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The Cabot Cabin
By VivalaB


Part 9

Night was descending rapidly on the cabin at Bear Swamp Pond. The moon was beaming brightly against the cloudless night sky, casting a shadowless spotlight on two familiar figures as they embraced on the wooden balcony.

Alex and Olivia stood at the railing, looking out over the lake and whispering in the still of the night. The distant sound of the wilderness providing a subtle soundtrack as they spoke quietly to each other.

"What did Jon say about your wounds?" Alex asked, looking deeply into Olivia's eyes.

Olivia smiled, "No strenuous activity for at least a week," she chuckled as Alex tried to contain the crestfallen look on her face before continuing, "by strenuous he means, nothing that will tear the adhesive or bump my head."

Alex bobbed her head, "So…what you're telling me is… I have to do all the work…" she whispered, pressing their mouths together and teasingly tracing the lips beneath her own with her tongue.

Olivia swallowed and parted her lips, "I'm saying...I don't care, as long as we finish this," she breathed out and kissed the teasing lips. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into Alex's mouth, caressing her tongue with her own. Their kiss was unhurried, what it lacked in urgency it made up for in passion as they leisurely explored one another. Arms held on tightly as hands trailed over familiar territory. Someone moaned and the kiss ended.

"I don't think I can stand much longer," Alex said into the ear she was now tracing with her tongue.

Olivia shuddered as the hot breath tickled her sensitive skin and closed her eyes. She felt a tongue dip further into her ear and teeth nip at her lobe, her chest heaved in response. She moved her hands below the tee shirt Alex was wearing and traced her hands up a smooth back. She reached the clasp of the bra and released it with both hands. She moved her hands to the sides of Alex's breasts and teasingly rubbed her palms along them before bringing her thumbs across the hardening peaks.

Alex began to breathe heavily in her ear as she continued to lave her lobe with her hot tongue.

Olivia nudged her legs apart and slipped a thigh between them. Alex pushed into her immediately seeking some contact. Olivia pulled hr head away and looked into twinkling eyes, "You are so beautiful Alex but, if I don't get you on that bed," she indicated through the window with a tilt of her head, "in the next two minutes…" she paused and kissed her fiercely, tongue invading and devouring her mouth before pulling back abruptly, "…I'm going to make you come…right here," she finished and felt Alex ground into her once and then pull back. She stepped away form Olivia and moved towards the window, dragging the eager brunette behind her.

Once inside, Olivia spun her round. She pushed her against the wall beside the window, forcing Alex's willing hands high above her head. Olivia pressed seductively along her length, crushing their mouths together and thrusting into her.

"Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to be with you?" she panted as she tore her mouth away and looked into Alex's eyes in the dimly lit room.

Alex tried to capture her lips but Olivia pulled away. She opened her mouth and bit her bottom lip instead, "Not as much as me," she whispered.

Olivia felt her clit jump and pressed her hips into Alex, "God Alex…I need to feel you," she said desperately.

Alex breathed heavily through her nose as she bit her lip harder, "Liv, please…." She said and fought against the restraining hold. Olivia let her go and reached for the hem of her tee shirt, she pulled it off in one swift motion as eager hands reached for her own. They looked into each others eyes as Olivia slipped the straps down Alex's shoulders, revealing high, firm breasts topped with erect pink buds, begging for attention.

Olivia licked her lips in anticipation and reached up to tease the front catch on her own bra.

"Let me," Alex whispered, removing Olivia's hands and unleashing two full mounds of tanned skin with dark, tight nipples. Without warning she dipped her head and captured a breast, licking around the swollen flesh as her hand cupped the other.

"Fuck," Olivia groaned and swallowed as she felt hot juices slick along her sex. She moved her hands to Alex's head and pushed her back, "Bed," she breathed out, reaching for the button on Alex's jeans and sliding the zipper down urgently.

The beautiful blonde moaned loudly and pushed off the wall, "We need to be careful…your side…" she said and stroked her fingertips over the bruised flesh surrounding the gauze before moving her hands to the waistband of Olivia's jeans.

Olivia nodded in response as her hands dipped below Alex's waistband and cupped her bare ass. She looked at her smiling, "No underwear?" she asked teasingly.

"No point," she retorted as she undid Olivia's jeans, " you left me in such a state earlier I needed all the relief I could get," she husked as she moved a hand inside Olivia's open jeans. She gasped as her hand met the slickness and she rubbed lightly a few times before pulling her hand out. She smiled into Olivia's eyes as she moved her wet hand to one of Olivia's breasts, she painted it with her wetness before lowering her mouth and laving it all over her hardened nipple. She captured the nipple between her teeth and bit it lightly as her tongue flicked back and forth across the tip. She moaned at the taste, Olivia's essence was her new favorite flavor and she needed more. She gave the nipple a final tug, enjoying the reaction of the body she held. Olivia was rhythmically squeezing her ass and pushing into her.

Alex moved them backwards towards the bed and released her hold, she stepped back and lowered her own jeans, revealing herself once more to the beautiful brunette before her. Olivia blew out a shaky breath, "God Alex, you are so beautiful," she said admiring the toned, slender physique with narrow hips, firm breasts and a neat patch of trimmed blonde hair. She noticed the wetness at the top of her thighs and felt her stomach tighten. She watched as Alex dropped to her knees in front of her and reached up, taking a firm hold of the pockets of her denims. She locked eyes with Olivia as she pulled them past trim hips with agonizing slowness. Olivia needed more and hurriedly lowered them herself, Alex smiled wantonly as the dripping core came into view. She pulled the jeans off and ran her hands up the long legs, placing kisses sporadically along the way.

