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The Cabot Cabin
By VivalaB


Part 13

The trail of abandoned clothes led from the large window to the back of a familiar white sofa where two naked, sated bodies lay beneath a woolen blanket.

"I can't get enough of you…I don't think that's ever going to go away," Olivia said quietly.

"It better not," Alex answered as she inhaled deeply. The waves of contentment were rolling off her and she had never seen Olivia so relaxed in the entire time she had known her. She was tucked against the back of the sofa with the brunette curled around her front, their glistening bodies touching. Alex closed her eyes and smiled.

Olivia watched her, "What are you smiling at?" she asked, stroking her hip lightly.

Alex kept her eyes closed, "You need to ask?" she replied softly.

Olivia grinned and brushed her mouth tenderly over the smiling lips. The kiss was languid and unhurried, a true lovers kiss. After several long moments, they parted and gazed into eyes reflecting love and honesty.

"I don't know how I survived without you, without this for so long," Olivia said hoarsely.

Alex smiled, "Me too…I feel like everything before this week has been a dream…I feel like I can see everything clearly for the first time in my life," she whispered.

"I know what you mean. You have to admit, all that arguing though…it was kinda obvious we were attracted to each other," Olive said smiling.

Alex nodded in her arms, "I know…even Donnelly told me to get a room once after she overheard us shouting in my office."

Olivia groaned, "That must have been a long time ago, I always did like Liz…something about that cold exterior and stern manner…"she trailed off.

Alex nudged her, "Hey, if you're lying naked beside me with your hands roaming over my nubile body having just shared multiple orgasms, indulging in fantasies about Liz Donnelly then you're sleeping in the guest room," she chided and bumped her towards the edge of the sofa.

Olivia smiled and held on as she felt her body lean precariously over the edge, "Baby, there's only one blonde for me…and she doesn't have a cold exterior, in fact…she has a very hot exterior…" she said, running her hand enticingly along Alex's side.

Alex smiled, "Charmer," she teased.


Alex nodded, "I am, but only with you…Abbie's in a league of her own when it comes to flirting though," she said, looking into brown eyes.

Olivia nodded, "And then some, she's shameless and doesn't discriminate," she said laughing before adding, "How do you know Abbie, I know she was at the DA's office when you joined us but she left for Washington pretty much soon after," she said, remembering a quiet dinner and Abbie's invitation to join her.

"She was two years above me at law school, we hung out at the same bars, knew a lot of the same people," Alex said quietly, "When I joined the DA's office she showed me the ropes, told me who to keep away from," she said smiling.

Olivia looked at her, "Even when Abbie and I were dating, if you can even call it that, I knew we'd make better friends than bed partners," she sad, deliberately not using the word, lovers.

Alex nodded, " I know what you mean, she'd hit on me a few times at College, but I almost always resisted," she said.

"What d'you mean, almost?"

Alex laughed, "Relax Liv, I was at a party one night and my date had disappeared with some other blonde…Abbie rescued me from the wallflower corner and gave me her undivided attention all night. She was the perfect Southern gentleman," she said sniggering at the recollection.

Olivia frowned, "But you kissed her?"

Alex nodded, "She walked me back to the sonority house and kissed me goodnight, well actually…it was more like good mooring by the time we were done…"

Olivia continued to frown, "You and Abbie?" she asked in disbelief.

Alex nodded, "Yep, so you're not the only one that's had a little south in your mouth," she teased in a southern drawl.

Olivia closed her eyes, "You know she's going to make our lives a living Hell back in the city," she said, blowing out a tired breath.

"Abbie wouldn't do that, she a great friend Liv"

Olivia opened her eyes, "I know she is, but you really think she's going to pass up the chance to reminisce on her College days or when she and I were together?" she said sighing.

Alex groaned.

"Exactly, she's going to love this," she said, giving Alex a gentle squeeze.

"Yep, the trial will be an inconvenience for her," Alex said chuckling, "poor Porter, he's not going to know what's hit him," she said.

Olivia stifled a yawn, "Wonder why he's dismissed his representing counsel," she asked tiredly.

Alex mirrored the yawn, "Isn't that obvious? He wants to get you on the stand and question you himself."

Realization dawned and flashed across both their tired faces.

"He's going to out us," Olivia said, looking deeply into Alex's eyes.

"Probably," she confirmed.

Olivia searched her eyes, "What about the DA's office, look what McCoy did to Serena," she said worriedly.

Alex smiled, "I've played by everyone rules for a long time Liv, doing what everyone wanted, being who they expected me to be…d'you think I'm the only lesbian in that building? Have you seen Petrovsky?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

Olivia shook her head, "You want the DA's chair at some point, the old boys network aren't going to welcome you with open arms and a rainbow flag Alex," she said quietly.

Alex sighed, "No, but maybe they should…maybe it's time for change. Liv, I've already told you that I'm not going back and pretending we're not a couple, I'm not ashamed of my love for you and I won't be brow beaten by a bunch of beaurocratic old buzzar-"

Olivia kissed her, stopping the rant. As Alex gave herself up to the sensations she moaned into Olivia's mouth contentedly. After an enjoyable few minutes they parted.

