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The Sum of Contradictions: 11. Nearly Four
By beurre blanc




"What time is it?"

The detective lifted her head briefly to glance at the glowing numbers, then lowered it back to the pillow, until her face was again only millimeters from Alex's.

"Nearly four," she murmured, her breath softly caressing the lawyer's lips. "Why?"

Alex tilted her face so that the tips of their noses touched, and moved her lips tantalizingly closer.

"Why what?"

"Why do you want to know the time?"

Alex bridged the gap and kissed Olivia gently, then again. Light, lingering kisses, followed by gentle suction on Olivia's lower lip.


She brought her hand up to Olivia's cheek, caressing with her thumb, and the reciprocal rasp of Olivia's tongue on her own produced another jolt of mutual arousal.

"Why - do you want - to know?" Olivia punctuated her question with quick kisses.

Alex responded by rolling them both until Olivia was on her back, then she lifted onto hands and knees, straddling the detective's thighs, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"I was just wondering…"

"Hmmm?" Olivia murmured, one eyebrow raised with mock solemnity.

"… just exactly how long we've been…" Alex pursed her lips, the hint of a smirk. " …'talking about this'?"

Olivia responded by pulling the ADA into a deep kiss which clearly bespoke her intentions for the next 'round of talks'.

"I'd like you to leave now, Detective."

It had been Alex's last line of defense. In a haze of alcohol and attraction, humiliation, anger and denial she could see no other escape - all alternative avenues promised only greater distress.

And then Olivia kissed her.

At first gentle, tentative, each new kiss bridged their mutual desire, becoming stronger, deeper, more intense. Each built on the last, hotter, more erotic, as Alex felt the detective's arms around her, pulling their bodies together, and her hips pressed involuntarily forward. Such sweet affirmation.

She pulled slowly away from the kiss, breathlessly touching her forehead to Olivia's, then leaned back to gauge the detective's response, as she asked, "So, is this how you 'talk' with all your friends?"

Olivia, still immersed in the sensual haze of the embrace, took a moment to catch Alex's meaning – a moment when Alex's attention was divided between feeling her heart constrict at the endearingly lost look on the brunette's face, and realizing that the sight of Olivia's kiss-swollen lips had caused her nipples to tighten with exquisite sensitivity.

The wait for an answer was abandoned in favor of another deeply sensual kiss, followed by Olivia tilting Alex's face upwards so she could begin a line of kisses and licks from her chin, down the front of her neck, and around her jaw to the pulse below her ear. Alex wrapped her fingers in soft dark hair, and as she inhaled felt her breasts move against Olivia's. The sensation spread instantly from nipples to clit, and she all but climaxed. She had never felt so aroused in her life, but the incongruity of this occurring at the hands – in the arms – of a woman was never really translated into conscious thought. She was running entirely on impulse now.

"Now, now, Counselor," admonished Olivia, her voice husky and low, finally offering an answer. "You know as well as I do that seventy percent of communication is non-verbal."

Alex met Olivia's gaze directly, and accepted the challenge.

"So you'll have no problem comprehending this…" she said, stepping backwards out of Olivia's embrace to grasp her hands and lead her towards the bedroom.

For the first time since they had kissed Olivia sensed uncertainty.

"Alex?" she whispered.

Alex blinked and looked away, shrugging.

Olivia cupped Alex's face in soft hands, and dipped her head so Alex would meet her eyes. Don't hide from me – not now.

"What is it?" Warm brown eyes searched blue.

"Liv, I'm - I've…" Alex fidgeted, and blushed. "I've never… You'll have to tell me what to do."

Olivia hadn't realized she'd been holding her breath, until she felt the rush of relief, and sighed through a reassuring smile. Oh, is that all?

"Oh, sweetheart," she breathed, tilting Alex's face towards her so she could kiss her forehead, eyelids, the tip of her nose. She paused, waiting until Alex's eyes opened again, then whispered, "just follow your instincts."

Alex nodded slowly, grateful Olivia had understood, yet still she hesitated.

"Alex, baby, don't be afraid. You won't make a mistake." That was the lawyer's final undoing – the moment she realized that this beautiful woman could see through the layers, beyond the protective façade – could truly see her.

Their next embrace was incendiary. Hands pulling at each others' clothing, Alex's cashmere sweater and Olivia's leather jacket and polo shirt were rapidly consigned to the floor. Alex now slowed deliberately to take in Olivia's black lace bra, and she ran her fingers down the straps, opening out to cup both breasts, before grazing each nipple with her thumbs. Olivia's sharp intake of breath served only to heighten Alex's own arousal. She leaned slowly forward and began to kiss her way down the valley between Olivia's breasts, inhaling the detective's perfume, the scent of her skin, even as she felt Olivia's fingers thread sensuously through her hair. She ran her hands deliberately around the brunette's sides until she reached the clasp at the back, and releasing it she allowed her eyes to feast on the magnificent woman before her.

"God, you are so beautiful."

"Oh, Alex…" murmured Olivia, as she claimed the ADA's mouth once more.

Later Alex would be unable to remember exact details – in a haze of need, each divested the other of remaining clothing, until they stood together at last at the foot of Alex's bed, naked, and aroused beyond belief.

Olivia turned her back to the bed, and took Alex's hands in her own. As she lowered herself to the sheets she laced their fingers together, pulling Alex towards her, until they lay entwined on the white linen. For Alex, the sensation of Olivia's naked breasts against her own, was almost too much. Olivia drew Alex into a deeply erotic kiss then rolled her over onto her back, before sitting up on haunches to gaze down at the blonde. Her fingertips began to trace deliberate, exquisitely light patterns over Alex's skin, playing a teasing game over the planes of her stomach, around the fullness of her breasts, and down over her hips to her thighs. Try as she might, Alex's senses were overwhelmed – she could do little more in return than caress Olivia's shoulders and back, or run her fingers through cropped dark hair.

Olivia leaned forward, one thumb now resting lightly on Alex's right nipple, and lowered her mouth until she could encircle the left with her lips, flicking rhythmically, maddeningly with her tongue. Her free hand crept up Alex's thigh, slowly, inexorably towards her centre, finally reaching her goal. Olivia now slowed the movement of her tongue and thumb on Alex's nipples, matching the rate with which she slid her fingers down her sex, parting glistening folds, two fingers entering, deep deliberate strokes. Alex's hitched breathing betrayed her impending orgasm, and Olivia lifted her face from Alex's breast to her mouth, where her tongue's mimicking thrusts served finally to push Alex over the edge, rocked by the most explosive orgasm she had known.

The texture and fullness of Alex's breasts against her own, the taste of mouth and tongue, and finally the powerful rhythmic pulsing of Alex's sex against her fingers triggered Olivia's own climax. "Oh, God…" she moaned, as her back arched, and her senses imploded.

Lowering herself gently onto one elbow, Olivia continued to cradle Alex, gently stroking with practiced fingers, prolonging her release, easing them both down. She studied the ADA's face, blue eyes gazing up at her with such open affection and wonder that her heart flipped, and even as she leaned in to kiss away tears brimming in Alex's eyes, she felt her own overflow. There were no words for this…

The End

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