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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay kiddies this a Olivia/Alex. I have watched L&O SVU but I haven't seen all of them. This is from my mind and I realize that some of the events are weird but I have made few adjustments to my liking. I saw in one episode that Olivia's mother died. I'm keeping her alive, she does drink but she doesn't drink to a drunken state everyday. Also in my story, Olivia is 33, Alex is 31, Elliot, and the rest of the guys' ages I'll make up as I go along. I guess you can say everything is A/U. And this is my first ever fanfic so if you could give me some feed back that would be great. It can be good or bad I don't care, this idea just kept popping in my head. Oh yeah, this may get to be a NC-17, but for now it is more of a PG-13 to R.
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Music of a Relationship
By Teresa R.

Chapter V

Stabler Home:

Lizzie and Olivia sat on the couch watching SpongeBob Squarepants. She had grown accustomed to the little yellow sponge and his antics, she liked him, it was probably the only cartoon she watched and really enjoyed. But today was different; she couldn't concentrate on the porous little creature that lived in a pineapple under the sea. Her mind was else where, on a certain blonde, whose 'cute' comment kept coming up.

POV: Olivia

"Cute? Hmm…I would have gone for sexy but I guess cute would work. What am I talking about? This is Alex Cabot we are talking about, and why you were called cute! Well you weren't called cute per se, but Alex is cute. She's also gorgeous, and those glasses could get me into trouble. Gorgeous?! Olivia come on, you know she is drop dead sexy, but guess what, you can't have her. But you don't actually know that as a fact. You are completely in love with her…wait…love? No, you told yourself a long time ago that you can't fully love a person if you can't love everything about them, flaws and all. And right now loving everything about her doesn't seem that hard, or bad for that matter. Don't get your hopes up, she'll turn out straight just like the rest of them. But hey, being called cute is a start. I mean hey, it could happen."

"Hello? Anybody home?" came a booming voice from the front door.

"Mommy, Daddy!" Lizzie yelled as she jumped off the couch toward the voices.

I got up too and went to the front door. Elliot had Dickie in his arms, asleep, and Kathy had Lizzie in her arms giving her a big bear hug.

"Hey where's the rest of the kids?"

"Maureen called, she and Kathleen are with some friends at a pizza parlor and will be back before nine."

Elliot nodded with approval and looked back at his wife saying he was going to take Dickie upstairs to bed. As he left for the stairs Lizzie followed as it was almost time for her to get to bed as well.

"Thank you Olivia for taking care of Lizzie."

"Oh, it was no problem, she's great."

"Would you like some coffee or something?"

"Coffee would be great actually."

Kathy and I sat at the table and talked about the latest event that has happened in one of the kids life. Elliot joined us five minutes later after he put down Dickie and Lizzie.

"So Liv, any new someone in your life?"

"Good grief Elliot, must you pester her about that every chance you get?"

He gave a small smile before answering, "Yes."

"Well if you must know El, I would have to say…" should I say Alex and have him laugh me off the face of the planet? I thought, "no one."

"You paused, that means there is someone!" Kathy shouted, pointing an accusing finger at me.

"Wasn't it like five seconds ago when you got on to Elliot for the exact thing you are doing now?"

"He just asks the questions, I just point the obvious out."

"Yeah Liv, and five seconds ago you're the one who paused."

I knew I had been caught, with just Elliot it was bad enough, but when he tag teamed with Kathy they always won.

"Fine, there is someone but I won't tell you who."

They looked at me with satisfaction, but contemplating something to trick me into saying who it was. I know what they are going to ask, and I know the perfect decoy to throw them off…for a little while at least.

Kathy got up to get us our cups of coffee, while Elliot asked the question I knew was coming.

"So what are her initials Liv?"

It was a stupid question I know but once he told Kathy, she always seemed to figure it out. I wonder if she is the 'real' detective and she just feeds Elliot the lines because she wants to be a stay at home mom and a detective.

"A. A."

I know those aren't Alex's real initial, but she is an ADA and those are initials too right?

As promised, Maureen and Kathleen came home before nine, and I headed home, to an empty apartment.

Chapter VI

Alex's Cab:

Alex left in the cab Olivia had hailed for her. She couldn't think straight, her thoughts were a jumbled mess of 'maybes' and 'maybe nots'. The ride to her apartment was quiet, not that she regularly struck up a conversation with all the cab drivers, but no sounds caught her ears. Perhaps she was too caught up in her thoughts to hear, or maybe the cab was sound proof, she didn't know she didn't care, all she cared about was one thing…Olivia.