Olivia felt her knees tremble and reached down to support herself on Alex's shoulders.

Alex licked her way from her knees to the apex of her thighs and inhaled deeply. She kissed the neat dark strip of hair and let her tongue lick teasingly along the root of her clit.

Olivia couldn't control the flow of hot juices if she tried and rocked her hips gently, encouraging Alex to taste her.

Alex felt her own clit pulse in response and closed her eyes to steady herself. "She stood up slowly, licking a trail up the centre of Olivia's heated body from her labia to her lips. She savagely plundered Olivia's waiting mouth and brought their fully naked bodies together for the first time.

Olivia wrapped her arms around her and rocked her hips. Alex reached down and grabbed Olivia's ass and pulled her against her firmly. They broke the kiss gasping and panting, staring hungrily into each others eyes.

They moved on to the bed and lay side by side, bodies touching, hands exploring.

Fingers danced along naked flesh and left tingling Goosebumps in their wake. Alex ran her hand over the injured side once more, "If this hurts, we'll stop," she whispered, knowing she wouldn't be able to.

Olivia smiled, nothing was going to stop them, not this time. She nudged Alex on to her back and leaned over her, "I want to kiss every very inch of you, I want to touch you like nobody else ever has but most of all," she reached a hand down into the wetness and watched Alex reflexively open her mouth and gasp, "most of all, I want to be inside you…" she rubbed her fingers teasingly along her outer lips, "…with my tongue," she finished as the sex she was holding clenched and released hot liquid on to her hand. She gasped at the reaction she had invoked and lowered her mouth for a smouldering kiss.

The frantic urgency slowed as the kiss deepened, replaced with passionate need.

Alex pulled on her shoulders until Olivia was lying on top of her, she parted her legs allowing the detective to fit snugly between them. Olivia pressed a strong thigh into the wetness as she rubbed her slickness along a slender thigh. Alex moaned and reached both hands down to push hard on the two globes of flesh and felt Olivia's center squeeze her thigh. Olivia buried her face in her neck and panted at the sensation. She pulled back and kissed along the porcelain jaw line and down the elegant neck. Alex thrust up into the thigh as she felt her engorged bundle of nerves become super sensitized.

Olivia moved her head and kissed her deeply, her tongue mirroring the thrusts of her thigh. She felt the hands on her ass push harder and she groaned deep in her chest. She ended the kiss and stared into blue eyes, "I love you," she whispered.

Alex slowed her rocking and reached a hand up to brush hair away from the face above her, "I love you too," she replied and kissed her soundly.

"I want to do everything at once, what do you want?" Olivia asked as the kiss ended and she searched the flushed features.

"I want you to do everything at once," she teased and brought their mouths together and rolled them both over.

Olivia laughed in surprise at the unexpected move and watched as Alex moved to straddle her, rubbing her delicious wetness across the toned stomach.

Alex looked at the gauze covered wound and received a nod that everything was okay. She reached up and cupped the firm breasts and tugged the hardened nipples playfully. Alex closed her eyes as she began to rub her clit against the taut muscle below her. She stroked herself back and forth a few times before moving lower, both cried out as their engorged clits brushed against each other sensuously, 'later' thought Alex and smiled.

She settled herself between the parted legs and kissed the base of Olivia's throat before hungrily capturing a breast in her mouth. She rolled the stiff bud of her other breast between her fingers and thumb. Olivia began to writhe, the invisible pleasure chord between her breasts and her clit was being strummed expertly by the woman in her arms. She moaned as her entrance began to open and close seeking contact.

She held Alex's head to her breast and offered more of herself to the eager blonde, gasping aloud as Alex tried to fit as much of her breast into her moth as she possibly could. She began to squirm, trying to signal where she needed her mouth most.

Alex felt the body beneath her surge upwards and she smiled around the flesh she was suckling. She couldn't get enough.

"Please Alex…I'm gonna come…with…or…without you," she panted.

Alex smiled again and released the nipple with a pop and leaned on her elbows to kiss her, the move causing her wet center to brush along Olivia's clit. Olivia tore her mouth away, "Oh fuck…Alex," she breathed out and closed her eyes.

Alex smirked and moved her body, she licked her way back down the same path she had licked up only a short while ago. She nestled her shoulders between the parted thighs and moved until she was comfortable and had access to the treasure she sought. She inhaled the heady aroma of Olivia's arousal and placed tender kisses along the tops of her thighs and the thin strip of hair, licking away the new wetness she found. The hips below her lifted and she brought her hands underneath them to bring them closer to her waiting mouth, eager to drink from the heated, dripping source.

She licked Olivia from her slit to her clit and back again with the flat of her tongue and marveled at the reaction. She kissed her way round the outer lips and teasingly along the root of her clit before nudging her tongue between her swollen lips and savoring the feeling of her sex twitching.


She smiled at the plea and licked away the hot slickness. She tilted her head and French kissed Olivia's pulsing sex and felt her entire body tremble.

"Oh my God…gonna…come," Olivia panted out.

Alex circled the swollen bundle of nerves with her tongue and ran her tongue slowly up and down either side, feeling it pulse against her wet muscle. She kissed it delicately before sucking it entirely into her mouth and batting the tip with feather light flicks from the tip of her tongue.

