate Orbs PG Alex/Olivia Spoof - Olivia faces off against Oliska. Complete


Tabula Rasa PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia's life turns upside-down overnight, much to her dismay. Complete

The City That Never Sleeps PG Alex/Olivia Olivia, New York and nighttime. Complete

Weak Spot of Alexandra Cabot PG-13 Alex/Olivia Olivia does some plumbing and Alex swoons. Complete

A Different Kind of Pain PG Alex/Olivia Takes place right after "Inheritance" [3x08]. Olivia talks with Alex about the case. Complete


Illumination PG-13 Olivia/Casey A bit of light-hearted fun gives Olivia the courage to ask Casey to dinner. Complete

Mary Griggs

Words in Haste PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alternative to Loss. What if Alex wasn't the one to go away? Complete

Repent In Leisure PG-13 Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'Words in Haste' - What if Olivia doesn't want to be found? Complete


Forever and For Always 1-2 3-4 5-6 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia deal with their feelings after their reunion at the Connors' trial. What kind of future do they have and will it be together or forever apart? Complete

Star Struck 1-5 6-9 15 Alex/Olivia The appearance of a movie star in New York sets in motion changes for Alex, Olivia and Casey. Complete

Making Up For Lost Time PG-13 Alex/Olivia The title says it all. Set after Alex's return from the dead. Complete


Know 15 Olivia/Casey After a bad day and an awful dream, Olivia falls into something unexpected. Complete


Visitor 18 Olivia/Jordan Crossing Jordan crossover - Olivia finds herself captivated by an out-of-towner. Complete


Exhausted 18 Alex/Olivia Alex Cabot was exhausted ... Complete

Heels 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia has a thing for Alex in heels. Complete

Dancing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 18 Alex/Olivia Alex agrees to join Olivia out in the field to try and catch a serial rapist. Complete

Game Face 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 18 Alex/Olivia Sequel to Dancing. Sometimes, to get through life, you need to keep your game face on. Complete

These Are Days 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-19 20-24 25-Epilogue 18 Alex/Olivia These are days that you'll remember. Follows Game Face. This is the third & final installment in the Dancing universe. Complete

Need New 18 Alex/Olivia Smutshot set in my usual A/O 'verse sometime after the epilogue from These Are Days. Complete


Over and Over Again PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex is jealous of Olivia's relationship with Stabler. Complete


Chasing the Demons 15 Alex/Olivia In the aftermath of a case, Alex comes undone. Complete

Courage Under Pressure 15 Alex/Olivia Sometimes it takes more courage to face your feelings than to tackle an armed man. Complete


Weekend Holiday 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia have a special weekend away. Complete

In the Dark 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia finds herself pulled into a Federal undercover investigation putting a heavy strain on her relationship with Alex.
Note: Please read the warnings.

Chasing Ghosts 1-7 8-13 15 Alex/Olivia Sequel to In the Dark - Olivia copes with the damage wrought during a recent undercover case gone sour. Complete

A Missing Scene From Ghost PG-13 Alex/Olivia A filler for gaping plot holes in the episode and a little damage control for A/O fans. Complete

Mig Aya

You Walked Away 18 Olivia/Dr. Rebecca Hendrix Did you ever wonder what the real reason was for Detective Benson's hostility towards Dr. Hendrix in the episode "Weak". This story gives you an insight into the two women's history and what the future might hold. Complete


Five Kisses PG-13 Alex/Olivia Ways to fall in love without noticing. Complete

A View of the Open Sky PG-13 Olivia/Casey Casey would prefer to hate her, but can't. Complete

One Hundred Things That Might Have Happened 15 Alex/Olivia Snapshots. Complete

Storm Warning PG Alex/Olivia Clouds in Wisconsin. Complete

The Summary of Errors 15 Alex/Olivia "She's going to die," she tells him, and she can hear her voice breaking. Complete

A Mere Point of Light PG-13 Alex/Olivia On her return to New York Alex is temporarily assigned to work as a prosecutor for IAB, where she discovers they've been investigating the Manhattan SVU. Complete

And Her Eyes Brighten G Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia have a precocious kid. Complete

Three Ways To Die Trying PG Alex/Olivia Ways Alex could have (not) come home. Complete

No Wedding, One Funeral PG Alex/Olivia Alex gets surprised at a funeral. Complete

Always Already 15 Olivia/Abbie Law & Order crossover - One night at Olivia's place. First and last lines by flying_peanuts, who wrote them for a challenge at LiveJournal. Complete

Six Ways To Miss Your Lover PG-13 Alex/Olivia Six scenes of Alex and Olivia, mostly apart. First and last lines by flying_peanuts, who wrote them for a challenge at LiveJournal. Complete


