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A Second Chance
By ACisme


Olivia somewhat reluctantly climbed from Elliot's pool, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the proximity of a gorgeous blonde in a dripping wet button-down and shorts that seemed entirely too short, given that they were on a pair of legs that seemed to go on for miles. She cleared her throat, trying to sound casual.

"I think I need another beer. Anybody else?"

Several hands went up and laughter chorused. Everyone was enjoying the rare chance to be off duty at the same time, especially given the occasion - Cragen had kicked them all out of the squad room to celebrate their favorite ADA's return to New York City as now-District Attorney Alexandra Cabot.

"Need an extra hand, Liv? We can raid the kitchen for some snacks while we're at it," Alex offered.

"Sure, Counselor," the detective said gratefully.

Once in the kitchen, the women made small talk awhile, but Alex couldn't totally hold back an observation of how different Elliot's house looked now that Kathy & the kids were all gone. It was partly to change the subject from that painful topic that Olivia blurted the first thing that came to her mind: "So how come I never see you in an actual swimsuit, Alex?"

"Scars," the ADA replied shortly.

A hush fell as they both remembered that fateful night when they thought they had lost each other forever.

"Show me," Olivia whispered softly.

Held in her gaze, Alex's fingers went slowly to the button-down that covered her swim top. She drew out the motion, feeling something in the unexpected moment that she couldn't quite understand, wanting it to be more than it seemed to be - one button at a time, she opened her blouse...

What was that in Liv's eyes? *Dare I hope - could she still - well, one way to find out.*

Words had always been the attorney's friends, and she knew how to use them to gauge a person's reaction, even while keeping a way of retreat if needed. She used all her powers now to control her tone while casually holding her shirt collar open, indicating one particular button.

"It's tight, Liv. Please?"

Tense, afraid to breathe, Olivia approached the woman who had always held her heart. Her knuckles brushed the woman's skin and every worry, every fear disappeared. She threw caution to the winds and took up the attorney's challenge.

"It's soaking wet, Alex."

'Oh, fuck it,' Alex thought. She leaned forward and kissed her before her nerve could break. Olivia groaned against her lips, and the sound spurred her on. She grabbed the detective's hips and pulled her closer.

"Oh, Liv..." Alex gasped when her lover's strong hands brushed against her breasts, softly exploring forbidden territory that Olivia could no longer resist. "God, I've wanted you for so long-"

Olivia pulled back to look straight in her eyes. "Sweetheart, you have no idea. I've been a coward for so many years - I thought I'd lost the only chance I'd ever have. I missed you so much, honey. I -" she broke off when Alex kissed her again, cutting off the words. Words may have been the lawyer's playground, but this was Olivia. They'd never needed speech to communicate, and they didn't need it now. There was one, and only one, thing that truly needed to be said.

Alex pulled back from her breathless friend to regain eye contact. "I love you, Olivia. I love you, deeply, truly, and I want you so damn much."

Tears started in Liv's eyes and she could only reach for her lover, saying through touch all the things her heart felt. She took the attorney's slender waist in her hands, took her mouth with her own, and her hand slid down to find -

"Cabot? Tell me you didn't disappear on us a third time, woman, especially not with my beer in your hand," came a loud voice from the next room. The women jumped six feet, but neither let go of the other as practically the entire 16th Precinct walked in to the kitchen.

"Alright, ladies! So, Liv? Something you need to say?" Munch challenged.

"Yeah, like maybe that announcement we all sat around bettin' on way back when?" Fin threw out easily.

Alex & Olivia looked at each other and burst out laughing. Then Liv took the lead and, before Alex could even catch her breath, calmly announced to the squad, "Save it. I have something more important to say.

"Alex," turning to the beautiful blonde by her side and reaching out a hand with her heart in her eyes, "I never want to live without you again. There is one thing that has kept me sane these past years, and that is knowing we belong together. It may be too soon, and is definitely far too late, but I have to tell you; Alexandra Cabot, I love you with all my heart, and I want you to be my wife." Her voice trailed into a whisper meant only for the blonde's ears as she finished, "Will you marry me, sweetheart?"

Alex, tears in her eyes, could only nod as she fell into the detective's strong arms, and the whooping squad around them mattered not at all.

--- 2 months later ---

"Do you, Alexandra Harriman Cabot, take Olivia Benson to be your lawfully wedded wife, to cherish and love in whatever may come, through pain or through joy, and vow to never again be parted?" Judge Harriman asked solemnly.

"I do," Alex vowed in a crystal-clear voice that rang like crystal through the crowded room.

"Do you, Olivia Lynn Benson, take Alex Cabot to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and protect in whatever may come, through pain or through joy, and vow to never again be parted?"

"I do," Olivia swore, her eyes shining like the sun with her joy in this ultimate victory.

"Then by the power vested in me by the State of New York, I pronounce you legally wed. And may God have pity on any force which tries to sever what has now been - finally - joined."

"Oh, Uncle Bill!" Alex laughed helplessly.

"Quiet, Counselor, and kiss your bride already."

Alex didn't need to be told twice.

Moments, hours or days later, as Olivia led her onto the dance floor, she laid her head on her wife's shoulder and reveled in how far their lives had come.

Olivia, thinking similar thoughts, soon realized there was only one thing in the world she still wanted. "Sweetheart," she breathed in her lover's ear.


"I'm thinking it's about time we get out of here. I have a bit of a surprise for you."

--- two hours later ---

"Olivia, how on earth did you do this?" Alex had to ask as the Beechcraft lifted off. She was remarkably free of snobbitude for someone who'd grown up with the Harriman fortune in her family, but right now she was just concerned. NYPD may be home to more heroes than she cared to think about, but it hardly paid well, and she hoped Olivia hadn't felt the need to bankrupt herself to celebrate their wedding.