Olivia felt her entire body go rigid and focus on that one nerve ending. She felt her stomach muscles tighten and her entrance open and close, desperately seeking purchase on anything. Alex felt it too and released the engorged nub and dipped her tongue lower to lap at the fresh wetness. She placed her tongue against the opening and looked up along the taut body. Olivia's head was arched into the pillow and her hands were tugging and rubbing against her nipples.

"Liv," Alex said quietly, waiting for the brunette to look at her. When she had Olivia's full attention she smiled and with agonizing slowness, pushed her tongue inside.

Olivia groaned and thrashed her head back into the pillow, only wincing slightly as her bump connected heavily with it.

Alex forced her tongue deep into Olivia's canal, the inner walls clenching and squeezing around her. She reached a hand up to stroke lightly at the bundle of nerves and accepted the slick reward as it gushed from Olivia's convulsing sex over her tongue, sliding down her throat. She ground her own hips into the mattress, desperate for release.

She fucked Olivia with her tongue until the clutching walls and writhing body above her became frantic, she knew she was close.

She removed her tongue and replaced it with two slender fingers, and gasped as she entered her. She pushed her fingers in deeper and felt the walls hungrily welcome them in. She sucked on the swollen clit and flicked her tongue across the hardened tip in earnest. She increased her thrusting and pulled them all the way out before plunging all the way back in again. Her thrusts were fast and deep and Olivia's hips were bouncing furiously, lifting up to meet her. Alex felt the wetness flow out around her fingers and felt her own wetness soak into the bed below her throbbing clit.

Olivia's breathing became louder and she panted constantly. Alex sucked the clit into her mouth again and held Olivia on the brink of ecstasy. She felt the orgasm start around her fingers and rested the flat of her tongue against the super sensitive tip of the bundle of nerves, she savored the feeling of it jumping against her tongue before sucking harder.

Alex's name was ripped from Olivia's throat in a guttural groan. Her body arched and her muscles tensed as the powerful orgasm crashed over her. Her body shook with the ferocity and her hips rocked wildly, the pain burning in her side was a small price to pay for the privilege of such pleasure. Her eyes remained closed as she reached weakly down for Alex.

Alex lapped up every last drop of Olivia's release, kissing gently around the sensitive flesh. She watched as the engorged clit pulsed in front of her and she placed a delicate kiss along the hood. Olivia gasped and reached weakly for her again. Alex kissed her navel and licked the salty sweat from the valley between her breasts and the base of her throat. She propped herself up on one arm, so that she wasn't crushing Olivia and leaned in to place a tender, loving kiss on her lips. "You are amazing," she whispered and smoothed away the damp hair from her forehead.

Olivia's eyes remained closed as she calmed her erratic breathing. Alex rubbed her hips suggestively into Olivia, coating her with copious amounts of wetness. Olivia smiled and slowly opened her eyes to look into the smiling, flushed face.

"You're the one that's amazing…that was incredible Lex," she said, blowing out a shaky breath. "If you give me a minute, I'll make you feel like this too," she whispered as her hand rested along Alex's damp back.

Alex smiled, "How's your side," she asked as she reached out to stroke gently against the area.

Olivia nodded, "Only hurts a little bit, didn't break the seal or anything…and not enough to stop me loving you," she said as her hand drew Alex in closer, urging her to lie on top of her.

Alex rubbed her engorged clit against Olivia's damp strip of hair and moaned loudly. She looked into Olivia's eyes, "I know a couple of ways where you won't get hurt," she said seductively as she moved her hips in teasing circles over Olivia's swollen, throbbing sex.

Olivia's breath caught, "Really," she teased and watched as Alex nudged her legs further apart. Olivia opened herself up for Alex, allowing her to tuck herself between the open legs.

Alex adjusted herself until their sexes were perfectly aligned.

"You feel so good," Alex whispered, pressing into Olivia and thrusting with a slow rhythm. After the mind blowing orgasm Olivia had just experienced, she couldn't believe she was ready to go again. She pressed her hands into Alex's ass and brought her hips up to meet each thrust. Their swollen clits brushed against each other with each stroke. Alex closed her eyes and moved back, straightening slightly to increase the angle and depth of contact.

"Oh Liv….fuck…ungh," she groaned out as her thrusts increased.

Olivia opened her legs wider, and felt her clit start to throb uncontrollably. She bucked furiously against Alex, panting wildly, wetness dripping from her core.

Alex's movements increased as she felt the coil of tension in her stomach tighten, she could feel Olivia approaching her release and ground into her, thrusting hard as they clung to each other. Her center gushed wetness and it mingled with Olivia's creating a slick , delicious friction.

Olivia cried out again as she came, her mind exploding from the intensity of the experience.

Alex was right behind her, screaming her name into the night. She reached underneath and held Olivia by the ass as she pressed their clits together, slowly grinding the combined wetness to milk the last ounce of pleasure from Olivia's body.

They looked at each other lovingly, panting and enjoying the moment.

"You are fucking incredible," Olivia choked out as her body continued to convulse in small aftershocks.

Alex wiped the hair from her sweat soaked face, "So are you," she panted as she felt her clit throbbing. She slid it slowly against Olivia once more and closed her eyes at the intensity.

Olivia looked at her and motioned with her head, "Come up here," she said softly.