Unspoken 1 2 3 4 5 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia remembers how she and Alex became close, while searching for a way to bring about the return of the woman she loves. Complete

First Moves 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia and Alex grow closer until an intruder steps in. Complete

A Sweet Twist of Fate G Alex/Olivia A split second decision can change everything. But when two people are meant to be, fate steps in. Complete


War PG-13 Alex/Olivia This isn't love, it's war. Complete

Just Friends PG-13 Alex/Olivia They're just friends. Really. Complete


Unfinished Business 15 Alex/Olivia Alex struggles to survive witness protection with her humor and sanity intact, while Olivia fights her demons with a little help from her friends. Contains six years of joy and pain and heavy doses of Mary Shannon from In Plain Sight. Complete


Uniform 15 Alex/Olivia Alex delights in the sight of Olivia in uniform. Complete


One Dance, That's All PG Alex/Olivia It only takes one moment to make the party perfect...... Complete

Santa Who? PG Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - Who believes in Santa Claus? Complete

DVD Fluff Series PG Alex/Olivia A series of FLUFFs in which Olivia grasps the real beauty of and multi-region DVD players... Complete

It's English Liv....but not as you know it! PG Alex/Olivia You recognize all the words and yet it still doesn't make sense....or does it? Complete

Lazy Sunday... PG Alex/Olivia A FLUFF (you have been warned) in which Alex tries (with limited assistance from Olivia) to grasp the OTP (one true pairing) of Star Trek: Voyager! Complete

You can't choose your family... PG Alex/Olivia Family can be a mixed blessing, especially when no one had a say in the matter... Complete

...but you can choose your friends... PG Alex/Olivia Sequel to 'You can't choose your family...' - Friends are incredible, especially when you pick them as well as Olivia found she had... Complete

Classification mark 610 PG Alex/Olivia Serena pays Alex a little visit. Complete

Fire PG Alex/Olivia A fire alarm has unexpected results. Complete

Blink! PG Alex/Olivia A staring contest. Complete

The Tale of Peter Rabbit PG Alex/Mac JAG crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

Coffee and Carrots PG Alex/Mac JAG crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

Friends with Benefits PG Alex/Mac JAG crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

Charlie's Angels - the Intergalactic remake PG Multi-fandom crossover - Thor has a problem, but O'Neill knows exactly who can help... Complete

Would you like a cheesesteak with that mustard? PG Olivia/Mac JAG crossover - A FLUFF (you have been warned) in which Mac is out on the road again... and she's not the only one travelling... Complete

Is this This? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Even femslash couples need to see the shrink sometime.... Complete

Wrong Side of Bed PG Alex/Olivia Some mornings, you have to wonder why you woke up... Complete

When Webster's isn't Enough 15 Alex/Olivia There are moments when even lawyers run out of words! Complete

Tighter, no, not that Tight! PG-13 Alex/Olivia All that Alex needs is a controlled touch... Complete

Snaptastic PG-13 Alex/Olivia Over-exposed candid camera. Complete

OT gone OTT PG Alex/Olivia When silence isn't golden. Complete

Orgasm on Line One? PG-13 Alex/Olivia When is a cigar not a cigar? Complete

House Calls PG Alex/Olivia Alex's sick so Olivia pulls nurse duty. Complete

Best Foot Forward PG Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

Dawn Closings PG-13 Alex/Olivia Writer's Block is not the sole preserve of the fanfic writer. Complete

Brunch with Blondes PG Alex/Olivia Good food, good company... good gossip? Complete

Be Prepared PG Alex/Olivia Being prepared isn't just restricted to boy scouts. Complete


Origins 15 Alex/Olivia A routine investigation after an emotionally charged case leads Alex to question unexpected behaviour... Complete

Confidence 1-3 4-6 7-9 18 Alex/Olivia Sequel to Origins - Alex and Olivia come to terms with their burgeoning relationship as a case hits close to home. Complete

Refuge PG Alex/Olivia An extended ending to 'Futility'. Complete

Apparitions 18 Alex/Olivia Elliot battles with an ethical dilemma when he sees something he shouldn't. Complete

Pieces of Us 15 Alex/Olivia A/U - Olivia struggles with being on her own again after Alex decides to leave New York. Complete

Haunted PG Alex/Olivia There's one night a year when you can be whoever or whatever you want. Complete

Consolation PG Olivia takes a moment to reflect while Casey tries to understand. Complete

Greasemonkey: The Extended Edition 15 Alex/Olivia A chance meeting at the garage sparks an unusual attraction. Complete

Greasemonkey 2: The Socialite 15 Alex/Olivia The story continues uptown... Complete

Greasemonkey 3: The Audi 15 Alex/Olivia The car, the girl, the mechanic, and the Plot Twist. Complete