POV Alex:

I waved good-bye through the back of the cab window at Olivia. Now all I'm waiting for is for her to run after the cab and…I don't know. And why did I ask her to accompany me to this little get together? Oh yeah, that's right you wanted to see if she could possibly take an interest in you. Well that went great Alexandra, you found out nothing and when you attempted to say that you had and interest, her reaction was either of shock and understanding, or complete and total horror. I'm leaning toward the latter, due in part to her just standing there and catching well…snowflakes in her mouth. I'm so pathetic! I'm in love…no…well there is no other word for it so I guess love will just have to work. Besides I like the sound of it…I'm in love with Olivia.

"Hey lady, 10.75!" the cab driver barked at me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I gave him a twenty, got my change and went up to my apartment. Mrs. Agalabla, yes that is really her name, her husband was a diplomat somewhere from the east, caught me before I went through the door.

"Alex, dear, why such a long face? Did you not take my advice and ask that someone special out for a bite to eat?" she asked.

"It's not that simple Maddie…I did ask her out for a bite to eat but I didn't get the chance to see if she was interested."

We both stood outside our doors speaking to each other.

"Why? Did duty call?" she asked, after hearing the countless stories I told her of how Olivia always got pulled away from what ever she is doing because of a new or current case.

"Something like that."

"Ah…give it time Alex, that someone special will notice you eventually."

"But will that eventually be in this life time?"

Maddie chuckled as she went into her apartment. She never said Olivia's name, she always said 'someone special'. When I asked why once, she said it was because she wasn't used to the fact of one woman having feelings of intimacy for another woman. She slowly came to accept it but still said 'someone special'. Although she did accept it more fully once I gave her the run down of all the hate crimes committed, for she knows what it is like to love someone and be completely despised. When she first got with Abraham, her husband, her family basically disowned her, all her friends abandoned her and she was left with no one but Abraham. Her family and friends nor did the rest of the public resort to physical violence, not like today; mostly it was crude comments, the silent treatment, hurtful stares, and the occasional threat on the front door step.

As Alex got into bed later that evening, she smiled as she laid down on her pillow, smiled and said, "Something." as she heard the song by the Beatles play from next door in Maddie's apartment.

Alex and Olivia met up for lunch and the occasional coffee break as many times as their jobs would allow. A cancellation here and there didn't damper their friendship, if you could call it that. It was during these lunches and occasional coffee breaks that they played out the field. Subtle exchanges of 'Hey when I say I like that about you, I mean it.' or when the question of a significant other came about the answer was always proceeded with at look in the eye that said, 'I'm not with anyone because I'd rather be with you.' Both women caught these but were still unsure if the other was just playing along to actually make anything serious of it.

Several months later:

"Stabler, Benson in my office NOW!" Cragen yelling into the squad room from his office door.

Elliot and Olivia trudged through the door ready for the full force of words Cragen would spit out once that door closed, or more appropriately, slammed closed.

Slam the door he did leaving a deafening sound resounding through out the squad room. Munch and Fin could do nothing but stare at the door and then at each other wondering what the hell Elliot and Olivia did to piss him off.

Cragen had his hands in his pockets when he reached his desk only taking them out to lay them on the desk giving him a predatory vibe as he stared them down.

"I'm getting sick and tired of you two going against my damn orders!"

Olivia shifted in her chair while Elliot sat his ground, not even flinching with the words Cragen spat out at them.

"You know damn good and well that that family can cost every single one of us our jobs; and you still go pestering around!"

"Sir, that family has a rapist as the head of its household and we're doing nothing to st…"

"I know that Elliot but they dropped the charges and they have personally saw to it to bug the hell out of me to see to it that you are desked!"

"What!" Olivia projected outraged at the news.

"Cap'n that's bull shit and you know it."

"I know it is, but…I have no choice. They are turning up the pressure and I can't do anything to persuade them otherwise. Both of you are assigned desk work, once they stop doing their little visits with me, I'll let you go back to the field."

"And how long will that take?" Elliot asked as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

Cragen sighed and stood straight up, put his hands in his pockets and said, "I'm thinking about a month or two."

"That's not reasonable!" Olivia said as she jumped out of the chair she was originally sitting in.

"Guys I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do. I really want you guys out there but that son of a bitch isn't giving me any options."

"Yeah…I understand." Elliot said sardonically.

He swung open the door and left the room clenching his fist along the way.


"It's okay Cap, I guess I sort of needed a vacation anyway." She said as she smiled weakly trying to show him that everything would sort itself out eventually.

Olivia walked out of the office, past her desk and the guys into the women's bathroom of the building.

Part 7

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