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Proximity Control
By Cymberlea

Part 14

"Good evening, Ms. Cabot." The doorman let them in.

Olivia could feel her pulse starting to race. Silence from Alex. Distance between them. Alex wouldn't look at her, not even as she waited for the elevator. The doors closed behind them. She watched Alex reach over and press 42. Olivia leaned against the back railing. She swallowed, in a suddenly dry throat. The doors opened, and Alex stepped into the corridor. The confident counselor calmly removed her gloves, and unlocked the door on the right. She stepped inside and Olivia followed. The detective closed and locked the door behind her. Slowly she turned to face the blonde who in one smooth motion took a step forward and pinned Olivia's body to the solid wood.

Full lips engulfed Olivia's own as Alex's hands slid down the door, finally landing on the brunette's shoulders. The detective sighed as Alex's kisses traveled down her neck. Olivia pulled the blonde in closer, needing to feel the warm weight of Alex's body against her own. She felt Alex's hands grab the collar of her coat and peel it from her, revealing strong shoulders and a plunging neckline. Olivia reached up and cupped Alex's face with both hands pulling her back to her. The detective felt each soft nudge of Alex's open lips against her own, as the counselor devoured her. Olivia ran long fingers over Alex's neck and up into her blonde hair, gently tugging it down from its twist. It softly cascaded to the counselor's shoulders in wispy disarray. She felt Alex pull back slightly, and look her in the eye. "Are you sure?" the blonde asked without a word. Olivia turned her head slightly in offering, and Alex began trailing kisses further down her neck and into the curve of her shoulder. A soft moan escaped Olivia's lips as the counselor bit into the flesh of her neck. She whispered raggedly, "Alex."

Alex withdrew a little and Olivia slid her hands under the gray wool of the blonde's coat. As she ran her warm, trembling fingers over Alex's shoulders and down her slender arms, the coat fell to the floor. Olivia's hands explored her lover's bare back and encircled the blonde's hips. The brunette searched blue eyes, and Alex answered her with a deep, needful kiss. Olivia sighed as Alex pressed her body to her, pushing her to the door once more. She surrendered as Alex kissed her way down the other side of her neck and across her collarbone to the "V" just below her chin. She felt the counselor breathe deeply of the soft scent the detective had chosen for the evening.

Olivia's head fell back against the door as Alex persisted to the tops of her breasts. The blonde's hand was creeping up her thigh, but was hindered by the fabric of Olivia's gown. She took Alex's hand in her own and placed it on the zipper. She watched as the blonde closed her eyes when she felt the fabric give way. Olivia reached up and slowly pulled one twist of the gown off of her shoulder. The brunette's skin was tingling as Alex threaded her fingers under the other, and gently removed it, covering the space it had occupied with kisses. The detective shuddered slightly as Alex nibbled right under her ear, then teased her tongue along the "V" of her neck again. Olivia exhaled deeply as Alex ran lithe fingers lightly over the detective's dark nipple, which hardened immediately at the gentle caress. The counselor's other hand played with the brunette's hair at the base of her neck. Alex kissed further down the detective's rounded breasts. Olivia's breathing was heavy, and her chest rose to meet Alex's lips as the blonde flicked her tongue lightly over peaked flesh. Olivia felt Alex's mouth close around her and suck hard, causing the detective to moan deep in her throat. She barely noticed that Alex's hand was gently tugging at the waist of the dress still clinging to the brunette's hips.

Olivia grabbed Alex's shoulders and forced a distance between them. The detective watched as Alex slid out of her heels, and reached up to undo the clasp that held her haltered gown in place. Olivia stripped herself from her dress, and was walking toward Alex as the counselor stepped backward out of hers, all the while leading them to the couch. She pushed Alex into the soft cushions and immediately began kissing the tender, warm flesh of the counselor's body. Olivia could tell the blonde was more than aroused. The detective ran her hand over the counselor's tight abdomen, and felt her twitch at the sensation. She came up to kiss Alex's full lips, teasing her with her tongue, letting Alex know what she was capable of. Her hand crept lower feeling the heat and wetness between the blonde's thighs. Olivia looked into Alex's feral blue eyes as her hand dipped down below the lace band of the counselor's underwear. Soft, wet warmth drew her in. One long, lazy stroke of Alex, made the blonde gasp and close her eyes. Another. And another. "Olivia." she whispered breathlessly.