Greasemonkey 4: The One That Got Away 15 Alex/Olivia Art Happens. Complete

Monochrome 15 Olivia/Abbie Olivia's life is running in circles. Will Abbie rescue her from the rut, or pull her in deeper? Complete

The Casualties of October 15 Alex/Olivia Losing streaks have to end some time. Complete

Ante Up 18 Alex/Olivia In this game, even the losers are winners. Complete


You're Not Alone 15 Alex/Olivia This is set right after the episode 'Guilt'. Alex has just left Liz Donnelly's office, where she was told that she's been suspended for 30 days with no pay for her unprofessional behavior. Complete

Nique Bartok

Sere nere 1 2 PG-13 Alex/Olivia A yearning for what might have been. Complete

Non me lo so spiegare 15 Alex/Olivia 'Ghost' fix-it fic. Complete


We Need Lies to Make it Through the Day PG-13 Alex/Olivia It isn't about sex. It's about release. Complete

Cheated 1 PG Alex/Olivia A prominent author's wife is murdered and Alex comes back from WITSEC. On-Going


Dear Alex PG-13 Alex/Olivia An angsty POV from Liv's side during "Loss" Complete


Snowflakes G Alex/Olivia Olivia reflects on how her life was without Alex, and how special her life is now. Complete


Timing PG Alex/Olivia Liv & Alex have a fight, then meet in an unexpected place. Complete

Patricia L. Givens

Framed 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia finds out about Alex's dirty little secret... Complete

That Look 18 Alex/Olivia Alex is in a mood...a very SPECIFIC mood... Complete

In A Minor Chord 15 Alex/Olivia Sometimes the biggest revelations come from the smallest things... Complete

Thin Frames 18 Alex/Olivia Someone has killed a judge's daughter in a brutal and terrifyingmanner. The horrific case puts Olivia in the right place at the REALLYwrong time. Complete


It really isn't about me PG Alex/Olivia Reflections upon the current state of a monumental relationship. Complete


Can't G Alex/Olivia Drabble - Alex is awake at 3 a.m. She contemplates getting up... Complete

quiethearted (QH Fletcher)

A Blonde Understanding PG Alex/Olivia   Jo/Blair The Facts of Life crossover - Blair and Alex understand each other perfectly. Complete

Butch Wiles PG Alex/Olivia   Jo/Blair The Facts of Life crossover - Jo gives Olivia a little advice on football and princesses. Complete


Awakening PG Olivia/Capt. Julia Millfield After the events of "Florida" Olivia finds herself waiting for Julia to wake up, and isn't entirely sure why. Complete

Becoming 18 Olivia/Capt. Julia Millfield Sequel to 'Awakening' - Olivia is drawn to Julia in a way she can't define, but can't deny, and when Julia is released from the hospital, Olivia is there to help her, whether Julia wants it or not. Complete

Shadows and Ghosts 18 Olivia/Sofia CSI crossover - After Sara's death, Sofia takes a job at the one-six in New York and meets Olivia. What happens when two women haunted by shadows of the past find each other? Complete

Chances 15 Olivia/Calleigh CSI: Miami crossover - Calleigh is trying to escape something, and ends up nearly reliving a nightmare. Complete


Missed Opportunities G Alex/Olivia Drabble about what Olivia may have been feeling when Alex came back. Complete

Rae D. Magdon

Magnetic Resistance 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-34 18 Alex/Olivia Despite taking a leave of absence to join an international task force, Alex Cabot finally decides to pursue a relationship with Detective Olivia Benson. Olivia's insecurities, a serial killer, and the interferences of a well-meaning Abbie Carmichael can only make things more difficult. A decade of sexual tension and denial is about to unravel... but maybe for the better. Complete

At The Beach 18 Alex/Olivia Alex's attempts at manipulating Olivia go awry during a vacation at the beach, with unexpectedly pleasant results for both of them. Complete

The Interview 18 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena No synopsis given. Complete

Rings 18 Alex/Olivia "I think," Alex said, her low voice imitating Olivia's purr, "that people began wearing wedding bands on their left hands because they used their right hand for more important things..." Complete

All In The Cards 18 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena Law & Order crossover - A triptych from the Magnetic Resistance universe. Getting drunk on poker night gives six L&O ladies some deep insights, Alex makes a surprising suggestion from across the bridge table, and Olivia decides that losing a hand can be advantageous... Complete

Tricks and Treats 18 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena Law & Order crossover - Halloween hijinks ensue at Abbie and Serena's costume party. Olivia and Alex get their treat, but poor, embarrassed Casey ends up with a trick. Magnetic Resistance Universe, Halloween one-shot Complete