Alex trailed her slick sex along Olivia's body, she groaned at the sensation. The kiss was slow and languid as their labored breathing eased.

"I need to taste you ," Olivia whispered as she nudged Alex's knees.

Alex looked deeply into her eyes, "What about your head?" she asked, stroking her fingers lightly over her scalp.

"Lex, you're so wet…it's only going to take a few minutes," she acquiesced.

Alex beamed at her, "Confident are we?" she teased.

Olivia moved a hand behind Alex and dipped her fingers between her ass to stroke the slickness, "Hungry…and confident," she breathed out.

Alex moved off her and watched as Olivia adjusted her position, she placed her parted legs on either side of Olivia's head and looked down her own body into the flushed face below her, "You sure?"

Olivia's only answer was to grab her ass and bring her throbbing sex down to meet her eagerly awaiting tongue.


Part 10

Alex stretched and smiled at the sight of the naked woman curled against her in bed. She looked lovingly into the olive toned face and resisted the urge to kiss her, for fear of waking her. She contented herself with savoring the memories from the night before and earlier that morning.

They had made love late into the night, the need never quite sated and always just simmering below the surface.

Alex closed her eyes, remembering the pleasure they had shared, they had both been playful and uninhibited yet loving and tender. Alex felt her swollen sex squeeze at the memory of sitting astride Olivia's face as she loved her with her tongue. She blew out a quiet, steadying breath and opened her eyes, only to find twinkling brown orbs gazing at her.

"Good morning," Olivia whispered, placing a kiss on the shoulder she lay on.

Alex stretched and moved into her body, enjoying the feeling as their naked flesh touched in all the right places. She kissed Olivia on the nose, "Yes it is."

Olivia grinned and stretched, she moved a hand to rub her face and brushed away the final tendrils of sleep, "What time is it?" she asked, removing her hands and running her fingers along Alex's bare side, resting them possessively on her hip.

Alex turned her head to look at the bedside clock, "Nearly 10," she said, smiling as lips covered her neck. She sighed happily, unable to contain her joy at finally being with this incredible woman. She looked into the relaxed face and smiled, "I don't feel like this is really happening, I never thought I would get a chance to show you how I feel," she whispered, tracing idle patterns across Olivia's bare chest.

"How about we agree not to dwell on the past and the 'what if's and focus on our future together," Olivia stated quietly.

Alex wanted to shout from the balcony how happy she was at the prospect of a future together with Olivia but kissed her lover hotly instead, pushing off the bed sheet that lay tangled at their feet.

After another round of passionate love making, Alex led Olivia into the bathroom where she carefully washed the toned body. Olivia was glad she had opted for the skin adhesive rather than the stitches Jon had offered to put in. If she had, she wouldn't be here, pressing into the gloriously naked form of Alexandra Cabot in the shower.

Alex stood braced against the wall, hands flattened on the marbled tile as Olivia's sex thrust against her ass while her long fingers plunged deep inside her dripping core. Olivia removed her fingers and slicked them up to rub Alex's clit teasingly. She moved her other hand from Alex's hip to her breasts and ran her soapy hands across the sensitive flesh, tugging erect buds playfully. Alex was panting, her excitement growing and her need rising. She thrust her hips backwards to meet the brunette's pumping motion and groaned as she felt Olivia's engorged clit rub against her.

Alex dropped her head to focus on remaining upright as her legs began to shake, her breathing was becoming erratic and her clit was twitching uncontrollably. She was moaning shamelessly at the pleasure she was feeling and could hear Olivia struggle for control behind her.

"Liv…please," she begged.

Olivia gave the nipple she was tugging a final squeeze before sliding her hand down the toned stomach to meet the one at Alex's swollen bundle of nerves. She leaned heavily against Alex and kissed her shoulder, enjoying the sensations as her painfully erect nipples dragged across Alex's smooth, wet back. She groaned loudly as her exposed clit rubbed against her firm slick ass. Without warning she plunged two fingers into Alex's pulsating opening while her other hand drew tight circles around the swollen nub.

Alex began to buck against her, hips thrashing wildly enjoying the multi sensational experience. She felt Olivia pump her ass furiously and it all became too much. She came with a sharp cry as she gushed onto Olivia's hand. Olivia thrust a few times and groaned loudly, choking out Alex's name as she came.

Olivia leaned heavily against her, feeling the orgasm rippling through the body she held. She closed her eyes never wanting to forget this feeling. After a few minutes, Alex breathed out deeply and turned within the circle of Olivia's arms.

"You are incredible," she said smiling, cheeks flushed.

Olivia beamed back at her, "I love you Alexandra Cabot, and I'll never tire of saying it or showing it," she whispered, swallowing hard.

Alex felt her eyes moisten and choked down the lump in her throat, "I love you too Olivia Benson and you can show me…anytime, " she teased as their mouths met for a tender kiss.

Olivia sat at the kitchen table watching Alex prepare a light meal of coffee and scrambled eggs. She had offered to help but had been 'encouraged' not to as Alex had admitted she always wanted to cook breakfast for her.

Olivia admired the figure at the large stove, skillfully preparing their food. Alex was dressed similarly to herself in cotton shorts and a tank top. Their last bout of lovemaking had left both in need of nourishment. Alex had swatted Olivia playfully as they had made their way down the stairs as she had joked about needing to replace all the lost fluids from her body.

Alex smiled at the eggs in the pan.

"Are you smiling at a pan full of eggs?" Olivia teased.