The detective bit into Alex's neck where her pulse was throbbing as she gently entered her, and Alex arched to meet her. With her free hand Olivia caressed Alex's breast, teasing her pink nipple with her thumb. Slowly they found a steady, comfortable rhythm. Little by little, one of Alex's hands clutched its way down the detective's bare back. Each time moving a little lower and digging a little deeper. The other grabbed wads of Pendelton wool from the back of the couch into a desperate, needy knot. Olivia was subtly aware as Alex's breath came faster and faster. Suddenly, the blonde gasped, and threw her head back into the pillows, exposing her long neck for the detective to devour. At last, Olivia felt Alex shudder uncontrollably underneath her, and heard the one sound that almost made her peak as well. "Olivia" escaped the counselor's lips in a deep, pleasurable moan.

Alex's breathing was ragged and fast. She swallowed hard as her senses slowly returned, and she felt the weight of Olivia, warm and slightly sweaty, on top of her. Alex wrapped her arms around the brunette to hold her even closer. It would never be close enough. She gradually opened her eyes. Olivia was kissing her between her breasts. Hunger was still evident to Alex in the brunette's touch, and she was suddenly filled with a need to hear Olivia call out her name. A quick maneuver and the detective was beneath her. Alex was hovering over her prey, her long blonde hair dangling down onto Olivia's chest. She closed the distance between them, but would not kiss the brunette. Her lips brushed over Olivia's lips and cheeks, toying with her. Alex felt Olivia's hips press needfully upward against her own. The blonde angled one long, svelte thigh between Olivia's and felt the damp heat of the detective against her. It made her dizzy. She hungrily covered Olivia's mouth with her own. Lips and tongue and teeth. She gently sucked on Olivia's bottom lip as she pulled away from the brunette. Alex trailed her tongue lightly around Olivia's breast and nipped the dark flesh she found there. She gently kneaded Olivia's other breast with her left hand, and watched as the brunette arched even more toward her. Alex placed wild kisses down Olivia's well-muscled abdomen, stopping just short of the dark curls peeking over the detective's waistband. She heard Olivia sigh in frustration. "God, Alex…" The blonde was staring savagely, waiting. Olivia opened her eyes and locked her gaze on Alex's wicked grin. "Please…" Alex resumed her attack with fervor. Tracing her tongue over toned muscles and hips, down onto powerful thighs. Alex practically growled as Olivia flinched when the blonde nipped at the flesh of the detective's inner thigh. As quickly and smoothly as she could, Alex removed the only obstacle standing between her and her goal. At last she had Olivia bare and willing beneath her. A simple tempting flick of her tongue and Olivia was writhing. Alex controlled the pace, slow and sultry at first, but as Olivia's need grew Alex worked to please her. It wasn't long before the blonde could feel Olivia's muscles tensing, straining. She slowly descended into her, fueling the coming release with gentle strokes. Alex watched as Olivia's back suddenly arched, and her abdominal muscles rippled in tiny, uncontrollable shutters. "Oh God, Alex…" drifted from the detective's lips like a breathless plea for mercy. Alex continued to nip at her inner thighs, enjoying each twitch it evoked from her detective. She only stopped when Olivia curled in on her, and drew the blonde up the length of her body to kiss her squarely on the lips. Alex could feel Olivia's racing heart pressed against her own. She continued to tease Olivia with tempting kisses on her chest, not wanting to let the moment end. The counselor was thoroughly enjoying her power over the normally brooding brunette.

Olivia was drifting into a contented sleep. If only Alex would let her. She grabbed the blanket from behind them and tossed it over the blonde lying on top of her to fight off the chill that she knew would settle on their sweaty bodies, once the heat of their passion had left them. Alex finally followed her cue and draped them further in the wool. Olivia wrapped her arms around the counselor whose blonde hair was splayed across her chest and whose fingers were gently rubbing the detective's ribs and stomach.

Alex turned to rest her chin on her hand as it was positioned over Olivia's heart, and starred at the peaceful expression on her lover's face. Slowly the detective opened her eyes and looked at her.

"Don't look so smug."

The blonde smiled widely, "You called me God."

Olivia rolled her eyes. That was one she now knew she would never live down. She chuckled, "So."

Alex gave her a wolfish grin, and then laughed into Olivia's chest. "You spoil me."

"Don't blame me for that. You were spoiled long before you set your sights on me."

"I set my sights on you?"

Olivia nodded and adjusted the pillows behind her to a more comfortable position. "Oh come on, Alex, you know you did." Alex tugged on short hairs. "Ow. Quit that." Then the brunette decided to keep the mood playful. "For now anyway."

Alex smiled at her again, and kissed her a few more times before snuggling down into the warmth of the detective's arms. The counselor was far too spent and relaxed to keep up the banter. As a contented silence settled on them, the steady rising and falling of Olivia's chest gradually lulled Alex into the most peaceful sleep she had known.

Part 15

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