From The Outside 15 Alex/Olivia From The Outside... Looking In. Watching Alex and Olivia sleep makes Abbie reevaluate some of her past decisions. Complete

Alternating Currents 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-34 18 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena Law & Order crossover - Sequel to Magnetic Resistance. Olivia tries to balance a long-distance relationship with Alex, help the reformed Abbie woo a gun-shy Serena, and encounters a very different Casey Novak than the ADA she once knew. Will she be able to protect her friends? Complete

What Happens in Provincetown 1-5 6-10 11-15 epilogue 18 Alex/Olivia   Abbie/Serena   Jane/Maura Law & Order/Rizzoli & Isles crossover - Chaos, embarrassment, and unnecessary drama ensue when Alex, Olivia, Serena, and Abbie go to Provincetown for a "grand gay vacation" and run into two very interesting women from Boston... one of whom looks exactly like Abbie! Magnetic Resistance Universe. Complete

Three Days 18 Alex/Olivia "At the beginning of their torrid relationship, each intimate encounter had been a minor battle... Eventually, they arrived at a truce for their physical and emotional health. Tuesday was Olivia's day and Fridays belonged to Alex." Complete

No Small Thing 18 Alex/Olivia "Sometimes..." she paused, searching for the right words. "Sometimes, I feel guilty. Playing around with power like we do." Complete

Mistake 18 Alex/Olivia 'I have no idea why she started it. Maybe she woke up one day and decided, "this week, I'm going to seduce Olivia Benson, just to see if I can get away with one more impossible task." So she went and did it.' A/O oneshot with uberfluffy ending. Complete

Own Me 18 Alex/Olivia "I so want to believe that she is doing this because she wants me, loves me, needs me, but I am no woman's fool. It is just as likely that she is doing this as a joke or some kind of sick power trip. The frightening thing is that I let her." Complete

Exhibitionist 18 Alex/Olivia Six spicy Alex/Olivia encounters that take place in some very... interesting locations. Hotness condensed to 1000 words per chapter. Slightly AU - pretending 'Lost' never happened. Complete

By Courier PG-13 Alex/Olivia   Miranda/Andrea The Devil Wears Prada crossover - Alexandra Cabot and Miranda Priestly have a very interesting conversation via courier. Complete

Mismatch 18 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

Rae's Birthday Challenge Smut-Shot 18 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

Petsitting 15 Alex/Olivia   Jane/Maura Rizzoli & Isles crossover - No synopsis given. Complete

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust 18 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

Favorite Client 18 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete

La Belle Dame Sans Merci 18 Alex/Olivia No synopsis given. Complete


Blue Christmas 1-9 10-13 14-17 15 Alex/Olivia Christmas has always been a tough time for Olivia, but perhaps this year things would be different? Complete

The Angler and Steve McQueen PG Alex/Olivia A/O response to a yahoo group's challenge to have both lovelies naked in a non-sexual situation. Complete

Riverbend 15 Alex/Olivia A/U set in pre-Civil War Louisianna. Complete


First Moments 15 Alex/Olivia The morning after. Complete

One of the Family PG Alex/Olivia Olivia is introduced to Alex's father. Complete

Drinks with Trevor PG Alex/Olivia A drink, a rat and a defence attourney. Complete

Lunch with Casey PG Alex/Olivia Olivia tries to take Alex out for lunch. Complete

Purses PG Alex/Olivia Answer to the soapfic challenge - yes, it's meant to be bad. Complete

Casey Close the Door PG-13 Liz wants a word with Casey - not for Casey fans. Complete

An ADA Christmas PG Alex/Olivia Accompanying Alex to her office's Christmas party doesn't turn out quite as Olivia had envisioned. Complete

Snowday PG Alex/Olivia A little snow can help bring out your inner child. Complete

Damn Legislature! PG Alex/Olivia The New York legislature have passed some new rules, much to Olivia's disgust. Complete

Bookings PG Alex/Olivia Telephone booking isn't always easy. Complete

Arrivals Lounge PG Alex/Olivia Olivia waits for Alex's plane to land. Complete

Practice Makes Perfect PG-13 Alex/Olivia Can the rules of femslash physics do away with the need for practice? Complete

A Quiet Drive PG-13 Alex/Olivia Elliot realises he should keep his mouth shut, at least when Olivia's driving. Complete

Bitch Indeed PG-13 Alex/Olivia Why do perps use that one particular word more than others? Complete

OliviaElliotForever! PG Alex/Olivia Following Alex's departure the E/O shippers try to take control. Complete

Did You Write This! PG Alex/Olivia Olivia receives a note. Complete

TV Butches Anonymous PG-13 Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

TV Femmes Anonymous PG-13 Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

The OTP Vote PG Alex/Olivia Multi-fandom crossover - It's time to put the pairing question to the vote. Complete