"I think we've established that we're not going to hide from anyone…don't you?" Olivia said quietly.

Alex nodded and kissed her again. After another few minutes of tender exploration she pulled back, "Porter's trial will be behind closed doors, the court testimony will not be released.. we might get lucky," she offered hopefully.

Olivia smiled, "Whatever happens, we'll face it together."

Alex nodded, "Can we talk about something a bit lighter, Porter is killing my mood, " she groused.

Olivia snorted, "A few minutes ago you were yawning, maybe we should go to bed," she suggested.

"If we go to bed then it's tomorrow and I want it to still be today," Alex whined.

Olivia gave her a playful squeeze, "You're impossible but I love you," she whispered into her ear.

Alex smiled, "I love you too," she breathed out.

Olivia held her closely for a few minutes before untangling their limbs and rising form the sofa, taking the blanket with her. Alex shrieked as the cool air of the room blew across her naked body.

"Liv!" she shouted in surprise

Olivia looked at her unable to hide the grin on her face, "C'mon Cabot, there's a warm bed upstairs waiting for us," she said, holding the blanket open invitingly.

Alex swiftly stood and entered the warm cocoon, wrapping her arms around Olivia, "You play dirty Benson," she admonished playfully as they moved towards the wooden steps.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," she whispered hotly in her ear.


Part 14

Alex awoke from a blissful sleep, stretching out her body and enjoying the pleasant ache that flowed through her muscles. Another night of exploration, of shared passion, of loving Olivia Benson. She smiled and reached a hand out across the bed, searching for her lover. When her hand met nothing but air, her eyes opened and she looked around the room. She didn't have to look far as she spotted Olivia wrapped in a bathrobe, leaning over the wooden balcony watching the new day dawn.

Alex slipped out of bed and padded towards the open window, stepping silently across to the prone figure relaxing against the railing.

Olivia breathed in the fresh air of the mountains and absorbed the silence surrounding her. For the first time that she could remember, her mind was almost free of worry, case loads, dramas and victims. Just being here, on this mountain with the woman she loved, currently asleep in their bed, seemed to be a source of strength and renewed her spirit. 'Our bed' she mused, having never thought she would ever be sharing a bed with Alex Cabot, but she was and she couldn't imagine it any other way.

She had woken a short while ago due to the call of nature, who was screaming like a wild banshee by the time she eventually, reluctantly left the the warm, loving embrace of her girlfriend. 'My girlfriend,' she thought, as she rolled the word around in her head. She liked it, but would Alex, she wondered. She considered other endearments for their coupling and having exhausted a comprehensive list of common terms, decided she liked 'girlfriend' and 'lover' the best. She wondered how Alex would refer to her as and smiled.

She leaned on folded arms and looked out across the lake, watching the osprey's hunt for breakfast. Her stomach growled in sympathy, 'late night loving and lack of food' she mused and smiled.

She was lost in a dreamy haze of remembrance as long arms encircled her and a familiar, slender body pressed into her back.

She smiled reflexively before whispering, "Morning counselor."

Alex chuckled and inhaled the fresh morning air, "Mmm, morning detective," she said sleepily into her neck as she rested her head against Olivia's shoulder.

"Whatcha doing up so early?" Alex asked, kissing her gently on the cheek.

Olivia leaned into the now familiar touch, "I couldn't get back to sleep, it was a choice between getting up or getting off," she said, laughing at her own lewdness.

Alex smacked her on the ass and nudged her playfully, "You should have gone with option 'B'" she said as she moved her hands until they reached the opening of the bath robe.

Olivia groaned as she felt cool air wash across the front of her body, she leaned back into Alex, allowing her better access as she opened the robe fully.

"I always thought you'd enjoy the outdoors Liv," she breathed huskily into her ear.

Olivia smiled, "You're making a convincing argument for it," she breathed out as one of Alex's hands tugged an aching nipple and the other circled her swollen clit.

Alex moaned as she pushed into Olivia, "God Liv, you're always so wet…so ready," she rasped.

"Only for you Lex…you have no idea what you do to me," she said, gripping the railing tightly with both hands. She concentrated on her breathing as Alex caressed her breasts with an expert touch and the fingers at her nub moved lower, spreading her growing wetness.

Alex thrust against her, trying to find some relief for her own rising need.

Olivia released one of her hands and brought it round to hold Alex in place, she gasped as she connected wit bare skin and realized Alex was naked. She spun in her arms and took in the glorious sight, "Fuck, you're gonna make me come just by being out here with nothing on," she growled out.

Alex smiled seductively at her before pressing their fronts together, moaning into Olivia's mouth as their flesh rubbed together in the cool morning air.

Olivia stepped forward, moving Alex backwards towards the window, but Alex shook her head, "Here… I want to make love out here," she husked throatily as she nipped Olivia's neck.

