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Proximity Control
By Cymberlea

Part 16

Alexandra Cabot was not a needy woman, but she realized she needed this. She needed to feel the warmth of Olivia holding her in the morning, cradling her in strong arms. She watched the sleeping detective. There was so much she didn't know about Olivia. Last night, in the moonlight, she had seen the woman she loved standing there naked, beautifully mysterious and calm. Alex knew she had fallen in love with Detective Olivia Benson, whose strength, determination and compassion had fired her imagination, but this woman, the real Olivia, was so much more. Dawn would be breaking soon, and the counselor almost regretted it. Last night had been magical in so many ways. The harsh light of day would bring reality and responsibility back into their lives. She closed her eyes against the thought. At least it was Sunday. They would have a whole day to figure this out. A whole day to decide what happens next.

Olivia stirred and hugged Alex tighter. The blonde smiled and nestled in close. Two weeks ago, Olivia had come to her out of friendship and offered a shoulder to lean on. Now she was sleeping on that shoulder, and had the detective's declaration of love. How did this happen? She hoped that Olivia wouldn't wake up and regret it. Wake up and realize that this was going to be complicated for both of them. Too complicated, she feared. Alex closed her eyes. Her mind was starting to whir with thoughts. Everything was spinning… out of control. She chuckled slightly. That always seemed to happen when Olivia Benson was near. She sighed.


Alex was so deep in her own thoughts that she startled slightly at the sound of Olivia's sleepy voice. "What?"

"Pancakes. With bacon. And some eggs, scrambled with cheese."

Alex laughed. "You're that hungry?"

Olivia rolled over and propped her head on her elbow. She gave Alex a sneaky grin as she ran a finger up the counselor's body. "I will be."

Alex pushed her back over into the sheets and climbed on top of her. Long blonde hair tickled the detective's ribs and chest as Alex smiled smugly down at her, "Yes, you will."

It was mid-morning when they awoke for the second time. A hot shower, where more than steam fogged the mirror, had taken them almost another hour. By then, both women were starved. Alex stared into her closet and pulled out some jeans, a sea-foam green mock tee, and a cream, wool roll neck sweater. She was tucking in the tee when she turned to find Olivia wrapped in the comforter, smiling and staring at her.

The detective shrugged. "I didn't just want to presume you were going to let me stay the night."

Alex rolled her eyes as she grinned and shook her head. She turned back to the closet. "Here, these are big on me," she said as she tossed a pair of navy blue sweats on the bed, and grabbed a hoodie from her closet.

"I just need something to get home in." The brunette responded as she finished wriggling into the offered clothes. She turned to see the sadness creeping into Alex's azure eyes, and she walked over to her. "You're coming with me, right?"

Alex nodded slowly in agreement and pulled her sweater on.

Olivia reached over and freed the counselor's hair from the sweater's neckline, as Alex landed in her arms again in a tight hug.

"Alex, c'mon. I'm starving and we have to slog through the snow. So, unless you have another trick up your sleeve, and there's a team of caterers hiding out in the main room waiting to meet our every whim…" She said this, but the counselor noted that Olivia was not exactly letting go.

Alex finally took a few steps back. "Don't you see? We step outside that door, and it's over, Liv. Last night… it's over."

"Maybe," she took a step closer gaining the upper hand on the situation through her proximity control, "But, you see, I made this promise." She produced the velvet box.

Alex slowly blinked at the woman who was now mere inches from her. God, I love you. She took the necklace from the box Olivia held out to her, and clasped it around the detective's offered neck. Alex finished it off with a kiss on Olivia's cheek.

"And I keep my word, Counselor. That much you should know."

Alex could only nod as Olivia took her by the hand and led her into the main room. She reached down and scooped up their coats. The other clothes would wait. The detective held out the gray wool and Alex slid into it. Then Olivia put on her coat.

"Let's go, Counselor. The world's waiting."

Alex smiled as she walked past the brunette holding the door open for her, "I know. I know." She rolled her eyes, "Pancakes."

Olivia closed the door behind them.

The End

A special note… I didn't dedicate this to anyone at the beginning, because, well, I've never finished anything I've ever written, and that wouldn't be right to dedicate something and leave it undone. So, now that I'm really done, thanks Naelewai. You inspired me for this one in ways you will never even know. - Cym

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