Alex snorted, "I'm smiling at the beautiful woman waiting for the eggs in the pan… this is our first meal together," she said without turning around.

Olivia studied the features of the profile, "We've eaten dinner together loads of times, not to mention lunches and breakfasts at the precinct…or your office," she said, reminding the blonde.

Alex turned, "Bu this is our first meal…together," she said quietly unable to contain her smile.

Olivia swallowed as her heart skipped a beat, "I think I just fell more in love with you, if that's even possible," she whispered honestly, pushing back the chair and motioning for Alex to come over.

Alex looked at the eggs and then back to Olivia, she turned the heat down and sat the spoon on the counter. She never broke eye contact with Olivia as she crossed the short distance to the table. She surprised Olivia by stepping over her seated body and straddling her thighs.

Olivia held her in place by the ass as Alex rested her hands lightly on her shoulders. She smiled into the dark pools and dipped her head, stopping just as their lips were about to touch, "I feel like that every time I look into your eyes," she breathed out before capturing the waiting lips.

The kiss soon escalated as hands wandered the now, familiar territory. Olivia raised the tank top and captured a hardening nipple between her teeth, flicking urgently across the tip. Alex ground herself into Olivia's lap as she reached down her back, grasping and lifting the material. Olivia moaned into the breast as nails dragged along her back, causing her to gasp. She released the breast and looked into twinkling blue eyes a a hand lifted to remove Alex's glasses.

Alex seized the opportunity and removed the tank top, running her hands seductively across the naked, tanned skin. Olivia squeezed Alex's ass through the thin cotton shorts and gasped loudly as Alex ran a nail across a swollen breast. She felt her clit throb and she crushed their mouths and naked flesh together.

Martha stopped suddenly in the doorway, causing Jon to collide with her back.

Olivia tore her mouth away at the noise and looked over Alex's shoulder. Her eyes met the startled expression on the older woman's face.

Alex whipped her head round and blushed as she met Martha's eyes.

Martha smiled at them both before turning to her husband, "C'mon, I forgot something," she said, guiding her oblivious husband back out the door.

"What did you forget?" he asked doubtfully, his wife never forget anything.

Martha nudged him forward, "I forgot how much of an exhibitionist our Lex is, that's what," she said, shaking her head and laughing.

Jon stopped and looked at her, then it clicked.

"IN THE KITCHEN?" he shouted as Martha slapped a hand over his mouth to silence him.

She raised her eyebrows at him and he nodded his head. Se removed her hand and watched her husband smile.

"Remember when we did it in our kitchen?" he said, reaching for her hand as they continued towards the golf cart.

Martha bumped him as they walked, "I think we'll need to start calling, let them know we're on our way."

"Give them a warning, more like," Jon replied and they both laughed.


Part 11

Alex watched from her spot on the bed as Olivia selected a shirt to wear with her jeans. She gazed at the thin red lines barely visible along her strong , toned back. "You look like you've been clawed by a wild animal," she commented.

Olivia turned and smiled, "Wasn't I?" she said and laughed as Alex's jaw dropped.

"Don't give me that Cabot, you knew what you were doing," she teased.

Alex grinned wickedly, "Don't I always…," she said and waggled her eyebrows.

Olivia shook her head, "Speaking of which, why did you buy all this stuff?" she said indicating the clothes in the closet.

Alex sighed and rolled over, from her new position, face down on the bed she muffled out, "Do I have to?" she whined.

Olivia buttoned the pale blue shirt and sat on the bed beside her, she rested a hand on her lovers back, "Lex, look at me," she coaxed.

Alex ignored her.

Olivia moved her hand along the blue sweater until she reached her ribs and tickled her. She laughed as Alex began to squirm and giggle. Alex rolled over and begged her to stop. Once Olivia had her full attention she asked her again.

Alex blew out a breath and rolled her eyes, "I already told you, it made me feel close to you," she mumbled.

"Nope, there's more to it than that, why won't you tell me?" she asked, linking their hands together.

Alex looked at her, "Remember that you love me before you judge me okay?" she said quietly.

"Always," Olivia answered.

"When I got out and everything happened in the city and I came up here…I wasn't thinking clearly, I was miserable and disappointed and heartbroken," she whispered, pausing as Olivia moved and lay down next to her, drawing her into her open arms. "I had no-one…everyone thought I was dead, people had moved on and it was too much trying to explain where I'd been so I came up here. Martha and Jon have been like family to me for almost twenty years. Every time I would come up here and talk about work…about you, they would encourage me to tell you how I felt…I couldn't. I'd pick up the phone to call…and…talk myself out of it," she said quietly into the shoulder she was resting on.

Olivia held her tightly, "I'm sorry you had to go through so much on your own…"she swallowed, "I should have done something, " she whispered as she kissed the blonde forehead.

Alex smiled, "We're doing something now, that's all that matters," she answered.

"What about the clothes?" she asked, motioning towards the closet again with her head.

Alex sighed, "When I would sit and stare at the lake, I would talk to you...I got it into my head that if I built this place… you would come," she said quietly.

"Like that movie?" Olivia said, furrowing her brow.

Alex tskd, "When you say it like that it does sound crazy but at the time…this…" she swept her arm around the room, "was my field of dreams and it gave me hope," she whispered.

Olivia felt her heart melt, she kissed the blonde head again, "There's so much about you that I don't know, so much for me to learn," she said softly.