Olivia groaned at the sensation and pushed her against the closed side of the window. Alex hissed as the cool glass met her bare back and nipped Olivia harder as a result.

Olivia let out a groan that was a heady mixture of pain and pleasure. She released Alex and removed her robe, sliding a muscled thigh between the slender legs before her. She smiled as Alex groaned in response and increased her pressure, lowering her mouth to a perky, needy nipple and sucking greedily.

Alex grabbed her head and arched into her as she began to rock against the toned muscle pressed against her throbbing clit.

Olivia suckled harder as she felt a surge of wetness spread along her leg, she felt her own wetness coat the inside of her thighs in response and she adjusted her stance to gain purchase against Alex's upper thigh. They began to rock together, Olivia pulled her mouth away and blazed a wet, hungry trail upward to Alex's panting mouth before fusing their mouths together. The kiss was deep and wet, with hands clutching and pulling the other impossibly closer.

They broke the kiss, unable to maintain the tempo as they both panted sharply into each others mouths.

Olivia removed her thigh from Alex's center, receiving a whimper of disapproval which swiftly turned to a wanton moan as she replaced the slick muscle with her fingers, driving them purposely into Alex's heated and dripping core. Alex gasped, her breathing coming in short pants as she felt Olivia grinding herself onto her leg. Alex shifted slightly allowing a better angle, feeling the swollen bundle and puffy lips rub deliciously back and forth along her thigh. She ground onto the fingers pumping into her with long, wet thrusts, Olivia's hand slapping noisily against the juices that coated her sex. Olivia used the heel of her hand to brush the bundle on nerves as she entered her opening and felt Alex's walls closing in on her long digits.

Alex was unable to control her breathing, repeating Olivia's name over and over as she felt herself climb higher and her inner muscles coil. She felt Olivia thrust furiously against her leg and urged her on, "Harder Liv…Oh God…nearly there…" she panted urgently.

Olivia kissed her wildly as she held on tightly with one hand and felt her clit begin to pulse. She tore her mouth away as she felt her entire body clench. Alex dipped her head and sucked her rapidly beating pulse point as her inner muscles clung to Olivia's slender fingers.

"Come with me," Alex panted.

Olivia tilted her head back, closing her eyes. She increased her thrusting and felt her juices gush from her core and soak the leg she was riding as her orgasm crashed over her.

Alex closed her eyes too and gave herself over to the sensations, colors playing across her closed eyelids as her ears began to buzz. She rode Olivia's fingers, moving a hand between their bodies and capturing Olivia's wrist, holding it firmly in place as she milked the last vestiges of her climax.

Olivia slowed her movements against the slick thigh and opened her eyes, panting heavily.

Alex looked at her, smiling weakly as she tried to slow her breathing.

Olivia removed her fingers and brought them to her mouth, licking the digits clean as her breathing returned to normal.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Alex asked hoarsely, pushing Olivia off her thigh and reaching down to cup the swollen, soaking sex.

Olivia groaned, watching as she brought wet fingers to her lips and devoured the wetness, "I love you," Alex breathed out.

Olivia smiled and wrapped her arms around her lover, "Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do Lex, I love you," she whispered.

Alex kissed her slowly, placing delicate kisses across her face. After a few unhurried minutes, she pulled away slightly, looking deeply into dilated dark eyes, "How about a shower, some breakfast and lunch on the lake?" she asked quietly.

Olivia nodded, "Sounds good, except I don't know how to sail," she answered softly, kissing her lightly.

Alex reached for her hand and tugged her towards the open window, "I'll show you everything you need to know," she said saucily, waggling her eyebrows.


Part 15

The water was calm on the lake with a slight breeze allowing the 16ft Laser Stratos to drift gently across the water. The occupants were relaxing comfortably aft of the mainsail with Alex and Olivia on either side of the slender rudder control. Olivia was enjoying her first sailing lesson and couldn't believe how easy it was to navigate the small boat. The only part she wasn't happy with was Alex's insistence on the matching orange life preservers. Alex had explained that even experienced sailors needed to observe safety at all times and eventually won her argument by telling Olivia how cute she looked in her vest, Olivia had then relaxed into the experience.

They had been aimlessly floating for about an hour, Olivia now in control with Alex at her side, trailing her fingers through the water.

"This is so beautiful," Olivia said, admiring her lover's form in snug shorts, tank top and life vest.

Alex turned and smiled, "I told you you'd love it," she said, drying her hand on her shorts before stroking Olivia's bare leg.

Olivia returned the smile and looked around the large lake, "I can't believe we have to leave here in a few days," she said sighing.

Alex nodded her head, "I know, but we can come back, anytime we want…Liv," she paused nervously, " I know we've talked about being together and our future as a couple, but…I'd like us to consider this place…as…um…" she faltered, trying to find the right word.

She needn't have worried as Olivia answered her almost immediately, "Home," she said quietly and reached a hand down to clasp the one on her leg.

