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Silly Strip Search Thing
By Del


As she had every other night that week, the new ADA arrived at the SVU squad room at 6:00 on the dot. "Ready to continue your training, Detective?"

"Sure, Miss Cabot," Olivia replied. "I think it's really great that you're taking the time to work with me on this stuff. I've never actually conducted a strip search, but if I ever make a woman take off her clothes, I hope I know what to do."

"Me too," Cabot said, fanning herself.

"But there's just one thing I'm confused about." Olivia reached for a thick legal treatise on her desk. "Yesterday, we did the strip search of the woman who rolled a stop sign, and the day before we did that one of a woman who didn't use a pooper scooper."

Alex nodded.

"Anyway, so Munch was reading up on City-sponsored Death Squads in this book today, and I noticed this." She flipped the book open to the section on Strip Searches for Fun and Profit. "It says here that you can't strip search people any more for misdemeanors unless it involves drugs, violence, or that kind of stuff."

"Detective, Detective, Detective." Alex shook her head. "The only people who say that are the United States Supreme Court and the federal and state courts. And what are they? Activist judges! Do you want your hands tied by people who probably have never been strip searched?"

"No." Olivia was duly chastened.

"OK, then. Let's get going." Alex nodded toward the observation room. "Tonight we'll address how to strip search a woman who has stayed an extra half hour on her parking meter. And maybe later we can talk about that hands-tying thing . . . ."

The End

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