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Proximity Control
By Cymberlea

Part 15

She was getting stiff and her arm was numb, but she would endure it a little longer just to have Alex naked and sleeping on top of her. Not that she thought she couldn't probably have Alex naked and on top of her whenever she wanted to now. The counselor had clearly enjoyed the experience as much as she had. Alex had even said earlier, "This is only the beginning." But of what? She wondered. Alex didn't seem the kind to just play at relationships, but the blonde had also said there was a lot that Olivia didn't know about her. Maybe this was all there was. One night of passion. Just enough to make things awkward at the office. She gently ran her fingers through silky blonde locks. No, this was serious. She knew it was, and she knew she wanted it to be. A smirk crossed her lips. She was breaking so many of her personal rules for the fiery, young blonde, but damn it was worth it. She must have twitched the wrong way as Alex began to stir. Olivia felt the counselor's deep, waking intake of air. Then slowly, sleepy blue eyes turned to her, and a smile formed on Alex's full lips. She pressed down the wrong way and Olivia winced.

"Sorry," the blonde apologized in her throaty alto. Realization began to creep into her groggy mind, and she slowly maneuvered off of Olivia's body.

The detective sat up too, and wrapped the blanket around them while the counselor yawned into consciousness.

Alex ran her slender fingers over her face and through her hair. "You know, I love being this close to you," she turned to kiss Olivia on the nape of her neck, "but my bed is a hell of lot more comfortable."

"I won't argue with you." The detective laid back down on the couch, "I'll see you in the morning." Olivia rolled over and smiled into the cushions.

"Oh no you don't." Alex tugged on her.

Olivia made her work for it. At first Alex tried force, but the detective was clearly stronger. So the counselor went with the one tactic she knew would win. She stood up. Stripped naked, and tossed the lacey garment onto Olivia's back, then walked off to her bedroom. Before she could get settled under the thick down comforter, and nestle into the warm flannel, Olivia was in the doorway. Alex grinned at her and threw back the sheets. "Get the hell over here."

Olivia closed the distance in two strides, and crawled down the bed to land beside the counselor. She snuggled into the sheets next to the blonde. It was Olivia's turn to curl up in Alex's arms. Olivia couldn't stop being a little surprised at how someone with such a commanding presence could have such a slender body. Sure, she had noticed how the counselor filled out her power suits with subtle curves, but Alex was such a sheer natural force, that Olivia assumed there was muscle to back it up. Not that Alex wasn't well toned, but Olivia knew she would be hard pressed to find an ounce of fat anywhere on the counselor's body. Olivia ran her hand up Alex's thigh and across her abdomen. A dancer or…

"You're a runner."

Alex nodded drowsily. "Now go to sleep."

She couldn't. She could feel herself getting aroused again, and from the growing wetness she found between the counselor's legs so was Alex. She rolled over onto the blonde straddling her stomach and leaned forward kissing Alex hard on the lips. Olivia felt the counselor run her hands up the brunette's firm thighs. She then curled them around Olivia's back and up over her shoulder blades. The dark detective was slowly drawn down to the blonde. After a breathtaking kiss, Olivia leaned back and a warm smile played across her face. She was starring down at Alex in a combination of affection and disbelief. All the nights she had dreamed of being with the counselor, and here she was about to make love to the striking blonde for the second time that night.

Alex smiled up at her and asked softly, "You okay?"

Olivia could only nod. She leaned down and kissed Alex tenderly on the lips, then moved to a spot the blonde seemed to like a lot on the detective, just below her right ear. Sure enough, Alex caught her breath as Olivia softly bit at the tendon there. She moved down her neck biting a little harder each time, realizing that Alex seemed to enjoy that. For a brief moment, it struck her as interesting, learning the nuances of the counselor's body, what made Alex breathe harder, or swallow or whisper her name. God how she loved kissing this woman. Just feeling Alex's body next to hers made her tingle and break out in a sweat. Olivia threw back the sheets to unleash some of the heat they were generating, and to give her easier access to the rest of the counselor's lithe body. She planted light kisses down Alex's chest and circled her now swollen nipple with her tongue. A few ticklish licks and Alex's back was arching. Olivia slid her hand down the blonde's abdomen and on through soft, damp curls. Her fingers drifted into the smooth, warm slickness of the counselor and slowly began to tease her. The detective then trailed her tongue down the path her hand had taken moments earlier, adding long leisurely strokes to the gentle massaging of her fingers. Olivia reached out with her free hand, and Alex wound her slender fingers into the brunette's outstretched palm. Olivia felt the counselor's grip tightening, again, and again. Then, for the second time that night, she heard Alex release her name in a throaty growl. Olivia watched Alex's body give way in subtle shudders to the power of the detective's gentle touch. After a moment, Olivia felt Alex slowly relax her grip on her hand. Playfully, the detective continued kissing Alex's inner thighs, which made the blonde laugh slightly between gasps. Now, that was something to remember about the counselor, her rather private ticklish spots.