Alex bobbed her head, "I just think we could leave the worries of the city behind and recharge our batteries up here," she answered softly.

Olivia beamed at her, "Yeah, nobody could get a hold of us…no interruptions…just you and me," she said, squeezing the hand she held.

Alex moved and opened the picnic basket, revealing the tasty treats she had prepared earlier. Olivia smiled at the methodical way Alex arranged their lunch and reached a hand out to stroke her arm.

Alex turned to look at her, Olivia leaned forward and kissed her lightly, "I love you so much, it would take more than the stress of the city and the job to ever make me forget that," she said honestly.

Alex returned the tender kiss, "Me too, but someday….we might not be ourselves, " she said vaguely.

Olivia looked questioningly at her, "What d'you mean?"

Alex bit her bottom lip, "Well, I know this is all new and I know we're just getting to really know each other but…"

"Go on…"

"Have you ever thought about having kids?" Alex asked tentatively.

Olivia looked at her open mouthed.

Alex interpreted her reaction as horror and turned away, cursing herself for being so honest. She busied herself with the small blanket and food, trying to ignore her blushing face.

Olivia reached for her, "Alex…Lex…" she said quietly until Alex turned round, smiling weakly.

"Having kids is something I've thought about a lot, but what about your career, you want the DA's chair at some point, don't you?" Olivia asked tenderly.

Alex took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, "Yes, I do…but I would also like to be a mother…." she said quietly.

Olivia moved her hand to her blushing face and smiled, "I think you'll make a great mom," she whispered.

Alex swallowed, "So will you," she replied, leaning forward to kiss her. She pulled back after a few minutes, "Let's enjoy our time together, alone first and we can talk about this when the time is right," she said softly.

Olivia nodded before deciding to share a piece of herself, "I tried adoption a couple of years ago…but they said I wasn't suitable…" she trailed off sadly at the memory.

Alex frowned, "That's ridiculous, you're an amazing person and any child would be blessed to have you in their life," Alex said angrily.

Olivia smiled and placed a calming hand on her arm, "I know…I know that now, at the time I was devastated, but I accepted what they said, I have no family support network and I have a job with crazy hours…" she paused, "I didn't have enough time for myself let alone a child."

"But you do now," Alex said, smiling at her, "You have a support network, not just me but the guys at the precinct…there's nothing they wouldn't do for you Liv," she told her honestly.

Olivia smiled, "I know," she said, reflecting on the guys at the precinct she considered family and smiled, "Do you want to adopt or have your own?" she asked tentatively.

Alex cast her eyes briefly down to look at her sneakers, "I'd like to have our baby someday and possibly adopt too," she said shyly, unable to see the emotion rising in Olivia's dark eyes.

Olivia stroked the warm skin beneath her hand, "You are the most incredible woman I have ever met," she choked out.

Alex looked up at her and smiled, "Well, at least we know what we both want someday," she said, catching the stray tears at Olivia's eyes before they fell.

Olivia nodded her head, "I know I want to know everything there is to know about you, I want to make all your dreams come true, but most of all…"

Alex looked at her expectantly.

"I wanna know what's in that plastic box," she said, waggling her eyebrows.

Alex laughed, releasing the tension she hadn't been aware was rising and slapped her lightly on the arm, "It's a cheesecake Martha left in the fridge," she answered, stopping Olivia's hand as it reached for the container.

"I love cheesecake," Olivia said, moaning in appreciation for the sweet dessert.

"Why doesn't that surprise me," Alex replied.

They proceeded to enjoy a leisurely lunch and another hour on the water before heading for shore and a shared shower.

Martha sat at her kitchen table, sipping slowly at a glass of wine. She was lost in her own thoughts as Jon entered the back door.

"M? You okay?" he asked, concern in his voice as he checked his watch. His wife rarely drank wine unless it was with dinner. He dropped his medical bag silently on the floor by the door and made his way over to her, he placed a gentle hand on her back, "M, is everything okay?" he asked quietly.

Martha nodded her head absently, "Everything's fine Jon," she answered not lifting her head.

Jon sat in the chair next to his wife and pulled it closer, keeping his hand on her back the entire time.

Martha inhaled deeply and turned to her husband, "She's happy," she said quietly.

"Yes, she is," he answered, smiling.

Martha leaned forward and kissed him, "I've listened to her talk about Olivia Benson for so long that I didn't believe the woman could possibly live up to her expectations…but Jon," she swallowed, "I haven't seen Lex this happy or relaxed since her College days…or since Alex was alive," she said quietly.

Jon moved his hand from his wife's back to her shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze, "They were meant for each other…just like you and me," he said, blinking a few times.

Martha moved forward and kissed him again, "Yes, they are…the way they look at each other….makes you wonder how they managed to ignore it for so long," she said chuckling.

Jon laughed quietly, "Well…they've certainly made up for it now," he said, laughing harder.

Martha swatted him, "Let's see if they want to have dinner tonight," she said, indicating the phone on the wall.