Olivia, though, grinned impishly. "Well, remember that day we both met with your uncle separately to personalize our wedding vows? You asked me later why mine took so long... I guess now you know. This is sort of our wedding present."

"A private jet?!"

"It's just a chartered flight, sweetheart. The pilot will come back in two weeks to take us home."

"Olivia, Uncle Bill never does things like this as gifts. Do you know how many of my cousins have gotten married with nothing more than a reception, or a dinette set, or even just a collection of gift cards?!"

"Hush, Lexi. He did it because he wanted to. And personally, I can think of something much more interesting we could do during this flight than worry..." and with that, she took her wife's hand and pulled her to her feet, wrapping her in her arms as she began to move as they had on the dance floor earlier.

"Do you have any idea what I was thinking the whole time we were dancing at that reception... You are breathtaking in your dress, with your hair all piled up and looking like a work of art... No picture in the world could capture you tonight... But all the time, all I wanted to do was take your hair down and feel it flowing through my fingers... I want to take your dress and free your beautiful body... I want to touch you, kiss you, see you... I want every part of you, my Lexi, because you're mine..."

Alex was lost in Olivia. She made love to her with her words, so gentle, while her hands roamed freely, so fierce and strong. The combination was heady, and when Olivia finally growled in frustration and ripped the stubborn zipper of Alex's dress, the sound sent tongues of fire straight to her core. She pushed Olivia backwards into the suite, backing her into the door, kissing and licking her neck, marking that beautiful skin just to stake her claim to it, running her hands inside Olivia's jacket, pulling it down and off those magnificent shoulders, lifting the shirt and exposing perfect breasts to her hungry eyes -

Then her detective actually picked her up and moved them to the bed. She slid Alex's dress off in one smooth motion, stepped between her lover's legs and kissed her collarbone. Kissed her breastbone. Kissed over her heart, licked the softest skin under her breast, ran her mouth up to hover, to tease an instant, drunk on the anticipation after months, years of gazing hungrily through artfully open blouses - then she sank her mouth onto her wife's sweet breast and moaned as she teased the nipple with her tongue.

"Oh, Liv," the attorney moaned, twining her hands through that short dark hair, "oh baby, yes..."

Olivia ran her hand up one exquisite leg to tease Alex's thigh.

"These legs, Counselor -"

Her fingers ran higher and higher, Alex's hips were rising to meet them, begging without words for her touch on her most secret place.


Her hand went higher, rubbing the blonde's crotch through her lace panties. "Yes Alex..."

"Liv, please. Oh, god..."

The brunette slipped inside the lace and stroked her fingers through a beautiful, moving wetness that ripped a groan from her throat.

"Oh, please..."

"Say it Lexi, I want to hear it sweetheart."

"Liv, Olivia please, I need you in me, inside me please-"

Olivia slid two fingers inside instantly, filling her attorney so suddenly that Alex cried out in sheer pleasure, her hips rose off the bed to pull Olivia in deeper, Liv was in ecstasy as she thrust in her lover's molten core, feeling her slick walls contract around her, reaching forward and up just enough that every thrust hit that sweet, textured spot inside...

Alexandra was losing control. Her body was building to something she'd never experienced before, and all she could do was wrap her legs around her detective and reach for more. "Liv... Liv... Liv..." she found herself whimpering over and over again, and Olivia felt her own slit pulsing the sound, felt wetness dripping down her legs... She bent her head to her lover's slit, breathed deeply that scent and felt her mouth water. When she took her first lick at Alex's sopping pussy she heard a cry that was near a scream. She pushed through the burning in her forearm to thrust even faster, making sure to keep rubbing that sweet spot each time, lavishing her love on that precious pearl that was drenched in Alex's essence...she sucked it into her mouth and danced her tongue over it as hard and as fast as she could, and she heard her wife scream above her, felt those gorgeous legs clench around her head, those hands tighten in her hair, those silken walls seal tight around her hands - she kept moving, drawing out every moment she could - and as Alex stilled and looked at her, eyes shining with adoration and wonder, Olivia climbed up her body and kissed her again, softly this time, a kiss of worship and of promise, holding her tight as Alex softly kissed every part of her body within reach.

Soon those kisses became greedier, more urgent, as the dynamic blonde attorney recovered from her orgasm. Olivia was so close to the edge, watching her lover come so hard had very nearly sent her own body into bliss, and as Alex spread her legs apart and blew on her sopping pussy, she trembled. She wrapped her hand in Alex's hair and gently tugged her closer. Her lover got the message, smiled and bent to her sweet pussy, lapping at her juices, suckling at her clit, reaching greedily into her cunt to suck more delicious wetness into her mouth, then replacing her tongue with her fingers and wrapping her mouth again around Olivia's clit. Her tongue danced over the surface as her fingers, buried deeply inside, searched quickly for Olivia's g-spot. She knew that was stronger to her wife than all the thrusting in the world, so she found that textured patch of skin and danced her fingers nimbly across it, rubbing it hard and fast as her tongue lovingly stroked Olivia's clit. She couldn't help but open her mouth once, reaching her tongue down to her lover's opening in desperate longing, and as her thirsty tongue lapped at the detective's vagina, she heard the woman scream, then go still as wave after wave of delicious nectar spilled from her pussy into Alex's waiting mouth. Alex licked and sucked every inch of Olivia, searching for every drop of sweet moisture, before crawling up and pulling her wife closer to hold.

"I love you, Alexandra Cabot."

"I love you too, Olivia Benson."

And with that, they slept, until the sunrise broke over the Cayman Islands, and touchdown woke them with the promise of a new day. But that, my friends, is another story...

The End

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