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Last Chance Gas
By Geonn


Her car was about five hundred yards behind her, the small shack about five hundred yards ahead of her. Olivia was still wearing her sunglasses, her hair whipping around her face in the scorching winds. She was in the middle of dairy country, upstate New York, and could actually hear cows mooing over the hills. She wanted to shed her lightweight jacket, but didn't dare reveal the gun stuck in the back of her belt. The wind kept getting caught in her sunglasses and she pushed it out with the way angrily.

Her shoes felt like vices around her feet, each step making her wince. She was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Ideal for walking through a mall for an hour, but not exactly the best outfit for running out of gas on a deserted country road.

She finished off her water bottle before she reached the little gas station. Her t-shirt was sticking to her upper chest and her hair was dark with sweat. She pulled off the sunglasses and scanned the small front room. "Hello?" she called. "Is anyone here?"

The door that led to the garage swung open and a blonde woman stepped behind the counter. "Hi, Olivia."

Olivia pulled off her glasses and held them in a shaking hand. She frowned, trying and failing to form words as Alexandra Cabot smiled at her. "This is impossible..."

"No," Alex said. "It was set up by WitSec. I told them I needed to see you. Privately."

"What... but how did you..."

"Figure out where your car would die on a remote road in Upstate New York?"

Olivia scoffed and nodded.

"The flyer in your mailbox. The coupon booklet with the map..."

"It was all set up?"

Alex came around the counter. "I had to see you, Liv. I had to. I was going crazy there." She put her hands on Olivia's shoulders and said, "Say something. Please."

Olivia swallowed. "Lock the door."

Alex sprawled in the backseat of the red Mustang convertible she'd been pretending to work on. Olivia climbed in after her, hurriedly pulling off her jacket. "Is this car part of the ruse?" Olivia asked as she peeled her sweaty shirt over her head.

"What?" Alex asked, focusing on Olivia's bra. "I don't know. I don't care." She sat up and licked Olivia's stomach.

Olivia cradled Alex's head and sighed, rolling her head on her shoulders. She'd missed Alex so much, missed being like this. Alex's finger fumbled with the clasp of Olivia's belt and eventually loosened it enough to slip into the waistband of her jeans. Lace panties, neatly trimmed pubic hair and then Alex's fingers were inside of her. Olivia gasped and closed her eyes, her bottom lip trembling as Alex carefully stroked her.

"You remember," Olivia gasped.

Alex kissed the curve of Olivia's breast through her bra. "I could never forget..."

Olivia stroked Alex's hair and thrust her hips wantonly as she came.

Alex pulled her hand clear and Olivia pushed her down onto the seat. They kissed, a familiar tango neither had forgotten the steps to, and Olivia tore at Alex's overalls. She found the ribbed cotton of Alex's undershirt and yanked it up, baring her breasts. "Oh," Olivia gasped. She remembered the pink nipples and lightly bit down on them as Alex moaned.

She swept her tongue over goosebumped flesh and then sat up, snaking her hand between Alex's hot flesh and her jumpsuit. She touched Alex and felt her tears slip free. "I've missed you so much."

Alex smiled and then closed her eyes as Olivia's fingers... did so many... wonderful things between her legs.

Olivia licked up Alex's neck, finding her lips and catching them in a searing kiss. They kissed through Alex's orgasm and Alex grabbed a handful of Olivia's hair. She pulled gently until they were looking one another in the eye. "You're going to have to move on."

"What?" Olivia gasped.

"You're going to have to move on. Ma'am?"

Olivia frowned and jerked as she woke in the front seat of her car. "Ma'am!"

She jumped again and looked out the window. A highway patrolman was leaning down and peering at her through the glass. "You're going to have to move on," he repeated.

"I--" she started, then rolled down the window. "I'm out of gas." She rubbed her temple and looked around. How long had she been sitting here? Sleeping and imagining... God. Her head was pounding. Too long in the heat, she figured. Dehydrated.

The highway patrolman was speaking and she focused on his words. "...and drive you back here. Sound good?"

She nodded and climbed from the car. "Before you see the gun," she said and showed him her badge. "Detective Olivia Benson. New York Police Department."

"It's a pleasure, Detective. Hop on in. We'll get you some gas lickety-split."

Olivia climbed into the passenger side of the officer's car and leaned back as he pulled away from the side of the road. He was jabbering about this stretch of road, who owned that barn and that one, local gossip Olivia could barely understand, let alone care about. They rounded a small hill and Olivia felt her breath catch in her throat. "What's wrong with that gas station?" she asked.

The cop looked and said, "Oh, that place's been closed down for years."

Olivia blinked and twisted in her seat to watch the station fade into the distance.

The garage door had been open. Olivia hadn't gotten a good look, but she'd seen enough to know that the car parked in the ancient garage was a red Mustang convertible.

The End

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