Jon stood, shaking his head, "I hope you don't interrupt anything," he said, dodging the swat from his wife as he handed her the phone.

All four occupants at the dinner table were engaged in light conversation, Martha had prepared a delicious meal which they had opted to eat outside and enjoy the cool, evening air.

Olivia couldn't get enough of the fresh outdoors or the proximity of the wilderness, a fact Alex found to be both amusing and charming.

Martha and Jon shared more stories of a younger Alex, ignoring her efforts to silence them with tales of her own, apparently she wasn't the only one who liked skinny dipping.

Olivia watched Alex, in the early evening light and felt her heart tighten every time, Alex caught her glances a few times and eventually leaned in, "You okay?" she asked quietly.

Olivia nodded, kissing her gently on the lips, "I love being able to finally look at you, the way I want to," she whispered.

Alex beamed at her, "I know what you mean," she answered softly, kissing her with smiling lips.

"Can you two not even behave for an hour?" Martha asked teasingly, watching as both heads shook at her before laughing.

Jon silenced the rising laughter by tapping his glass, once he had everyone's attention he lifted his glass to the center of the table, "Alex and Olivia, I know I speak for Martha as well when I say how happy we are that you finally found your way to each other," he paused and held his wife's hand, "We wish you all the happiness in the world and will always be here for you…we also hope this means we'll be seeing a lot more visits to the cabin," he said grinning.

Olivia and Alex nodded as they lifted their glasses to meet the ones already held aloft. Alex smiled at Jon and Martha, "You've seen me at my worst," she glanced at Olivia and smiled, "Now you're seeing me at my best, with the love of my life by my side," she finished quietly as they all clinked glasses again.

Olivia took a large wallow in an effort to contain her emotions, she placed her glass back on the table and looked at Martha and Jon, "Thank you…for making me feel so welcome and for taking care of Alex…when I couldn't," she said honestly as she felt Alex reach for her hand, squeezing it comfortingly.

Martha nodded and smiled at her, "You're part of this family too Olivia, don't forget that," she said warmly, before rising from the table to fetch dessert.

Jon smiled over at the couple, "Now that you've only got a couple of days left, what are you planning on doing?" he asked innocently before laughing as two matching blushes colored the faces in front of him, "Apart from that," he said, shaking his head.

Alex pouted at him before looking at Olivia, "I think we'll do some exploring and enjoy the slow pace before heading back to the inevitable madness," she said grinning.

"I like that idea," Olivia answered brightly, stealing another kiss.

"Dinner was great," Olivia said into the flat stomach her head was resting on.

Alex ran her fingers through the dark strands and massaged the scalp lightly, "Yes it was," she answered quietly.

Olivia ran her hand along Alex's upper thigh, marvelling at the soft toned flesh and the goose bumps she left in her wake. She stifled a yawn which didn't go unnoticed by the beautiful blonde.

"C'mon, let's get some sleep," Alex said, moving her hand to Olivia's smooth back.

Olivia turned and lay on her good side, snuggling into her lover's body and draping an arm across her middle as their legs tangled.

Alex ran her hand along her wounded side, she had spent a leisurely hour kissing and tasting every inch of Olivia's body, paying particular attention to the bruised area. She sighed contentedly, "Just think, we can have a real doctor look at you when we get back," she whispered as she felt her body relax into slumber.

Olivia groaned and buried her face into warm flesh in response.


Part 16

Two figures sat wrapped in a bed sheet in front of the large windowed wall of the sunken living room, savoring their last sunset on the mountain. Olivia sat within the circle of her lover's arms, leaning back contentedly against Alex's naked front. Alex's head rested on Olivia's shoulder as she nuzzled the brunette's cheek with her nose teasingly.

"That tickles," Olivia said squirming, as she felt the body holding her vibrate with laughter.

Alex gave her a gentle squeeze, "I can't believe we're going back to the city tomorrow," she sighed.

Olivia exhaled heavily and stroked the bare knees under her hands, "I know…the last few days have been a blur…I feel like the city is a million miles away," she answered, tilting her head to place a delicate kiss on familiar lips.

Alex smiled into the kiss as her hands moved from Olivia's shoulders to her waist, dancing lightly across the toned waist. Her hand smoothed over the skin adhesive, "This has held up surprisingly well," she said in pleasant surprise.

Olivia smiled, "All things considered," she retorted, waggling her eyebrows.

Alex returned the smile, "That's because I've done most of the work," she teased.

Olivia's eyebrows shot up into her hairline and her lips parted in shock until Alex kissed her gently.

"That was worth it…just to see the look on your face," Alex said, trying to contain her laughter as she pulled away.

Olivia pouted before stroking her hands up and down Alex's legs with a rhythmic motion, she felt Alex inhale deeply and moved her back gently so that she rubbed teasingly across Alex's hardened peaks.

"Liv…" Alex warned in a low tone as her hands moved to cupped full breasts.