Alex smiled, "I bought the clothes and would sit in here, imagining you were here…Martha thought I was crazy, said if you ever did come up here you'd take one look and run for the hills."

Olivia chuckled, "When I first realized everything was in my size, I kinda wondered why you would do that but then I remembered a scarf I'd borrowed from you, not long before you went into Witsec, I would sit on my couch, holding your scarf asking if you were okay…" she trailed off as the painful memories flooded her brain.

Alex adjusted her position and moved her body over Olivia's, resting her head on flattened hands across Olivia's chest and looked into her eyes, "When I came back for the Lynwood case, I almost asked you up here for the weekend, to talk about everything," she confessed.


"Yep, but lost my nerve and after that I didn't know how to," she paused, "even though we spoke a lot, there just never seemed to be a right time to ask," she said honestly.

Olivia smiled, "I'm glad you've got Martha and Jon, I really like them."

Alex beamed, "They like you too and Martha thinks you're fit," she said chuckling.

Olivia rolled her eyes, "Don't say that, it's bad enough having to face them after getting caught making out in the kitchen like a pair of horny teenagers. Do you not lock your doors?" she asked teasingly.

Alex leaned forward and kissed her chin, "Firstly, detective, we're both too old to be considered 'horny teenagers' and second of all, there is no way anyone can get within 2 miles of this cabin without me knowing about it," she stated.

Olivia frowned, "What do you mean?"

Alex smiled, "Let's just say…I've got things covered," she answered cryptically.

Olivia nodded her head and pursed her lips, "Can I ask you something?"

"Always," she said, repeating Olivia's previous answer.

"Does the age difference bother you?" she asked quietly.

It was Alex's turn to frown as she shook her head, "Of course not, it's not a factor in how I feel about you Liv…does it bother you?" she asked cautiously.

Olivia smiled, "You're kidding right? a hot young blonde on my ar-"

Alex cut her off, "Don't even go there," she warned before kissing her tenderly.

The kiss deepened with eager hands wandering and hearts pumping until Alex pulled back. Olivia's searching hands were halted as they slid underneath Alex's sweater.

"Don't start something we don't have time to finish," she scolded.

Olivia pouted, "Just a quickie," she said waggling her brows suggestively.

Alex snorted, " We're supposed to be having a late lunch with Martha and Jon, they'll be here in thirty minutes, " she said, glancing over at the bedside clock.

"Plenty of time," Olivia whispered as she rolled them both over.

The meal had been entertaining with Martha and Jon taking every opportunity to recount tales of a younger Alex. Jon had received a kick under the table from his wife as he explained Alex's fondness for late night skinny dipping. Olivia had listened eagerly, marvelling at this carefree side of her lover. She had also smiled at Martha's teasing of the earlier incident in the kitchen and had laughed out loud as Jon asked 'where was it safe to sit'. Olivia was enjoying her time in the mountains and had never felt so free. She had surprised herself by kissing Alex on the cheek as she got up to refill their glasses. She had never been one to display her affections in public but something inside her couldn't stop touching Alex, needing to confirm her connection with her.

After everyone exchanged hugs and goodbyes, Alex turned to Olivia and smiled, "That was great, wasn't it?" she asked, moving closer.

Olivia nodded, "yeah, I feel like I've know them forever and those stories…" she said, letting out a low whistle.

Alex snorted and wrapped her arms around her, "I didn't figure you for the PDA type, "she said, kissing her lightly.

Olivia grinned and swayed them both gently, "I'm not, something about you makes me want to touch you all the time though, let you know how much I love you. Does it bother you?" she asked, suddenly realizing Alex might not want that.

Alex kissed away the frown that appeared, "What do you think?" she breathed out, moving lower to kiss her parted lips.

Olivia smiled and tenderly explored her mouth before tilting her head back slightly, "It's early, what do you want do to?" she asked.

Alex grinned wickedly.

"Other than that," Olivia chided with mock disapproval.

Alex pouted playfully, "I could give you the full tour," she suggested.

Olivia nodded, "Aah, the nickel tour I was promised, " she answered, kissing her one last time before pulling back.

Alex showed Olivia every room in the spacious cabin, enjoying her lovers reaction to the detail in every room. There was one last room she needed to show her and as he approached it she felt her heart rate pick up. They were downstairs, approaching a door that Olivia had guessed to be a supply closet. As they stopped in front of the door Alex turned to her.

"You can take the girl out of Witsec but you can't take Witsec out of the girl, " she said, opening the door.

As they entered Olivia's eyes widened in surprise.

The room was of average size, about the size of Cragen's office with a large desk and black leather chair positioned in front of a wall full of monitors. All the screens displayed live images from around the cabin, she counted them and looked to a quiet Alex.

"Twelve camera's?" she asked.

"Complete with motion detectors," she replied and moved to the desk. She rolled her hand over the mouse and Olivia watched as three screens sitting on the smooth surface sprang into life. Alex typed something on the keyboard and Olivia saw more images of the surrounding area appear on the screen.

Alex remained quiet as she turned to look at Olivia, "You never quite stop looking over your shoulder," she said softly.

Olivia placed a comforting arm round her, "Now I know why you feel safe up here," she stated.

Alex shook her head, "No, this has always been my retreat, always been safe but I didn't want to take any chances. When I got out and came up here, I told you I was a mess…I didn't tell you I was a paranoid wreck too, " she whispered.

