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She Could Have Stopped By
By Elise McGonagall


It was strange the way it happened. Anticlimactic really. They heard somebody in passing mention newly appointed Bureau Chief Cabot.

"Alexandra Cabot?" Olivia had asked the unsuspecting bystander.

"Uh, yeah," the obnoxious kid had replied.

"Stupid young prosecutors," Olivia mumbled as she turned away from the young man and towards Elliot's confused gaze.

A simple Google search had revealed that Velez and his entire cartel had been wiped out and that one Alexandra Cabot had been appointed to Bureau Chief at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Olivia felt her stomach drop.

"Why the hell didn't we know about this?" Elliot nearly growled, "I don't get it. She demands that we know she's alive when everyone else thinks she's dead but she doesn't have the common decency to tell us when she's actually 'resurrected?'"

Olivia was asking herself the same question. She was hurt that their former ADA hadn't even bothered to come down to the station for a formal 'hello' though in all honesty she had expected even more. Maybe it was wishful thinking but she had always felt there was a strong attraction between the two of them. She supposed that all her fantasies of Alex coming home and running into her arms were simply that, fantasies. "I don't know, Elliot," she said sadly, "She didn't even bother to say goodbye last time."

"This is bullshit!" Elliot knocked some papers off his desk. He was pissed. Quite frankly he didn't care one way or the other about the ADA but he could tell that Olivia was hurt by the snub and he would not tolerate anyone hurting Olivia.

"Get a grip, El," she tried to calm him down, "Look I probably shouldn't see her right now anyway. I mean, let's be honest with Munch's doughnuts every morning I've put on a few pounds."

Elliot rolled his eyes. Yes, she had put on a little weight but it's not like she looked pregnant or anything, "I'm sorry, Liv.'

Olivia shrugged, "Hey, at least Casey dyed her hair blonde, right?"

"Are you kidding? It looks terrible."

"Thanks a lot, Detective," they hadn't noticed Casey enter the squad room

"Uh, sorry, Counselor." They both looked away guilty.

"Don't worry about it. I should probably dye it back anyway, especially now that Alex is back."

Olivia felt herself sink deeper into depression. Casey leaned over and put her hand on Olivia's desk, "Oh come on, Detective. Turn that frown upside down." She smiled and turned to go to Cragen's office.

On her desk where Casey's hand had just been, Liv noticed a small piece of paper with an office number. She took a deep breath and grabbed her coat. Fifteen minutes later, she was standing in front of the office staring at the door. What the hell was she doing here? Obviously, Alex did not want to see her. If she did then she would have come to the squad room. She held her fist up as if to knock then second guessed herself and turned around…right into Alex Cabot.


Olivia froze. There was Alex Cabot standing right before her. Her hair was longer and she was thinner and she wearing a dreadful orange that made one question whether or not Casey had done her shopping, but it was Alex Cabot nonetheless.

"Just came by to see if the rumors were true. Well, I guess they are," she let out a nervous laugh, "Glad to have you back on our side, Counselor. I suppose I'll see you around." She turned to go.

"Liv…" A deep breath and she turned back to see Alex on the verge of tears. "I…I'm sorry I didn't come see you right away."

"Why would you do that, Counselor? I mean, I'm sure you had more pressing matters."

"It all just happened so fast and the Feds kept everything out of the press. Velez was dead and, all of a sudden, I had my old life back but it wasn't my old life. It was still a new life that I had to get used to and…"

"Really, no need to explain, Counselor…"

"Can you stop calling me that!" The sharpness in Alex's tone startled Olivia and Alex, noticing this, immediately softened her voice. "I know that you're probably upset and you have every right to be. I just didn't know how I could face you again after all these years."

"Year, Alex, one year since you came back for the Connors trial. The Feds had said they were moving you to a new identity. I didn't know that the new identity was just Alex Cabot without the back story," she hadn't intended for the bitterness to come out quite the way it did. "I'm sorry, Alex. Look, I hope you're happy. That's all I ever wanted for you." She turned once again to go.

"I can't be happy without you." The words had slipped out without her even realizing but Alex had to do something to prevent the woman of her dreams from walking away forever.

Olivia turned around slowly, "What?"

"Did you ever think that maybe I didn't come see you because I was afraid of what would happen?" Olivia just stared at her. "Look, Olivia, I have been in love with you since God knows when and there has always been these excuses for me not to tell you. First, it was because we worked together then it was because I was only here temporarily for the Connors trial. Once Velez was dead and I was back in my old life I knew that I had run out of excuses. I had to tell you and I was terrified of what you would do."

They just stood and stared at each other for a very long moment then Olivia took a step forward and pressed her lips against Alex's. Alex immediately wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck and deepened the kiss.

"Ms. Cabot, I…" the obnoxious kid from before stopped mid sentence and let his jaw hit the ground. Alex and Olivia were completely oblivious, "My God this is the hottest thing I have ever seen." That caught Olivia's attention and without even thinking she knocked him out.

Alex moaned into her mouth then frowned as Olivia pulled away. "Alex?" She gently nibbled Alex's earlobe. "Your office have a couch?" Alex nodded, "How about a lock?" Alex raised an eyebrow and pulled Olivia into her office locking the door behind them. "Oh and, Alex," she kissed down her neck, "I love you too."

The End

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