Olivia felt her breathing hitch as skillful hands toyed with her nipples. She closed her eyes and felt her core clench at the sensations, "God…you make me want you all the time," she breathed out.

Alex kissed her neck, sucking gently, "Good…now you know how I feel," she whispered as she pressed into Olivia from behind.

Olivia gasped as she felt Alex gently thrusting into her, she moved forward slightly and felt Alex try to pull her back.

"Where are you going?" Alex whined.

Olivia turned her head and smiled as she moved forward again before turning and lifting her legs over Alex's thighs. She watched as Alex grinned in appreciation as she adjusted her body so that their fronts were flush against each other. She smiled wickedly at Alex, "Due to my injuries, you'll have to be the one in control for this…session," she said, wrapping her arms around her lover.

Alex crossed her long legs loosely behind Olivia, holding her in place and began to rock gently, "I love you Liv," she whispered.

Olivia brushed their mouths together, "I love you too Lex," she said softly, breaking the kiss.

They looked at each other for a long time, conducting a silent conversation with their eyes as their bodies continued to rock gently. The kisses that soon followed were unhurried and passionate, their bodies thrust sensuously against one another as their need grew, refusing to be denied. They shifted positions and loved each other with their mouths, sharing their love, long into the night.

Olivia woke to the smell of smoky bacon. She opened her eyes and smiled as she spotted Alex setting the table on the balcony with breakfast for two. She propped herself up onto her elbows and watched her lover through the large window. Alex was wearing gray cotton shorts and matching vest, Olivia thought she looked adorable, especially the dark glasses completing her outfit. She was about to move when Alex noticed her through the window.

"Stay there," she instructed, smiling.

Olivia returned the smile and lay back down as Alex entered the room and made her way to the bed. Alex knelt on the foot of the bed and crawled her way along Olivia's naked body until she was leaning over her, resting on her forearms.

"I made us breakfast," she announced brightly.

Olivia nodded, "So I see…remember what happened the last time you tried to do that?" she asked, referring to the burnt eggs and interruption.

Alex groaned," One time….it happened one time Liv…are you ever going to let that go?" she replied, shaking her head.

Olivia laughed before pulling her down for a soul searing kiss that almost made Alex forget the breakfast cooling on the balcony.

"We should eat," she whispered.

Olivia waggled her eyebrows, "You read my mind," she answered playfully, receiving a mock groan.

Alex moved to the side, allowing Olivia to sit up. She handed her matching shorts and vest, "Before you say anything, these are my clothes, I didn't plan your wardrobe thoroughly enough when I was..." she trailed off, unable to find the words.

Olivia reached for her and wrapped her arms around her, "I love your thoughtfulness and I love wearing your clothes," she whispered honestly as she brushed long blonde hair away from her face.

Alex nodded, "I love you wearing my clothes too," she answered smiling again.

"Where's this food…I'm starving," Olivia said, rising from the bed.

Alex swatted her bare ass, "Didn't you eat enough last night?" she teased, raising an eyebrow.

Olivia leaned down and kissed her thoroughly, curling a hand around her neck to hold her in place. Alex moaned into the kiss and pulled Olivia closer, squeezing her backside with eager hands. As the kiss ended, glazed eyes remained locked on one another.

"Let's eat breakfast and finish this later," Alex husked, swallowing hard.

Olivia nodded and put the clothes on, suppressing the urge to tell Alex to forget breakfast and come back to bed.

Olivia stood underneath the spray of the shower, enjoying the pulsing jets of water pounding against her back. Breakfast had been wonderfully romantic with Alex having prepared a tasty feast of scrambled eggs and bacon with bagels, juice and tea. Olivia had given up coffee during her time with the eco activists and although she still drank it occasionally in the squad room, she preferred tea and was secretly pleased Alex liked it too. She was lost in her thoughts and gasped as a cold body wrapped around her.

"Were you expecting someone else?" Alex asked, holding a strawberry in front of her mouth.

Olivia shook her head and bit the strawberry, chewing the tangy fruit slowly. Alex popped the other half into her own mouth and smiled as Olivia turned round in her arms.

"A stray…found it on the bed," Alex answered the unasked question.

Olivia nodded and grinned, remembering their mutual decision to eat the fresh strawberries in bed after their breakfast, dispensing with the bowl and opting for prominent body parts as plates instead. She ran her hands languidly across Alex's back and pressed into her, "I don't want to go back," she mumbled.

Alex snorted, "Me neither but we'll be back soon and it's not like anything's going to change between us when we get to the city," she said confidently.

Olivia pulled back, "No, it won't," she reassured, kissing her lightly and tasting sweet remnants of the strawberry.

"Rob will be here in a few hours," she said, referring to the helicopter pilot.

Olivia nodded, "It's going to be weird going back…I've lived in Manhattan my whole life, always been surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city but I'm going to miss the peacefulness…the stillness," she admitted quietly.

Alex smiled, "We'll just need to make time to come up here then, won't we?" she asked.