Olivia squeezed her shoulder, "After everything you've been through, a good security system is understandable," she said, reassuring her.

Alex nodded as she stretched within the embrace and selected various thumbnail images with the mouse.

Olivia looked at the crystal clear imagery, even in the early evening light and smiled, "Do you have camera's inside the house?" she asked tentatively.

Alex frowned and shook her head, "No…why?" se asked, turning to face her.

Olivia grinned and waggled her eyebrows.

The humor was exactly what Alex needed and she laughed, nudging her, "Oh my God, you're incorrigible," she teased.

Olivia wrapped her other arm around her and hugged her , "The windows are reinforced too aren't they?" she whispered into her ear She felt Alex nod against her and she swallowed the emotion rising In her throat.


Alex, pulled her head back and looked into moist brown eyes as she felt her own emotions threaten to betray her.

Olivia brushed blonde hair away from her face, "I'm glad you had somewhere safe, somewhere to go but you need to know…I'd do anything to protect you sweetheart, " she whispered sincerely.

Alex smiled, moving a hand to gently stroke the wounded area underneath Olivia's shirt, "I know."

They lay together on the sofa, watching the day end. Olivia's head lay nestled on Alex's shoulder while their legs intertwined. She had never known such peace and sighed contentedly.

Alex stroked the hair she was threading through her fingers, enjoying their togetherness. She couldn't believe all they had been through and where they now were. She was about to ask Olivia a question when a ringing sounded from somewhere nearby.

Her cell phone.


Part 12

Olivia stirred in her arms and looked in the direction of the ringing noise, "That's your cell," she said, sitting up, allowing Alex to rise form the sofa.

Alex scrunched her face, "It might not be anything, it's the only contact number anyone has for us since your battery 's dead," she said optimistically.

Olivia nodded, eyes tracking the beautiful blonde's graceful movements to the fireplace. Alex lifted the phone and turned as she answered.


"Hey Alex, it's Elliot"

Alex smiled, "Hi Elliot, what can I do for you?" she asked curtly.

Elliot laughed in her ear, "I thought that mountain air was supposed to relax you," he quipped.

"I was relaxing…but then my phone rang," she said coolly, moving back to the sofa and the waiting brunette.

Olivia studied the approaching face, recognizing the twinkle behind the dark frames.

Elliot paused to consider how she was relaxing, before clearing his mind of forbidden images, "Seriously, how you both doing?"

Alex smiled down at Olivia as she straddled her thighs, deliberately pushing into her as she sat down, she grinned as Olivia held her firmly in place.


"Sorry Elliot, let me put you on speaker," she said, pulling the phone away from her mouth, dipping her head and kissing Olivia hungrily.

Olivia was surprised by the kiss but quickly responded as she fought for control of the tongue invading her mouth. She swallowed Alex's moan as a familiar voice echoed through the room.

Alex tore her mouth away and grinned down at the flushed face, "Sorry Elliot…was just getting Liv," she lied smoothly, blowing out a quiet, shallow breath.

Olivia glared at her, not realizing she had already hit the speaker button, "Hey El, sorry…I was upstairs when you called," she said, panting slightly and ignoring Alex's wandering, free hand.

"Yeah…right…" he replied, tone disbelieving.

Olivia gave Alex a warning look before turning her attention to the phone in the blonde's hand, "What's up? Is everything okay? Before you answer, remember I have a hole in my side and I'm on…bed rest," she said slowly, watching as Alex raised her eyebrows at her.

He cleared his throat, "I'm not even gonna ask…Liv, I think you might be expected back in the city sooner than you had planned," he said cryptically.

That got both their attentions.

"What do you mean?" Alex asked.

Elliot sighed audibly over the phone, "Porter's been arraigned and indicted. The US Attorney's Office wants the Federal Prosecution to get a quick result on this one, it's already in pre-trial," he said , waiting for the inevitable outburst.

Alex beat her to the punch, "How is that even possible? The Grand Jury has to indict first, not to mention the multiple felonies Porter committed across five different States. This is Federal jurisdiction, it has nothing to do with New York or Jack McCoy, this is Washington's mess to clear up," she stated firmly.

"Actually, that would be my mess to clean up"

Alex and Olivia instantly whipped their heads to the phone in Alex's hand in surprise.

"Abbie?" they asked in unison.

"The one and only, look I'm sorry to interrupt your wilderness adventure, but the longest I can hold off before seeing you is about five days, I need to get your deposition down. Porter's refused Counsel and is representing himself, can you believe that?" Abbie Carmichael, Federal Prosecutor drawled with a deep hint of the south in her mouth.

Alex cupped Olivia's face with her free hand, "Where's he being prosecuted?" she asked.

"Washington, I just got into New York for depositions and a full background," she paused, "Hey Liv" she said, waiting for the detective to respond.

"Hey Abbie," she said flatly, disappointment coursing through her veins that even in custody, Porter was still interfering with their lives.

"What is it with you and these whacko's? I hear you took a bullet, couldn't have been that big a caliber if you're still on your feet," she teased.

Alex moved her hand to the wound in question and stroked it tenderly through the material.

"Who says I am?" she drolled, watching as Alex grinned and began unbuttoning the shirt with one hand. She motioned for Alex to give her the phone, allowing her quicker access with eager fingers.

Abbie snorted over the line, "Oh that's right, I forgot what it takes to get you on your back," she said knowingly.