B.F.A.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - a meeting of the 'Blonde Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

Welcoming the New Recruits PG Multi-fandom crossover - two new characters are welcomed into the wonderful world of femslash. Complete

I'd like to thank... PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters react to the news that X:WP has been given a second month as 'Fandom of the Month'. Complete

I Hereby Call this Meeting to Order PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters are at it again. Complete

Beneath Me PG-13 Alex/Olivia It's all beneath her. Complete

Ground Zero - New York, 6.19am PG Alex/Olivia Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete

Waiting for the Verdict PG Alex/Olivia Alex waits to find out her fate. Complete

Welcome to the FLPD 1 15 Multi-fandom crossover - two new deputies join the Femslash-Land Police Department and find that nothing is quite what it seems. On-Going


Special Subtext Unit: Alex Cabot's Return PG-13 Alex/Olivia A comedic pic fic describing Alex's return to SVU and her reunion with Olivia . Complete


Stepping Time 1 18 Alex/Olivia Set after Season 11, Episode 24 "Shattered" Alex and Olivia have been through a lot together and individually. After all that has happened they each wonder if there is a chance for them to finally come together. On-Going


Secrets and Lies

Bell's Dilemma 1 2 3 4 5 6 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia's job interferes with her love life just as she starts to develops one. Complete


Amicus Curiae 15 Alex/Olivia Alex reveals that she's been receiving death threats. Complete

Always Tomorrow PG Alex/Lorelai Gilmore Girls crossover - "So, how was your day, daughter dearest?"
"My mom told me her mom wanted her to become a lesbian."

Behind the Drawn Shade PG Alex/Lorelai Gilmore Girls crossover - "I admit, I didn't notice the first time we made love. Or the tenth time my mouth caressed your shoulder and you jerked away. Or the time you filled out that bank application and wrote a birthday that doesn't match your driver's license." Complete

When the Truth is Found to be Lies PG Alex/Lorelai Gilmore Girls crossover - "So, Claire, want to get drunk?" Complete

Queen of Sheba 15 Alex/Lorelai Gilmore Girls crossover - Alex has trouble reaching orgasm. Complete

No Frontiers PG Alex/Lorelai Gilmore Girls crossover - Lorelai sees Alex for the first time. Complete


The Return 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-41 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia gets a long-awaited phone call and her life, and Alex's finally begin to move forward again. Complete


The Path of Most Resistance 1-2 3-4 5-6 15 Abbie/f   Alex/Olivia Abbie Carmichael struggles with putting her heart at risk over a new colleague. Complete

In The Eyes 1 2 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia Benson learns the lesson that there is more to a certain blonde ADA than meets the eye - Prequel to The Path of Most Resistance. On-Going

The Guardian Angel 15 Alex/Olivia Just an inspired story of how some of us might look out for the ones we love. Complete

A Little Something PG Alex/Olivia Olivia and Alex grapple with the real meaning of finding that "little something" for each other on Valentine's Day. Complete


Just Breathe PG Alex/Olivia What if Alex were to lose Olivia? Complete

Scribe's Quill

Shortstop PG Olivia/Casey Casey coerces Olivia into joining her in a favorite activity. Complete

Dugout 18 Olivia/Casey After practice one night... Complete

Wondrous 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia experiences. Complete

Masterful 18 Alex/Olivia Sequel to Wondrous - Alex experiences. Complete

Hostages PG-13 Olivia/Casey A strange case gets too close... Complete


Brown PG Alex/Olivia A random Alex ficlet - brown. Complete

Weight PG Alex/Olivia A random Alex ficlet - weight. Complete

Love PG Alex/? A random Alex ficlet - love. Complete

Sexual Womble

Professional Tension PG Alex/Olivia The guys take Alex's prank a little too seriously. Complete


A New Relationship 1 2 3 4 5 15 Olivia/Melinda Warner Olivia is having a hard time with a case and Melinda is going through problems with her now ex-husband and teenage daughter. The two of the find a friend in each other and perhaps something more. Complete


Any Good Excuse 15 Olivia/Casey All it takes is the right reason and things can change for the better. Complete

Clotheshorse PG Olivia/Casey Does anyone know? Can they tell? Complete

Damaged Justice 15 Olivia/Casey For four years, they've found them. All dead. Many have no names. Will the SVU be able to solve the Icebox Killings before another woman dies? Complete

One of Those Days PG Olivia/Casey Ever have one of those days? Complete


A Lover's Touch 18 Alex/Olivia Olivia needs some TLC when she's not feeling well. Complete

A Lover's Touch 2 PG-13 Alex/Olivia Companion piece to 'A Lover's Touch' - Now it's Olivia's turn to take care of Alex. Complete