Olivia bobbed her head, "I know we're only going to be in the city for a few days and then going to Washington but um…will I see you before then?" she asked nervously.

Alex frowned, "Of course, why wouldn't you?" she asked in confusion.

Olivia shrugged, "I dunno, you live across town…"

Alex moved her hands and cupped her cheeks, "I was hoping you would stay with me until we leave for Washington…or, I could stay with you…if you wanted to um…that is," she said anxiously.

Olivia reached up and covered her hands, "Yeah, I want…very much," she said smiling as she closed the distance between them and kissed her fiercely.

Martha watched Alex and Olivia as they stood by the edge of the lake, she felt arms enfold her and she smiled, "Look how happy she is," she said quietly.

"Look how happy they both are," Jon corrected as he hugged his wife tenderly.

Martha patted one of his arms, "They're a striking looking couple…they compliment each other so well, I never thought I'd see anyone strong enough to tame our Alex," she admitted.

Jon laughed in her ear, "I think they're a perfect match…God help anyone that tries to split those two up" he said, kissing her cheek.

"I hate to interrupt them but Rob will be here soon and I want time for a proper goodbye," she said sadly.

Jon shook his head, "Martha, they'll be back soon…I can guarantee it," he said confidently.

She turned in his arms, "You think so?"

He leaned down and kissed her, "I know so."

Four anxious faces glanced between each other as they sat in the sunken living area awaiting Rob's arrival. They had spent the last forty five minutes discussing the city and the trial and the mood was decidedly somber.

Alex looked across at Martha and Jon before turning to her lover, "Why is everyone so miserable, it's only a trial…it's what I do for a living…they're not all bad," she said lightly, desperately trying to lift the mood.

Olivia looked at her in disbelief, "A hit was put out on you, the brother of the man who shot you accepted the contract only to be duped by a duplicitous FBI agent with a deranged plan to kill you in order to have me for himself…" she said flatly.

Alex smiled weakly, "On the bright side, you and I finally admitted our feelings for each other," she added.

Olivia grinned at her, "Yes we did," she said, kissing her gently.

Martha felt her heart melt at the display of honest affection, "Olivia Benson, you're a hopeless romantic," she teased, reaching for her husband's hand.

Olivia looked at her and nodded, trying to hide her blush.

Jon squeezed his wife's hand comfortingly, "You'll be okay back in the city though?" he asked, knowing they would be, but wanting his wife to hear it for herself.

Alex raised Olivia's hand to her mouth and kissed her knuckles, "Yes, we will," she stated firmly.

They sat in comfortable silence for a few more minutes, before a familiar whoop whoop noise sounded overhead. Martha rose form her seat and reached for Alex's hand, tugging her to her feet. She pulled her towards the large window and away from the others.

"I'm so glad you found each other at last baby, I wish you could stay longer," Martha choked out.

Alex swallowed and pulled her into a hug, "We'll be back soon M, I promise," she whispered.

Martha rubbed her back soothingly a few times before pulling back, "Look after each other," she said hoarsely.

"Always," Alex said, turning slightly and catching sight of Jon and Olivia hugging. She nudged Martha, "I'm glad you both like her," she said quietly.

Martha smiled fondly, "Of course we do, she's a lovely woman," she answered honestly before moving over to join her husband.

Jon released Olivia, giving her side a gentle stroke, "Don't forget to see a doctor about this," he scolded playfully.

Olivia snorted, "Not you too," she groaned.

Alex smiled at their banter and looked up as the front door opened.

"Taxi for Cabot!" a voice shouted.

Everybody laughed as Rob entered and made his way to the wooden steps, "Hey," he said, waving his hand in greeting, "Weather's good from here to Manhattan so we're under no pressure to leave right away if you guys want to hang around for a bit," he said.

Martha looked hopefully at Alex and then to Olivia.

Olivia was the first to speak, "Well…if there's any more of that cheesecake I had the other day…I could be persuaded to stay for lunch," she said smiling.

Martha beamed back at her, "Jon will go get it while I make us something quick…you hungry Rob?"

Rob laughed, "For your cooking Martha…always," he said laughing.

Alex leaned into Olivia's side, "Thank you," she whispered into her ear.

Olivia tilted her head and looked deeply into misty blue eyes, "Anytime," she breathed out.

An hour later they were safely buckled into the back seat of the Bell 206 Jet Ranger and flying South. Lunch had been light and talkative as Martha and Jon had caught up with Rob. Olivia had been an active participant in the conversation, marvelling at the new friends she had made in a little over a week and how lucky she was to be holding the hand of the beautiful blonde next to her.

"I had an amazing week, thank you," she said into the mic on her headset, squeezing Alex's hand.

Alex turned her attention away form the mountains and smiled, "Me too," she answered grinning.

"Me three," Rob's voice announced over the headset.

Alex shook her head, "We still okay for that pit stop?" she asked him.

"Affirmative," Rob replied.

Olivia looked at her quizzically, "What are you up to?" she asked.

Alex waggled her eyebrows in response.