The fingers on the buttons stopped and curious blue eye looked questioningly into brown.

"Very funny… Elliot, everything okay at the precinct," she asked, changing the subject, holding the blue confused gaze.

"Yeah, Goldie asked the Cap'n if he could transfer you out, said he'd take you into his team anytime," he said, glaring at the shrugging brunette beside him.

"I'm going nowhere," she stated, eyes remaining locked on blue, the double meaning intentional.

Alex smiled weakly at her and moved to get off her thighs, Olivia shook her head at her, silently asking her to stay.

She did.

"Well, we'll let you get back to whatever it is folks up there do when there's nothing to do," he said, trying to break the sudden tension over the line.

Olivia spoke firmly, "When's the latest we need to be back in the city?"

"You've got five days Liv, if there's any change I'll have pretty boy blue here give you a call…Alex, don't let her fool you with those big, brown eyes…later ladies," Abbie husked in her throaty drawl.

"I'll keep you both posted, if you need anything just gimme a call," Elliot said quietly.

They both answered in matching subdued tones, Olivia released the call and placed the phone beside her on the sofa.

They sat quietly for a long moment, Olivia was the first to break the silence.

"There's something you should know," she said, blowing out a deep breath.

Elliot, slammed the phone into the cradle and chased after the tall brunette heading for the Captain's empty office. As he slammed the door, Abbie turned in surprise.

"Problem, Elliot?" she asked, perching against the edge of Cragen's desk.

Elliot stood staring at her, shaking his head, "Problem? What the Hell was that? Could you have made it any more clearer that you and Liv have a history?" he said angrily.

Abbie folded her arms, "What would you know?" she said shrugging.

"I know it's taken them long enough to say something to each other about how they feel. You didn't see them at that diner, they were exhausted, they were hurt but they had come out of it together and now you've rode into town trying to destroy it," he ranted.

Abbie laughed.

Elliot moved closer to her, trying to keep his rage under control, "Don't laugh at me Abbie, I'm not some dumb defense lawyer bowled over by your Southern charm," he warned.

Abbie moved into his personal space, "I wasn't trying to destroy anything, I know Liv, she won't tell Alex about me and if Alex finds out later it would look like she was hiding something. This way, they have no distractions and can thrash it out in the mountains," she paused and looked into his eyes, "Why would I hurt her, or Alex…they're my friends and I care about them both Elliot," she said honestly.

Elliot looked at her and eventually shook his head and smiled, "You're a crazy woman Carmichael, what if you're wrong?" he asked.

"Then I'll ride up to the mountains and sort it out myself," she replied.

Alex stood at the large windowed wall, arms folded, looking out at the darkening sky. Olivia stood beside her, watching her reflection in the reinforced glass.

"So…you and Abbie?" Alex said to the reflection.

Olivia nodded, "It happened a long time ago and it didn't last long," she answered quietly.

Alex nodded her head, "Have you and she…ever…since," she stumbled over what she was trying to ask.

Olivia shook her head, "No, God no. It was eleven years ago, before I met you and I had just joined the squad. We knew it wouldn't work," she said quietly.

"Because of work?" Alex asked.

"Because of Abbie" she countered. "You know her, she's not an easy woman to get along with at the best of times, she knows what she wants and how to get it," she said.

Alex met her eyes in the window, "What happens when we leave here Liv, what are we going to do about work and making a life together?"

Olivia turned her head to look at her profile, "Whatever it takes," she stated honestly.

"I don't want to hide our relationship, I don't want it to be clandestine meetings and hiding from everyone," Alex said softly.

"Neither do I," Olivia whispered back.

Alex turned and met her gaze, "She never said anything to me ever, she referred to you as the dashing detective and the beautiful brunette but I thought that was just Abbie and her Southern ways," she said.

Olivia rubbed her temples, closing her eyes and sighing deeply. She thought of every touch, every look , every smell that made he smile and they all came back to one thing, the woman beside her. She knew what she would do for Alex Cabot…anything.

She blew out a deep, cleansing breath and placed her hands on Alex's hips, turning her gently to face her.

Alex looked at her, her face a mask of mixed emotions.

"I would give up my badge for you," she said firmly.

Alex opened her mouth to speak but Olivia shook her head.

"I would give it all up and follow you anywhere. I've given SVU eleven years of my life, I've seen things no one should ever see…I used to tell myself I was making a difference, " she snorted, "but we're only scratching the surface of the cesspool. I want something for me and that involves you, I don't want another Cesar Valez or Liam Connors keeping us apart..." she swallowed the lump in her throat, "I want us to go back to the city as a couple, looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together," she finished quietly, swallowing again.

Alex, moved her motionless hands to Olivia's face and wiped the wetness away. She blinked a few times and absorbed everything Olivia had said, heart wrenching at what the woman in front of her was willing to give up…for her, for them.

"I wouldn't want you to change anything Liv, you make a difference. I've seen you talk to victims like they were the only person in the world that existed, you're the most kindest and honest person I've ever known. I couldn't watch you stop being who you are for who you think I want you to be…I love you, I've loved you for such a long time and I have no intention of hiding that," she said, finishing on a whisper.

Olivia pulled her into a bone crushing hug, "You know Abbie probably did that deliberately, " she said after a few minutes of comforting silence.

Alex rested her head on Olivia's shoulder, "Of course she did, she probably knew I was sitting on top of you too," she said chuckling.

Part 13

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