A Lover's Touch 3 PG-13 Alex/Olivia Christmas time for Alex and Olivia. Complete


Intoxicated Challenge PG Olivia/Casey This is in response to DiNovia's challenge SFC #6. Criteria: A later that night/day/week/month story starting with the final scene of Intoxicated. Complete

Stephanie T

Last Goodbye PG Alex/Olivia Alex's goodbye to Olivia. Complete

Sterling Sky

Taken Back G Alex/Olivia "Emily" contemplates her past and present life. Complete

Stone Angel

The Gift 15 Olivia/Catherine CSI crossover - A Christmas story - The SVU detectives attend a crime scene, while Catherine's returning home to Vegas after some Xmas shopping. Complete

Unrequited Blood 1-6 7-12 13-18 18 Alex/Olivia   Nikki/Helen Bad Girls crossover - A bereavement leads to some uncomfortable discoveries. On-Going


Art Imitates Life 15 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia spend an evening in front of the tube... Complete

Questions and Answers 15 Alex/Olivia An unusual case prompts detectives to ask some interesting questions... Complete

Another Fallacy PG-13 Alex/Olivia This story is a continuation of the episode Fallacy. It picks up with the final scene in the hospital... Complete

Gentle Benson PG Alex/Olivia Olivia Benson gets to deliver good news... Complete

Missing Scenes From Ghost 15 Alex/Olivia Some scenes we didn't see when Alex returned for the episode Ghost... Complete

Everybody's Got a Cousin in Miami 15 Alex/Olivia   Karen/Marley Karen Sisco crossover - A sequel to Missing Scenes From Ghost. Complete

Happily Ever After...? 15 Alex/Olivia After the events of Loss, Olivia is given a second chance to make things right... Complete

It's All in the Cards 15 Alex/Olivia Due to an unusual circumstance, Alex and Olivia get to know each other a little better. Complete

From Weak to Strong 15 Alex/Olivia A continuation of the Season 6 episode Weak. Complete

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past 15 Alex/Olivia It was a dark and stormy night... Complete

Melting the Ice 15 Alex/Olivia It was a dark and stormy night... Complete

Holiday Shorts

Holiday Short - Independence Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - International Day of Femslash 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Labor Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - First Day of Fall 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Columbus Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Halloween 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Veterans Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Thanksgiving 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Winter Solstice 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Not-Quite-As-Short - Christmas 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - New Year's Eve 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - MLK Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Groundhog Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Super Bowl Sunday 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Valentine's Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Mardi Gras 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - St. Patrick's Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Easter 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Earth Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Cinco de Mayo 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Memorial Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Heat Wave PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Friday the 13th PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Women's Equality Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - International Chocolate Day 15 Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - National Coming Out Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Halloween: The Sequel PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - America Recycles Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Black Friday PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Christmas Eve PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Snow Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - National Margarita Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Fat Tuesday PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - First Day of Spring PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - March Madness PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Law Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Limerick Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - World Turtle Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Summer Solstice PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - FemSlashCon 2011 PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - NY Legalizes Gay Marriage PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Go Topless Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Talk Like a Pirate Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Casual Fridays PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Tax Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete

Holiday Short - Mother's Day PG Alex/Olivia Part of the Holiday series of stories. Complete


An ADA Funeral PG-13 Alex/Olivia The death of one ADA leads to the discovery and Ressurection of another. Complete


Protect You G Olivia/Casey A short fan fiction from Casey's point of view after the episode "Intoxicated" Complete

Strong PG-13 Olivia/Casey   Alex/Olivia My take on "Ghost" and also the aftermath of the episode. Complete

Teresa R.

Music of a Relationship 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11 12 18 Alex/Olivia When they get together, will it last? On-Going

The Party After You Left

Flight Pattern 18 Alex/Olivia "Does it matter that every time I've kissed her, it felt like I was somehow cheating on you?" Alex's breath caught, her resolve threatening to waver. She breathed once, twice, before answering. "Yes, it matters. But it doesn't really change anything, does it?" Complete

The Raven

Devil's Night 15 Olivia/Carol Jordan Wire in the Blood crossover - Cross continental cooperation during an intercontinental serial-killer investigation leads to something else... Complete


Half-Life PG-13 Alex/Olivia As Andy walks away, Olivia is reminded of another rainy night. Complete

Memory Extant Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Abbie Law & Order crossover - Memories of love and life held securely within the confines of a Chinese Box. Complete

24 Frames Alex/Olivia "Godard says that cinema is the truth, 24 times per second." Complete

Where Stalking Is Heard An Encouraging Word 15 Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Abbie Law & Order crossover - On arriving back in New York Abbie learns that Olivia has moved on. Complete

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning 15 Olivia/Maureen She thought she could fix Olivia Benson. But in the blurry boundary between Saturday night and Sunday morning, nothing is ever clear. Complete