After a short while Rob's voice crackled over the headset, "Starting our descent ladies."

Olivia looked out and saw a familiar building, she turned to a smiling Alex, "You're assuming they'll let us back in after the trouble we caused," she said teasingly.

Alex nodded her head, "They've been compensated well for their…inconvenience," she answered cryptically as the helicopter landed gently.

Olivia held the door to Sam's Diner open for Alex, placing a hand at the small of her back and guiding her through. Only a few patrons looked up as they entered, making their way to a familiar vacant booth. As they walked towards the corner table a familiar voice halted their movements.

"Didn't anybody tell you, that swagger's illegal in these parts!"

Olivia and Alex turned and met the grinning face of their former waitress, "Suzy," Olivia greeted her smiling.

Suzy dropped her notepad on the counter and rushed over to them, standing on tip toes and enfolding them both in a hearty embrace, "It is so good to see you both, are you okay?" the older blonde woman asked, looking between them both.

Alex and Olivia nodded, "We're great," Alex finally said, beaming at her.

Suzy stepped back, "Oh my, oh my, oh my….you two…" she gasped excitedly, trying to keep her voice down.

They both nodded shyly.

Suzy hugged them again, "Sit down…I'll be right over," she instructed as she headed back for the counter.

Olivia and Alex slid into the same booth they had sat in just over a week ago, they stared at the empty seat that once held Agent Dean Porter. They listened to the raised voices behind the counter as Suzy announced she was taking a break. A few minutes later, Suzy arrived with coffee and her infamous, home made gingerbread.

She lowered herself into the seat opposite them and smiled, "Don't worry, pest control have already been in, the seats are clean," she joked.

Olivia smiled at her, "How are you?" she asked, lifting a piece of gingerbread.

Suzy grinned, "I'm great honey, place was back to normal in a coupla days and business is booming since folks heard about our shoot out," she said laughing.

Alex shook her head, "No trouble with Sam then?"

Suzy reached out and covered her hand, "Think you took care of that one missy," she said knowingly.

Olivia turned in her seat and looked at her questioningly, "What did you do?" she asked.

Alex shrugged, "I just made sure our, stopping by, didn't affect business or anyone involved," she said shyly, "I had Martha deal with it…nice new windows by the way," she commented wryly.

"And a new sign," Suzy added, giving her hand another squeeze.

Olivia smiled, "You're incredible," she said quietly.

"Honey, if that was meant for my ears…blondie here's in trouble," Suzy said, winking at Alex.

Olivia laughed and looked at Suzy, "You are incredible Suzy, you're a brave, fearless woman who also happens to make the best homemade gingerbread in the country," she said, grinning at her as she took another bite.

Suzy blushed at the compliment, "What's the deal with this Porter fella and this trial, I've never been to Washington before," she said, looking at Alex.

Alex took a long swallow from her coffee cup, "He's being prosecuted for various felonious charges, they brought the trial forward, hoping it doesn't turn into a media circus," she said.

Suzy shook her head, "No chance of that sweetie, we had news crews here for two days after you left for your cabin, sniffing for any piece of information. We told them diddly and that's how this whole shoot out story started," she answered.

Olivia smiled, "Sorry we got you involved in our troubles," she said sincerely.

Suzy shook her head, dismissing her apology, "Don't be silly honey, besides I'm curious to meet this Carmichael woman, she sounded like a real spitfire on the phone."

"You spoke with Abbie?" Olivia asked.

Suzy nodded, "She called a few days ago, told me she might need my testimony for court…said she'd be in touch, " she said, lifting a piece of gingerbread.

Alex looked at Olivia before turning to Suzy, "They'll fly you to Washington, put you up in a nice hotel…if you want, we can make sure we're staying at the same one," she said.

Suzy smiled broadly, "Oh honey, really? I'm kinda nervous about going to a strange place on my own," she said, relief flooding across her features.

Olivia nodded, "Sure, we'll talk to Abbie and make sure we're together…if you need to testify," she said.

"And if you don't, how about we show you the sights of New York instead?" Alex added.

Suzy laughed, "Will that police captain be there?" she asked, eyes twinkling.

"Cragen?" they said in unison.

"Mmhm, he sure is a feisty one," she said, waggling her eyebrows.

Olivia snorted, "If you think he's feisty, wait til you meet Abbie Carmichael," she said, laughing as Alex groaned.


The End


Well, that's The Cabot Cabin finished, I really hope you enjoyed that. Thanks for reading.

So, what next?

The third instalment, Trial & Retribution, will be posted and updated daily to my Yahoo Group, vivalab until it's finished. The completed story will be posted here J

We've got the trial and the twisted mind of the deluded Dean Porter as he defends himself, Alex and Olivia adjusting to city life (including work), some secrets to be shared (Witsec, Sealview and ??), an appeal hearing involving Olivia, Abbie Carmichael (a law unto herself) and what else, oh yeah…more rumpy…just hope Suzy isn't in the room next door.

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