"Come here," was a raspy, sleepy whisper, and the detective would not deny her. Olivia meandered her way with tender kisses back up the blonde's body, coming to rest beside the counselor who wrapped her arms around her. Olivia went back to gently rubbing her thumb along Alex's ribs and trim waist. She listened as the blonde's breathing deepened and became slow and steady. "G'night Counselor," she whispered. Olivia smiled to herself as she too began to drift off to sleep. She knew this was surely better than any dream she could have ever imagined.

The snow had stopped and the solid gray clouds had given way to the crisp, clear night of a New England winter. It was the brightness that woke her. Olivia was in a strange room, and a bright light was coming in through the sheers covering the sliding door to her left. A blonde head was sleeping on her shoulder, and she felt the delicate weight of the counselor's thigh draped over her own. Alex's arm was wrapped around her ribcage, holding her in place. Olivia was slightly restless though, and that damn light was waking her fully. Even so, she smiled gratefully at her situation. It was actually happening. She was waking up in Alex's bed with the counselor's warm, naked body cuddled up in the flannel sheets beside her. She closed her eyes to try and remember how this felt, how Alex's body felt, smelled and tasted. If this was to be a one-night stand, it would be one to fuel her fantasies for a lifetime, and she wanted to remember every sensual moment of it. She kissed the top of Alex's head, and the blonde rolled over slightly, releasing Olivia's arm from below her. The counselor smiled and mumbled, "Benson." Olivia grinned at that. Now she knew she filled the sleeping lawyer's dreams as much as Alex had haunted her own. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Calm. She was completely calm. It was a strange sensation for the detective. Her driven nature usually prevented her from sleeping well and from ever truly feeling at peace. She risked a long, loving look at the woman beside her. That's what this was, though. Having Alex beside her calmed her weary and often troubled mind in ways she had never imagined. Alex fed her soul. She swallowed. Yep, she was thirsty. Olivia carefully extracted herself from Alex's unconscious grasp, and crawled gently out of the bed.

The detective quietly filled a glass she found in the kitchen, and quenched most of her thirst. She filled it a second time, but before she could finish it off, she was drawn to the ethereal glow outside. Olivia walked over to the sliding glass doors of the living room that lead out to the main balcony. With one hand she parted the sheers and before her breath could fog the glass, it became clear why it was so bright. The full moon was bouncing off of the newly fallen snow. Everything was white, and pure. She smiled to herself. It's different up here. Alex's balcony was covered in about six inches of the fresh flakes. She imagined that the whole city was blanketed in at least a few inches. The detective liked waking up to the city like that. It reminded her of when she was a child and the world had seemed wonderous on white winter mornings like this. It made everything seem a little cleaner and almost new. "If only for a little while."

"I was hoping for longer than that." Alex whispered in her ear as she wrapped the wool blanket from the couch around them both. Alex felt Olivia sigh, and the blonde closed her eyes as the detective's weight sank back against her body. She said nothing. She simply held Olivia in her arms. The feeling that came over Alex was rare and mysterious, like nothing she had ever had before. Neither woman wanted to disturb the quiet that had settled on them. The counselor smiled to herself as she felt her breathing subconsciously match up with Olivia's. She hugged her detective a little tighter.

"Alex?" It was soft, barely audible in the sacred stillness.

"Yeah?" was the whispered reply.

Olivia turned slightly in Alex's arms; just enough to be able to look into eyes that in the light of this full moon were an unearthly blue, holy. It almost scared her, as if Alex wasn't real, and she was still asleep, dreaming. The detective swallowed and blinked. She saw the smile form on Alex's lips, and leaned in to kiss her softly. As she slowly pulled away, she fearlessly gazed into the blonde's penetrating stare, and breathless words escaped her, "I'm in love with you, Alex." Olivia shrugged as if to say there was nothing that could be done about it. "I'm in love with you."

Alex's eyes closed, and she took a deep breath as she pulled the detective in close to her again. In all her life, or even her dreams, she could not imagine a more perfect moment. She opened her eyes to see Olivia, dark and beautiful, scanning her face, looking for confirmation and acceptance. She sighed a smile. "I know, Detective." Alex licked her lips and glanced skyward to fight off the tears that threatened to overwhelm her. She nodded her head like she did whenever she was speaking from her heart, "Because I love you too." She gave the brunette a gentle squeeze.

Olivia's grin lit up her whole face. She reached over with a warm hand and cradled Alex's cheek, gently wiping away the tears that silently trailed down it. The blonde closed her eyes and Olivia kissed her softly. A moment passed and the detective began to whisper, "You know…"

"Shh." Alex hushed her lover with a finger to the brunette's lips "Don't. Just let me have this. Okay?"

Olivia nodded in understanding, and turned in Alex's blanketed arms to look out of the window again. The moon lit up the silver lined clouds that drifted lazily past. They stood there in silence for a long time, until a solid cloudbank took command completely of the night, and the full moon dimmed entirely from view once more.

Alex's chin was gently resting on Olivia's shoulder. Her words were warm on the brunette's neck, "C'mon, Liv. Come back to bed with me."

Olivia closed her eyes. This was serious and she knew she wanted it to be.

Alex took her by the hand as they walked back in silence. The bed was soft and warm and they were close and comfortable. Two people safe and in love. Outside, the snow began to fall again. By morning, the world would look new and fresh for them, and they would explore it for the first time…together.

Part 16

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