Five Things That Never Happened to Olivia Benson 15 Alex/Olivia No matter the scenario, the "song" remains the same. Complete

The Last Good Fall 15 Alex/Olivia   Olivia/Abbie A/U - It's lonely in hell. Complete

The Adventures of La Carmichaela and the Corona Kid 15 Olivia/Abbie Law & Order crossover. Complete


Contradiction 18 Alex/Olivia On a hot, sleepness night, Alex thinks about the many sides of her lover... Complete

Like A Dog In Heat 15 Alex/Olivia What does Olivia think about after sex? Complete

Glad 15 Alex/Abbie Abbie contemplates how life never goes as planned. Complete


This is Not Goodbye G Alex/Olivia Song-fic. Complete


Blue Dress 15 Alex/Olivia Alex has a gift for Olivia. Complete

Confessions of a Superwhore 18 Nicki/Olivia   Alex/Olivia SVU/Head of State crossover - A strange business card places Olivia in an even stranger predicament. Complete

Switch 18 Alex/Olivia PWP. Olivia Benson is a top. So is Alex Cabot. This is what happens when two tops fall in love. Complete

Scientific Method PG-13 Alex/Olivia Response to the 'Get Alex and Liv Naked in a non-sexual situation' Challenge. Complete

Hunter & Prey 1 2 3 18 Alex/Olivia SVU/Mr & Mrs Smith crossover - On forced leave, Olivia vacations in Paradise. On-Going

Business or Pleasure 15 Alex/Sara CSI crossover - Sara has an unexpected encounter with a stranger in a restaurant. Complete

The Little Things PG Alex/Olivia The little pleasures in life. Complete

Safety Words 18 Olivia/Casey Casey has to make a choice. Complete

Melt 15 Alex/Olivia Alex hasn't seen Olivia in years. Complete


Kissing a Ghost PG-13 Alex/Olivia "They kissed cautiously at first—like kissing a ghost, Olivia thought…" Complete

What the Easter Bunny Brings... 15 Olivia/Alex   Alex/Serena   Serena/Kelly   Kelly/Tracey   Tracey/Alex E Five pairings, six women, four lawyers in the middle with a detective on either side. Complete

Unfinished 15 Casey/Kelly Law & Order: TBJ crossover - That's how she'd always felt. Not an accident, but someone who had never quite been completely rendered. Never more than dots, lines and squiggles. Not a mistake, but a rough draft. Complete

Not So Soft PG Alex/Olivia "Like the syntax of affection, of safety, of comfort was something she hadn't struggled for two years to forget." Complete


Home Is Where The Heart Is PG-13 Alex/Olivia Home. That word meant so much to her. That place meant so much to her. Her family...her house...her safe haven...her...everything. The last moments of a life. Complete


Sickday PG-13 Alex/Olivia Revenge on E/O shippers who jumped out of their chairs when Elliot said the first line in an episode. Trust me, some of them did. Complete

Ghost PG-13 Alex/Olivia Part one in a series taking place back when Alex was shot. Complete


Vibes 15 Alex/Olivia Alternate version of the season 11 episode, PC. Olivia heads back to precinct in need of some advice and asks the question, "D'you get a gay vibe from me?" with surprising results. Complete

Vibes II : Bensonesque 18 Alex/Olivia Follow up to 'Vibes'. Can't really give away too much of the plot as it will spoil the story. Complete

Vibes III - Denial 15 Alex/Olivia Final part of the, 'Vibes' trilogy. A standalone piece based on the season 11 episode, PC. What if Babs Duffy had kissed Alex too? Complete

Cellular Connections 15 Alex/Olivia In the empty squad room, Olivia finds a cell phone on her desk. When she discovers the identity of the owner, will she resist the temptation to sneak a peek? A one shot with a twist. Complete

First Aid 15 Alex/Olivia Fists are flying at the precinct with unexpected consequences. My usual foray into the world of Alex and Liv as they struggle to hide their feelings for each other. Complete

Saving the Savior PG-13 Alex/Olivia Set directly after the end scene in the season 11 episode, Savior. What choice did Olivia make? **Warning, contains spoilers for season 11's episode 'Savior'** Complete

Tension PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex and Olivia clash over a warrant concerning a missing six year old with some unexpected revelations. Complete

Chain Reaction 15 Alex/Olivia A sequence of small events lead Olivia and Alex towards an inevitable confrontation. Complete

Déjà Vu 1 2 3 4 5 18 Alex/Olivia A contract killer is hunting Alex, Olivia promises to protect her. Staying alive proves more difficult than they thought. The dynamic duo pursued across the state, trusting no-one. Unresolved sexual tension finally addressed. Past hurts explored and new bonds broken. Complete

The Cabot Cabin 1 2 3 4 18 Alex/Olivia Follow up to Deja Vu. Having survived attempts on both their lives, Alex and Olivia head to the mountains for some much needed time alone. Their relationship is changing but before they can go forward, they need to talk about the past. Complete

Trial & Retribution 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 18 Alex/Olivia Third part of the trilogy: Olivia and Alex head back to the city and reality. They've agreed not to hide their relationship, how will others react and who can they trust especially with Porter's trial approaching fast. Complete

Toy Story 18 Alex/Olivia Alex makes a surprising discovery in Olivia's bedroom. Complete

Sweet Talk 18 Alex/Olivia What happened after Alex left Olivia standing on the courthouse steps after telling her she was leaving? Contains spoilers for the season 11 episode, Witness. Complete

Vixen Series

Vixen 18 Alex/Olivia Part of the Something for the Weekend range. Olivia is stuck at work filing when an unexpected visitor comes calling. Complete

Vixen II: Temptress 18 Alex/Olivia Sequel to Vixen. Olivia and Alex return home after the teasing tension of the precinct and Olivia uncovers a few more surprises. Complete

Vixen III: Femme Fatale 18 Alex/Olivia Third in the Vixen series. Olivia finally opens her birthday gift. Complete

Vixen IV: Cake 18 Alex/Olivia Fourth tale in the Vixen series. Olivia's birthday surprises continue as she makes a tasty discovery in the kitchen. Complete

Vixen V: Quickie 18 Alex/Olivia Fifth tale in the Vixen series. Alex discovers that getting from A to B is easier said than done, especially when Olivia is involved. Complete

Vixen VI: Splash 18 Alex/Olivia Final tale in the Vixen series. The much needed shower take a turn for the playful. Complete

Afternoon Delight 15 Alex/Olivia Alex gives Olivia a birthday gift she's not likely to forget any time soon. Fluff with a plot. Complete

Hangover 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia wakes the next morning after a night of celebrating with more than a hangover. Complete

Crimson Tide 15 Alex/Olivia A friend with bad timing causes tension between Olivia and Alex. Not what you think. Complete

Undercover I: Bartender 15 Alex/Olivia What happens when Olivia is working undercover at a lesbian bar and spots a familiar blonde? Complete

Undercover II: Escort 15 Alex/Olivia While undercover as an escort, Olivia is surprised to find out the identity of her client and even more surprised by the events that follow. Complete

Undercover III: Charades 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-14 15-19 15 Alex/Olivia Olivia enlists the help of Alex to break an illegal adoption ring, but there's a problem. The gang are only targeting wealthy lesbian couples. Complete

Turbulence PG-13 Alex/Olivia Returning to New York from a seminar in Chicago proves more difficult than Alex or Olivia expected. Complete

An Officer & A Lawyer G Alex/Olivia A busy court house hallway proves difficult to navigate until Alex spots one of New York's Finest. Complete

Alfresco PG-13 Alex/Olivia A late lunch in Central Park leads to a surprising confession. Complete

Splinters 1-5 6-10 11-15 18 Alex/Olivia A familiar figure returns to the Unit, but the arms to welcome her aren't as open as she hoped. Unexpected events throw the squad into chaos as one of their own goes missing... Complete


Boots, Cameras and Love...Oh My! PG Alex/Olivia Olivia has fun with technology. Complete


9 Crimes PG-13 Alex/Casey The epic tale of two ADA's in love LOL Set in 2005/2006 Complete


Fall Back Into Me PG-13 Alex/Olivia Alex makes a decision. It was the wrong choice. Angsty, romancy one shot. A.U. Complete

I'll Be Your Disguise 1-2 3-5 PG-13 Alex/Olivia Elliot, Olivia & Alex mess with the rest of the units head and Elliot, poor Elliot, pisses Alex and Olivia off in the process. On-Going

Animal 1-4 5-7 8-10 11-14 15-17 18-19 20-21 15 Buffy/Willow   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU/Dexter crossover - The third part in the OLS universe. New trouble for the gang while working a joint case with the good folks down at the One-Six. Complete

Let the Dominoes Fall 1-4 PG-13 Buffy/Willow   Alex/Olivia Law & Order: SVU/Dexter crossover - Fourth of the One Last Shot Universe - We get to see the various couples live their lives and get some nice background info in the process. On-Going


Friday PG Alex/Olivia Alex's Friday night is interrupted. Complete

Jagged PG Alex/Olivia Olivia's protective instincts kick in when Alex is in danger. Complete


Between Love and Hate 1 2 3 4 5 18 Olivia/Sara CSI crossover - Olivia Benson gets a temporary assignment in Las Vegas and finds she hates a coworker. Complete